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                                                  Black River Ripples
                                                                                         Attention Black River Students, Parents, and Faculty!
    Volume 12, Issue 5
                                                                                        Join us on Friday, January 18th for this year's Snowcoming
    December 19, 2012                                                                     Event! Come to the "Throwback Game" in the Black River
                                                                                      Gymnasium. Both the Girls and Boys Varsity basketball teams

  Inside this issue:                                                                 take on cross-town rival Holland Calvary. Girls Varsity @ 5:30,
                                                                                    Boys Varsity @ 7:00. Get ready for retro basketball uniforms,
  Attendance Reminder
                                    2                                                        sweatbands, and plenty of 80's music. See you there!
  & Cell Phone Policy
  Help Sessions                     2                                                      2013 2014 New Student Enrollment
  Testing Dates                     4           Open Enrollment for the 2013 2014 academic year is currently underway and applica ons are
                                                being accepted for our lo ery drawing. The deadline to apply is 3:00pm on February 27, 2013.
  ATTACHMENTS:                                  Please note that in order to be considered for the lo ery, an applica on must be lled out and
                                                  submi ed along with copies of the birth cer cate, immuniza on record, and most recent
  January Breakfast & Lunch
                                                     report card or transcript. To receive an applica on, please visit our website ( h p://
                                              ) or contact Nicole Klunder at
  2013 Saturday Basketball Form
                                                           or call (616) 355 0055 ext. 116.
  Men’s Volleyball Club Co-Ed
  Fours Tournament
  Registration                                     ACT Math workshops will begin in January on

                                              Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning right after school
  Important Dates!                               until 4:00, starting the week of January 15 and
  Friday, December 21, 2012 -                  going through February 21. This is a great way for
  NO SCHOOL for K-12
  Winter Break Begins!                         juniors to prepare for the mathematics component
  Monday, January 7, 2013 -                          of the Michigan Merit Exam in March. This       The new Black River College Advising Website
  Classes Resume
                                                workshop is free, and is not limited to juniors. If   was launched on December 17th! Please visit
  Dismissal at 1:26p for K-12 for
  Teacher In-Service                          you are in high school and want to begin preparing
  Wednesday, February 6, 2013 &                                                                        advising/ to get informa on on the college
                                               for the mathematics section of the ACT, come join
  Thursday, February 7, 2013-                                                                       applica on process, scholarships, career advice,
  Student Count Day                            us. The sessions will be led by Mr. Meyer and Mrs.    underclassmen opportuni es and more! There
  Monday, February 18, 2013 -                 Pardue. The location will depend on attendance, but       will be a link to the site from Black River's
  NO SCHOOL for K-12                                                                                 homepage as well. Please contact Miss Cessie
                                                 we will begin in room 409 on the January 15.
  Presdients’ Day Recess                                                                            Wright with any ques ons or issues with the site.

                                 Black River Public School                  A non-profit, public school chartered by Grand Valley State University
Black River Public School admits students of any race, color, sex, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to
students at the school. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, athletic
programs and other school-administered programs.
Volume 12, Issue 5 — Page 2

For all absences and early releases, please call the attendance line at 355.0055x228. Absences must be reported by 9:00am on the day
of the absence. A note from a doctor is required for any medical absence exceeding two days. Any pre planned absences over three
days require a signed Extended Absence form approved by the Dean of Students. This form is available in the main o ce. As a remind
er, all students who arrive or leave during normal school hours must be signed in/out through the main o ce.
Cell phones and other electronic communication devices may not be used by students during the academic school day. This includes
passing time and lunchtime, as well as communication from parents. If you need to reach your student for emergencies, please contact
the main o ce. Please see the student handbook for more details regarding the cell phone policy.
Parents please assist us with enforcing this policy by refraining from texting your student while he or she is in class and by discouraging
their cell phone use at school.

Ne que e:                                                                                 The following students were awarded the
  Do you know how your teen acts online? It’s no longer just about teaching                    most Rat Bucks for the month of
 manners….. Join us for a Parent Workshop Panel on teaching youth how to
 act online. The Panel will also cover what parents need to know about what
                                                                                                           6th Grade:
  social media youth are using and how to keep them safe in the digital age.
                                                                                                      Clayton Dykhouse
                                Panelists include:
          Detec ve Cannata from the O awa County Sherri ’s Dept.                                           7th Grade:
                  Sargent Ludema from Holland Public Safety                                               Haley Griffin
      Heather Alberda, Health Educator from O awa County Health Dept.                                    Makenna Clark
                   When: January 21, 2013 6:30 8:00 pm                                                     Mya Miller
       Where: West O awa High School Large Group Instruc on Room                                         James Villegas
                              3685 Bu ernut Drive, Holland                                               Kent Schwartz
      Please RSVP to Leigh Moerdyke at 616.396.2301 ext. 127 or email                                      8th Grade:
                                                                         Daniel Kole
                                                                                                          Max DeLeau
                 Support Fine Arts with Simpatico Coffee!
                DRINK COFFEE?? You’ll nd none smoother than Simpatico Nice co ee. Simpatico’s business model is
                designed to be nice for everyone: the farmer, the customer, the environment, and the economy. Our Fine
                Arts Department receives a donation for every pound you buy! Check out the website for more information
                and to purchase online with easy delivery and pickup at school.

