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									   Best Free Unknown But Useful Computer Software
I sometimes feel like the American Picker of freeware, I’m able to find unique and useful software in
the dark corners of the internet that few have ever heard of.

Here is a collection of some very useful computer programs that you may not have heard about
before but they do come in handy from time to time. I have given a brief description of each and a
download link. These web sites are trusted freeware sites that I have been using for years so you
won’t have to worry about get any virus or malware on your computers.

Fences 1.01 If you're losing the battle and your desktop icons hideyour beautiful wallpaper, help is
one click away. Fences quickly and easily organizes your icons into separate windows on your
desktop, either automatically or manually. Labeling these boxes helps keep programs, photos, files,
and Web links together, Then just double click your desktop and hide all your icons.

See below to download

Image Grab 5.0.6 ImageGrab is a simple tool that was designed to help you grab images from your
video files. Now you can load your home videos in this program and take snapshots of your kids or
grandkids or even your favorite dog or cat. Takes good snapshots from videos has well.

See below to download
System Spec 3.07 This is the best System Information Utility I have ever seen, it will tell you the
complete specification and system information of your PC. This includes hardware, software and

See below to download

Photocopier 3.5 With this software you can use your scanner and printer like a photocopy machine
. No difficult settings to make, it's very user friendly, what ever you scan in your scanner will be
printed out by your printer.

See below to download
AM-DeadLink 4.6 This software will search through your favorites in your browser bookmarks and
tell you which are dead links or duplicates and you can double click them to open a window within
the program just to make sure they are dead links before deleting them .This software works with
most browsers .

See below to download

Revo Uninstaller 1.94 If you have ever tried to uninstall software and windows tells you for one
reason or another it can not uninstall it, this software will. I have not see any software that this
program could not uninstall no matter if there are files missing or the uninstaller is broken Revo will
uninstall it. I also use it if I’m going to remove software off mycomputer for good because it cleans
entries in the registry from that software.

See below to download
Improved YouTube Downloader 0.9.8 Improved YouTube Downloader is used to download a
videos from YouTube to your PC. Application automatically detects video you are watching in a
browser, and downloads it to format of your choice: AVI, MP3, 3GP or FLV.

See below to download

Slim Drivers 2.2 allows you to scan your computer for missing outdated drivers and presents you
with a list ofavailable updates. You can review the list of available updates and then choose the
drivers that you want to install. SlimDrivers will download the selected drivers and launch the
installation programs

See below to download

I hope you have found some of these computer programs handy and useful and enjoy using them. I
have use all of these computer programs on my computer and have not had any problems with them
and I hope they will work just has well on your computer to.

I can no longer put the dowmload link in my article so i have it on my website, just go there and click
on the download tab. Then look for the button with the name of the software you want to download
and click on it. Enjoy !

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