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The CMIS Review


									Funding Programme HIVE Site

Consultants ToR: Development of intranet site
1. Background & Rationale
International Partnership Development (IPD) describes both a team and an approach to working with institutional donors (multilateral and bilateral donors) adopted by ActionAid International (AAI). It allows for maximising income, connections and influence in support of AAI‟s mission to increase AAI‟s income from institutional donors and influence change in donor funding to civil society. The Contract Management & Intelligence System (CMIS) is the only system available in AAI for contract management and donor information of institutionally funded projects. This system has proven to be unsuccessful and without a fully functional system the organization struggles to obtain the necessary information to manage its institutionally funded contracts. In its launch in 2005 the CMIS was rolled out without a fully tested and reliable application in place. This hampered considerably the way the system was perceived and adopted across the organization with little buy-in. Furthermore, the CMIS was not integrated with other organizational systems, and lacked key functions such as accountability and management processes and flexible reporting functions. In November 2008, at the IPD core team meeting it was concluded that it was not financially valuable to continue to fund the CMIS as a system since it continues to have accessibility problems and does not have the financial and contract management requirements that we need to manage projects effectively. This meeting resulted in the development of a new IPD Strategy which stated that rather than reinvesting in the CMIS it was better to take advantage of two new systems within AAI the Hive and TM1. The Hive, would be “used as an information exchange between funders and implementers and as a library of donor intelligence” and project tracking would be developed within International Finance through TM1 using the HIVE. The HIVE is the AAI intranet site launched in November 2008 that is being rolled out across the organisation. The HIVE is built on the SharePoint Server 2007 Standard edition and SharePoint Services 2007 software and the objective behind it is to encourage improved internal communication and to act as a resource for everything „ActionAid‟. IBM Cognos TM1 software provides a real-time approach to consolidating, viewing, and editing enormous volumes of multidimensional data. TM1 is managed by International Finance and is a reporting package sitting above country programme‟s (CPs) and Funding Affiliate‟s (FA‟s) (affiliates offices) own accounting system and is an “everything” package for the transfer of financial data between FA‟s, CPs and ActionAid International. It is currently still in the development stages and so when it will be rolled out to the organisation is unknown.

2. Purpose/Objectives
The purpose of this consultancy is for a consultant to build the Funding Programmes site in conjunction with the IPD Administration and Communications Officer. This would involve reviewing existing IT systems and their applicability to the proposed Funding programmes site, developing specifications for the design of the site, the building of the site and technical support of the site for a period after it has been rolled out within the organisation and creating technical links to other internal systems. IPD proposes the development of a site called „Funding Programmes‟ with the following purposes: 1. Donor Intelligence: A site where all donor intelligence is available and searchable. This site would include notification of opportunities and calls, support documents and guides and links to policy information to enhance the information available and support interactions with donors. The donor intelligence site will have a generic template with specific fields that will need to be completed such as donor contact details, AA contact details, how to communicate with the donor guidelines, links to donor sites etc 2. Funding Plans: a site where all funding plans are available and searchable. This site will have searchable fields so that Associate and Affiliates offices and International Fundraising are able to search specific fields to search for potential programmes in CPs that their donors would be interested in funding. There will be a database of concept notes linked to this which can be reserved while funding is found. 3. Ongoing funded projects: IPD will work with International Finance to incorporate contract tracking into the new financial system TM1 which will link to an „On-going funded projects‟ section. This will include financial information (cash flow, income, expenditure) and reporting milestones (reports due
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Funding Programme HIVE Site
and reports accepted by donor) and will also provide contract calendars to act as reminders and enhance work planning. This is crucial because it is essential that AAI is able to monitor risk and cash flow demands through the lifetime of any contract. 4. Consultant’s database: this database will need to have flexible search fields that will enable CPs and themes to search for consultants. There needs to be a link from this site to AAI‟s external website so consultants can upload their details on a specific application template which will allow CPs and themes to search by fields such as country expertise, thematic expertise, languages etc. However, it is important that only the IPD core team have access to consultant‟s personal details to protect their identity and so there will need to be different view functions. Ideally the template on the AAI‟s external site would support a live database so that consultant‟s received a username and password and were able to update their details as needed.

