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 Islam Mohammad Shaiful
  Student of Media Engineering Dept.
 Espoo-Vantaa Institute of Technology.
     • What is spam?
     • Spammers and reason for Spamming
     • How do Spammers Hunt e-mail
     • Why Spam is Bad?
     • Research Study
     • Spam Filters
     • Spamming and the Law
     • Steps you can do to block Spams
     • Conclusion
     • Opponent’s Session, Q&A
What Is Spam?
General Definition
 The word "Spam" means Unwanted Unsolicited Bulk
 Email .
 Unsolicited means that the Recipient has not granted verifiable
 permission for the message to be sent. Bulk means that the message
 is sent as part of a larger collection of messages, all having
 substantively identical content.

 A message is Spam only if it is both Unsolicited and Bulk.

 -Unsolicited Email is normal email
 (examples: first contact enquiries, job enquiries, sales enquiries)
 -Bulk Email is normal email
 (examples: subscriber newsletters, customer communications,
 discussion lists)
Technical Definition of Spam
An electronic message is "Spam" IF:

(1)the recipient's personal identity and context are irrelevant
because the message is equally applicable to many other
potential recipients;


(2)the recipient has not verifiably granted deliberate, explicit,
and still-revocable permission for it to be sent.

Spammers and reason for

Someone who sends Spam is called ’Spammer’.
Profile of a Spammer:
             - Hackers or Geek
             - Never been successful any other job
             - Big Spender
             - Professional Spammer
Sometimes even a general e-mail user is a spammer .
Number of Spammer increasing day by day.
Reason For Spamming
• Point of sale via online payment.
• Marketing of illigal drugs.
• Advertising Pornographic websites and
• Lead Generation
• Just for fun
• Promote Business
  and so on................
How do Spammers Hunt e-mail
Many ways spammers get e-mail
- Posts to UseNet with your email address.
- Mailing lists.
- Web Pages
- IRC and Chat Rooms
- White and Yellow Pages
- Buying lists from others.
- Hacking into sites.
- Using Social Engineering
- Via an Ident daemon.
- Softwares
Why Spam is Bad?
Impacts of Spamming
 • It Wastes time
   A huge amount of time is needed just to delete the Spams
   from your mail box.
 • It Costs you money
   If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) charges you for
   system storage space (or worse yet, per e-mail message),
   each message that you don't want but receive anyway costs
   you money. Time you spend downloading and reading the
   message also may cost you connect charges.
 • Increases Download Time
   If you don't have a fast modem, it can make the retrieval of
   e-mail a very slow and irritating process.
 • Its Annoying
   Most of the spams are quite annoying just the way
   telemarketing is.
Impacts of Spamming
•   Slower E-mail
    Every piece of e-mail you receive and send goes through
    the system more slowly because of the millions of pieces
    of Spam choking the Internet network.
•   Destroys Legitimate E-Mail Services
    Companies that send legitimate mail to subscribers may
    have their e- mail destroyed by the rising tide of Spam.
•   It’s all Garbage
    The spam messages have almost without exception
    advertised stuff that's worthless, deceptive, and partly or
    entirely fraudulent
•   Decrease Advertising
    Most web publishers are coming to the realization that
    people won't be willing to pay for the web advertisement
    as spamming cost almost nothing.
Spam: The Silent ROI Killer

• The average employee receives 13.3 spam messages
per day.
• Time spent per person managing spam ranges from 90
minutes to 1 minute per day, with an average of 6.5
• Average lost productivity per employee per year:
• Average cost of spam per employee per year: $874
     Spam: The Silent ROI Killer

• In 2003, the average company lost one out of every
72 employee’s productivity to spam.

• Company wide spam filters reduce the productivity loss
from spam by 26 percent.

• For every 690 employees, a full-time IT staff person will be
needed just to manage spam.
Spam Filters
What is Spam Filter?
• A spam filter is a program that is used to detect
unsolicited and unwanted e-mail and prevent those
messages from getting to a user's inbox.
• Spam filters are both server based or client based
• There are different spam filters in the market using
different technologies to filter spams.
• Need for efficient spam filter is rising dramatically
as the spammers gone so bad with different spamming
Spam Filtering Techniques
There are many methods used to identify SPAM
each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Following techniques are remarkeable ones:

• Pattern-matching Filter.
• Bayesian Filter.
• Heuristic Filter.
Pattern-matching Filter.
• This consists of pre defined spam filtering rules which
extend the rules Microsoft Outlook and Outlook express.
• This technique filter out spams by searching of banned
words, text strings and charecter sets in the e-mail
content, sender and subject line.
• This method produces a large amount of false positive
(a genuine e-mail marked as spam) because genuine e-
mails may innocently contain banned words or text
Messages that contain phrases such as CLICK
SAVINGS are almost 100% certain of being spam.