Help Sessions                                                                                        Attention River Rats!
Ms. Heyboer    Spanish       Tuesday      3:10-4pm      Rm 320                                    Don’t forget about Open Studio
                             By Appt      Before School
                                                                                                  with Mrs. Chester in room 107!
Mrs. Kane      English       Thursday     3-4pm         Rm 229                                     Happens every Tuesday after
Ms. Laarman Math             Monday       3-4pm         Rm 310                                     school from 3:15pm-4:15pm!
Mrs. Looman Spanish          Tues/Thurs   G Block       Rm   125                                     Come in and explore your
                             Mon-Fri      HS CAP        Rm   125                                   creative side! Use the time to
                             Mon-Fri      MS CAP        Rm   125                                    work on assignments or an
                             Thurs        3-4:30pm      Rm   129A                                     artwork of your choice!
Mr. Meyer      Math          Tuesday      3-4pm         Rm 129C
Mrs. Stephens Social Studies Friday       3:30-4:30pm Rm 321
                                                                   Volume 12, Issue 5 — Page 3
The “Investigate
Holland” class
completed the
semester by
visiting our
Black River
class. They read
the ABCs of
Holland books
they made.

                   7th Grade Students created Good Wishes ags for our school and community.
                   The ags were patterned after the Tibetan Prayer ags in Tibet. This was a
                   collaborative project between art teacher Tara Doyle and history teacher
                   Marguerite Stephens. The ags are ying on the fence between the big

                     7th grade history students learned about the elephants in Sri Lanka and then
                     had the opportunity to create their own elephant by carving one from soap.

                              Jack Christie, Jourdan DeLeau, Rozalyn Terry, Kim Birtman and
                                Karley Shipley-Mellon participated in “Storyboarding - the
                                  Disney Way” at the Lakeshore Youth Leadership Event.
  Volume 12, Issue 5 — Page 4

Black River Testing Code: 231-963                                                           Four EASY Ways to
                                                                                       Earn Cash for Black River!
                                                                                 The holiday season is quickly approaching! Before you
                                                                                 start your shopping please consider signing up for one
                                                                                 or more of these simple ways to earn cash for Black
                                                                                    River while checking off your holiday to-do list.
                                                                                 1. Join OneCause - Click. Shop. Contribute! Go to
                                                                        and earn cash for Black River when
                                                                                 you shop online! Thousands of stores from Amazon
                                                                                 and Apple to JCPenney donate money to schools
                                                                                 like BR through OneCause. Simply create a OneCause
                                                                                 account and log-in before you shop online. Shop as
                                                                                 you normally would and a portion of your qualifying
ACT                                                                              purchase goes to BR! Better yet install the optional
                                                                                 toolbar that allows you to skip the log-in. Your
Register online at
                                                                                 toolbar automatically tracks and reconciles your
                                                                                 online purchases with participating stores and sends
Test Date                          Deadline to Register
                                                                                 your contribution right to Black River. It's easy!
February 9, 2013                   January 11, 2013
April 13, 2013                     March 8, 2013                                 2. Sign-up for Meijer Community Rewards - Shop.
                                                                                 Earn. Share! Stop by the Customer Service Desk to
June 8, 2013                       May 3, 2013
                                                                                 enroll today. Shop with your linked pin-based Debit

SAT & Subject Tests                                                              Card or Meijer Visa Credit Card and earn cash for
                                                                                 Black River! Meijer will donate 1% on purchases
Register online at
                                                                                 made with a linked Meijer Credit Card and 0.5% on
                                                                                 a pin-based Debit Card swiped with a Meijer1 Card.
Test Date                            Deadline to Register
                                                                                 Family & Friends can participate with the “Family &
January 26, 2013                     December 28, 2012
                                                                                 Friends Linking Option.”
March 9, 2013                        February 8, 2013
May 4, 2013                          April 5, 2013                               3. Sign-up for Target - Take Charge of Education -
June 1, 2013                         May 2, 2013                                  Reward our school every time you use your RED-
                                                                                 card! Target will donate up to 1% of your REDcard
Michigan Merit Exam (Grade 11)*                                                  purchases at Target and and 0.5% for
                                                                                 non-Target purchases charged to your Target Visa
Test Date                                                                        Credit Card. Simply visit or the
March 5, 2013                               ACT plus Writing                     Customer Service Desk to designate Black River Pub-
                                            WorkKeys Applied Math, Reading for   lic School as your school of choice!
March 6, 2013                               Information, Location Information    4. Become an MC Sports Active Rewards Member
                                            Michigan Mathematics, Michigan       Stop by our local MC Sporting Goods and designate
March 7, 2013                               Science, Michigan Social Studies     Black River as your school of choice when you sign
                                                                                 up for an Active Rewards Card. A percentage of
*12th grade students who did not take the MME in March '12 are                   your purchase goes directly to Black River.
required to take it Spring 2013.
                                                                                             Breakfast Time!

