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CLUB #720929 • DISTRICT 14 • AREA 34                                         SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2013

                                 o Call to Order
7:00   Sgt. At. Arms             o Pledge
       Angie Mukanduri
                                o Acknowledge guests
       VP of Membership         o Announcements
       Shannan Williams         o Business Meeting
                                o Meeting overview
       Toastmaster              o Joke Master
       Archana Patel            o Word of the Day    Tonie Wellington
                                                        Tonie Wellington, Carmen Bartley, Shafik Mansur,
                              Speech Evaluator          Robin Jackson
       General Evaluator :
       Quincy Sellassie       Timer
                              Ah counter                Angeline Mukanduri
                                 o Timer’s Report
7:15   Table Topics              o Vote for Best Table Topic
       Gus Gordy
7:30                                        5 Minute Break
                             o Prepared Speeches
7:35   Toastmaster                         Winston          Jannice          Keith                Mark
       Archana Patel         Speaker
                                           Agbebiyi         Almansur         Ivey                 Stafford
                                                                             How to get the       Life Lessons
                                                                             Best deal -diamond   From Vito C.
                             Manual &      CC manual;       Facilitation                          CC Project #3
                             Speech #      Project # 1      Manual;
                                                            Project #5
                                                            Vocal                                 Getting to the
                             Objective     Ice Breaker
                                                            Variety                               Point.

                                Time         4-6 min              5-7                 5-7               5-7
                                           Tonie            Carmen           Shafik               Robin
                                           Wellington       Bartley          Mansur               Jackson
                                o    Timer’s Report
                                o    Vote for best Speaker
8:05                            o    Speech Evaluation
       General Evaluator        o    Grammarian’s Report
       Quincy Sellassie         o    Ah Counter’s Report
                                o    Timers report
                                o    Vote Best Evaluator
                                o    General Overview
                                o    Present awards
       Toastmaster              o    Guests
       Archana Patel            o    Next Week’s Agenda
8:20                            o    Closing Remarks
       VP of Membership         o    Adjourn meeting
First Time being a Toastmaster at a club meeting.

Timeline       Task

Before         Make sure all the roles are filled.         
Meeting               If they are not, send out and agenda and ask
                      members to volunteer.
               Create an Agenda. Copy the Agenda from

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