Then there are words that could possibly be used in
legitimate mails as well, such as money back, accept
credit cards, credit profile, cash back, free.
Bayes's Theorem
• Thomas Bayes was an English mathematician who
lived from 1702 to 1761 near London in England.
• Bayes's most important work ("Essay towards solving a
problem in the doctrine of chances”) was published by the
Royal Society in its Philosophical Transactions in 1763
what's called Bayes's Rule or Bayes's Theorem
• It's a formula for guessing how likely it is that something
will happen based on two or more independent events.
Bayesian Filter
• An effective spam filtering technique that uses
statistics to analyse whether e-mails are likely to
be spam.
•It balances typical spammer word usage and the
overall context of the e-mail in its analysis.
•It also has the capacity to learn by trial and error
as well as tailor itsself to the requirements of the
individual user.
Heuristic Filter
This technique is the combination of Pattern-
matching and Bayesian Analysis.
It increases the chances of correctly filtering
Spam from genuine e-mails.
SpamAssassin uses this kind of technique.
Other Features
There are some other features related to Spam
Filter Techniques:
• White List
Its the technique that allows the bypass of legitimate
e-mail addresses or domains to the filter system.
• Black List
Its the technique that blocks known spammers to
bypass the filter system.
Some Spam Filters
• SpamAssassin

• Spam Bully

• G-Lock SpamCombat
• SpamAssassin is an extensible email filter which is used to
  identify spam.
• It allowes a choice of a combination of heuristic filters.
• Challenge/Response authentication.
• It uses a wide variety of local and network tests to identify
  spam signatures.
• It is distributed under the same terms and conditions as other
  popular open-source software packages such as the Apache
  web server.
• Sophisticated Bayesian self-learning spam filter.
• Compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express.
• Bounce messages from known spammers.
• Query emails can be sent to unfamiliar emailers. *Outlook
• Friends/Spammers list protection.
• Attachment blocking. *Outlook only.
• Block email by country or language.
• Block/Allow certain words or phrases that you choose.
• Analyzes the website links in your email for added spam
• Realtime Blackhole List integration can protect you from
  known spammers.
• Comprehensive spam reporting graphs.
• Multi language interface (English, Italian, Spanish,
  German, French and many more).
• Catches and deletes spam BEFORE it reaches your inbox
• Self learns based on your spam and good email and adapts
  to new types of spam
• Detects spam with great precision and accuracy
• Stops viruses and malicious code
• Safe email preview - no pictures are downloaded, no
  hidden scripts or codes are executed
• Cuts down unproductive email traffic and saves bandwidth
Features (G-Lock SpamCombat):
•   Filters email from multiple email accounts.
•   Can work in a fully automatic mode.
•   Provides an easy way of recovering deleted e-mails.
•   Has a very customizable user interface .
•   Provides comprehensive statistics graphs .
•   Helps save your money and valuable time .
The electric mail company’s
    Spam Safe Service
Steps you can do to block Spams
 • Use a good quality spam filter, preferably in
   combination with a personal white list to mitigate false
 • Always stay up-to-date with the latest version of Out
   look or whatever e-mail software you use.
 • Subscribe to a webmail service that provides spam
   filtering and blocking services.
 • Don’t supply your e-mail address to online
   competitions and sweepstakes.
 • Never reply to any spam.
 • Don’t post your private e-mail address in forums and
 • Never buy anything that has been spamvertised.
Spamming and the Law
Spam and the Law
•New EU laws tackle spam
The new rules require companies to gain consent before
sending e-mails and introduce a ban on the use of spam
throughout the EU.
•US law against spam
The House of Representatives has passed a bill aimed at
stopping spam by imposing fines and prison sentences.
                 -Jeremy Jaynes of Raleigh and her sister
Jessica DeGroot, has been convicted of spamming. The jury
recommended that Jaynes spend nine years in prison and that
DeGroot pay $7,500 in fines for violating Virginia's anti-spam
In conclusion, I want to say that now a days
Spam is not only a technical problem but
also a social problem. We need more efforts
and awareness to make understand all that
“Spam is never welcomed, So Stop it
Opponent’s Session, Q&A
Thanks for Your Attention!

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