3. Scope of work
The consultant will need to design the Project specifications working with the SharePoint systems and will build the Funding Programmes site according to the following requirements:  The site will be made up of 4 workgroups: funding plans; donor intelligence; on-going funded projects and the consultant‟s database.  Donor intelligence workgroup: this section will be made up of a database of donor information and will have compulsory fields to complete so that the same information is recorded for each donor. This site will link to internal and external sites and will link to the ongoing funded projects database so that previous and current relationships are established. There will be discussion boards and libraries to collect information.  Funding Plans: this section will be a database with compulsory fields including data that will be captured from the funding plans carried out in the Annual Planning process and will link to country programmes sites and plans. Data will need to be searched by multiple views and easily exportable. It will also need a database (with searchable fields) in which concept notes and proposals can be uploaded.  On-going funded projects: this section will link to TM1 and will contain funded proposals, budgets, contracts and reports and will be searchable using key criteria such as value, country, theme etc  Consultant’s database: this Database should be linked to the HIVE internally and AAI‟s external sites for consultants to be able to register on the AAI websites. Detailed searches using multiple fields such as: fields of thematic expertise (i.e. HIV/AIDS, gender); countries of work experience; donor experience; and languages will be done.  It will have a navigable home page which will direct you to the four workgroups and will be linked so that it is easy to find your way around the site.  The home page will have a „News flash‟ feature which will have important new donor information and details of newly released funding opportunities so that those visiting the site can find up to-date information. These news flashes will then link them to the relevant section of the site.  There will be details about each of the workgroups (on the home page) so that visitors will know what is in each workgroup and will also directly link you to the workgroup.  Before the site is rolled out to the organisation there will be a testing period by selected users. The consultant will then use this feedback to review/examine the trouble areas and then will work to resolve these issues.  The consultant will also be responsible for the technical support for a period after the roll out of the system It is important that the site is:  Easy to navigate and the site is easy to find on the main HIVE page  Only requires 2-3 clicks to get to information (any more will make it too complicated)  Easy to perform searches  Directs users to other sites internally or externally for further information  Encourages discussions and information exchange using the discussion board facility  Minimises the need to perform manual inputting of data so that data is easily extracted using excel

4. Timeline
As part of their EOI the consultant should indicate the timeframe to complete the project and specifically the five stages of the project. The consultant will be responsible for the design and development of the site with

Consultants ToR draft 1 (June 2009)

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Funding Programme HIVE Site
further support after its completion during testing and roll out and to offer technical support for a period. Before the project specifications are designed Tricia Cassidy (IPD Administration & Communications Officer) will organise a briefing with the consultant, James Beale (Head of IPD), Sonya Ruparel (Operations Support Manager), Lerato Sebapu (Intranet Project Manager) and Susan Joseph (Intranet coordinator). This will include sharing background documentation/information and discussion on templates and project development. Stage 1 Action Design of Project specifications Internal Responsibilities Specifications agreed with Tricia Cassidy, Florence Kiff, Lerato Sebapu & Susan Joseph. James Beale to authorise final sign off Regular meetings with Tricia Cassidy, James Beale & Sonya Ruparel Selected users Tricia Cassidy to manage Tricia Cassidy to manage


Development of site based on ToR

3 4 5

Site testing: feedback reviewed & implemented Data input: ongoing support Roll out: ongoing support

5. Management & Reporting
The consultant will report to Tricia Cassidy, IPD Administration and Communications Officer. This will involve weekly planning and progress meetings/teleconferences between the consultant and Tricia and the consultant submitting fortnightly update reports throughout the development of the system. James Beale, (Head of IPD), Sonya Ruparel (Operations Support Manager) and Susan Joseph (Intranet Coordinator) will also have regular meetings with the Consultant to ensure that the site development is on track.

6. Person Specification
The consultant should meet the following specification: Essential:  Demonstrable experience of building databases or online intranet systems and collaboration platforms  Excellent knowledge of SharePoint Server 2007 Standard edition and SharePoint Services 2007 or an earlier version of SharePoint  Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office especially of Microsoft Office Excel  Well developed ability to be proactive and work independently  Excellent organisational skills Desirable:  Experience of working with non-governmental organizations or charities

7. Materials to be provided
    IPD strategy Project management plan Project Plan HIVE overview document

Consultants ToR draft 1 (June 2009)

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