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Name                                                                            Artist                     Genre
Back In Black (Funkymix)                                                        AC/DC                      Rock
You Shook Me All Night Long (Remix feat. Bon Jovi, Metallica, Nirvana, Def L…   AC/DC                      Rock
Sweet Emotion                                                                   Aerosmith                  80s Rock
Dream On                                                                        Aerosmith                  80s Rock
Love In An Elevator                                                             Aerosmith                  80s Rock
Jaded                                                                           Aerosmith                  90s Rock
I Dont Want to Miss A Thing                                                     Aerosmith                  90s Rock
Dude (Looks Like A Lady)                                                        Aerosmith                  90s Rock
Miss Murder                                                                     AFI                        Rock
Girl's Not Grey                                                                 AFI                        Punk
Dancing Through Sunday                                                          AFI                        Rock
God Called In Sick Today                                                        AFI                        Punk
Love Like Winter                                                                AFI                        Rock
Silver and Cold                                                                 AFI                        Punk
The Leaving Song part 2                                                         AFI                        Punk
Isn't It Ironic                                                                 Alanis Moressette          Rock
All I Really Want                                                               Alanis Moressette          Rock
Thank You                                                                       Alanis Morisette           Rock
You Oughta Know                                                                 Alanis Morissette          Alternative
Joining You                                                                     Alanis Morissette          Rock
Fantasy                                                                         Aldo Nova                  80s Rock
Only Women Bleed                                                                Alice Cooper               Rock
We Die Young                                                                    Alice In Chains            Rock
Man In The Box                                                                  Alice In Chains            Rock
Sea Of Sorrow                                                                   Alice In Chains            Rock
Bleed The Freak                                                                 Alice In Chains            Rock
I Can't Remember                                                                Alice In Chains            Rock
Love, Hate, Love                                                                Alice In Chains            Rock
It Ain't Like That                                                              Alice In Chains            Rock
Sunshine                                                                        Alice In Chains            Rock
Put You Down                                                                    Alice In Chains            Rock
Confusion                                                                       Alice In Chains            Rock
I Know Somethin (Bout You)                                                      Alice In Chains            Rock
Real Thing                                                                      Alice In Chains            Rock
Rotten Apple                                                                    Alice In Chains            Rock
Nutshell                                                                        Alice In Chains            Rock
I Stay Away                                                                     Alice In Chains            Rock
No Excuses                                                                      Alice In Chains            Rock
Whale & Wasp                                                                    Alice In Chains            Rock
Don't Follow                                                                    Alice In Chains            Rock
Swing On This                                                                   Alice In Chains            Rock
Smooth Criminal                                                                 Alien Ant Farm             Alternative
Time Stands Still                                                               All American Rejects       Rock
Dirty Little Secret                                                             The All American Rejects   Rock
Move Along                                                                      All American Rejects       Rock
Dear Maria                                                                      All Time Low               Alternative
My Paper Heart                                                                  The All-American Rejects   Alternative   & Punk
Your Star                                                                       The All-American Rejects   Alternative   & Punk
Swing, Swing                                                                    The All-American Rejects   Punk
Time Stands Stills                                                              The All-American Rejects   Alternative   &   Punk
One More Sad Song                                                               The All-American Rejects   Alternative   &   Punk
Why Worry                                                                       The All-American Rejects   Alternative   &   Punk
Don't Leave Me                                                                  The All-American Rejects   Alternative   &   Punk
Too Far Gone                                                                    The All-American Rejects   Alternative   &   Punk
Drive Away                                                                      The All-American Rejects   Alternative   &   Punk
Happy Endings                                                                   The All-American Rejects   Alternative   &   Punk
The Last Song                                                                   The All-American Rejects   Alternative   &   Punk
Swing Swing                                                                     All-American Rejects       Rock

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Name                                                              Artist                    Genre
Drive There Now                                                   The Almost                Rock
Flavor of the Week                                                American Hi-Fi            Alternative
The Geeks Get the Girls                                           American Hi-Fi            Alternative
Worthy                                                            Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
Tiptoe                                                            Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
Cradle And All                                                    Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
Shy                                                               Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
Sorry I Am                                                        Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
Light Of Some Kind                                                Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
Not A Pretty Girl                                                 Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
The Million You Never Made                                        Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
Hour Follows Hour                                                 Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
32 Flavors                                                        Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
Asking Too Much                                                   Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
This Bouquet                                                      Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
Crime For Crime                                                   Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
Coming Up                                                         Ani DiFranco              Alternative   &   Punk
Shama lama ding dong                                              Animal House Soundtrack   Rock
Milk (Ode To Billy)                                               Anthrax                   Metal
Keep It In The Family (Live)                                      Anthrax                   Metal
Startin' Up A Posse                                               Anthrax                   Metal
Protest And Survive                                               Anthrax                   Metal
Chromatic Death                                                   Anthrax                   Metal
I'm The Man '91                                                   Anthrax                   Metal
Parasite                                                          Anthrax                   Metal
Pipeline                                                          Anthrax                   Metal
Sects                                                             Anthrax                   Metal
Belly Of The Beast (Live)                                         Anthrax                   Metal
N.F.B. (Dallabnikufesin)                                          Anthrax                   Metal
You'd Do The Same                                                 Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Die For The Government                                            Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Drink Drank Punk                                                  Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Rotten Future                                                     Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Safe Tonight                                                      Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Red White And Brainwashed                                         Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene                                    Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Summer Squatter Go Home                                           Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
She's My Little GoGo Dancer                                       Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Police State In The USA                                           Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Punk By The Book                                                  Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Fuck Police Brutality                                             Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
I'm Being Watched By The CIA                                      Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Kill The Rich                                                     Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
No More Dead                                                      Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Confused Youth                                                    Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Your Daddy Was A Rich Man, Your Daddy's Fucking Dead              Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Angry, Young, And Poor                                            Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
This Machine Kills Fascists                                       Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Underground Network                                               Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Daddy Warbux                                                      Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Vieques, Puerto Rico: Bikini Revisited                            Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Stars And Stripes                                                 Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Watch The Right                                                   Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
The Panama Deception                                              Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Culture Revolution                                                Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Spaz's House Destruction Party                                    Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Bring Out Your Dead                                               Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
A Start                                                           Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Until It Happens To You                                           Anti-Flag                 Alternative   &   Punk
Give Me More                                                      Apartment 26              Alternative

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Name                                                      Artist                   Genre
You Could Have Been A Lady                                April Wine               80s Rock
Oowatanite                                                April Wine               80s Rock
Just Between You and Me                                   April Wine               80s Rock
Fight Song                                                Aquabats                 Punk
Track 10                                                  Artist Unknown           Rock
The Stone                                                 Ashes Divide             Alternative
The Boys of Summer                                        The Ataris               Alternative
Track 03                                                  Atreyu                   Rock
A Song For The Optimists                                  Atreyu                   Metal
Dilated                                                   Atreyu                   Metal
Living Each Day Like Your'e Already Dead                  Atreyu                   Metal
Deanne The Arsonist                                       Atreyu                   Metal
Someone's Standing On My Chest                            Atreyu                   Metal
At Least I Know I'm A Sinner                              Atreyu                   Metal
Tulips Are Better                                         Atreyu                   Metal
A Vampire's Lament                                        Atreyu                   Metal
Lip Gloss And Black                                       Atreyu                   Metal
A Letter To Someone Like You                              Atreyu                   Metal
The Remembrance Ballad                                    Atreyu                   Metal
Tulips Are Better                                         Atreyu                   Alternative
Like A Stone                                              Audioslave               Rock
I Am A Highway                                            Audioslave               Rock
Like a Stone                                              Audioslave               Rock
Turn Up the Radio                                         Autograph                80s Rock
Person To Person                                          Average White Band       Rock
Cloudy                                                    The Average White Band   Rock/Pop
Complicated (Funkymix)                                    Avril Lavigne            Rock
Complicated                                               Avril Lavigne            Rock
Here With You                                             Avril Lavigne            Rock
Losing Grip                                               Avril Lavigne            Rock
Don't Tell Me                                             Avril Lavigne            Rock
Skater Boy                                                Avril Levigne            Rock
Rock Lobster                                              B52's                    80's
Sorrow                                                    Bad Religion             Rock
Pinch Me                                                  Barenaked Ladies         Rock
Too Little to Hate                                        Barenaked Ladies         Rock
One Week                                                  Barenaked Ladies         Rock
Free As A Bird                                            The Beatles              Rock
Speech: John Lennon                                       The Beatles              Rock
That'll Be The Day                                        The Beatles              Rock
In Spite Of All The Danger                                The Beatles              Rock
Speech: Paul McCartney                                    The Beatles              Rock
Hallelujah, I Love Her So                                 The Beatles              Rock
You'll Be Mine                                            The Beatles              Rock
Cayenne                                                   The Beatles              Rock
Speech: Paul                                              The Beatles              Rock
My Bonnie                                                 The Beatles              Rock
Ain't She Sweet                                           The Beatles              Rock
Cry For A Shadow                                          The Beatles              Rock
Speech: John 2                                            The Beatles              Rock
Speech: Brian Epstein 1                                   The Beatles              Rock
Searchin'                                                 The Beatles              Rock
Three Cool Cats                                           The Beatles              Rock
The Sheik Of Araby                                        The Beatles              Rock
Like Dreamers Do                                          The Beatles              Rock
Hello Little Girl                                         The Beatles              Rock
Speech: Brian Epstein 2                                   The Beatles              Rock
Besame Mucho                                              The Beatles              Rock
Love Me Do                                                The Beatles              Rock
How Do You Do It                                          The Beatles              Rock

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Name                                                                 Artist              Genre
One After 909                                                        The Beatles         Rock
Lend Me Your Comb                                                    The Beatles         Rock
I'll Get You                                                         The Beatles         Rock
Speech: John 1                                                       The Beatles         Rock
From Me to You                                                       The Beatles         Rock
Money (That's What I Want)                                           The Beatles         Rock
You Really Got A Hold On Me                                          The Beatles         Rock
Roll Over Beethoven                                                  The Beatles         Rock
She Loves You                                                        The Beatles         Rock
Till There Was You                                                   The Beatles         Rock
Twist And Shout                                                      The Beatles         Rock
This Boy                                                             The Beatles         Rock
I Want To Hold Your Hand                                             The Beatles         Rock
Speech: Eric Morecambe And Ernie Wise                                The Beatles         Rock
Moonlight Bay                                                        The Beatles         Rock
Can't Buy Me Love                                                    The Beatles         Rock
You Can't Do That                                                    The Beatles         Rock
And I Love Her                                                       The Beatles         Rock
A Hard Day's Night                                                   The Beatles         Rock
I Wanna Be Your Man                                                  The Beatles         Rock
Long Tall Sally                                                      The Beatles         Rock
Boys                                                                 The Beatles         Rock
Shout                                                                The Beatles         Rock
I'll Be Back (Demo)                                                  The Beatles         Rock
I'll Be Back (Complete)                                              The Beatles         Rock
You Know What To Do                                                  The Beatles         Rock
No Reply (Demo)                                                      The Beatles         Rock
Mr. Moonlight                                                        The Beatles         Rock
Leave My Kitten Alone                                                The Beatles         Rock
No Reply                                                             The Beatles         Rock
Eight Days A Week                                                    The Beatles         Rock
Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!                                       The Beatles         Rock
We Can Work It Out                                                   The Beatles         Rock
Paperback Writer                                                     The Beatles         Rock
Rain                                                                 The Beatles         Rock
Lady Madonna                                                         The Beatles         Rock
The Inner Light                                                      The Beatles         Rock
Don´t Let Me Down                                                    The Beatles         Rock
The Ballad of John and Yoko                                          The Beatles         Rock
Old Brown Shoe                                                       The Beatles         Rock
Let It Be                                                            The Beatles         Rock
You Know My Name (Look up the Number)                                The Beatles         Rock
Dead Weight                                                          Beck                Alternative
MTV Makes Me Wanna kill myself                                       Beck                Rock
I Fought in a War                                                    Belle & Sebastian   Alternative   &   Punk
The Model                                                            Belle & Sebastian   Alternative   &   Punk
Beyond the Sunrise                                                   Belle & Sebastian   Alternative   &   Punk
Waiting for the Moon to Rise                                         Belle & Sebastian   Alternative   &   Punk
Don't Leave the Light on Baby                                        Belle & Sebastian   Alternative   &   Punk
The Wrong Girl                                                       Belle & Sebastian   Alternative   &   Punk
The Chalet Lines                                                     Belle & Sebastian   Alternative   &   Punk
Nice Day for a Sulk                                                  Belle & Sebastian   Alternative   &   Punk
Women's Realm                                                        Belle & Sebastian   Alternative   &   Punk
Family Tree                                                          Belle & Sebastian   Alternative   &   Punk
There's Too Much Love                                                Belle & Sebastian   Alternative   &   Punk
Song For The Dumped                                                  Ben Folds Five      Rock
With My Own Two Hands (Albulm Version)Promo Single)                  Ben Harper          Rock
strawberry fields forever                                             Ben Harper          Rock
Alone (acoustic)                                                     Ben Harper          Rock
Brown Eyed Blues                                                     Ben Harper          Rock

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Name                                                                 Artist                         Genre
Could you be loved (feat. Ziggy Marley)                              Ben Harper                     Rock
You Can't Always Get What You Want (feat. Rusted Roots)              Ben Harper                     Rock
Forever                                                              Ben Harper                     Rock
Good                                                                 Better Than Ezra               Rock
Broken Hearted Savior                                                Big Head Todd &    The   Mo…   Rock
Sister Sweetly                                                       Big Head Todd &    The   Mo…   Rock
Turn The Light Out                                                   Big Head Todd &    The   Mo…   Rock
Tomorrow Never Comes                                                 Big Head Todd &    The   Mo…   Rock
It's Alright                                                         Big Head Todd &    The   Mo…   Rock
Groove Thing                                                         Big Head Todd &    The   Mo…   Rock
Soul For Every Cowboy                                                Big Head Todd &    The   Mo…   Rock
Ellis Island                                                         Big Head Todd &    The   Mo…   Rock
Bittersweet                                                          Big Head Todd &    The   Mo…   Rock
Circle                                                               Big Head Todd &    The   Mo…   Rock
Brother John                                                         Big Head Todd &    The   Mo…   Rock
Minnesota Moon                                                       The Big Wu                     Rock
Gonna Fly now (theme from Rocky)                                     Bill Conti                     Themes
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me                                       Billy Joel                     80's
Everybody Wants You                                                  Billy Squire                   80s Rock
Lit Up                                                               Black Cherry                   Rock
Hard To Handle                                                       Black Crowes                   Rock
Marbles                                                              Black Grape                    Rock
Fairys Wear Boots                                                    Black Sabath                   Rock
War Pigs                                                             black sabath                   Rock
Soldier Of Fortune                                                   Black Sabath                   Rock
Children of The Sabath                                               Black Sabath                   Rock
Iron Man                                                             Black Sabbath                  Soundtrack
Paranoid                                                             Black Sabbath                  Rock
Sabath Bloody Sabbath                                                Black Sabbath                  Metal
Soak The Sin                                                         Blind Melon                    Rock
Tones Of Home                                                        Blind Melon                    Rock
I Wonder                                                             Blind Melon                    Rock
Paper Scratcher                                                      Blind Melon                    Rock
Dear Ol' Dad                                                         Blind Melon                    Rock
Change                                                               Blind Melon                    Rock
Deserted                                                             Blind Melon                    Rock
Sleepyhouse                                                          Blind Melon                    Rock
Hollyman                                                             Blind Melon                    Rock
Seed To A Tree                                                       Blind Melon                    Rock
Drive                                                                Blind Melon                    Rock
Time                                                                 Blind Melon                    Rock
No Rain                                                              Blind Melon                    Alternative
Breakout                                                             Blink 182                      Rock
Man Overboard                                                        Blink 182                      Rock
The Rock Show                                                        Blink 182                      Rock
First Date                                                           Blink 182                      Rock
Dammit                                                               Blink 182                      Rock
I Miss You                                                           Blink 182                      Rock
Dumpweed                                                             Blink-182                      Alternative &   Punk
Don't Leave Me                                                       Blink-182                      Alternative &   Punk
Aliens Exist                                                         Blink-182                      Alternative &   Punk
Going Away To College                                                Blink-182                      Alternative &   Punk
What's My Age Again?                                                 Blink-182                      Alternative &   Punk
Dysentery Gary                                                       Blink-182                      Alternative &   Punk
Adam's Song                                                          Blink-182                      Alternative &   Punk
All The Small Things                                                 Blink-182                      Alternative &   Punk
The Party Song                                                       Blink-182                      Alternative &   Punk
Mutt                                                                 Blink-182                      Alternative &   Punk
Wendy Clear                                                          Blink-182                      Alternative &   Punk
Anthem                                                               Blink-182                      Alternative &   Punk

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Name                                                   Artist             Genre
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo                           Blood Hound Gang   Rock
The Roof is on Fire                                    Blood Hound Gang   Rock
Why's Everyone Always Picking On Me                    Bloodhound Gang    Rock
Mope                                                   Bloodhound Gang    Rock
Into the Ocean                                         Blue October       Alternative
Heavy Metal (Black and Silver)                         Blue Öyster Cult   Metal
But Anyways (live)                                     Blues Traveller    Rock
Canadian Rose                                          Blues Traveller    Alternative
Runaround                                              Blues Traveller    Rock
Brother John                                           Blues Traveller    Rock
Just Wait                                              Blues Travellers   Rock
I've Seen Better Days                                  Blues Travellers   Rock
Most Precarious                                        Blues Travellers   Rock
Song #2                                                Blur               Rock
Livin' On A Prayer                                     Bon Jovi           80s Rock
You Give Love A Bad Name                               Bon Jovi           80s Rock
I'll Be There For You                                  Bon Jovi           80s Rock
Dead or Alive                                          Bon Jovi           80s Rock
Bad Medicine                                           Bon Jovi           80s Rock
Runaway                                                Bon Jovi           80s Rock
Bed of Roses                                           Bon Jovi           80s Rock
Always                                                 Bon Jovi           80s Rock
Living On A Prayer (Funkymix) 128 BPM                  Bon Jovi           80s Rock
Fat Man                                                Boondock Saints    Alternative
Find Me                                                Boondock Saints    Alternative
Invincible                                             Boondock Saints    Alternative
Later On                                               Boondock Saints    Alternative
Sweetwood                                              Boondock Saints    Alternative
War not war                                            Boondock Saints    Rock
wo Ravens                                              Boondock Saints    Alternative
Three Stones                                           Boondock Saints    Rock
Paper Sun                                              Boondock Saints    Alternative
Say Anything                                           Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Kate Is Great                                          Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Low Life                                               Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Chunk Song                                             Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
East Side Mags                                         Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
The Toilet Song                                        Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Single Successful Guy                                  Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Whatever I Want (Whatever That Is)                     Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Serenity                                               Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Party at 174                                           Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Holiday Cocktail Lounge                                Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
The Screamer                                           Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
East Coast Fuck You                                    Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
I Like Your Eyes                                       Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Lamar Vannoy                                           Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
No Rules                                               Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
The Freaks, Nerds, & Romantics                         Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Argyle                                                 Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
The BMX Song                                           Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Quick Check Girl                                       Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Headlights Ditch                                       Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Born To Lose                                           Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Moon Over Asbury                                       Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
The Ballad Of Johnny X                                 Bouncing Souls     Alternative   &   Punk
Girl All the Bad Guys Want                             Bowling for Soup   Alternative
Almost                                                 Bowling For Soup   Alternative
Five Minutes To Midnight                               Boys Like Girls    Rock
On Top Of The World                                    Boys Like Girls    Rock

