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									                   The Most Important Drug Issues And Their Outcomes

                                            Legalization of drugs must be restricted because drug
                                           issues can surely create numerous other problems for
                                           people. People who favor drug legalization believe that
                                           extremism, crime, violence and HIV have been enhanced
                                           due to drug prohibition. However, drugs are also involved
                                           in various other problems as well. Legalization of just a
few drugs can create many problems.

The most crucial problem that is going to arise is the higher ratio of drug exposed infants.
Similarly, it is a possibility that the entire society will be on the wrong track because children will be
closer to drugs. The drug induced accidents are more likely to be occurred due to the legalization
of drugs. The economy of the country won't excel because there will be a certain reduction in the
levels of productivity and employment. It is very important to bring down the level of drug abuse
because it can even have an odd impact on relationships and households.

There is a conception that users are the only ones who can be affected by the drugs and there is
no harm to anyone else. This general believe isn't correct because families, friends and near ones
are also affected by drugs and there is a greater probability of increased drug addiction. There can
be really harsh results for the drug user. The drug usage can even have the impact on entire life of
a person. Social risk factors and various uncertainties can arise due to drug addiction. Drug usage
can also lead to various biological and psychological problems. So, there is a greater possibility of
massive scale changes in life. It has been observed that people do Withdraw from their lives and
they get themselves stuck in great depressions just because of excessive usage of drugs.

Money, time and energy loss are also regarded as drug issues. Brain won't function in a proper
way that can be extremely problematic. Thinking abilities can also diminish and it will be harder to
determine the actual goal of life. One won't be able to get increased motivation, confidence and
determination in his life. Severe drug addicts won't be able to get out of such issues because
those problems will be deeply rooted in them. So, complete withdrawal or death is also the
extreme level of drug issues. So, drug addiction and abuse is surely very bad indeed.

Therefore, the whole society can be damaged by the legalization of drugs so it is important to
restrict it. All of those advocacies that are favoring drug legalization must be ended and drug
usage should be banned. A good society can surely be acquired with these improvisations.
Similarly, there can be a significant impact on efficiency and productivity by reducing and
controlling drug usage. Illegal drugs shouldn't be entertained and strong restrictions are required in
order to control drug usage. The drug issues can be diminished to a certain extent with it and
things can be kept in perspectives.
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