                                 1                                      2                                      3                                     4                              More
                                                  Holiday Break…See you January 7, 2013
                                                                                                                                                                                    Did you know if
                                                                                                                                                                                    your student
7                                8       A. Uncrustable                 9      A. Breakfast Sandwich           10      A. Cinni Mini                 11     A. Pancake on a Stick   qualifies for free
     A. Bagel w/ Cream                   B. Cereal & Toast                     B. Cereal & Toast                       B. Cereal & Toast                    B. Cereal & Toast       or reduced lunch,
        Cheese                           C. Yogurt & String                    C. String Cheese & Fresh                C. Fruit Cup & Toast                 C. Yogurt & Hard
     B. Cereal & Toast                                                                                                                                         Boiled Egg
                                                                                                                                                                                    they also qualify
                                            Cheese                                Fruit                                                                                             for breakfast
     C. Muffin &
        Applesauce                                                                                                                                                                  everyday?!

14   A. Uncrustable             15       A. Breakfast Sandwich          16     A. Pancake on a Stick                 Cinnamon Roll
                                                                                                               17 A. Cereal & Toast                  18     A. Pop Tart
     B. Cereal & Toast                   B. Cereal & Toast                     B. Cereal & Toast                  B.
                                                                                                                                                            B. Cereal & Toast       Come join us for
     C. Fruit Cup & Toast                C. Breakfast Bar                                                           C. Fruit Cup & Toast
                                                                               C. Breakfast Bar                                                             C. String Cheese &      our delicious
                                                                                                                                                               Yogurt               breakfast daily!

                                                                                                                                                                                     What a great
21   A. Bagel w/ Cream          22        A. Pop Tarts                 23      A. Frudel                      24      A. Breakfast Sandwich         25      A. Uncrustable          way to start the
        Cheese                            B. Cereal & Toast                    B. Cereal & Toast                      B. Cereal & Toast                                             day at school!
                                                                                                                                                            B. Cereal & Toast
     B. Cereal & Toast                    C. Yogurt & Hard                     C. Muffin &
                                                                                                                      C. String Cheese &                    C. Breakfast Bar
     C. Muffin & Fresh Fruit                                                   Applesauce
                                             Boiled Egg                                                               Fresh Fruit                                                   Breakfast: $1.10
                                                                                                                                                                                    Reduced: $ .30

28   A. Bagel w/ Cream          29       A. Cinnamon Roll              30      A. Variety of Muffins           31
        Cheese                           B. Cereal & Toast                     B. Cereal & Toast                      A. Breakfast Sandwich
     B. Cereal & Toast                   C. String Cheese &                    C. Granola Bar & String                B. Cereal & Toast
     C. Muffin &                            Fresh Fruit                           Cheese                              C. Breakfast Bar

                                                         Black River ~ Breakfast
            The National School Lunch Program prohibits discrimination due to age, race, gender, or handicap. Please call 616-891-0227 with questions or comments.
                                                                                                Lunch Time!

                                1                                     2                                       3                                     4                              More
                                           Holiday Break….See you January 7, 2013