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Name                                                                            Artist              Genre
Dance Hall Drug                                                                 Boys Like Girls     Rock
The Great Escape                                                                Boys Like Girls     Rock
Guernica                                                                        Brand New           Rock
The No Seatbelt Song                                                            Brand New           Rock
The Quiet things that nobody ever knows                                         Brand New           Rock
Secondary                                                                       Brand New           Rock
Seventy Times 7                                                                 Brand New           Rock
Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades                                                Brand New           Rock
Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down                                                  Brand Nubian        Old School Hip H…
Drinking In La                                                                  Braun 3000          Rock
Until The End                                                                   Breaking Benjamin   Rock
Sugarcoat                                                                       Breaking Benjamin   Alternative
So Cold                                                                         Breaking Benjamin   Rock
Sooner Or Later                                                                 Breaking Benjamin   Alternative
Medicate                                                                        Breaking Benjamin   Rock
One of a Kind                                                                   Breaking Benjamin   Rock
Polyamorous                                                                     Breaking Benjamin   Metal
If You Can't Rock Me                                                            Brian Setzer        Swing
The House Is Rocking                                                            Brian Setzer        Swing
Girls School                                                                    Brittany Fox        80s Rock
My Home Town                                                                    Bruce Springsteen   Rock
Secret Garden                                                                   Bruce Springsteen   Rock
Summer of '69                                                                   Bryan Adams         80s Rock
The Best Was Yet To Come                                                        Bryan Adams         80s Rock
Porno Star                                                                      Buck Cherry         Rock
Crazy Bitch                                                                     Buck Cherry         Rock
The Plan                                                                        Built To Spill      Alternative & Punk
Center Of The Universe                                                          Built To Spill      Alternative & Punk
Carry The Zero                                                                  Built To Spill      Alternative & Punk
Sidewalk                                                                        Built To Spill      Alternative & Punk
Bad Light                                                                       Built To Spill      Alternative & Punk
Broken Chairs                                                                   Built To Spill      Alternative & Punk
Everything Zen                                                                  Bush                Rock
Swim                                                                            Bush                Rock
Bomb                                                                            Bush                Rock
Little Things                                                                   Bush                Rock
Comedown                                                                        Bush                Rock
Body                                                                            Bush                Rock
Machinehead                                                                     Bush                Rock
Testosterone                                                                    Bush                Rock
Monkey                                                                          Bush                Rock
Glycerine                                                                       Bush                Rock
Alien                                                                           Bush                Rock
X-Girlfriend                                                                    Bush                Rock
Mouth                                                                           Bush                Rock
Pepper                                                                          Butthole Surfers    Alternative
Intro                                                                           C-Minus             Metal
Sheep Go To Heaven                                                              Cake                Rock
The Distance                                                                    Cake                Rock
I Will Survive                                                                  Cake                Rock
Never There                                                                     Cake                Rock
Wherever You Will Go                                                            The Calling         Rock
Change                                                                          Candlebox           Rock
You                                                                             Candlebox           Rock
Far Behind                                                                      Candlebox           Rock
F**ked With A Knife                                                             Cannibal Corpse     Rock
The Exorcist                                                                    Cannibal Corpse     Metal
Carlos Santana - All That I Am - 12 - Trinity (Feat Kirk Hammett Of Metallic…   Carlos Santana      Other
Good Times Roll                                                                 Cars                80s Rock
Shake It Up                                                                     Cars                80s Rock

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Name                                                     Artist                   Genre
Would You Be Happier                                     The Cars                 80s Rock
Just What I Needed                                       Cars                     80s Rock
Let's Go                                                 Cars                     80s Rock
My Best Friend's Girl                                    Cars                     80s Rock
You Might Think                                          Cars                     80s Rock
Honestly                                                 Cartel                   Rock
Dead Girl                                                Catherine Wheel          Rock
Paranoia                                                 Catherine Wheel          Rock
That's What                                              Catherine Wheel          Rock
Wish                                                     Catherine Wheel          Rock
Crawling Over Me                                         Catherine Wheel          Rock
Something Beautiful                                      Cauterize                Rock
Don't Be Cruel                                           Cheap Trick              80s Rock
The Flame                                                Cheap Trick              80s Rock
Ain't That A Shame                                       Cheap Trick              80s Rock
Surrender                                                Cheap Trick              80s Rock
Diamond Light Boogie                                     Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
God Is A Spider                                          Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Stay, Don't Just Stay (If You're Gonna)                  Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Grand Mal                                                Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Soul Cadillac                                            Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Irish Whiskey                                            Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
So Long Toots                                            Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
My Mistake                                               Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
End Of The Night                                         Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Bleeding Ceremony                                        Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Uncle Ray                                                Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Saddest Thing I Know                                     Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Zoot Suit Riot                                           Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
When I Change Your Mind                                  Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Mister White Keys                                        Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Come Back To Me                                          Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Dr. Bones                                                Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Pink Elephant                                            Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Master And Slave                                         Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Drunk Daddy                                              Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
No Mercy For Swine                                       Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut                               Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
Shake Your Lovemaker                                     Cherry Poppin' Daddies   Rock
The Clincher                                             Chevelle                 Alternative   &   Punk
Get Some                                                 Chevelle                 Alternative   &   Punk
Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)                             Chevelle                 Alternative   &   Punk
Still Running                                            Chevelle                 Alternative   &   Punk
Breach Birth                                             Chevelle                 Alternative   &   Punk
Panic Prone                                              Chevelle                 Alternative   &   Punk
Another Know It All                                      Chevelle                 Alternative
Tug-O-War                                                Chevelle                 Alternative   &   Punk
To Return                                                Chevelle                 Alternative   &   Punk
Emotional Drought                                        Chevelle                 Alternative   &   Punk
Bend The Bracket                                         Chevelle                 Alternative   &   Punk
Family System                                            Chevelle                 Rock
Comfortable Liar                                         Chevelle                 Rock
Wonder What's Next                                       Chevelle                 Rock
Don't Fake This                                          Chevelle                 Rock
Forfeit                                                  Chevelle                 Rock
Grab Thy Hand                                            Chevelle                 Rock
An Evening With El Diablo                                Chevelle                 Rock
Closure                                                  Chevelle                 Rock
The Red                                                  Chevelle                 Rock
Send the Pain Below                                      Chevelle                 Rock

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Name                                            Artist             Genre
Feels Like Tonight                              Chris Daughtry     Rock
I'm Going Home                                  Chris Daughtry     Rock
Fat Guy In A Little Coat                        Chris Farley       Rock
You Owe Me Some Kind Of Love                    Chris Isaak        Rock
Heart Full Of Soul                              Chris Isaak        Rock
Blue Hotel                                      Chris Isaak        Rock
Lie To Me                                       Chris Isaak        Rock
Fade Away                                       Chris Isaak        Rock
Wild Live                                       Chris Isaak        Rock
This Love Will Last                             Chris Isaak        Rock
You Took My Heart                               Chris Isaak        Rock
Cryin'                                          Chris Isaak        Rock
Lovers Game                                     Chris Isaak        Rock
Waiting For The Rain To Fall                    Chris Isaak        Rock
Amnesia                                         Chumba Wumba       Rock
Save Yourself                                   Civilian           Rock
A Dream in the night                            Clannad            Rock
I Will Find You                                 Clannad            Rock
n A Lifetime                                    Clannad            Rock
Rock The Casbah                                 The Clash          80's
Rock The Casbah ( Funkymix )                    The Clash          80's
I Fought The Law                                The Clash          Punk
Stupid Girl                                     Cold               Rock
Suffocate                                       Cold               Rock
Moses (Full Band Live)                          Coldplay           Alternative
Talk                                            Coldplay           Alternative
Shiver                                          Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
Spies                                           Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
Sparks                                          Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
Yellow                                          Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
Trouble                                         Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
Parachutes                                      Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
High Speed                                      Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
We Never Change                                 Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
Everything's Not Lost                           Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
Politik                                         Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
In My Place                                     Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face                  Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
Clocks                                          Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
Daylight                                        Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
Green Eyes                                      Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
Warning Sign                                    Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
A Whisper                                       Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
A Rush Of Blood To The Head                     Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
Amsterdam                                       Coldplay           Alternative   &   Punk
The Scientist                                   Coldplay           Rock
Speed of Sound                                  Coldplay           Alternative
Shine                                           Collective Soul    Rock
Heavy                                           Collective Soul    Rock
Simple                                          Collective Soul    Rock
The World I Know                                Collective Soul    Rock
When The Water Falls                            Collective Soul    Rock
December                                        Collective Soul    Rock
Sum Shit I Wrote                                Common             Rock
Joey                                            Concrete Blonde    80s Rock
Joey                                            Concrete Blondes   Rock
Brim Full Of Ash                                Corner Shop        Rock
Sleep On the Left Side                          Corner Shop        Rock
Battle Cry                                      Crazy Town         Rock
Intro                                           Crazy Town         Alternative   & Punk

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Name                                                           Artist          Genre
Toxic                                                          Crazy Town      Alternative   &   Punk
Think Fast                                                     Crazy Town      Alternative   &   Punk
Black Cloud                                                    Crazy Town      Alternative   &   Punk
Butterfly                                                       Crazy Town      Alternative   &   Punk
Only When I'm Drunk                                            Crazy Town      Alternative   &   Punk
Hollywood Babylon                                              Crazy Town      Alternative   &   Punk
Face The Music                                                 Crazy Town      Alternative   &   Punk
Lollypop Porn                                                  Crazy Town      Alternative   &   Punk
Players (Only Love You When They're Playing)                   Crazy Town      Alternative   &   Punk
B-Boy 2000                                                     Crazy Town      Alternative   &   Punk
Outro                                                          Crazy Town      Alternative   &   Punk
Toxic                                                          Crazytown       Rock
Darkside                                                       Crazytown       Rock
Revolving Door                                                 Crazytown       Rock
One                                                            Creed           Rock
Whats This Life For                                            Creed           Rock
With Arms Wide Open                                            Creed           Alternative
My Sacrifice                                                    Creed           Rock
With Wide Arms Open                                            Creed           Rock
Six Feet From the Edge                                         Creed           Rock
My Own Prision                                                 Creed           Rock
Torn                                                           Creed           Rock
World Where You Live                                           Crowded House   Rock
Fall At Your Feet                                              Crowded House   Rock
Into Temptation                                                Crowded House   Rock
When You Come                                                  Crowded House   Rock
Not The Girl You Think You Are                                 Crowded House   Rock
Instinct                                                       Crowded House   Rock
I Feel Possessed                                               Crowded House   Rock
Four Seasons In One Day                                        Crowded House   Rock
It's Only Natural                                              Crowded House   Rock
Distant Sun                                                    Crowded House   Rock
Something So Strong                                            Crowded House   Rock
Mean To Me                                                     Crowded House   Rock
Everything Is Good For You                                     Crowded House   Rock
Kare Kare                                                      Crowded House   Rock
In My Command                                                  Crowded House   Rock
Nails In My Feet                                               Crowded House   Rock
Black And White Boy                                            Crowded House   Rock
Fingers Of Love                                                Crowded House   Rock
Pineapple Head                                                 Crowded House   Rock
Locked Out                                                     Crowded House   Rock
Private Universe                                               Crowded House   Rock
Walking On The Spot                                            Crowded House   Rock
Catherine Wheels                                               Crowded House   Rock
Skin Feeling                                                   Crowded House   Rock
Together Alone                                                 Crowded House   Rock
She Sells Sanctuary                                            Cult            80s Rock
Love Removal Machine                                           Cult            80s Rock
Why Can't I Be You?                                            The Cure        Rock
Catch                                                          The Cure        Rock
Lullaby                                                        The Cure        Rock
Fascination Street                                             The Cure        Rock
Pictures Of You                                                The Cure        Rock
Never Enough                                                   The Cure        Rock
Close To Me [Closet Remix]                                     The Cure        Rock
High                                                           The Cure        Rock
Letter To Elise                                                The Cure        Rock
13th [Swing Radio Mix]                                         The Cure        Rock
Mint Car [Radio Mix]                                           The Cure        Rock

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Name                                                                         Artist                      Genre
Strange Attraction [Album Mix]                                               The Cure                    Rock
Gone! [Radio Mix]                                                            The Cure                    Rock
Wrong Number                                                                 The Cure                    Rock
Hey Mister                                                                   Custom                      Alternative
Listen To Your Heart ( Unplugged)                                            D.H.T                       80s Rock
All I Am                                                                     Dada                        Rock
Diz-Knee-Land                                                                Dada                        Rock
Stronger                                                                     Daft Punk                   Electronic
Da Funk                                                                      Daft Punk                   Electronic
Around The World                                                             Daft Punk                   Electronic
One More Time                                                                Daft punk                   Electronic
Let Me Love You Boy                                                          daft punk                   Electronic
Mash Ups - Daft Punk vs. Michael Jackson - Rock With You (White Label Mix)   Daft Punk / Michael Jack…   Mash Up
Bang Bang                                                                    Danger Danger               80s Rock
I Believe In a Thing Called Love                                             The Darkness                Rock
Hands Down                                                                   Dashboard Confessional      Alternative
Hey Girl                                                                     Dashboard Confessional      Alternative
Rapid Hope Loss                                                              Dashboard Confessional      Alternative
Am I Missing                                                                 Dashboard Confessional      Alternative & Punk
Jamie                                                                        Dashboard Confessional      Soundtrack
Vindicated                                                                   Dashboard Confessional      Alternative
Screaming Infidelities                                                        Dashboard Confessional      Alternative
Carve Your Heart Out                                                         Dashboard Confessional      Alternative
The Ghost of A Good Thing                                                    Dashboard Confessional      Rock
Hands Down (acoustic)                                                        Dashboard Confessional      Alternative
awake (new song!)                                                            Dashboard Confessional      Alternative
Bend and Not Break                                                           Dashboard Confessional      Rock
Carry this Picture                                                           Dashboard Confessional      Rock
If you Can't Leave it Be                                                     Dashboard Confessional      Rock
Morning Calls                                                                Dashboard Confessional      Rock
So Beautiful                                                                 Dashboard Confessional      Rock
Again I Go Unnoticed                                                         Dashboard Confessional      Rock
Hope You're Happy                                                            Dashboard Confessional      Rock
Several Ways to Die Trying                                                   Dashboard Confessional      Rock
Something Happens                                                            Dave Edmunds                Rock
It's Been So Long                                                            Dave Edmunds                Rock
Singin' The Blues                                                            Dave Edmunds                Rock
(I'm Gonna Start) Living Again If It Kills Me                                Dave Edmunds                Rock
Almost Saturday Night                                                        Dave Edmunds                Rock
Cheap Talk, Patter And Jive                                                  Dave Edmunds                Rock
Three Time Loser                                                             Dave Edmunds                Rock
You'll Never Get Me Up (In One Of Those Things)                              Dave Edmunds                Rock
I'm Only Human                                                               Dave Edmunds                Rock
The Race Is On                                                               Dave Edmunds                Rock
Baby Let's Play House                                                        Dave Edmunds                Rock
Jimi Thing                                                                   Dave Matthews               Rock
Warehouse                                                                    Dave Matthews               Rock
The Space Between                                                            Dave Matthews               Rock
Where Are You Going                                                          Dave Matthews               Rock
Crush                                                                        Dave Matthews               Rock
What Would You Say                                                           Dave Matthews               Rock
Satelite                                                                     Dave Matthews               Rock
Ants Marching                                                                Dave Matthews               Rock
Crash Into Me                                                                Dave Matthews               Rock
Lover Lay Down (acoustic)                                                    Dave Matthews and Tim …     Alternative
Typical Situation                                                            Dave Matthews Band          Alternative
Busted Stuff                                                                 Dave Matthews Band          Rock
Grey Street                                                                  Dave Matthews Band          Rock
Where Are You Going                                                          Dave Matthews Band          Rock
You Never Know                                                               Dave Matthews Band          Rock

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Name                                           Artist                Genre
Captain                                        Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Raven                                          Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Grace Is Gone                                  Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Kit Kat Jam                                    Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Digging A Ditch                                Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Big Eyed Fish                                  Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Bartender                                      Dave Matthews Band    Rock
I Did It                                       Dave Matthews Band    Rock
When The World Ends                            Dave Matthews Band    Rock
The Space Between                              Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Dreams of our Fathers                          Dave Matthews Band    Rock
So Right                                       Dave Matthews Band    Rock
If I Had It All                                Dave Matthews Band    Rock
What You Are                                   Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Angel                                          Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Fool To Think                                  Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Sleep To Dream Her                             Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Mother Father                                  Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Everyday                                       Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Crash remix                                    Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Stairway to heaven                             Dave Matthews Band    Rock
Sweet Home Alabama                             Dave Matthews Band    Alternative
Wish you were here (cover)                     Dave Matthews Band    Alternative
Save Me                                        Dave Matthews Band    Alternative
Gravedigger                                    Dave Matthews Band    Alternative
I'm Afraid of Americans                        David Bowie           Rock
Space Oddity                                   David Bowie           Rock
Changes                                        David Bowie           Rock
Suffragette City                               David Bowie           Rock
The Jean Genie                                 David Bowie           Rock
Rebel Rebel                                    David Bowie           Rock
Young Americans                                David Bowie           Rock
Fame                                           David Bowie           Rock
Golden Years                                   David Bowie           Rock
Heroes                                         David Bowie           Rock
Ashes To Ashes                                 David Bowie           Rock
Fashion                                        David Bowie           Rock
Blue Jean                                      David Bowie           Rock
This Is Not America                            David Bowie           Rock
Five Years                                     David Bowie           Rock
Soul Love                                      David Bowie           Rock
Moonage Daydream                               David Bowie           Rock
Starman                                        David Bowie           Rock
It Ain't Easy                                  David Bowie           Rock
Lady Stardust                                  David Bowie           Rock
Hang On To Yourself                            David Bowie           Rock
Ziggy Stardust                                 David Bowie           Rock
Rock 'N' Roll Suicide                          David Bowie           Rock
New Killer Star                                David Bowie           Alternative & Punk
Crooked Teeth                                  Death Cab For Cutie   Rock
Lets Get Rocked                                Def Leppard           80s Rock
Make Love Like Animals                         Def Leppard           80s Rock
Stand Up                                       Def Leppard           80s Rock
Have You Ever Needed Someone                   Def Leppard           80s Rock
Four Letter Word                               Def Leppard           80s Rock
Love Bites                                     Def Leppard           80s Rock
Pour Some Sugar On Me                          Def Leppard           80s Rock
Waisting My Time                               Default               Rock
Simple Man                                     Deftones              Rock
Change                                         Deftones              Rock

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Name                                                               Artist            Genre
No Ordinary Love (sade Cover)                                      Deftones          Rock
Minerva                                                            Deftones          Rock
We're All Devo                                                     Devo              Rock
Jocko Homo [Booji Boy Version]                                     Devo              Rock
Mongoloid [Booji Boy Version]                                      Devo              Rock
Be Stiff [Stiff Version]                                           Devo              Rock
Uncontrollable Urge                                                Devo              Rock
Too Much Paranoias                                                 Devo              Rock
Come Back Jonee                                                    Devo              Rock
Triumph Of The Will                                                Devo              Rock
Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA                                               Devo              Rock
Secret Agent Man                                                   Devo              Rock
Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise                                     Devo              Rock
Soo Bawlz                                                          Devo              Rock
It Takes A Worried Man                                             Devo              Rock
Girl U Want                                                        Devo              Rock
Freedom Of Choice                                                  Devo              Rock
Gates Of Steel                                                     Devo              Rock
Whip It                                                            Devo              Rock
Snowball [Single Remix]                                            Devo              Rock
Mr. B's Ballroom                                                   Devo              Rock
Working In The Coal Mine                                           Devo              Rock
Love Without Anger                                                 Devo              Rock
Through Being Cool                                                 Devo              Rock
Jerkin' Back And Forth                                             Devo              Rock
Beautiful World                                                    Devo              Rock
General Boy Visits Apocalypse Now                                  Devo              Rock
Peekaboo!                                                          Devo              Rock
That's Good                                                        Devo              Rock
Big Mess                                                           Devo              Rock
One Dumb Thing                                                     Devo              Rock
Theme From Doctor Detroit [Dance Mix]                              Devo              Rock
Shout                                                              Devo              Rock
Here To Go [Go Mix Version]                                        Devo              Rock
Are You Experienced?                                               Devo              Rock
I Wouldn't Do That To You                                          Devo              Rock
Bread And Butter                                                   Devo              Rock
Let's Talk                                                         Devo              Rock
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini                   Devo              Rock
Baby Doll [Devo Single Mix]                                        Devo              Rock
Disco Dancer [7 Version]                                           Devo              Rock
Some Things Never Change                                           Devo              Rock
It Doesn't Matter To Me                                            Devo              Rock
Stuck In A Loop                                                    Devo              Rock
Post Post-Modern Man                                               Devo              Rock
Head Like A Hole                                                   Devo              Rock
Thanks To You                                                      Devo              Rock
Communication Break-Up                                             Devo              Rock
Words Get Stuck In My Throat                                       Devo              Rock
Leaving Town                                                       Dexter Freebish   Rock
Prayer                                                             Disturbed         Metal
Liberate                                                           Disturbed         Metal
Awaken                                                             Disturbed         Metal
Believe                                                            Disturbed         Metal
Remember                                                           Disturbed         Metal
Intoxication                                                       Disturbed         Metal
Rise                                                               Disturbed         Metal
Mistress                                                           Disturbed         Metal
Breathe                                                            Disturbed         Metal
Bound                                                              Disturbed         Metal

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Name                                                                   Artist             Genre
Devour                                                                 Disturbed          Metal
Darkness                                                               Disturbed          Metal
Voices                                                                 Disturbed          Metal
The Game                                                               Disturbed          Metal
Stupify                                                                Disturbed          Metal
Down With The Sickness                                                 Disturbed          Metal
Violence Fetish                                                        Disturbed          Metal
Fear                                                                   Disturbed          Metal
Numb                                                                   Disturbed          Metal
Want                                                                   Disturbed          Metal
Conflict                                                                Disturbed          Metal
Shout 2000                                                             Disturbed          Metal
Droppin' Plates                                                        Disturbed          Metal
Meaning Of Life                                                        Disturbed          Metal
Who Invited You                                                        The Donnas         Rock
Ah Leah                                                                Donnie Iris        80s Rock
Revolution                                                             Draft Punk         Electronic
Makes Me Happy                                                         Drake Bell         Alternative
Cadence To Arms                                                        Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Do Or Die                                                              Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Get Up                                                                 Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Never Alone                                                            Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Caught In A Jar                                                        Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Memories Remain                                                        Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Road Of The Righteous                                                  Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Far Away Coast                                                         Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Fightstarter Karaoke                                                   Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Barroom Hero                                                           Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
3rd Man In                                                             Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Tenant Enemy #1                                                        Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Finnegan's Wake                                                        Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Noble                                                                  Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Boys On The Docks (Murphys' Pub Version)                               Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Skinhead On The Mbta                                                   Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Four Dead Cheerleaders                                                 Dropkick Murphys   Rock
For Boston                                                             Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
The Legend Of Finn Mac                                                 Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Which Side Are You On?                                                 Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
The Rocky Road To Dublin                                               Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Heroes From Our Past                                                   Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Forever                                                                Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
The Gauntlet                                                           Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Good Rats                                                              Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
The New American Way                                                   Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
The Torch                                                              Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
The Fortunes Of War                                                    Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
A Few Good Men                                                         Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Ramble And Roll                                                        Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Caps And Bottles                                                       Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
The Wild Rover                                                         Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
The Spicy McHaggis Jig                                                 Dropkick Murphys   Alternative   &   Punk
Irish Drinking Song                                                    Dropkick Murphys   Alternative
Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced                                                 Dropkick Murphys   Punk Rock
Amazing Grace                                                          Dropkick Murphys   Rock
Bodies                                                                 Drowning Pool      Rock
Mercy                                                                  Duffy              Rock/Pop
Nite Runner feat.Justin Timberlake & Timbaland (NEW)                   Duran Duran        Rock
power of the drums                                                     Dusty Springfield   Rock
Boyz In The Hood                                                       Dynamite Hack      rock
Save Tonight                                                           Eagle Eye Cherry   Rock

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Name                                                                 Artist                     Genre
Baby Hold On To Me                                                   Eddie Money                80s Rock
Take Me Home Tonight                                                 Eddie Money                80s Rock
Two Tickets To Paradise                                              Eddie Money                80s Rock
I'll Be                                                              Edwin McCain               Slow Rock
It's A Motherf**ker                                                  Eels                       Rock
Rock & Roll Is King                                                  Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
Prologue                                                             Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
Twilight                                                             Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
Yours Truly, 2095                                                    Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
Ticket To The Moon                                                   Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
The Way Life's Meant To Be                                           Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
Another Heart Breaks                                                 Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
Rain Is Falling                                                      Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
From The End Of The World                                            Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
The Lights Go Down                                                   Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
Here Is The News                                                     Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
21st Century Man                                                     Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
Hold On Tight                                                        Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
Epilogue                                                             Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
The Bouncer                                                          Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
When Time Stood Still                                                Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
Julie Don't Live Here                                                Electric Light Orchestra   Rock
Crockodile Rock                                                      Elton John                 70's
Island Girl                                                          Elton John                 Rock
Rubberneckin'                                                        Elvis Presley              Rock
Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression Part 2)                                  Emerson, Lake & Palmer     Rock
Tarkus (Medley) Eruption     Stones Of Years Iconoclast              Emerson, Lake & Palmer     Rock
Knife Edge                                                           Emerson, Lake & Palmer     Rock
Paper Blood                                                          Emerson, Lake & Palmer     Rock
Romeo & Juliet                                                       Emerson, Lake & Palmer     Rock
Creole Dance                                                         Emerson, Lake & Palmer     Rock
Still... You Turn Me On                                              Emerson, Lake & Palmer     Rock
Black Moon                                                           Emerson, Lake & Palmer     Rock
Pirates                                                              Emerson, Lake & Palmer     Rock
Finale (Medley) Fanfare For The Common Man     America    Rondo      Emerson, Lake & Palmer     Rock
Bailamos                                                             Enrique Iglesias           Alternative
Hero                                                                 Enrique Iglesias           Alternative
Rhythm Divine                                                        Enrique Iglesias           Alternative
Don't Turn off the Lights                                            Enrique Iglesias           Alternative
Be With You                                                          Enrique Iglesias           Alternative
Signe                                                                Eric Clapton               Rock
Before You Accuse Me                                                 Eric Clapton               Rock
Hey Hey                                                              Eric Clapton               Rock
Tears In Heaven (live)                                               Eric Clapton               Rock
Lonely Stranger                                                      Eric Clapton               Rock
Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out                              Eric Clapton               Rock
Layla (Unplugged)                                                    Eric Clapton               Rock
Running On Faith                                                     Eric Clapton               Rock
Walkin' Blues                                                        Eric Clapton               Rock
Alberta                                                              Eric Clapton               Rock
San Francisco Bay Blues                                              Eric Clapton               Rock
Malted Milk                                                          Eric Clapton               Rock
Old Love                                                             Eric Clapton               Rock
Rollin' And Tumblin'                                                 Eric Clapton               Rock
Layla (Unplugged Version)                                            Eric Claton                Rock
Ah Via Musicom                                                       Eric Johnson               Rock
Cliffs of Dover                                                      Eric Johnson               Rock
Desert Rose                                                          Eric Johnson               Rock
High Landrons                                                        Eric Johnson               Rock
Steve's Boogie                                                       Eric Johnson               Rock

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Name                                            Artist                     Genre
Trademark                                       Eric Johnson               Rock
Nothing Can Keep Me From You                    Eric Johnson               Rock
Song For George                                 Eric Johnson               Rock
Righteous                                       Eric Johnson               Rock
Forty Mile Town                                 Eric Johnson               Rock
East Wes                                        Eric Johnson               Rock
Venus Isle                                      Eric Johnson               Rock
Battle We Have Won                              Eric Johnson               Rock
All About You                                   Eric Johnson               Rock
S. R. V.                                        Eric Johnson               Rock
Lonely In The Night                             Eric Johnson               Rock
Manhattan                                       Eric Johnson               Rock
Camel's Night Out                               Eric Johnson               Rock
Song For Lynette                                Eric Johnson               Rock
When The Sun Meets The Sky                      Eric Johnson               Rock
Pavillion                                       Eric Johnson               Rock
Venus Reprise                                   Eric Johnson               Rock
Scotty Doesn't Know                             Eurotrip                   Rock
Crazy For This Girl                             Evan and Jaron             Rock
Missing                                         Evanescence                Rock
Tourniquet                                      Evanescence                Rock
Bring Me To Life                                Evanescene                 Rock
Leech                                           Eve 6                      Rock
Promise                                         Eve 6                      Rock
Inside Out                                      Eve 6                      Rock
Heres to the Night                              Eve 6                      Rock
Think Twice                                     Eve 6                      Alternative
So Much For The Afterglow                       Everclear                  Rock
Everything For Everyone                         Everclear                  Rock
Normal Like You                                 Everclear                  Rock
I Will Buy You A New Life                       Everclear                  Rock
One Hit Wonder                                  Everclear                  Rock
El Distorto De Melodica                         Everclear                  Rock
Amphetamine                                     Everclear                  Rock
White Men In Black Suits                        Everclear                  Rock
Sunflowers                                       Everclear                  Rock
Why I Don't Believe In God                      Everclear                  Rock
Like A California King                          Everclear                  Rock
One Hit Wonder 2                                Everclear                  Rock
Wonderful                                       Everclear                  Rock
Everything to Everyone                          Everclear                  Rock
Father of Mine                                  Everclear                  Rock
Electra Made Me Blind                           Everclear                  Rock
Heroin Girl                                     Everclear                  Rock
You Make Me Feel Like A Whore                   Everclear                  Rock
Santa Monica                                    Everclear                  Rock
Summerland                                      Everclear                  Rock
Strawberry                                      Everclear                  Rock
Heartspark Dollarsign                           Everclear                  Rock
The Twistinside                                 Everclear                  Rock
Her Brand New Skin                              Everclear                  Rock
Nehalem                                         Everclear                  Rock
Queen Of The Air                                Everclear                  Rock
Pale Green Stars                                Everclear                  Rock
Chemical Smile                                  Everclear                  Rock
My Sexual Life                                  Everclear                  Rock
AM Radio                                        Everclear                  Alternative
Faith (Bootleg Remix)                           Everlast vs. Limp Bizkit   Rock
Choose Life                                     Ewan McGregor              Rock
Kiss You All Over                               Exile                      70s Rock

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Name                                                                    Artist              Genre
Second Chance                                                           Faber Drive         Rock
Rock Me Amadeus                                                         Falco               80's
Dance Dance                                                             Fall Out Boy        Alternative
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me                   Fall Out Boy        Alternative
Sugar, We're Going Down                                                 Fall Out Boy        Rock
The Wall                                                                Fast Ball           Rock
Fire Escape                                                             Fastball            Rock
Numb                                                                    Fat                 Rock
Shock                                                                   Fear Factory        Metal
Edgecrusher                                                             Fear Factory        Metal
Smasher/Devourer                                                        Fear Factory        Metal
Securitron (Police State 2000)                                          Fear Factory        Metal
Descent                                                                 Fear Factory        Metal
Hi-Tech Hate                                                            Fear Factory        Metal
Freedom Or Fire                                                         Fear Factory        Metal
Obsolete                                                                Fear Factory        Metal
Resurrection                                                            Fear Factory        Metal
Timelessness                                                            Fear Factory        Metal
Cars                                                                    Fear Factory        Rock
Everything                                                              FeFe Dobson         Rock
1234                                                                    Feist               Alternative
Take A Picture                                                          Filter              Rock
Nice Shot Remix                                                         Filter              Rock
S.O.S (Message in a Bottle)                                             Filterfunk          Alternative
Paralyzer                                                               Finger Eleven       Rock
One Thing                                                               Finger Eleven       Rock
Good Times                                                              Finger Eleven       Rock
Criminal                                                                Fiona Apple         Rock
Superman                                                                Five For Fighting   Rock
Turn It On                                                              The Flaming Lips    Alternative   &   Punk
Pilot Can At The Queer Of God                                           The Flaming Lips    Alternative   &   Punk
Oh, My Pregnant Head                                                    The Flaming Lips    Alternative   &   Punk
She Don't Use Jelly                                                     The Flaming Lips    Alternative   &   Punk
Chewin The Apple Of Your Eye                                            The Flaming Lips    Alternative   &   Punk
Superhumans                                                             The Flaming Lips    Alternative   &   Punk
Be My Head                                                              The Flaming Lips    Alternative   &   Punk
Moth In The Incubator                                                   The Flaming Lips    Alternative   &   Punk
Plastic Jesus                                                           The Flaming Lips    Alternative   &   Punk
When Yer Twenty Two                                                     The Flaming Lips    Alternative   &   Punk
Slow Nerve Action                                                       The Flaming Lips    Alternative   &   Punk
If I Ever Leave This World Alive                                        Flogging Molly      Punk
Drunken Lullabies                                                       Flogging Molly      Rock
Irish Pub Song                                                          Flogging Molly      Punk
Someday                                                                 Flypside            Rock
She's So Huge                                                           The Flys            Metal
Got You (Where I Want You)                                              The Flys            Metal
Take You There                                                          The Flys            Metal
Afraid                                                                  The Flys            Metal
Holiday Man                                                             The Flys            Metal
Groove Is Where You Find It                                             The Flys            Metal
The Gods of Basketball                                                  The Flys            Metal
Girls Are the Cruelest                                                  The Flys            Metal
Give You My Car                                                         The Flys            Metal
The Family                                                              The Flys            Metal
Superfly                                                                 The Flys            Metal
Sexual Sandwich                                                         The Flys            Metal
No Sad Story                                                            Flys                Metal
Losin It                                                                Flys                Metal
Fire In The Pit                                                         Flys                Metal
Damn                                                                    Flys                Metal

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Name                                                  Artist                     Genre
Helluva Time                                          Flys                       Metal
My Day                                                Flys                       Metal
Outta My Way                                          Flys                       Metal
Pakistani Man Says                                    Flys                       Metal
T.V. Song                                             Flys                       Metal
Ain't No Stoppin U                                    Flys                       Metal
Hawaiian Dream                                        Flys                       Metal
Learn To Fly                                          Foo Fighters               Rock
All My Life                                           Foo Fighters               Rock
Monkey Wrench                                         Foo Fighters               Rock
Everlong                                              Foo Fighters               Rock
Walking After You                                     Foo Fighters               Rock
The Best Of You                                       Foo Fighters               Rock
Everlong (acoustic)                                   Foo Fighters               Rock
Make Me Do Anything You Want                          A Foot In Cold Water       80s Rock
I Want To Know What Love Is                           Foreigner                  80s Rock
Hot Blooded                                           Foreigner                  80s Rock
Cold As Ice                                           Foreigner                  80s Rock
Urgent [Ext Mix]                                      Foreigner                  80s Rock
Juke Box Hero                                         Foreiner                   80s Rock
Head Games                                            Foreiner                   80s Rock
Waiting For A Girl Like You                           Foreiner                   80s Rock
Double Vision                                         Foreiner                   80s Rock
Say You Will                                          Foreiner                   80s Rock
That Was Yesterday                                    Foreiner                   80s Rock
I Dont Want To Live W/O You                           Foreiner                   80s Rock
Feels Like the First Time                             Foreiner                   80s Rock
Formula 51 Sound                                      Formula 51                 Alternative
Stacey's Mom                                          Fountains of Wayne         Rock
Mexican Wine                                          Fountains of Wayne         Rock
Somebody Scream                                       Foxx                       Rock
Hear Me Now                                           Framing Hanley             Rock
Catholic Girls                                        Frank Zappa                Rock
Take Me Out                                           Franz Ferdinand            Rock
Over My Head (Cable Car)                              The Fray                   Alternative
Let the Music Take Your Mind                          Fred Wesley / Greyboy A…   Rock/Pop
All Right Now                                         Free                       80s Rock
Into the Ocean                                        Fret Blanket               Rock
Jessie's Girl                                         Fricken' A                 Rock
Hemorrhage (In My Hands)                              Fuel                       Alternative
King For a Day                                        Fuel                       Rock
Bittersweet                                           Fuel                       Rock
Bad Day                                               Fuel                       Rock
Shimmer                                               Fuel                       Rock
Shimmers                                              Fuel                       Rock
Daniel (acoustic Elton John Cover)                    Fuel                       Rock
Shimmer                                               Fuel                       Alternative
Milk & Honey                                          Fury In The Slaughterho…   Alternative & Punk
Dancing In The Sunshine Of The Dark                   Fury In The Slaughterho…   Alternative & Punk
I-76                                                  G Love                     Rock
Recipe                                                G Love                     Rock
Rodeo Clown                                           G Love & Special Sauce     Rock
Sauce                                                 G Love & Special Sauce     Rock
My Baby Got Sauce                                     G Love and Special Sauce   Alternative
Rodeo Clowns                                          G Love and Special Sauce   Rock
Supervixen                                            Garbage                    Rock
Queer                                                 Garbage                    Rock
Only Happy When It Rains                              Garbage                    Rock
As Heaven Is Wide                                     Garbage                    Rock
Not My Idea                                           Garbage                    Rock