7    A. Domino’s Pizza          8    A. Pillsbury Mini Pancakes        9      A. Spicy or Reg. Chicken        10      A. Bosco Sticks w/            11     A. Chicken Tenders w/
     B. Deli Sandwich                or French Toast Sticks w/                Patty on WG Bun                         Sauce                                Fries                   Entrée’s come
     C. Chips & Cheese               Hash Browns                              B. Deli Sandwich                        B. Deli Sandwich                     B. Deli Sandwich        with fresh or
     D. Salad Bar & PB&J             B. Deli Sandwich                         C. Corn Dog                             C. Corn Dog                          C. Corn Dog
                                     C. Corn Dog                              D. Chips & Cheese                       D. Chips & Cheese                    D. Chips & Cheese
                                                                                                                                                                                   canned fruit,
                                     D. Chips & Cheese                        E. Salad Bar & PB&J                     E. Salad Bar & PB&J                  E. Salad Bar & PB&J     fresh or cooked
                                     E. Salad Bar & PB&J                                                                                                                           veggies,
                                                                              A. Chicken Nuggets w/                   A. Walking Taco’s w/                                         milk/juice daily!
14                             15      A. French Toast                 16                                     17                                    18     A. Bosco Sticks w/
                                                                              Mash Potatoes &                         Frito’s
     A. Domino’s Pizza                 Sticks w/ Sausage                                                                                                   Sauce
                                                                              Gravy                                   B. Deli Sandwich
     B. Deli Sandwich                  B. Deli Sandwich                                                                                                    B. Deli Sandwich
                                                                              B. Deli Sandwich                        C. Chicken Patty on WG
     C. Chips & Cheese                 C. Chicken Patty on                                                                                                 C. Chicken Patty on
                                                                              C. Chicken Patty on                     Bun                                                          Lunch Prices:
     D. Salad Bar & PB&J               WG Bun                                                                                                              WG Bun
                                                                              WG Bun                                  D. Chips & Cheese
                                       D. Chips & Cheese                                                                                                   D. Chips & Cheese
                                                                              D. Chips & Cheese                       E. Salad Bar & PB&J
                                       E. Salad Bar & PB&J                                                                                                 E. Salad Bar & PB&J     Paid-$2.40
                                                                              E. Salad Bar & PB&J
                                      A. Pillsbury Mini                       A. Bosco Sticks w/                     A. Mini Corn Dogs w/                  A. Popcorn Chicken w/
                                                                                                                                                                                   Reduced-$ .40
21   A. Domino’s Pizza         22                                     23                                     24                                    25
                                      Pancakes w/ Hash                        Sauce                                  Sun Chips                             Mash Potatoes & Gravy   Milk- $ .50
     B. Deli Sandwich
                                      Browns                                  B. Deli Sandwich                       B. Deli Sandwich                      B. Deli Sandwich
     C. Chips & Cheese
                                      B. Deli Sandwich                        C. Hamburger on WG                     C. Hamburger on                       C. Hamburger on WG
     D. Salad Bar & PB&J
                                      C. Hamburger on WG                      Bun                                    WG Bun                                Bun
                                      Bun                                     D. Chips & Cheese                      D. Chips & Cheese                     D. Chips & Cheese
                                      D. Chips & Cheese                       E. Salad Bar & PB&J                    E. Salad Bar & PB&J                   E. Salad Bar & PB&J
                                      E. Salad Bar & PB&J
28   A. Domino’s Pizza         29     A. Spicy or Reg. Chicken        30      A. Walking Taco’s w/            31      A. Chicken Tenders w/
     B. Deli Sandwich                 Patty on WG Bun                         Doritos                                 Fries
     C. Chips & Cheese                B. Deli Sandwich                        B. Deli Sandwich                        B. Deli Sandwich
     D. Salad Bar & PB&J              C. Burrito                              C. Burrito                              C. Burrito
                                      D. Chips & Cheese                       D. Chips & Cheese                       D. Chips & Cheese
                                      E. Salad Bar & PB&J                     E. Salad Bar & PB&J                     E. Salad Bar & PB&J

                                         Black River ~ Lunch                                     WG-Whole Grain
           The National School Lunch Program prohibits discrimination due to age, race, gender, or handicap. Please call 616-891-0227 with questions or comments.
                        2013 SATURDAY BASKETBALL
                FOR BLACK RIVER BOYS and GIRLS IN 4th, 5TH OR 6TH GRADE

      A 6-week Saturday morning program in which participants work on
            mastering basic skills and learning to play the game.

      Coaches: Tim Witvoet and Adam Nelson
      Dates: Saturdays, January 12th – February 16th (6 Saturday Skill Clinics)
      Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
      Location: Black River Gym
      Cost: $40.00- includes Basketball Camp T-shirt, check payable
      to: Black River Public School by December 21st (sign-ups after
      Dec 21st will not receive a t-shirt)
      Registration deadline: Space is limited to first 30 students,
      but program must have at least 18
      Questions? Email Coach Witvoet -


                                                          REGISTRATION FORM

                                                                                                  -Shirt Youth Size:                   S M L XL

                                                    CAP Teacher/4th-5th Teacher

I hereby authorize my son to participate in the BRPS Saturday Basketball Camp. I waive and
release the camp, coaches and Black River Public School of all liability while at the camp.
      black river mens’ volleyball club
          coed fours tournament
                              13 january 2013
                               time: 8:45 am
                            place: lyceum at brps
             who: first 10 teams to register by 3 January 2013
                turn in roster and money to the front office
             format: 2 five team pools(2 games to 25 rally score)
                  single elimination bracket play to follow
                       (best 2 out of 3 to 25 3rd game 15)
                           teams will play and ref
      tee shirts will be given out AFTER your final ref assignment
           contact:coach Foreman:
            coach George:
               coach Schallhorn:
                          roster: up to six players
                    cost: $10/player(to cover cost of tee shirt)

                                tee shirt sizes
                 please write size quantity in the space provided


                            team roster
team name:
             name                                       email

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