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Name                                                Artist               Genre
A Stroke Of Luck                                    Garbage              Rock
Vow                                                 Garbage              Rock
Stupid Girl                                         Garbage              Rock
Dog New Tricks                                      Garbage              Rock
My Lover's Box                                      Garbage              Rock
Fix Me Now                                          Garbage              Rock
Milk                                                Garbage              Rock
I Think I'm Paranoid                                Garbage              Rock
Temptation Waits                                    Garbage              Alternative   &   Punk
When I Grow Up                                      Garbage              Alternative   &   Punk
Medication                                          Garbage              Alternative   &   Punk
Special                                             Garbage              Alternative   &   Punk
Hammering In My Head                                Garbage              Alternative   &   Punk
Push It                                             Garbage              Alternative   &   Punk
The Trick Is To Keep Breathing                      Garbage              Alternative   &   Punk
Dumb                                                Garbage              Alternative   &   Punk
Sleep Together                                      Garbage              Alternative   &   Punk
Wicked Ways                                         Garbage              Alternative   &   Punk
You Look So Fine                                    Garbage              Alternative   &   Punk
#1 Crush                                            Garbage              Alternative
Rock "n" Roll Pt. 2                                 Gary Glitter         70's Rock
I Don't Want To be                                  Gavin DeGraw         Rock
Rainy Days                                          General Public       Rock
I'll Take You There                                 General Public       Rock
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight                           Genesis              Rock
Got My Mind Set On You                              George Harrison      80s Rock
Keep Your Hands To Yourself                         Georgia Satellites   Rock
Hippy Hippy Shake                                   Georgia Satellites   Rock
Over the Rainbow                                    Gimme Gimmies        Rock
Don't Cry For Me Argentina                          Gimme Gimmies        Rock
Tomorrow                                            Gimme Gimmies        Alternative
Ladyflash                                            The Go! Team         Alternative   & Punk
Greed                                               Godsmack             Metal
Whatever                                            Godsmack             Metal
Radar Love                                          Golden Earring       80s Rock
Just Like Heaven                                    Goldfinger            Rock
Is She Really Going Out With Him?                   Goldfinger            Rock
Feel Like Making Love                               Goldfinger            Rock
Nite Klub                                           Goldfinger            Rock
The Kids Are Alright                                Goldfinger            Rock
Down Pressor Man                                    Goldfinger            Rock
You Say You Don't Love Me                           Goldfinger            Rock
Man In The Suitcase                                 Goldfinger            Rock
Mind's Eye                                          Goldfinger            Rock
Stay                                                Goldfinger            Rock
Here In Your Bedroom                                Goldfinger            Rock
Only A Day                                          Goldfinger            Rock
King For A Day                                      Goldfinger            Rock
Anxiety                                             Goldfinger            Rock
Answers                                             Goldfinger            Rock
Anything                                            Goldfinger            Rock
Mable                                               Goldfinger            Rock
The City With Two Faces                             Goldfinger            Rock
My Girlfriend's Shower Sucks                        Goldfinger            Rock
Miles Away                                          Goldfinger            Rock
Nothing To Prove                                    Goldfinger            Rock
Picture                                             Goldfinger            Rock
F**k You And Your Cat                               Goldfinger            Rock
Superman                                            Goldfinger            Rock
My Head                                             Goldfinger            Rock

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Name                                              Artist           Genre
If Only                                           Goldfinger        Rock
20-Cent Goodbye                                   Goldfinger        Rock
Question                                          Goldfinger        Rock
Disorder                                          Goldfinger        Rock
Carlita                                           Goldfinger        Rock
Too Late                                          Goldfinger        Rock
I Need To Know                                    Goldfinger        Rock
Authority                                         Goldfinger        Rock
S.M.P.                                            Goldfinger        Rock
The Last Time                                     Goldfinger        Rock
Going Home                                        Goldfinger        Rock
Spokesman                                         Goldfinger        Rock
Open Your Eyes                                    Goldfinger        Rock
Decision                                          Goldfinger        Rock
Dad                                               Goldfinger        Rock
Tell Me                                           Goldfinger        Rock
Liar                                              Goldfinger        Rock
January                                           Goldfinger        Rock
Happy                                             Goldfinger        Rock
Woodchuck                                         Goldfinger        Rock
It's Your Life                                    Goldfinger        Rock
Spank Bank                                        Goldfinger        Rock
Youth                                             Goldfinger        Rock
Radio                                             Goldfinger        Rock
FTN                                               Goldfinger        Rock
Wayne Gretzky                                     Goldfinger        Rock
This Lonely Place                                 Goldfinger        Alternative
I'm Down                                          Goldfinger        Rock
Pick A Fight                                      Goldfinger        Rock
Carry On                                          Goldfinger        Rock
The End Of The Day                                Goldfinger        Rock
Don't Say Goodbye                                 Goldfinger        Rock
Counting The Days                                 Goldfinger        Rock
Bro                                               Goldfinger        Rock
San Simeon                                        Goldfinger        Rock
You Think It's A Joke                             Goldfinger        Rock
Forgiveness                                       Goldfinger        Rock
Margaret Ann                                      Goldfinger        Rock
Get Away                                          Goldfinger        Rock
99 Red Balloons                                   Goldfinger        Rock
Donut Dan                                         Goldfinger        Rock
Iris                                              Goo Goo Dolls    Rock
Slide                                             Goo Goo Dolls    Rock
Slide                                             Goo Goo Dolls    Alternative
Little Things                                     Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
Waldorf Worldwide                                 Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
The Motivation Proclamation                       Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
East Coast Anthem                                 Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
Festival Song                                     Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
Complicated                                       Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
Seasons                                           Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
I Don't Wanna Stop                                Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
I Heard You                                       Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
Walk By                                           Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
Let Me Go                                         Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
Screamer                                          Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
Change                                            Good Charlotte   Alternative   &   Punk
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous                   Good Charlotte   Alternative
The Anthem                                        Good Charlotte   Alternative
Girls & Boys                                      Good Charlotte   Alternative

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Name                                                                          Artist           Genre
I Just Wanna Live                                                             Good Charlotte   Alternative
We Believe                                                                    Good Charlotte   Alternative
Dare                                                                          Gorillaz         Alternative
Re-Hash                                                                       Gorillaz         Alternative   & Punk
5/4                                                                           Gorillaz         Alternative   & Punk
Tomorrow Comes Today                                                          Gorillaz         Alternative   & Punk
New Genious (Brother)                                                         Gorillaz         Alternative
Man Research (Clapper)                                                        Gorillaz         Alternative   &   Punk
Punk                                                                          Gorillaz         Alternative   &   Punk
Sound Check (Gravity)                                                         Gorillaz         Alternative   &   Punk
Double Bass                                                                   Gorillaz         Alternative   &   Punk
Rock The House                                                                Gorillaz         Alternative   &   Punk
19-2000                                                                       Gorillaz         Alternative   &   Punk
Latin Simone                                                                  Gorillaz         Alternative   &   Punk
Starshine                                                                     Gorillaz         Alternative   &   Punk
Slow Country                                                                  Gorillaz         Alternative   &   Punk
M1 A1                                                                         Gorillaz         Alternative   &   Punk
Dracula                                                                       Gorillaz         Alternative   &   Punk
Left Hand Suzuki Method                                                       Gorillaz         Alternative   &   Punk
2000 (Soulchild)                                                              Gorillaz         Rock
Feel Good Inc                                                                 Gorillaz         Alternative
Once Bitten, Twice Shy                                                        Great White      80s Rock
Lady Red Light                                                                Great White      80s Rock
Save Your Love                                                                Great White      80s Rock
Fire On The Mountain                                                          Greatful Dead    Rock
Jesus Of Suburbia / City Of The Damned / I Don't Care / Dearly Beloved / T…   Green Day        Alternative
Holiday                                                                       Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
St. Jimmy                                                                     Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Give Me Novacaine                                                             Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
She's A Rebel                                                                 Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Extraordinary Girl                                                            Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Letterbomb                                                                    Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Whatsername                                                                   Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Wake Me Up When September Ends                                                Green Day        Alternative
Burnout                                                                       Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Having A Blast                                                                Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Chump                                                                         Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Long View                                                                     Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Pulling Teeth                                                                 Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Basket Case                                                                   Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Sassafras Roots                                                               Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Coming Clean                                                                  Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Emenius Sleepus                                                               Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
In The End                                                                    Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
F.O.D.                                                                        Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Maria                                                                         Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Poprocks And Coke                                                             Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Longview                                                                      Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
When I Come Around                                                            Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
She                                                                           Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)                                                   Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Geek Stink Breath                                                             Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Brain Stew                                                                    Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Jaded                                                                         Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Walking Contradiction                                                         Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Stuck With Me                                                                 Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Hitchin' A Ride                                                               Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Redundant                                                                     Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Nice Guys Finish Last                                                         Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk
Minority                                                                      Green Day        Alternative   &   Punk

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Name                                         Artist          Genre
Warning                                      Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Waiting                                      Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Macy's Day Parade                            Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
2000 Light Years Away                        Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
One For The Razorbacks                       Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Welcome To Paradise                          Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Christie Road                                Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Private Ale                                  Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Dominated Love Slave                         Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
One Of My Lies                               Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
80                                           Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Android                                      Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
No One Knows                                 Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?                   Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Words I Might Have Ate                       Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Sweet Children                               Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Best Thing In Town                           Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Strangeland                                  Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
My Generation                                Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Good Ridance                                 Green Day       Alternative
Brain Stew Remix                             Green Day       Alternative
American Idiot                               Green Day       Alternative
Boulevard of Broken Dreams                   Green Day       Alternative
At The Library                               Green Day       Alternative   & Punk
Don't Leave Me                               Green Day       Alternative   & Punk
I Was There                                  Green Day       Punk
Disappearing Boy                             Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Green Day                                    Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Going To Pasalacqua                          Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
16                                           Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Road To Acceptance                           Green Day       Punk
Rest                                         Green Day       Punk
The Judge's Daughter                         Green Day       Punk
Paper Lanterns                               Green Day       Punk
Why Do You Want Him?                         Green Day       Punk
409 In Your Coffee Maker                     Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Knowledge                                    Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
1000 Hours                                   Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Dry Ice                                      Green Day       Alternative   &   Punk
Only Of You                                  Green Day       Punk
The One I Want                               Green Day       Punk
I Want To Be Alone                           Green Day       Punk
Are We The Waiting                           Green Day       Punk
Homecoming                                   Green Day       Punk
Jesus Of Suburbia                            Green Day       Punk
She's A Rebel                                Green Day       Punk
Whatsername                                  Green Day       Punk
Time of Your Life                            Green Day       Alternative
Longview                                     Greenday        Alternative
It's So Easy                                 Guns N' Roses   Metal
Nightrain                                    Guns N' Roses   Metal
Out Ta Get Me                                Guns N' Roses   Metal
Mr. Brownstone                               Guns N' Roses   Metal
Paradise City                                Guns N' Roses   Metal
My Michelle                                  Guns N' Roses   Metal
Think About You                              Guns N' Roses   Metal
You're Crazy                                 Guns N' Roses   Metal
Anything Goes                                Guns N' Roses   Metal
Rocket Queen                                 Guns N' Roses   Metal
Sympathy for the Devil                       Guns N' Roses   80s Rock

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Name                                                               Artist                   Genre
Knocking On Heaven's Door                                          Guns N' Roses            80s Rock
Patience                                                           Guns N' Roses            80s Rock
Welcome To The Jungle                                              Guns N' Roses            80s Rock
Don't Cry                                                          Guns N' Roses            80s Rock
November Rain                                                      Guns N' Roses            Rock
Sweet Child O' Mine                                                Guns N' Roses            Rock
Civil War                                                          Guns N' Roses            Rock
You Could Be Mine                                                  Guns N' Roses            Rock
Don't Cry (Original)                                               Guns N' Roses            Rock
Live And Let Die                                                   Guns N' Roses            Rock
Yesterdays                                                         Guns N' Roses            Rock
Ain't It Fun                                                       Guns N' Roses            Rock
Since I Don't Have You                                             Guns N' Roses            Rock
Thick Wit It [Radio Edit]                                          Hakeem Tha Dream         Rock
Innocence                                                          Harlequin                Rock
Big Rock Candy Mountain                                            Harry McClintock         Soundtrack
Flagpole Sitta                                                     Harvey Danger            Alternative
Saying Sorry                                                       Hawthorne Heights        Alternative
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You                                 Heart                    80s Rock
These Dreams                                                       Heart                    80s Rock
Rock You                                                           Helix                    80s Rock
Here In Your Arms (LIVE @ The House Of Blues 01-14-05)             hellogoodbye             Alternative
All of Your Love                                                   Hellogoodbye             Alternative
touchdown turnaround                                               hellogoodbye             Rock
Wings of a Butterfly                                                HIM                      Rock
Lips of an Angel                                                   Hinder                   Rock
Awful                                                              Hole                     Rock
Hit So Hard                                                        Hole                     Rock
Malibu                                                             Hole                     Rock
Reasons To Be Beautiful                                            Hole                     Rock
Dying                                                              Hole                     Rock
Use Once And Destroy                                               Hole                     Rock
Northern Star                                                      Hole                     Rock
Boys On The Radio                                                  Hole                     Rock
Heaven Tonight                                                     Hole                     Rock
Playing Your Song                                                  Hole                     Rock
Petals                                                             Hole                     Rock
Celebrity Skin                                                     Hole                     Rock
Rockin' At Midnight                                                Honeydrippers            Swing
out of control                                                     Hoobastank               Rock
Running Away                                                       Hoobastank               Rock
The Reason                                                         Hoobastank               Alternative
Crawling In the Dark                                               Hoobstank                Rock
Only Wanna Be With You                                             Hootie & The Blowfish     Rock
Hanna Jane                                                         Hootie & The Blowfish     Rock
Hold My Hand                                                       Hootie & The Blowfish     Rock
Time                                                               Hootie & The Blowfish     Rock
I Will Wait                                                        Hootie & The Blowfish     Rock
Let Her Cry                                                        Hootie And The Blowfish   Rock
Collide                                                            Howie Day                Rock
Heart Of Rock & Roll                                               Huey Lewis & The News    80's
Stars                                                              Hum                      Alternative & Punk
I Hate It Too                                                      Hum                      Alternative & Punk
Nobody But Me                                                      Human Beinz              Rock
Black Betty                                                        Humble Pie               Rock
Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps                                          I Am Ghost               Rock
Kiss Me Like You Wanted/I Will Never Tell                          I Am Ghost               Rock
Living In The Past                                                 Ian Anderson             Rock
Aqualung                                                           Ian Anderson             Rock
Sweet Dream                                                        Ian Anderson             Rock

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Name                                                         Artist                   Genre
The Whistler                                                 Ian Anderson             Rock
The Witch's Promise                                          Ian Anderson             Rock
Locomotive Breath                                            Ian Anderson             Rock
Steel Monkey                                                 Ian Anderson             Rock
Thick As A Brick                                             Ian Anderson             Rock
Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll, Too Young To Die                   Ian Anderson             Rock
Life Is A Long Song                                          Ian Anderson             Rock
Songs From The Wood                                          Ian Anderson             Rock
A New Day Yesterday                                          Ian Anderson             Rock
Heavy Horses                                                 Ian Anderson             Rock
Broadsword                                                   Ian Anderson             Rock
Root To Branches                                             Ian Anderson             Rock
A Song For Jeffrey                                           Ian Anderson             Rock
Minstrel In The Gallery                                      Ian Anderson             Rock
Cheerio                                                      Ian Anderson             Rock
Bouree                                                       Ian Anderson/J.S. Bach   Rock
Cop Killer                                                   Ice T & Body Count       Rock
Real Wild Child                                              Iggy Pop                 70s Rock
Megalomaniac                                                 Incubus                  Alternative
A Crow Left Of The Murder                                    Incubus                  Alternative
Agoraphobia                                                  Incubus                  Alternative
Talk Shows On Mute                                           Incubus                  Alternative
Beware! Criminal                                             Incubus                  Alternative
Sick Sad Little World                                        Incubus                  Alternative
Pistola                                                      Incubus                  Alternative
Southern Girl                                                Incubus                  Alternative
Priceless                                                    Incubus                  Alternative
Zee Deveel                                                   Incubus                  Alternative
Made For TV Movie                                            Incubus                  Alternative
Smile Lines                                                  Incubus                  Alternative
Here In My Room                                              Incubus                  Alternative
Leech                                                        Incubus                  Alternative
Privelege                                                    Incubus                  Metal
Nowhere Fast                                                 Incubus                  Metal
Consequence                                                  Incubus                  Metal
The Warmth                                                   Incubus                  Metal
When It Comes                                                Incubus                  Metal
Stellar                                                      Incubus                  Metal
Make Yourself                                                Incubus                  Metal
Drive                                                        Incubus                  Metal
Clean                                                        Incubus                  Metal
Battlestar Scralatchtica                                     Incubus                  Metal
I Miss You                                                   Incubus                  Metal
Pardon Me                                                    Incubus                  Metal
Out From Under                                               Incubus                  Metal
Nice To Know You                                             Incubus                  Alternative
Circles                                                      Incubus                  Alternative
Wish You Were Here                                           Incubus                  Alternative
Mexico                                                       Incubus                  Alternative
Warning                                                      Incubus                  Alternative
Echo                                                         Incubus                  Alternative
Aqueous Transmission                                         Incubus                  Alternative
Redefine                                                      Incubus                  Rock
Vitamin                                                      Incubus                  Rock
New Skin                                                     Incubus                  Rock
Idiot Box                                                    Incubus                  Rock
Glass                                                        Incubus                  Rock
Magic Medicine                                               Incubus                  Rock
A Certain Shade of Green                                     Incubus                  Rock
Favorite Things                                              Incubus                  Rock

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Name                                                      Artist             Genre
Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)                   Incubus            Rock
Nebula                                                    Incubus            Rock
Deep Inside                                               Incubus            Rock
Calgone                                                   Incubus            Rock
Are You In                                                Incubus            Rock
Talk Show On Mute                                         Incubus            Alternative
I Wish You Were Here                                      Incubus            Rock
Secure Yourself                                           Indigo Girls       Rock
Centerfold                                                J. Geils Band      80s Rock
Freeze Frame                                              J. Gelis Band      80s Rock
Inaudible Melodies                                        Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
Middle Man                                                Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
Posters                                                   Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
Sexy Plexi                                                Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
Flake                                                     Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
Bubble Toes                                               Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
Fortunate Fool                                            Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
The News                                                  Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
Drink the water                                           Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
Mudfootball (For Moe Lerner)                              Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
F-Stop Blues                                              Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
Losing Hope                                               Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
It's All Understood                                       Jack Johnson       Alternative   &   Punk
Times Like These                                          Jack Johnson       Rock
The Horizon Has Been Defeated                             Jack Johnson       Rock
Gone                                                      Jack Johnson       Rock
Cupid                                                     Jack Johnson       Rock
Wasting Time                                              Jack Johnson       Rock
Holes To Heaven                                           Jack Johnson       Rock
Dreams Be Dreams                                          Jack Johnson       Rock
Tomorrow Morning                                          Jack Johnson       Rock
Fall Line                                                 Jack Johnson       Rock
Cookie Jar                                                Jack Johnson       Rock
Rodeo Clowns                                              Jack Johnson       Rock
Cocoon                                                    Jack Johnson       Rock
Mediocre Bad Guys                                         Jack Johnson       Rock
Symbol In My Driveway                                     Jack Johnson       Rock
Jungle Gym (Feat. G. Love)                                Jack Johnson       Rock
Taylor                                                    Jack Johnson       Rock
Dark Blue                                                 Jacks Mannequin    Alternative
Dark To My Eyes                                           Jackson Browne     70s Rock
High                                                      James Blunt        Alternative
Freefall                                                  Jan Johnston       Punk
Just Because                                              Janes Addiction    Rock
Jane Says                                                 Janes Addiction    Rock
You And I Both                                            Jason Mraz         Alternative
Party Life [Explicit]                                     Jay-Z              Rock
They                                                      Jem                Rock
The Stupid Things                                         Jessie McCartney   Rock
Last Chance                                               JET                Rock
Rollover D.J.                                             JET                Rock
Look What You've Done                                     JET                Rock
Get What You Need                                         JET                Rock
Move On                                                   JET                Rock
Radio Song                                                JET                Rock
Get Me Outta Here                                         JET                Rock
Cold Hard Bitch                                           JET                Rock
Come Around Again                                         JET                Rock
Take It Or Leave It                                       JET                Rock
Lazy Gun                                                  JET                Rock

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Name                                                                 Artist                  Genre
Timothy                                                              JET                     Rock
Are You Gonna Be My Girl                                             Jet                     Rock
Rock It To You                                                       The Jets                80's
Who Will Save Your Soul - Acoustic                                   Jewel                   Rock
Hear My Train A Comin' [Acoustic]                                    Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Born Under A Bad Sign                                                Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Catfish Blues                                                         Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Voodoo Chile Blues                                                   Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Mannish Boy                                                          Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Once I Had A Woman                                                   Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Bleeding Heart                                                       Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Jelly 292                                                            Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Electric Church Red House                                            Jimi Hendrix            Rock
All Along The Watchtower                                             Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Purple Haze                                                          Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Hey Joe                                                              Jimi Hendrix            Rock
The Wind Cries Mary                                                  Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)                                         Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Burning Of The Midnight Lamp                                         Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Highway Chile                                                        Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Crosstown Traffic                                                    Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Castles Made Of Sand                                                 Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Long Hot Summer Night                                                Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Red House                                                            Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Manic Depression                                                     Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Gypsy Eyes                                                           Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Little Wing                                                          Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Fire                                                                 Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Wait Until Tomorrow                                                  Jimi Hendrix            Rock
Do Right                                                             Jimmies Chicken Shack   Rock
You'll Never Work In Dis Bidness Again                               Jimmy Buffett           Rock
The City                                                             Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Today's Message                                                      Jimmy Buffett           Rock
A Love Song (From A Different Point Of View)                         Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Honey Do                                                             Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Jolly Mon                                                            Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Gypsies In The Palace                                                Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Jamaica Farewell                                                     Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Migration                                                            Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Growing Older But Not Up                                             Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Holiday (Live / New Recording)                                       Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Come Monday                                                          Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Fruitcakes                                                           Jimmy Buffett           Rock
We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About                        Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Cheeseburger In Paradise                                             Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Jolly Mon Sing                                                       Jimmy Buffett           Rock
The Pascagoula Run (Live / New Recording)                            Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Tin Cup Chalice                                                      Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Coconut Telegraph                                                    Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Last Mango In Paris                                                  Jimmy Buffett           Rock
One Particular Harbour                                               Jimmy Buffett           Rock
School Boy Heart                                                     Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Everybody's Talkin' (New)                                            Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Volcano                                                              Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Son Of A Son Of A Sailor (New Recording)                             Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Take Another Road                                                    Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Knees Of My Heart (New Recording)                                    Jimmy Buffett           Rock
In The Shelter (New Recording)                                       Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Havana Daydreamin'                                                   Jimmy Buffett           Rock
Desperation Samba (Halloween In Tijuana - Live / New Recording)      Jimmy Buffett           Rock

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Name                                                      Artist                   Genre
Barefoot Children                                         Jimmy Buffett            Rock
Saxophones (New Recording)                                Jimmy Buffett            Rock
Cowboy In The Jungle                                      Jimmy Buffett            Rock
He Went To Paris (New Recording)                          Jimmy Buffett            Rock
Creola                                                    Jimmy Buffett            Rock
Bob Robert's Society Band                                 Jimmy Buffett            Rock
Sail On Sailor (New)                                      Jimmy Buffett            Rock
The Captain And The Kid (New Recording)                   Jimmy Buffett            Rock
He Went To Paris                                          Jimmy Buffett            Rock
Fins                                                      Jimmy Buffett            Rock
Son Of A Son Of A Sailor                                  Jimmy Buffett            Rock
A Pirate Looks At Forty                                   Jimmy Buffett            Rock
Changes In Lattitudes                                     Jimmy Buffett            Rock
Why Don't We Get Drunk                                    Jimmy Buffett            Rock
Pencil Thin Mustache                                      Jimmy Buffett            Rock
Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit                                  Jimmy Buffett            Rock
Boat Drinks                                               Jimmy Buffett            Rock
The Middle                                                Jimmy Eat World          Rock
Work                                                      Jimmy Eat World          Rock
I love Rock and Roll (Funkymix)                           Joan Jett                80s Rock
I Love Rock 'N' Roll                                      Joan Jett                80s Rock
Kyle's Mom                                                Joe c & Kid Rock         Rock
In The City                                               Joe Walsh                80s Rock
Garden Tree                                               John Brown's Body        Rock
Hurts So Good                                             John Cougar Mellencamp   80s Rock
Lonely Ol' Night                                          John Cougar Mellencamp   80s Rock
Pink Houses                                               John Cougar Mellencamp   80s Rock
Jack & Diane                                              John Cougar Mellencamp   80s Rock
Rave On                                                   John Cougar Mellencamp   80s Rock
Small Town                                                John Cougar Mellencamp   80s Rock
ROCK in the U.S.A.                                        John Cougar Mellencamp   80s Rock
Woman                                                     John Lennon              80s Rock
Come Back To Bed                                          John Mayer               Rock
No Such Thing                                             John Mayer               Rock
My Stupid Mouth                                           John Mayer               Rock
Your Body Is A Wonderland                                 John Mayer               Rock
Neon                                                      John Mayer               Rock
City Love                                                 John Mayer               Rock
83                                                        John Mayer               Rock
3x5                                                       John Mayer               Rock
Love Song For No One                                      John Mayer               Rock
Why Georgia                                               John Mayer               Rock
Bigger Than My Body                                       John Mayer               Rock
Walk On the Ocean                                         John Mayer               Rock
Why Georgia                                               John Mayer               Rock
Don't Stop Beliving                                       Journey                  80s Rock
Anyway You Want It                                        Journey                  80s Rock
Faithfully                                                Journey                  80s Rock
Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'                                 Journey                  80s Rock
Don't Stop Believin'                                      Journey                  Rock
You've Got Another Thing Comin'                           Judas Priest             Rock
Heavy Metal                                               Judas Priest             Rock
Rick James                                                Jude                     Rock
Go! (Pop Mix)                                             Jupiter Rising           Alternative
Carry on wayward son                                      Kansas                   70s Rock
Ghosts                                                    Kansas                   Rock
One Big Sky                                               Kansas                   Rock
Inside Of Me                                              Kansas                   Rock
One Man, One Heart                                        Kansas                   Rock
House On Fire                                             Kansas                   Rock

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Name                                              Artist                    Genre
Once In A Lifetime                                Kansas                    Rock
Stand Beside Me                                   Kansas                    Rock
I Counted On Love                                 Kansas                    Rock
The Preacher                                      Kansas                    Rock
Rainmaker                                         Kansas                    Rock
T.O.Witcher                                       Kansas                    Rock
Bells Of Saint James                              Kansas                    Rock
Cloud Bursting                                    Kate Busk                 Rock
Kindly Unspoken                                   Kate Voegele              Rock
The Other Side                                    Kate Voegele              Rock
Monday Rain                                       Kate Voegele              Rock
Never Again                                       Kelly Clarkson            Rock
Papa Don't Preach                                 Kelly Osbourne            Rock
Changes                                           Kelly Osbourne            Rock
Highway to the Danger Zone                        Kenny Loggins             80s Rock
Bawitdaba                                         Kid Rock                  Metal
Cowboy                                            Kidd Rock                 Rock
Only God Knows Why                                Kidd Rock                 Rock
Forever                                           Kidd Rock                 Rock
Picture                                           Kidd Rock                 Rock
Cold & Empty                                      Kidd Rock                 Rock
I Wanna Be a Kennedy                              Kill Hannah               Rock
When You Were Young                               The Killers               Rock
Somebody Told Me                                  The Killers               Alternative
Mr Brightside                                     The Killers               Alternative
Go For A Soda                                     Kim Mitchell              Rock
Patio Lanterns                                    Kim Mitchell              Rock
Rock and Roll Duty                                Kim Mitchell              Rock
Detachable Penis                                  King Missle               Alternative
Switch Into Glide                                 Kings This Beat Goes On   Rock
Monglomix                                         KMFDM                     Alternative
Anarchy                                           KMFDM                     Alternative
Good Girls Don't                                  The Knack                 80s Rock
Twisted transistor                                Korn                      Alternative
Freak On A Leash                                  Korn                      Alternative
Falling Away From Me                              Korn                      Rock
Blind                                             Korn                      Rock
Got the Life                                      Korn                      Rock
Word Up                                           Korn                      Rock
Make It Go Away                                   Korn                      Rock
Mrs Robinson                                      Lemonheads                Alternative
Flyaway                                           Lenny Kravits             Rock
Believe                                           Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Come On And Love Me                               Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Heaven Help                                       Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Just Be A Woman                                   Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Is There Any Love In Your Heart                   Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Black Girl                                        Lenny Kravitz             Rock
My Love                                           Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Sugar                                             Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Sister                                            Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Eleutheria                                        Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Minister Of Rock 'N Roll                          Lenny Kravitz             Rock
I Don't Want To Be A Star                         Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Lady                                              Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Calling All Angels                                Lenny Kravitz             Rock
California                                        Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Sistamamalover                                    Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Where Are We Runnin'?                             Lenny Kravitz             Rock
Baptized                                          Lenny Kravitz             Rock

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Name                                                                   Artist                     Genre
Flash                                                                  Lenny Kravitz              Rock
What Did I Do With My Life?                                            Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Storm                                                                  Lenny Kravitz              Rock
The Other Side                                                         Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Destiny                                                                Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Mr. Cab Driver                                                         Lenny Kravitz              Rock
If I Could Fall In Love                                                Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Yesterday Is Gone                                                      Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Stillness Of Heart                                                     Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Believe In Me                                                          Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Pay To Play                                                            Lenny Kravitz              Rock
A Million Miles Away                                                   Lenny Kravitz              Rock
God Save Us All                                                        Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Dig In                                                                 Lenny Kravitz              Rock
You Were In My Heart                                                   Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Let's Get High                                                         Lenny Kravitz              Rock
American Woman                                                         Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Fields Of Joy                                                          Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Again                                                                  Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Again (Remix) ft. Outkast                                              Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Are You Gonna Go My Way                                                Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Fly Away                                                               Lenny Kravitz              Rock
Fly Away (Acoustic)                                                    Lenny Kravitz              Rock
History of a Boring Town                                               Less Than Jake             Alternative
You And Me                                                             Lifehouse                  Rock
Hanging By A Moment                                                    Lifehouse                  Rock
Re-arranged                                                            Limp Bizcit                Rock
Behind Blue Eyes                                                       Limp Bizkit                Rock
Nookie                                                                 Limp Bizkit                Rock
N 2 Gether                                                             Limp Bizkit                Rock
Crushed                                                                Limp Bizkit                Rock
Break Stuff (Clean)                                                    Limp Bizkit                Alternative
Faith                                                                  Limp Bizkit                Rock
My Generation                                                          Limp Bizkut                Rock
Rollin'                                                                Limp Bizkut                Rock
Boiler                                                                 Limp Bizkut                Rock
Red Light - Green Light                                                Limp Bizkut & Snoop Dogg   Rock
Papercut                                                               Linkin Park                Alternative   & Punk
One Step Closer                                                        Linkin Park                Alternative   & Punk
With You                                                               Linkin Park                Alternative
Points Of Authority                                                    Linkin Park                Alternative   &   Punk
Crawling                                                               Linkin Park                Alternative   &   Punk
Runaway                                                                Linkin Park                Alternative   &   Punk
By Myself                                                              Linkin Park                Alternative   &   Punk
In The End                                                             Linkin Park                Alternative   &   Punk
Place For My Head                                                      Linkin Park                Alternative   &   Punk
Forgotten                                                              Linkin Park                Alternative   &   Punk
Cure For The Itch                                                      Linkin Park                Alternative   &   Punk
Pushing Me Away                                                        Linkin Park                Alternative   &   Punk
It's Goin Down                                                         Linkin Park                Rock
Enth End                                                               Linkin Park                Rock
Breaking the Habit                                                     Linkin Park                Rock
Faint Ft. Jay-Z(remix)                                                 Linkin Park                Rock
Faint                                                                  Linkin Park                Rock
Somewhere I Belong                                                     Linkin Park                Rock
Numb                                                                   Linkin Park                Rock
Linkin Park & Jay-Z - Lying From You vs. Dirt Off Your Shoulder        Linkin Park & Jay-Z        Rock
My Own Worst Enemy                                                     Lit                        Alternative
You Make Me Complete                                                   Lit                        Rock
Lightning Crashes                                                      Live                       Alternative

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Name                                                                  Artist                    Genre
All Over You                                                          Live                      Rock
I Alone                                                               Live                      Rock
Cult Of Personallity                                                  Living Coulor             80s Rock
Who's Gonna Save Us?                                                  The Living End            Punk
Trailer Ras                                                           Long Beach Dub Allstars   Rock
Heaven                                                                Los Lonely Boys           Rock
Señorita                                                              Los Lonely Boys           Rock
Last Train Home                                                       Lost Prophets             Alternative
Last Train                                                            Lost Prophets             Rock
Shake that Ass                                                        The Lovemakers            Rock
When It's Over                                                        Lover Boy                 80s Rock
Hot Girls In Love                                                     Lover Boy                 80s Rock
The Kid Is Hot Tonight                                                Loverboy                  80s Rock
Working For The Weekend                                               Loverboy                  80s Rock
Turn Me Loose                                                         Loverboy                  80s Rock
Ladyfingers                                                            Lucious Jackson           Rock
Naked Eye                                                             Lucious Jackson           Rock
Hey Driver                                                            Lucky Boys Confusion      Alternative
Rock Me Again And Again                                               Lyn Collins               Soul
I Ain't The One                                                       Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
Was I Right Or Wrong                                                  Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
Gimme Three Steps                                                     Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
The Ballad Of Curtis Loew                                             Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
Saturday Night Special                                                Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
Mr. Banker                                                            Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
Comin' Home                                                           Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
What's Your Name?                                                     Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
Tuesday's Gone                                                        Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
I Know A Little                                                       Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
Gimme Back My Bullets (Live)                                          Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
You Got That Right                                                    Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
All I Can Do Is Write About It (Acoustic Version)                     Lynyrd Skynyrd            Rock
Message in a bottle                                                   Machine Head              Metal
Daft Punk Vs Madonna - Da Funk Music (White Label Mix)                Madonna                   Mash Up
Moog Island                                                           Marcheba                  Rock
St Joe On the Schoolbus                                               Marcy Playground          Rock
Great Big White World                                                 Marilyn Manson            Metal
The Dope Show                                                         Marilyn Manson            Metal
Mechanical Animals                                                    Marilyn Manson            Metal
Rock Is Dead                                                          Marilyn Manson            Metal
Disassociative                                                        Marilyn Manson            Metal
The Speed Of Pain                                                     Marilyn Manson            Metal
Posthuman                                                             Marilyn Manson            Metal
I Want To Disappear                                                   Marilyn Manson            Metal
I Don't Like The Drugs                                                Marilyn Manson            Metal
New Model No. 15                                                      Marilyn Manson            Metal
User Friendly                                                         Marilyn Manson            Metal
Fundamentally Loathsome                                               Marilyn Manson            Metal
The Last Day On Earth                                                 Marilyn Manson            Metal
Coma White                                                            Marilyn Manson            Metal
Tainted Love                                                          Marilyn Manson            Rock
Sweet Dreams                                                          Marilyn Manson            Metal
Valerie Ft. Amy Winehouse                                             Mark Ronson               Alternative & Punk
She Will Be Loved                                                     Maroon 5                  Rock
Sunday Morning                                                        Maroon 5                  Rock
Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus                                              The Mars Volta            Metal
The Widow                                                             The Mars Volta            Metal
L'Via L'Viaquez                                                       The Mars Volta            Metal
Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore: A. Vade Mecum             The Mars Volta            Metal
Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore: B. Pour Another Icepick   The Mars Volta            Metal

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Name                                                                   Artist                    Genre
Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore: C. Pisacis (Phra-Men-Ma)   The Mars Volta            Metal
Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore: D. Con Safo                The Mars Volta            Metal
Cassandra Geminni: A. Tarantism                                        The Mars Volta            Metal
Cassandra Geminni: B. Plant A Nail In The Navel Stream                 The Mars Volta            Metal
Cassandra Geminni: C. Faminepulse                                      The Mars Volta            Metal
Cassandra Geminni: D. Multiple Spouse Wounds                           The Mars Volta            Metal
Cassandra Geminni: E. Sarcophagi                                       The Mars Volta            Metal
Echo Beach                                                             Martha & The Muffins      80s Rock
Freak Of the Week                                                      Marvalous 3               Alternative
Promise                                                                Matchbook Romance         Alternative
Bent                                                                   Matchbox 20               Alternative
Mad Season                                                             Matchbox 20               Alternative
Disease                                                                Matchbox 20               Alternative
3 AM                                                                   Matchbox 20               Alternative
Real World                                                             Matchbox 20               Alternative
Superman                                                               Matchbox 20               Alternative
Last Beautiful Girl                                                    Matchbox 20               Alternative
3am                                                                    Matchbox 20               Alternative
Bright Lights                                                          Matchbox 20               Alternative
Back 2 Good                                                            Matchbox 20               Rock
Push                                                                   Matchbox 20               Alternative
Unwell                                                                 Matchbox 20               Alternative
How Far We`ve Come                                                     Matchbox Twenty           Rock
Rock & Roll                                                            Medly                     Rock
I'm The Only One                                                       Melissa Etheridge         Rock
Talking To My Angel                                                    Melissa Etheridge         Rock
Come To My Window                                                      Melissa Etheridge         Rock
Cherrybomb                                                             Mellencamp, John Cougar   Rock
What's The Dillio                                                      Mest                      Alternative
Jaded (These Years)                                                    Mest & Benji Madden       Rock
Wherever I May Roam                                                    Metalica                  Rock
Noting Else Matters                                                    Metalica                  Rock
Enter Sandman                                                          Metallica                 Metal
Sad But True                                                           Metallica                 Metal
Holier Than Thou                                                       Metallica                 Metal
The Unforgiven                                                         Metallica                 Metal
Wherever I May Roam                                                    Metallica                 Metal
Don't Tread On Me                                                      Metallica                 Metal
Through The Never                                                      Metallica                 Metal
Nothing Else Matters                                                   Metallica                 Metal
Of Wolf And Man                                                        Metallica                 Metal
The God That Failed                                                    Metallica                 Metal
My Friend Of Misery                                                    Metallica                 Metal
The Struggle Within                                                    Metallica                 Metal
Fight Fire With Fire                                                   Metallica                 Metal
Ride The Lightning                                                     Metallica                 Metal
For Whom The Bell Tolls                                                Metallica                 Metal
Fade To Black                                                          Metallica                 Metal
Trapped Under Ice                                                      Metallica                 Metal
Escape                                                                 Metallica                 Metal
Creeping Death                                                         Metallica                 Metal
The Call Of Ktulu                                                      Metallica                 Metal
No Leaf Clover (live)                                                  Metallica                 Rock
I Disappear                                                            Metallica                 Rock
Orion                                                                  Metallica                 Metal
One                                                                    Metallica                 Rock
The Memory Remains                                                     Metallica                 Metal
The Unforgiven II                                                      Metallica                 Metal
Ain't My Bitch                                                         Metallica                 Rock
Fuel                                                                   Metallica                 Rock

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Name                                         Artist              Genre
No Leaf Clover                               Metallica           Rock
Sanitarium                                   Metallica           Metal
Star Wars Imperial March                     Metallica           Rock
Get Naked                                    Methods of Mayhem   Rock
Shake It                                     Metro Station       Rock
Horehound                                    MF Doom             Hip Hop
Rock With You                                Michael Jackson     80's
You Belong To Me                             Michael McDonald    Rock
Charmed Life                                 Mick Jagger         Rock
Track 01                                     Mike Hinds          Rock
Track 02                                     Mike Hinds          Rock
She Says                                     Mike Hinds          Rock
Track 06                                     Mike Hinds          Rock
You Can Call Me Al                           Mike Hinds          Rock
Beat It                                      Mike Hinds          Rock
Fernando's Comeback                          Mike Hinds          Rock
Track 11                                     Mike Hinds          Rock
Scared Shitless                              Mike Hinds          Rock
Track 13                                     Mike Hinds          Rock
Can't Stop Myself                            Mike Hinds          Rock
Get Funky                                    Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Yaz Faltermeyer                              Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
7 Nation Billie                              Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Amadeus is Passing Me By                     Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Beware of the Jacksons                       Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Potpourri                                    Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Autobiographical                             Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
My Favorite Peanuts                          Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Can You Play Jingle Bells                    Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Looking for Control                          Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Bizarre Love                                 Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
The Promise                                  Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Once in a Lifetime                           Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
MC Shy Cobain                                Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
The Way You Move                             Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
1979E                                        Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Jam                                          Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Nightmare on Relm Street                     Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Private Life                                 Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Relm's Big Adventure                         Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Dead Man's Beetle                            Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Little Girls                                 Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Milhouse Relm                                Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Fun With Turntables                          Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Ain't Goin' Out Like Linus                   Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Award Tour                                   Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Foxey Shell Toes                             Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
They Want it Made                            Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Brand New Funk                               Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Cool Like Dat                                Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Jump Spreads Out                             Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Maria Berry                                  Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Maria's Cure                                 Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Steppin' Out                                 Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
The Compilation Tape                         Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Relm and Josie                               Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
That Song                                    Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Lobster Boys                                 Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Jungle Boogie                                Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk
Magic Man                                    Mike Relm           Alternative   &   Punk

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Name                                                           Artist                      Genre
I Heart Rock and Roll                                          Mike Relm                   Alternative &   Punk
Slippin', Slippin'                                             Mike Relm                   Alternative &   Punk
Gangsta Gangsta                                                Mike Relm                   Alternative &   Punk
Me, Myself, and I Against I                                    Mike Relm                   Alternative &   Punk
The Band                                                       Mike Relm                   Alternative &   Punk
Love Will Tear Us Apart                                        Mike Relm                   Alternative &   Punk
She's Lost Control                                             Mike Relm                   Alternative &   Punk
These Days                                                     Mike Relm                   Alternative &   Punk
New Dawn Fades                                                 Mike Relm                   Alternative &   Punk
Kiss My Irish Ass                                              The Mobtown Hooligans …     Punk Rock
Porcelain                                                      Moby                        Rock
Willful Suspension Of Disbelief                                Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
Night On The Sun                                               Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
3 Inch Horses, Two Faced Monsters                              Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
You're The Good Things                                         Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
So Much Beauty In Dirt                                         Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
Here It Comes                                                  Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
I Came As A Rat (Long Walk Off A Short Dock)                   Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
Horn Intro                                                     Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
The World At Large                                             Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
Ocean Breathes Salty                                           Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
Dig Your Grave                                                 Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
Bury Me With It                                                Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
Dance Hall                                                     Modest Mouse                Alternative
Bukowski                                                       Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
This Devil's Workday                                           Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
The View                                                       Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
Satin In A Coffin                                              Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
Interlude (Milo)                                               Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
Blame It On The Tetons                                         Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
Black Cadillacs                                                Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
One Chance                                                     Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
The Good Times Are Killing Me                                  Modest Mouse                Alternative &   Punk
Dashboard                                                      Modest Mouse                Rock
Breakthrough                                                   Modest Mouse                Alternative
Edit The Sad Parts                                             Modest Mouse                Alternative
Paper Thin Walls                                               Modest Mouse                Rock
Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset                             modest mouse                Alternative
Johnny Be Rotten                                               Monks                       Alternative
Smokin' In The Boys Room                                       Motley Crew                 80s Rock
Girls, Girls, Girls                                            Motley Crue                 80s Rock
Same Old Situation                                             Motley Crue                 80s Rock
Don't Go Away Mad                                              Motley Crue                 80s Rock
Kickstart My Heart                                             Motley Crue                 80s Rock
Dr Feelgood                                                    Motley Crue                 Rock
To Be With You                                                 Mr. Big                     80s Rock
Dig                                                            Mudvayne                    Metal
I'm OK, Your OK                                                MXPX                        Alternative
Everything Sucks                                               MxPx                        Alternative
LapDance                                                       N.E.R.D.                    Alternative
Head On Collision                                              New Found Glory             Alternative
Someday                                                        Nickel Back                 Alternative
How You Remind Me                                              Nickel Back                 Rock
Too Bad                                                        Nickel Back                 Rock
Figured You Out                                                Nickel Back                 Rock
Saturday Night's Alright (for                                  Nickelback Feat. Kid Rock   Soundtrack
Far Away                                                       nickleback                  Alternative
Sister Christian                                               Night Ranger                80s Rock
Wouldn't It Be Good                                            Nik Kershaw                 80s Rock
Mr. Self Destruct                                              Nine Inch Nails             Alternative &   Punk

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Name                                                              Artist            Genre
Piggy                                                             Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
Heresy                                                            Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
March Of The Pigs                                                 Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
Ruiner                                                            Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
The Becoming                                                      Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
I Do Not Want This                                                Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
Big Man With A Gun                                                Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
A Warm Place                                                      Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
Reptile                                                           Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
The Downward Spiral                                               Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
Hurt                                                              Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
Sanctified                                                         Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
Something I Can Never Have                                        Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
Kinda I Want To                                                   Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
Sin                                                               Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
That's What I Get                                                 Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
The Only Time                                                     Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
Ringfinger                                                         Nine Inch Nails   Alternative   &   Punk
Terrible Lie                                                      Nine Inch Nails   Rock
Down In It                                                        NIne Inch Nails   Rock
Smells Like Teen Spirit                                           Nirvana           Rock
Serve the Servants                                                Nirvana           Rock
Scentless Apprentice                                              Nirvana           Rock
Heart Shaped Box                                                  Nirvana           Rock
Rape Me                                                           Nirvana           Rock
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle                   Nirvana           Rock
Very Ape                                                          Nirvana           Rock
Milk It                                                           Nirvana           Rock
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter                                       Nirvana           Rock
Tourette's                                                        Nirvana           Rock
All Apologies                                                     Nirvana           Rock
Breed                                                             Nirvana           Rock
Polly                                                             Nirvana           Rock
Territorial Pissings                                              Nirvana           Rock
Drain You                                                         Nirvana           Rock
Lounge Act                                                        Nirvana           Rock
Stay Away                                                         Nirvana           Rock
On A Plain                                                        Nirvana           Rock
Something In The Way                                              Nirvana           Rock
You Know You're Right                                             Nirvana           Rock
About A Girl                                                      Nirvana           Rock
Been A Son                                                        Nirvana           Rock
Sliver                                                            Nirvana           Rock
Come As You Are                                                   Nirvana           Rock
Lithium                                                           Nirvana           Rock
In Bloom                                                          Nirvana           Rock
Pennyroyal Tea                                                    Nirvana           Rock
Dumb                                                              Nirvana           Rock
The Man Who Sold The World                                        Nirvana           Rock
Just A Girl                                                       No Doubt          Alternative   &   Punk
It's My Life                                                      No Doubt          Alternative   &   Punk
Hey Baby                                                          No Doubt          Alternative   &   Punk
Bathwater                                                         No Doubt          Alternative   &   Punk
Hella Good                                                        No Doubt          Alternative   &   Punk
New                                                               No Doubt          Alternative   &   Punk
Running                                                           No Doubt          Alternative   &   Punk
Spiderwebs                                                        No Doubt          Alternative   &   Punk
Simple Kind Of Life                                               No Doubt          Alternative   &   Punk
Don't Speak                                                       No Doubt          Alternative   &   Punk
Ex-Girlfriend                                                     No Doubt          Alternative   &   Punk

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Name                                            Artist                 Genre
Trapped In a Box                                No Doubt               Alternative &   Punk
Bath Water                                      No Doubt               Rock
Excuse Me Mr.                                   No Doubt               Alternative &   Punk
Happy Now?                                      No Doubt               Alternative &   Punk
Different People                                No Doubt               Alternative &   Punk
Hey You                                         No Doubt               Alternative &   Punk
The Climb                                       No Doubt               Alternative &   Punk
Sixteen                                         No Doubt               Alternative &   Punk
Sunday Morning                                  No Doubt               Alternative &   Punk
You Can Do It                                   No Doubt               Alternative &   Punk
World Go 'Round                                 No Doubt               Alternative &   Punk
End It On This                                  No Doubt               Alternative &   Punk
Tragic Kingdom                                  No Doubt               Alternative &   Punk
Eyes of the Dead                                Nocturnal Rites        Metal
Lost your number                                Nu Shooz               Rock
Processional: Reminiscent Joy                   The O'Neill Brothers   Rock/Pop
Wonder Wall                                     Oasis                  Rock
Morning Glory                                   Oasis                  Rock
Champion Supernova                              Oasis                  Rock
Come Out And Play                               Offspring              Alternative
Get a Job                                       Offspring              Rock
The Kids Aren't Alright                         Offspring              Rock
Pretty Fly Remix 2                              Offspring              Alternative
Defy You                                        Offspring              Rock
Hit That                                        Offspring              Rock
Pretty Fly for a White Guy                      Offspring              Alternative
Skin Tight                                      Ohio Players           Rock
Get Over It                                     OK Go                  Alternative
Knowledge                                       Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Sound System                                    Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Jaded                                           Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Take Warning                                    Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
The Crowd                                       Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Bombshell                                       Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Unity                                           Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Vulnerability                                   Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Bankshot                                        Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
One of These Days                               Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Gonna Find You                                  Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Bad Town                                        Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Smiling                                         Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Caution                                         Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Freeze Up                                       Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Artificial Life                                  Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Room Without A Window                           Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Big City                                        Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Missionary                                      Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Junkie's Runnin' Dry                            Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Hoboken                                         Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Here We Go Again                                Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Yellin' In My Ear                               Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Sleep Long                                      Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Healthy Body                                    Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Officer                                         Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
I Got No                                        Operation Ivy          Alternative &   Punk
Blue Monday                                     Orgy                   Rock
Stop the Rock                                   Original Soundtrack    Soundtrack
Your Love                                       The Outfield            80s Rock
Crazy Train                                     Ozzy Osbourne          80s Rock
Good Bye To Romance                             Ozzy Osbourne          80s Rock

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Name                                                                  Artist               Genre
Mamma I'm Coming Home                                                 Ozzy Ozborne         Rock & Roll
Greetings                                                             P.O.D.               Metal
Hollywood                                                             P.O.D.               Metal
Southtown                                                             P.O.D.               Metal
Checkin' Levels                                                       P.O.D.               Metal
Rock The Party (Off The Hook)                                         P.O.D.               Metal
Lie Down                                                              P.O.D.               Metal
Set Your Eyes To Zion                                                 P.O.D.               Metal
Lo Siento                                                             P.O.D.               Metal
Bullet The Blue Sky                                                   P.O.D.               Metal
Psalm 150                                                             P.O.D.               Metal
Image                                                                 P.O.D.               Metal
Shouts                                                                P.O.D.               Metal
Tribal                                                                P.O.D.               Metal
Freestyle                                                             P.O.D.               Metal
Follow Me                                                             P.O.D.               Metal
Outkast                                                               P.O.D.               Metal
Set It Off                                                            P.O.D.               Metal
Boom                                                                  P.O.D.               Metal
Youth Of The Nation                                                   P.O.D.               Metal
Satellite                                                             P.O.D.               Metal
Ridiculous                                                            P.O.D.               Metal
The Messenjah                                                         P.O.D.               Metal
Guitarras De Amor                                                     P.O.D.               Metal
Anything Right                                                        P.O.D.               Metal
Ghetto                                                                P.O.D.               Metal
Masterpiece Conspiracy                                                P.O.D.               Metal
Without Jah, Nothin'                                                  P.O.D.               Metal
Thinking About Forever                                                P.O.D.               Metal
Portrait                                                              P.O.D.               Metal
Will You                                                              P.O.D.               Rock
The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage   Panic At The Disco   Alternative
Cowboys From Hell                                                     Pantera              Metal
Cemetery Gates                                                        Pantera              Metal
Mouth For War                                                         Pantera              Metal
Walk                                                                  Pantera              Metal
This Love                                                             Pantera              Metal
I'm Broken                                                            Pantera              Metal
Becoming                                                              Pantera              Metal
5 Minutes Alone                                                       Pantera              Metal
Planet Caravan                                                        Pantera              Metal
Drag The Waters                                                       Pantera              Metal
Where You Come From                                                   Pantera              Metal
Cat Scratch Fever                                                     Pantera              Metal
Revolution Is My Name                                                 Pantera              Metal
I'll Cast A Shadow                                                    Pantera              Metal
Goddamn Electric                                                      Pantera              Metal
Hole In The Sky                                                       Pantera              Metal
Last Resort                                                           Papa Roach           Rock
Scars                                                                 Papa Roach           Rock
Last Resort                                                           Papa Roach           Rock
For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic                                Paramore             Rock
Crushcrushcrush                                                       Paramore             Alternative
I Need A Lover                                                        Pat Benatar          Rock
If You Think You Know How To Love Me                                  Pat Benatar          Rock
Heartbreaker                                                          Pat Benatar          Rock
We Live For Love                                                      Pat Benatar          Rock
You Better Run                                                        Pat Benatar          Rock
Hit Me With Your Best Shot                                            Pat Benatar          Rock
Treat Me Right                                                        Pat Benatar          Rock

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Name                                                               Artist            Genre
Hell Is For Children                                               Pat Benatar       Rock
Fire And Ice                                                       Pat Benatar       Rock
Promises In The Dark                                               Pat Benatar       Rock
Shadows Of The Night                                               Pat Benatar       Rock
Little Too Late                                                    Pat Benatar       Rock
Looking For A Stranger                                             Pat Benatar       Rock
Love Is A Battlefield                                               Pat Benatar       Rock
Lipstick Lies                                                      Pat Benatar       Rock
We Belong                                                          Pat Benatar       Rock
Ooh Ooh Song                                                       Pat Benatar       Rock
Invincible                                                         Pat Benatar       Rock
Sex As A Weapon                                                    Pat Benatar       Rock
Let's Stay Together                                                Pat Benatar       Rock
True Love                                                          Pat Benatar       Rock
Payin' The Cost To Be The Boss                                     Pat Benatar       Rock
So Long                                                            Pat Benatar       Rock
Everybody Lay Down                                                 Pat Benatar       Rock
Somebodys Baby                                                     Pat Benatar       Rock
Crazy                                                              Pat Benatar       Rock
Every Time I Fall Back                                             Pat Benatar       Rock
The Boy In The Bubble                                              Paul Simon        Soft Rock
Graceland                                                          Paul Simon        Soft Rock
I know What I Know                                                 Paul Simon        Soft Rock
Gumboots                                                           Paul Simon        Soft Rock
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes                                 Paul Simon        Soft Rock
Under African Skies                                                Paul Simon        Soft Rock
Homeless                                                           Paul Simon        Soft Rock
Crazy Love Vol. II                                                 Paul Simon        Soft Rock
That Was Your Mother                                               Paul Simon        Soft Rock
All Around The World or The Myth Of Fingerprints                   Paul Simon        Soft Rock
Homeless (Demo)                                                    Paul Simon        Soft Rock
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes (Unreleased Version)            Paul Simon        Soft Rock
Rusted Root-Send Me On My Way                                      The Peak Lounge   Rock
In The Blood                                                       The Peak Lounge   Rock
Billy Pilgrim-Get Me Out Of Here                                   The Peak Lounge   Rock
Vigilantes Of Love-Real Down Town                                  The Peak Lounge   Rock
Moonpools & Caterpillars-Hear                                      The Peak Lounge   Rock
Sonia Dada-Screaming John                                          The Peak Lounge   Rock
Collective Soul-December                                           The Peak Lounge   Rock
Collective Soul-When The Water Falls                               The Peak Lounge   Rock
Even Flow                                                          Pearl Jam         Rock
Last Kiss                                                          Pearl Jam         Rock
Jeremy                                                             Pearl Jam         Rock
Once                                                               Pearl Jam         Rock
Evenflow                                                            Pearl Jam         Rock
Why Go                                                             Pearl Jam         Rock
Black                                                              Pearl Jam         Rock
Oceans                                                             Pearl Jam         Rock
Porch                                                              Pearl Jam         Rock
Garden                                                             Pearl Jam         Rock
Deep                                                               Pearl Jam         Rock
Release                                                            Pearl Jam         Rock
Last Exit                                                          Pearl Jam         Rock
Spin The Black Circle                                              Pearl Jam         Rock
Not For You                                                        Pearl Jam         Rock
Tremor Christ                                                      Pearl Jam         Rock
Nothingman                                                         Pearl Jam         Rock
Whipping                                                           Pearl Jam         Rock
Pry, To                                                            Pearl Jam         Rock
Corduroy                                                           Pearl Jam         Rock

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Name                                                    Artist                 Genre
Bugs                                                    Pearl Jam              Rock
Satan's Bed                                             Pearl Jam              Rock
Better Man                                              Pearl Jam              Rock
Aye Davanita                                            Pearl Jam              Rock
Immortality                                             Pearl Jam              Rock
Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me                        Pearl Jam              Rock
Alive                                                   Pearl Jam              Rock
Naughty Girl                                            Pepper                 Rock
12 Tongues                                              Pepper                 Rock
Dirty Hot Sex                                           Pepper                 Rock
Homosapien                                              Pete Shelly            80s Rock
Do you feel like I do                                   Peter Frampton         70s Rock
You Enjoy Myself                                        Phish                  Rock
David Bowie                                             Phish                  Rock
'Cuz I Can                                              Pink                   Rock
Don't Let Me Get Me                                     Pink                   Rock
Just Like A Pill                                        Pink                   Rock
Speak To Me / Breathe                                   Pink Floyd             Rock
On The Run                                              Pink Floyd             Rock
The Great Gig In The Sky                                Pink Floyd             Rock
Any Colour You Like                                     Pink Floyd             Rock
Brain Damage                                            Pink Floyd             Rock
Eclipse                                                 Pink Floyd             Rock
Another Brick In The Wall (Pt. 2)                       Pink Floyd             70s Rock
Us And Them                                             Pink Floyd             70s Rock
Pure Morning                                            Placebo                Rock
Bartender, I Just Want..                                Planet Earth           Rock
Crying Over You                                         Platinum Blonde        80s Rock
In My Arms                                              Plumb                  Alternative
When Your Heart Stops Beating                           Plus-44                Rock
Alive                                                   POD                    Rock
Your Mama Don't Dance                                   Poison                 80s Rock
Nothing But A Good Time                                 Poison                 80s Rock
Unskinny Bop                                            Poison                 80s Rock
Every Rose Has It's Thorn                               Poison                 80s Rock
Ride the Wind                                           Poison                 80s Rock
Talk Dirty To Me                                        Poison                 80s Rock
Look What the Cat Dragged In                            Poison                 80s Rock
I Want Action                                           Poison                 80s Rock
Cry Tough                                               Poison                 80s Rock
Something to Believe In                                 Poison                 80s Rock
Demolition Man                                          The Police             Rock
Can't Stand Losing You                                  The Police             Rock
When the World Is Running You Down...                   Police                 Rock
Synchronisity                                           Police                 Rock
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You                          The Police             Alternative
So Lonely                                               The Police             Rock
Voices Inside My Head                                   The Police             Rock
Walking On The Moon                                     The Police             Rock
Roxanne                                                 The Police             Rock
Invisible Sun                                           The Police             Rock
Worlds Collide                                          Powerman 5000          Rock
Standing Outside                                        Primitive Radio Gods   Rock
Shake Hands With Beef                                   Primus                 Rock
Control                                                 Puddle of Mudd         Rock
She Hates Me                                            Puddle of Mudd         Rock
Blurry (acoustic)                                       Puddle of Mudd         Rock
Blurry                                                  Puddle of Mudd         Rock
She Hates Me                                            Puddle of Mudd         Rock
Harden My Heart                                         Quarterflash            80s Rock

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Name                                                         Artist                     Genre
No One Knows                                                 Queens of the Stone Age    Rock
I Might Be Wrong                                             Radio Head                 Rock
Creep                                                        Radiohead                  Alternative
Creep (Live Acoustic - So rare, it bleeds)                   Radiohead                  Alternative
Kharma Police                                                Radiohead                  Alternative
Paranoid Android                                             Radiohead                  Alternative
Fake Plastic Trees                                           Radiohead                  Alternative
High and Dry                                                 Radiohead                  Alternative
Punchup at a Wedding                                         Radiohead                  Alternative
People Of The Sun                                            Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Bulls On Parade                                              Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Vietnow                                                      Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Revolver                                                     Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Snake Charmer                                                Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Tire Me                                                      Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Down Rodeo                                                   Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Without A Face                                               Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Wind Below                                                   Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Roll Right                                                   Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Year Of Tha Boomerang                                        Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Bombtrack                                                    Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Killing In The Name                                          Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Take The Power Back                                          Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Settle For Nothing                                           Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Bullet In The Head                                           Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Know Your Enemy                                              Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Wake Up                                                      Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Fistful Of Steel                                             Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Township Rebellion                                           Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Freedom                                                      Rage Against The Machine   Alternative   &   Punk
Testify                                                      Rage Against the Machine   Rock
Renegades of Funk                                            Rage Against the Machine   Rock
No Shelter                                                   Rage Against the Machine   Rock
Renegades of Funk                                            Rage Against The Machine   Rock
Ghost of Tom Toad                                            Rage ATM                   Rock
Walls of Glass                                               Raining Confusion          Rock
Fear of Falling...                                           Raining Confusion          Rock
Lover of Lonliness                                           Raining Confusion          Rock
Taylor's Song                                                Raining Confusion          Rock
Best Friends                                                 Raining Confusion          Rock
Clairety                                                     Raining Confusion          Rock
Juliet's Last Song                                           Raining Confusion          Rock
Katelyn's Lullaby                                            Raining Confusion          Rock
Remember Forever                                             Raining Confusion          Rock
Sitting in London Road                                       Raining Confusion          Rock
Tomorrow is the Happiest Day                                 Raining Confusion          Rock
Don't Leave Me...                                            Raining Confusion          Rock
Track 01                                                     Raining Confusion          Rock
Track 02                                                     Raining Confusion          Rock
Track 03                                                     Raining Confusion          Rock
Track 04                                                     Raining Confusion          Rock
Track 05                                                     Raining Confusion          Rock
Clumsy                                                       Raining Confusion          Rock
Carol of the Bells                                           Raining Confusion          Rock
WTF!                                                         Raining Confusion          Rock
Track 09                                                     Raining Confusion          Rock
Track 10                                                     Raining Confusion          Rock
Duhast                                                       Rammestein                 Metal
Rock 'N' Roll High School                                    Ramones                    80s Rock
I Wanna Be Sedated                                           Ramones                    80s Rock

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Name                                                             Artist                    Genre
Blitzkreig Bop                                                   Ramones                   80s Rock
Rockaway Beach                                                   Ramones                   80s Rock
Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio                              Ramones                   80s Rock
Round & Round                                                    Ratt                      80s Rock
Give It Away                                                     Red Hot Chili Peppers     Rock
Under The Bridge                                                 Red Hot Chili Peppers     Rock
Scar Tissue                                                      Red Hot Chili Peppers     Rock
Around The World                                                 Red Hot Chili Peppers     Rock
Californication                                                  Red Hot Chili Peppers     Rock
Otherside                                                        Red Hot Chili Peppers     Alternative
By the Way                                                       Red Hot Chili Peppers     Alternative
Can't Stop                                                       Red Hot Chili Peppers     Rock
Higher Ground                                                    Red Hot Chili Peppers     Rock
Hard To Concentrate                                              Red Hot Chili Peppers     Rock
Especially In Michigan                                           Red Hot Chili Peppers     Rock
Scar Tissue                                                      Red Hot Chili Peppers     Rock
Tell Me Baby                                                     Red Hot Chilli Peppers    Rock
Face Down                                                        The Red Jumpsuit Appar…   Punk Rock
Your Guardian Angel                                              The Red Jumpsuit Appar…   Rock
I'm Cool                                                         Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Join The Club                                                    Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Call You                                                         Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Hate You                                                         Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Boyfriend                                                        Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Fo' Head                                                         Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Trendy                                                           Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Skatanic                                                         Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Why Do All Girls Think They're Fat                               Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Say Ten                                                          Reel Big Fish             Alternative
I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too                   Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Jig                                                              Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Go Away                                                          Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Snoop Dogg, Baby                                                 Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Big Fuckin' Star                                                 Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Fuck Yourself                                                    Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Spin The Globe                                                   Reel Big Fish             Alternative
I'm Her Man                                                      Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Super Hero #5                                                    Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Sell Out                                                         Reel Big Fish             Alternative
She Has A Girlfriend Now                                         Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Beer                                                             Reel Big Fish             Alternative
241                                                              Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Everything Sucks                                                 Reel Big Fish             Alternative
S.R.                                                             Reel Big Fish             Alternative
All I Want Is More                                               Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Nothin'                                                          Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Say "Ten"                                                        Reel Big Fish             Alternative
I'll Never Be                                                    Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Alternative, Baby                                                Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Secret Song                                                      Reel Big Fish             Alternative
Oarnge Crush                                                     REM                       Rock
Can't Fight This Feeling                                         REO Speedwagon            80s Rock
Keep On Lovin' You                                               REO Speedwagon            80s Rock
Ready To Go                                                      Republica                 Rock
rev run - remix                                                  Rev Run                   Rock
Jessie's Girl                                                    Rick Springfield           80s Rock
You're 16                                                        Ringo Starr               Rock
Swing Life Away                                                  Rise Against              Rock
Call Of The Zombie                                               Rob Zombie                Metal
Superbeast                                                       Rob Zombie                Metal

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Name                                                            Artist                      Genre
Dragula                                                         Rob Zombie                  Metal
Living Dead Girl                                                Rob Zombie                  Metal
Perversion                                                      Rob Zombie                  Metal
Demonoid Phenomenon                                             Rob Zombie                  Metal
Spookshow Baby                                                  Rob Zombie                  Metal
How To Make A Monster                                           Rob Zombie                  Metal
Meet The Creeper                                                Rob Zombie                  Metal
The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe And Rosa Whore                   Rob Zombie                  Metal
What Lurks On Channel X ?                                       Rob Zombie                  Metal
Return Of The Phantom Stranger                                  Rob Zombie                  Metal
The Beginning Of The End                                        Rob Zombie                  Metal
Wade In The Water (ft. Robert Randolph)                         Robert Randolph             Southern Rock
Ted's Jam                                                       Robert Randolph             Rock
The March                                                       Robert Randolph & The …     Rock
Soul Refreshing                                                 Robert Randolph & the F…    Rock
Purple Haze                                                     Robert Randolph & The …     Rock
Smoke a Black                                                   Robert Randolph and the…    Rock
Teacher Teacher                                                 Rockpile                    Rock
Time Warp                                                       Rocky Horror Picture Show   Soundtrack
Time Warp (REMIX)                                               Rocky Horror Soundtrack     Soundtrack
¡Americano!                                                     Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Counterclockwise                                                Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
I Don't Need Another Thrill                                     Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Switchblade                                                     Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Leaky Little Boat                                               Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
God Gave Me A Gun                                               Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Loco To Stay Sane                                               Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Mexican Moonshine                                               Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Your Name On A Grain Of Rice                                    Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Love, Come Lighten My Load                                      Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Leave An Open Door                                              Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Blank Track                                                     Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
A Little Hung Over You                                          Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
~intro~                                                         Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Sonoran Hope and Madness                                        Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Colorblind Blues                                                Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Sleep Like a Baby                                               Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Ashes of San Miguel                                             Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Mile High and Risin'                                            Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Bury my Heart at the Trailer Park                               Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
~interlude~(home on the range)                                  Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Buffalo                                                         Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Smaller and Better Things                                       Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
The Ballad of Lupe Montosa                                      Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Better Beautiful than Perfect                                   Roger Clyne & The Peace…    Rock
Without Your Love                                               Roger Daltrey               Rock
Just A Gigolo                                                   Roth, David Lee             80s Rock
Highschool Confidential                                          Rough Trade                 80s Rock
Avalon                                                          Roxy Music                  80s Rock
Drum Trip                                                       Rusted Root                 Rock
Ecstasy                                                         Rusted Root                 Rock
Send Me on My Way                                               Rusted Root                 Rock
Cruel Sun                                                       Rusted Root                 Rock
Cat Turned Blue                                                 Rusted Root                 Rock
Beatiful People                                                 Rusted Root                 Rock
Martyr                                                          Rusted Root                 Rock
Rain                                                            Rusted Root                 Rock
Food & Creative Love                                            Rusted Root                 Rock
Lost in a Crowd                                                 Rusted Root                 Rock
Laugh as the Sun                                                Rusted Root                 Rock

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Name                                                                         Artist                      Genre
Infinite Tamboura                                                             Rusted Root                 Rock
Back to the Earth                                                            Rusted Root                 Rock
Click Click Boom                                                             Saliva                      Rock
Rest In Pieces                                                               Saliva                      Rock
I Can't Drive 55                                                             Sammy Hagar                 80s Rock
When It's Raining                                                            Samples                     Rock
Smooth                                                                       Santana                     Rock
Nothing At All                                                               Santana& Musiq              Rock
I Love You Bt Mix                                                            Sarah McLachlan             Alternative
I Will Remember You                                                          Sarah McLachlan             Alternative
Sweet Surrender                                                              Sarah Mclaughlin            Rock
Building A Mystery                                                           Sarah Mclaughlin            Alternative
Hold Me                                                                      Savage Garden               Rock
To the Moon and Back                                                         Savage Garden               Rock
Truely Madly Deeply                                                          Savage Garden               Rock
I Want You                                                                   Savage Garden               Rock
To the Moon & Back                                                           Savage Garden               Rock
Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too                                                    Say Anything                Punk
The Warrior                                                                  Scandal                     80s Rock
Schoolhouse Rock - Conjunction Junction (from 1970's ABC childrens televi…   Schoolhouse Rock            Rock
Death In Vegas                                                               Scorpio Rising              Rock
Rock You Like a Hurricane                                                    Scorpions                   80s Rock
Fly Like An Eagle                                                            Seal                        Rock
Closing Time                                                                 Semisonic                   Alternative
Sam Old Song                                                                 Sev                         Rock
Cumbersome                                                                   Seven Mary Three            Rock
C'Mon Everybody                                                              Sex Pistols                 Punk
Hurry Up Harry                                                               Sham 69                     Rock
Lullaby                                                                      Shawn Mullins               Rock
Shimmer                                                                      Shawn Mullins               Rock
When I'm With You                                                            Sheriff                     80s Rock
Sweet Child Of Mine                                                          Sheryl Crow                 Rock
Soak Up the Sun                                                              Sheryl Crow                 Rock
A Change Will Do You Good                                                    Sheryl Crow                 Rock
Change                                                                       Sheryl Crow                 Rock
If It Makes You Happy                                                        Sheryl Crow                 Rock
Everyday Is A Winding Road                                                   Sheryl Crow                 Rock
My Favorite Mistake                                                          Sheryl Crow                 Rock
Mad For It                                                                   Shootyz Groove              Rock
"L" Train                                                                    Shootzy Groove              Rock
Anthem for the Y2K                                                           Silver Chair                Rock
Addicted                                                                     Simple Plan                 Alternative
Perfect (Acoustic)                                                           Simple Plan                 Alternative
Shut Up                                                                      Simple Plan                 Rock
Welcome To My Life                                                           Simple Plan                 Alternative
Perfect                                                                      Simple Plan                 Metal
Zombies Ate My Neighbors                                                     Single File                 Alternative
Love In A Void                                                               Siouxsie & the Banshees     Rock
Christine                                                                    Siouxsie and the Banshees   Gothic Rock
Hong Kong Garden                                                             Siouxsie and the Banshees   Rock
The Killing Jar                                                              Siouxsie And The Bansh…     Alternative
Happy House                                                                  Siouxsie And The Bansh…     Punk
Hard To Say                                                                  Sister Hazel                Rock
More                                                                         Sisters of Mercy            Rock
This Corrosion                                                               Sisters of Mercy            Rock
Kiss Me                                                                      Sixpence Non The Richer     Alternative
Look At Me Now                                                               Sixwire                     Rock
Rotten Banana Legs                                                           Skankin' Pickle             Rock
$13,000 Is A Lot Of Food!                                                    Skankin' Pickle             Rock
Turning Japanese                                                             Skankin' Pickle             Rock

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Name                                                                  Artist              Genre
Onyonghasayo                                                          Skankin' Pickle     Rock
Take A Look                                                           Skankin' Pickle     Rock
I'm In Love With A Girl Named Spike                                   Skankin' Pickle     Rock
Smorgasborgnine                                                       Skankin' Pickle     Rock
Go Home Now                                                           Skankin' Pickle     Rock
Thick Ass Stout                                                       Skankin' Pickle     Rock
20 Nothing                                                            Skankin' Pickle     Rock
It's Margaret Cho                                                     Skankin' Pickle     Rock
Hate                                                                  Skankin' Pickle     Rock
As Close As You Think                                                 Skankin' Pickle     Rock
Pabu Boy                                                              Skankin' Pickle     Rock
Watch Your Tone                                                       Skankin' Pickle     Rock
Random                                                                Skankin' Pickle     Rock
Youth Gone Wild                                                       Skid Row            Rock
18 And Life                                                           Skid Row            Rock
Piece Of Me                                                           Skid Row            Rock
I Remember You                                                        Skid Row            Rock
The Threat                                                            Skid Row            Rock
Psycho Love                                                           Skid Row            Rock
Monhey Business                                                       Skid Row            Rock
Quicksand Jesus                                                       Skid Row            Rock
Slave To The Grind                                                    Skid Row            Rock
Into Another (Remix)                                                  Skid Row            Rock
Frozen (Demo 1994)                                                    Skid Row            Rock
My Enemy (Remix)                                                      Skid Row            Rock
Breakin' Down (Remix)                                                 Skid Row            Rock
Beat Yourself Blind (Live from The Astoria, London, England 1995)     Skid Row            Rock
Up All Night                                                          Slaughter           Rock
Fly To the Angels                                                     Slaughter           Rock
Desperatly                                                            Slaughter           Rock
Inbetweener                                                           Sleeper             Alternative   & Punk
Delicious                                                             Sleeper             Alternative   & Punk
Sweet Honey                                                           Slightly Stoopid    Alternative
Spit It Out                                                           Slipknot            Metal
Duality                                                               Slipnot             Rock
Nowhere Kids                                                          Smile Empty Soul    Rock
Run                                                                   Snow Patrol         Rock
Hands Open                                                            Snow Patrol         Alternative
Chasing Cars                                                          Snow Patrol         Alternative
So Far Away                                                           Social Distortion   Alternative   &   Punk
Let It Be Me                                                          Social Distortion   Alternative   &   Punk
Story Of My Life                                                      Social Distortion   Alternative   &   Punk
Sick Boys                                                             Social Distortion   Alternative   &   Punk
Ring Of Fire                                                          Social Distortion   Alternative   &   Punk
Ball And Chain                                                        Social Distortion   Alternative   &   Punk
It Coulda Been Me                                                     Social Distortion   Alternative   &   Punk
She's A Knockout                                                      Social Distortion   Alternative   &   Punk
A Place In My Heart                                                   Social Distortion   Alternative   &   Punk
Drug Train                                                            Social Distortion   Alternative   &   Punk
Runaway Train                                                         Soul Asylum         Rock
Circles                                                               Soul Coughing       Rock
Morning Dance                                                         Spyro Gyra          Rock
Morning Dance                                                         Spyro Gyra          Rock
Right Now                                                             SR-71               Rock
What do I have to do?                                                 Stabbing Westward   Alternative
Mudshovel                                                             Staind              Rock
Price to Play (14 Shades of Grey)                                     Staind              Rock
Suffocate                                                             Staind              Rock
Outside                                                               Staind              Rock
Its Been Awhile                                                       Staind              Rock

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Name                                                            Artist                      Genre
Its Been Awhile (Explicit)                                      Staind                      Rock
So Far Away                                                     Staind                      Rock
Sober                                                           Staind                      Rock
Outside                                                         Stained                     Rock
It's Been A While                                               Stained                     Rock
Let's Do It Again                                               Staple Singers              rock
Four To the Floor                                               Starsailor                  Rock
Push It                                                         Static X                    Rock
???????                                                         Steel and Glass             Rock
Aja                                                             Steely Dan                  Rock/Pop
Hey Nineteen                                                    Steely Dan                  Rock
Peg                                                             Steely Dan                  Rock
Walky Talky Man                                                 Steriogra                   Rock
Jump Off (inst)                                                 Sterling Simms ft Sean P…   Alternative   & Punk
Jump Off (dirty)                                                Sterling Simms ft Sean P…   Alternative   & Punk
Jump Off (clean)                                                Sterling Simms ft Sean P…   Alternative   & Punk
Swing Town                                                      Steve Miller                80s Rock
Circuit Anthems                                                 Steve Miller Band           Rock
Leather And Lace                                                Stevie Nicks                80s Rock
Help Somebody                                                   Stevie Van Zant             Rock
Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)                   Stevie Wonder               Rock/Pop
Higher Ground                                                   Stevie Wonder               Rock/Pop
Master Blaster (Jammin')                                        Stevie Wonder               Rock/Pop
Desert Rose                                                     Sting                       Rock
Brand New Day                                                   Sting                       Rock
Every Breath You Take                                           Sting and the Poice         Alternative
Vasoline                                                        Stone Temple Pilots         Rock
Pretty Penny                                                    Stone Temple Pilots         Rock
Big Empty                                                       Stone Temple Pilots         Rock
Unglued                                                         Stone Temple Pilots         Rock
Dead                                                            Stone Temple Pilots         Rock
Sx Type Thing                                                   Stone Temple Pilots         Rock
Wicked Garden                                                   Stone Temple Pilots         Rock
Creep                                                           Stone Temple Pilots         Rock
Plush                                                           Stone Temple Pilots         Rock
Interstate Love Song                                            Stone Temple Pilots         Rock
All In The Suit That You Wear                                   Stone Temple Pilots         Rock
Crackerman                                                      Stone Temple Pilots         Alternative
Bother                                                          Stoned Sour                 Rock
Letting Go                                                      Straight Lines              80s Rock
Rock This Town                                                  Stray Cats                  80's
stray light run_x                                               Stray Light                 Rock
Action                                                          Streetheart                 80s Rock
Little Black Backpack                                           Stroke Nine                 Rock
Last Night                                                      The Strokes                 Rock
Mr. Roboto                                                      Styxx                       80s Rock
Fooling Yourself                                                Styxx                       80s Rock
The Best of Times                                               Styxx                       80s Rock
Lady                                                            Styxx                       80s Rock
Too Much Time On My Hands                                       Styxx                       80s Rock
Wrong Way                                                       Sublime                     Rock
Don't Time                                                      Sublime                     Rock
What I Got                                                      Sublime                     Rock
Waiting For My Ruca                                             Sublime                     Alternative   & Punk
40 Oz. To Freedom                                               Sublime                     Alternative   & Punk
Smoke Two Joints                                                Sublime                     Alternative
We're Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance                          Sublime                     Alternative   &   Punk
Don't Push                                                      Sublime                     Alternative   &   Punk
54-46 That's My Number/Ball And Chain                           Sublime                     Alternative   &   Punk
Badfish                                                          Sublime                     Alternative   &   Punk

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Name                                                             Artist             Genre
Let's Go Get Stoned                                              Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
New Thrash                                                       Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
Scarelet Begonias                                                Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
Live At E's                                                      Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
D.J.S.                                                           Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
Chico Me Tipo                                                    Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
Right Back                                                       Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
What Happened                                                    Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
New Song                                                         Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
Ebin                                                             Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
Date Rape                                                        Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
Hope                                                             Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
KRS-One                                                          Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
Rivers of Babylon                                                Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
Thank You Dub                                                    Sublime            Alternative &   Punk
Caress Me Down                                                   Sublime            Rock
Music Goes all night                                             Sublime            Rock
Unknown                                                          Sublime            Rock
Bouncin Off the Walls                                            Sugar Cult         Rock
Every morning                                                    Sugar Ray          Rock
She's the Blade                                                  Sugarcult          Rock
Fat Lip                                                          Sum 41             Rock
Some Say                                                         Sum 41             Punk
In Too Deep                                                      Sum 41             Rock
Hell Song                                                        Sum 41             Rock
Pieces                                                           Sum 41             Rock
What Were All About (Spider-Man Soundtrack)(2)                   Sum 41             Rock
Underclass Hero                                                  Sum 41             Rock
With Me                                                          Sum 41             Rock
Walking Disaster (                      Sum 41             Rock
Should I Walk Away                                               Summer Camp        Alternative
Wild Horses                                                      The Sundays        Alternative
Eye of the Tiger                                                 Survivor           80s Rock
The Search Is Over                                               Survivor           80s Rock
Roxy Roller                                                      Sweeney Todd       Rock
Little Willy                                                     Sweet              Rock
Ballroom Blitz                                                   Sweet              Rock
Meant To Live                                                    Switchfoot         Rock
Don't Disturb This Groove                                        The System         Rock
Revenga                                                          System of a Down   Rock
Chop Suey                                                        System of a Down   Rock
Aerials                                                          System Of A Down   Rock
Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd C                                   System of a Down   Rock
Know                                                             System of a Down   Rock
Heaven                                                           Talking Heads      Rock
Sleeping Satellites                                              Tasmin Archer      Rock
Wango Tango                                                      Ted Nugent         Metal
Let's Shake                                                      Teenage Head       Rock
Walking With The Ghost                                           Tegan and Sara     Alternative
School of Rock                                                   Tenacious D        Soundtrack
Kielbasa                                                         Tenacious D        Rock
One Note Song                                                    Tenacious D        Rock
Tribute                                                          Tenacious D        Rock
Wonderboy                                                        Tenacious D        Rock
Hard F**king                                                     Tenacious D        Rock
F**k Her Gently                                                  Tenacious D        Rock
Explosivo                                                        Tenacious D        Rock
Dio                                                              Tenacious D        Rock
Inward Singing                                                   Tenacious D        Rock
Kyle Quit The Band                                               Tenacious D        Rock

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Name                                                     Artist                     Genre
The Road                                                 Tenacious D                Rock
Cock Pushups                                             Tenacious D                Rock
Lee                                                      Tenacious D                Rock
Friendship Test                                          Tenacious D                Rock
Friendship                                               Tenacious D                Rock
Karate Schnitzel                                         Tenacious D                Rock
Karate                                                   Tenacious D                Rock
Rock Your Socks                                          Tenacious D                Rock
Drive-Thru                                               Tenacious D                Rock
Double Team                                              Tenacious D                Rock
City Hall                                                Tenacious D                Rock
marijuanaville                                           Tenacious D                Alternative
Love Song                                                Tesla                      80s Rock
Istanbul                                                 They Might be Giants       Alternative
Particle Man                                             They Might Be Giants       Rock
The Boys Are Back In Town                                Thin Lizzy                 70s Rock
I Believe                                                Third Day                  Rock
Cry Out to Jesus                                         Third Day                  Rock
Never Let You Go                                         Third Eye Blind            Rock
Semi Charmed Life                                        Third Eye Blind            Rock
Hows It Gonna Be                                         Third Eye Blind            Rock
Losing A Whole Year                                      Third Eye Blind            Rock
Jumper                                                   Third Eye Blind            Rock
Never Too Late                                           Three Days Grace           Rock
Everything About You                                     Three Days Grace           Rock
I Hate Everything About You                              Three Days Grace           Rock
Atlantic                                                 Thrice                     Rock
Waste My Time                                            Tila Tequila               Punk
Electric bon bon                                         Tila Tequila               Punk
Geisha                                                   Tila Tequila               Punk
Sweet Transvestite                                       Tim Curry                  Soundtrack
One & Only (Featuring Fallout Boy)                       Timbaland                  Rock
Chili Sauce                                              the time                   Rock
Head                                                     Tin Star                   Rock
Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me                   TISM                       Alternative
Crazy Life                                               Toad The Wet Sprocket      Soundtrack
Wildflowers                                               Tom Petty                  Rock
Time To Move On                                          Tom Petty                  Rock
You Wreck Me                                             Tom Petty                  Rock
Only A Broken Heart                                      Tom Petty                  Rock
Honey Bee                                                Tom Petty                  Rock
Don't Fade On Me                                         Tom Petty                  Rock
Hard On Me                                               Tom Petty                  Rock
Cabin Down Below                                         Tom Petty                  Rock
To Find A Friend                                         Tom Petty                  Rock
A Higher Place                                           Tom Petty                  Rock
House In The Woods                                       Tom Petty                  Rock
Crawling Back To You                                     Tom Petty                  Rock
Wake Up Time                                             Tom Petty                  Rock
Free Fallin                                              Tom Petty                  Rock
Last Dance With Mary Jane                                Tom Petty                  Rock
American Girl                                            Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Breakdown                                                Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Listen To Her Heart                                      Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
I Need To Know                                           Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Refugee                                                  Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Don't Do Me Like That                                    Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Even The Losers                                          Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Here Comes My Girl                                       Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
The Waiting                                              Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock

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Name                                             Artist                     Genre
You Got Lucky                                    Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Don't Come Around Here No More                   Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
I Won't Back Down                                Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Runnin' Down A Dream                             Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Learning To Fly                                  Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Into The Great Wide Open                         Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Mary Jane's Last Dance                           Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Something In The Air                             Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
The Last DJ                                      Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Money Becomes King                               Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Dreamville                                       Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Joe                                              Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
When A Kid Goes Bad                              Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Like A Diamond                                   Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Lost Children                                    Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Blue Sunday                                      Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
You And Me                                       Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
The Man Who Loves Women                          Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Have Love Will Travel                            Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Can't Stop The Sun                               Tom Petty & The Heartbr…   Rock
Girls With Guns                                  Tommy Shaw                 Rock
Go                                               Tones On Tails             Rock
If You Could Only See                            Tonic                      rock
Take Me As I Am                                  Tonic                      Rock
46 and 2                                         Tool                       Metal
Anema                                            Tool                       Rock
Schism                                           Tool                       Metal
Sober                                            Tool                       Metal
Pretty Good Year                                 Tori Amos                  Alternative   &   Punk
God                                              Tori Amos                  Alternative   &   Punk
Bells for Her                                    Tori Amos                  Alternative   &   Punk
Past the Mission                                 Tori Amos                  Alternative   &   Punk
Baker Baker                                      Tori Amos                  Alternative   &   Punk
The Wrong Band                                   Tori Amos                  Alternative   &   Punk
The Waitress                                     Tori Amos                  Alternative   &   Punk
Cornflake Girl                                    Tori Amos                  Alternative   &   Punk
Icicle                                           Tori Amos                  Alternative   &   Punk
Cloud My Tongue                                  Tori Amos                  Alternative   &   Punk
Space Dog                                        Tori Amos                  Alternative   &   Punk
Yes, Anastasia                                   Tori Amos                  Alternative   &   Punk
New Orleans Is Sinking                           Tragically Hip             Rock
When I Look To the Sky                           Train                      Rock
Drops of Jupiter                                 Train                      Rock
Meet Virginia                                    Train                      Rock
Headstrong                                       Trapt                      Rock
Echo                                             Trapt                      Rock
Enigma                                           Trapt                      Rock
End Of The Line                                  Traveling Wilburys         80s Rock
Anthem (We Are The Fire)                         Trivium                    Rock
Give It To Me Good                               Trixter                    80s Rock
Raise A Little Hell                              Trooper                    80s Rock
Bitter Boy                                       Truck Stop Love            Alternative   & Punk
You Owe                                          Truck Stop Love            Alternative   & Punk
Talk To Ya Later                                 Tubes                      80s Rock
Cum On Feel The Noise                            Twisted Sister             80s Rock
Schools out                                      Twisted Sister             80s Rock
We're Not Gonna Take It                          Twisted Sisters            80s Rock
Sweetest Thing                                   U2                         Rock
Disco Theque                                     U2                         Rock
Vertigo                                          U2                         Alternative

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Name                                            Artist           Genre
Beautiful Day                                   U2               Rock
Cats In The Cradle                              Ugly Kid Joe     Rock
Telecom                                         Uhra Horse       Rock
Drift Away                                      Uncle Kracker    Rock
Memphis Soul Song                               Uncle Kracker    Rock
Follow Me                                       Uncle Kracker    Alternative
One Step Away                                   Unearth          Metal
endless                                         Unearth          Metal
Too High For the Supermarket                    Uninvited        Rock
Track 16                                        Unknown          Rock
Rest of My Life                                 Unwritten Law    Alternative
Jump Right In                                   The Urge         Rock
Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon                    Urge Overkill    70s Rock
Why Can't This Be Love                          Van Halen        80s Rock
You Really Got Me                               Van Halen        80s Rock
Happy Trails                                    Van Halen        80s Rock
Hot For Teacher                                 Van Halen        80s Rock
Running With the Devil                          Van Halen        80s Rock
Dance the Night Away                            Van Halen        80s Rock
Panama                                          Van Halen        80s Rock
Dreams                                          Van Halen        80s Rock
When Its Love                                   Van Halen        80s Rock
Pound Cake                                      Van Halen        80s Rock
Right Now                                       Van Halen        80s Rock
Cant Stop Loving You                            Van Halen        80s Rock
Jump                                            Van Halen        80s Rock
Bright Side Of The Road                         Van Morrison     Rock
Gloria                                          Van Morrison     Rock
Moondance                                       Van Morrison     Rock
Baby Please Don't Go                            Van Morrison     Rock
Sweet Thing                                     Van Morrison     Rock
Warm Love                                       Van Morrison     Rock
Wonderful Remark                                Van Morrison     Rock
Jackie Wilson Said                              Van Morrison     Rock
Full Force Gale                                 Van Morrison     Rock
And It Stoned Me                                Van Morrison     Rock
Here Comes The Night                            Van Morrison     Rock
Domino                                          Van Morrison     Rock
Did Ye Get Healed?                              Van Morrison     Rock
Wild Night                                      Van Morrison     Rock
Cleaning Windows                                Van Morrison     Rock
Whenever God Shines His Light                   Van Morrison     Rock
Queen Of The Slipstream                         Van Morrison     Rock
Have I Told You Lately                          Van Morrison     Rock
Tupelo Honey                                    Van Morrison     Rock
Anarchy burger                                  The Vandals      Rock
Add It Up                                       Violent Femmes   Punk
6th Ave                                         Walflowers        Rock
One Headlight                                   Wallflowers       Rock
Prize                                           Wanderlust       Alternative & Punk
I Walked                                        Wanderlust       Alternative & Punk
Cherrie Pie                                     Warrant          80s Rock
The Homo Rainbow                                Ween             Rock
Baby Bitch                                      Ween             rock
Piss Up a Rope                                  Ween             Rock
Buenos Tardes, Amigo                            Ween             Rock
Roses Are Free                                  Ween             Rock
Spinal Meningitis                               Ween             Rock
Voodoo Lady                                     Ween             Rock
Push th' Little Daisies                         Ween             Alternative

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Name                                             Artist                Genre
Hey There Fancypants                             Ween                  Alternative
Japanese Cowboy                                  Ween                  Rock
Bananas And Blow                                 Ween                  Rock
Pollo Asado                                      Ween                  Rock
Perfect Situation                                Weezer                Rock
Island In the Sun                                Weezer                Rock
Beverly Hills                                    Weezer                Alternative
Buddy Holly                                      Weezer                Rock
In The Garage                                    Weezer                rock
The Sweater Song                                 Weezer                Alternative
Hash Pipe                                        Weezer                Alternative
The Beggar's Song                                Wet Willie            Rock
Teenage Dirtbag                                  Wheatus               Rock
Radar Love                                       White Lion            80s Rock
Seven Nation Army                                White Stripes         Rock
I Just Don't Know What To Do W                   White Stripes         Rock
Here I Go Again                                  Whitesnake            80s Rock
Is this love                                     Whitesnake            80s Rock
The Song Is Over                                 Who                   Rock
The Song Is Over                                 The Who               Rock
Mother's Theme (Mama)                            Willie Hutch          Rock
Seventeen                                        Winger Rock           80s Rock
Gold Lion                                        Yeah Yeah Yeahs       Alternative
Lights & Sounds                                  Yellowcard            Alternative
Rough Handling, Holly                            Yellowcard            Alternative
Ocean Avenue                                     Yellowcard            Punk Rock
Spanish Castle Magic                             Yngwie J. Malmsteen   Rock
Check                                            Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Get Back                                         Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
The Real Me                                      Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Someday                                          Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Waste Of Mind                                    Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Feel This Way                                    Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Walk Away                                        Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Big Shot                                         Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Swing                                            Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Jag Off                                          Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Time                                             Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Move On                                          Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Fly Daze                                         Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Bootylicious Vinyl                               Zebrahead             Alternative   &   Punk
Time of the Season                               Zombies               Rock
Sharp Dressed Man                                ZZ Top                80s Rock
Tush                                             ZZ Top                80s Rock
Gimme All your Lovin'                            ZZ Top                80s Rock
Legs                                             ZZ Top                80s Rock
Tube Snake Boobie                                ZZ Top                80s Rock
Leggs                                            ZZ Top                80s Rock
Rough Boy                                        ZZ Top                80s Rock
My Heart in Mississippi                          ZZ Top                80s Rock
Pearl Neckless                                   ZZ Top                80s Rock
Got Me Under Pressure                            ZZ Top                80s Rock
Cheap Sunglasses                                 ZZ Top                80s Rock
Sleeping Bag                                     ZZ Top                80s Rock
Kryptonite                                       3 Doors Down          Rock
Be Like That                                     3 Doors Down          Rock
Let Me Go                                        3 Doors Down          Rock
The Things We Do For Love                        10 cc                 Rock
Wastleand                                        10 Years              Alternative
Full Ride                                        311                   Alternative   & Punk

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Name                                        Artist   Genre
From Chaos                                  311      Alternative   &   Punk
I Told Myself                               311      Alternative   &   Punk
Hostile Apostle                             311      Alternative   &   Punk
Wake Your Mind Up                           311      Alternative   &   Punk
Uncalm                                      311      Alternative   &   Punk
I'll Be Here A while                        311      Alternative   &   Punk
Come Original                               311      Alternative
Flowing                                     311      Alternative
Beauiful Disaster                           311      Alternative
Prisoner                                    311      Alternative
Tran Sister                                 311      Alternative
Track 17                                    311      Alternative
Nix Hix                                     311      Alternative
Plam Feelin So Good                         311      Alternative
Amber                                       311      Alternative
Love Song                                   311      Rock
Creatures                                   311      Rock
Ocean Pearl                                 5440     Rock
Lips of an Angel                                     Alternative

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