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					                                                Developing Spatial Data Infrastructures – Training Program
                            For National Coordination Agency for Surveys and Mapping of Indonesia (BAKOSURTANAL)

 Day                                                Morning                                                                                                       Afternoon
                            9:15-10:30                                            11:00-12:30                                           14:00-15:15                                             15:45-17:00

 Day 1           Opening - Setting the Scene                             SDI Trends and Development                             SDI and land information in                        Practical Exercise – Global to Local
                                                                                                                                         Indonesia                                                    SDIs
           - Welcome                                                  - Spatial data                                                                                              - Global initiatives
           - Overview of program                                      - SDI concept and principles                          - Global model                                        - Regional initiatives
  Mon                                                                 - Spatially enabling society                                                                                - National SDI initiatives
           - Participants’ input and introduction                                                                           - The world wide “silo” problem
 19 Nov                                                               - SDI development strategies                          - Indonesian case study                               - State and local SDI initiatives
                                                                      - SDI development models                                                                                    - Group work
  2007     A/Prof Abbas Rajabifard                  S1                A/Prof Abbas Rajabifard            S2                 Ms Jude Wallace                      S3               Mr Andrew Binns                       S4

 Day 2      Practical Exercise –SDI related Tools                       Practical Exercise –SDI related                        SDI Development- Technical                                    SDI Governance
 Tues                       ASSETTA                                                 AusSoft                                 - Technical elements and                              - UNSDI initiative
                                                                                                                            components                                            - SDI development model and
 20 Nov    One Place-Spatial data management                                                                                - Data catalogue & Clearinghouse                      arrangements
                                                                      Spatially Enabled Property data
  2007                                                                                                                      - Interoperability

                                                                                                              Lunch Break
                                                                      Mr Mitch Oake

                                                                                                                                                                      Tea Break
                                                          Tea Break
           Mr Neil James                             S5               Mr Richard Czuba                   S6                 A/Prof Abbas Rajabifard            S7                 Mr Paul Box                           S8

 Day 3          SDI Development- Institutional                                Practical Exercise –
                                                                         Clearinghouse Development
  Wed      - Custodianship, collaboration and
           institutional arrangements                                 - Data clearinghouse
 21 Nov    - Partnership approaches to SDI                                                                                               Field Visit                                            Field Visit
                                                                      - Data catalogue
  2007       development                                              - Access and security
           - Financing SDIs                                           - Web delivery services
           Dr Mathew Warnest                         S9               Mr Hossein Mohammadi              S10
 Day 4              SDI Development-Policy                              SDI Technical Development-                              SDI Metadata Development                          Practical-SDI Metadata Development
                                                                      Ubiquitous Environmental Spatial                                                                                          and Tools
Thursday   - Policy and privacy issues                                          Computing                                   - Metadata models
                                                                                                                            - International Metadata standards                    - Metadata models
 22 Nov    - Development of appropriate policy                        - Ubiquitous – concepts and                           - Metadata development                                - International Metadata standards
  2007                                                                principles                                            - Metadata Entry Tools                                - Metadata development
           - Legislation or collaboration?                            - Spatial computing                                                                                         - Metadata Entry Tools
                                                                      - Sensor network
           Ms Jude Wallace                          S11               Dr Matt Duckham                   S12                 Mr Mohsen Kalantari               S13                 Mr Mohsen Kalantari                  S14

 Day 5            SDI Technical Development                           Practical Exercise - Interoperability
                        - Interoperability
 Friday                                                               - Group lab exercise                                                                                                          Free
                                                                      - Discussion                                                          Free
 23 Nov    - Spatial Interoperability
           - Open Systems and Network
           Mr Hossein Mohammadi               S15                     Mr Hossein Mohammadi              S16
                                              Developing Spatial Data Infrastructures – Training Program
                             For National Coordination Agency for Surveys and Mapping of Indonesia (BAKOSURTANAL)
                                            Centre for SDIs and Land Administration, Department of Geomatics
 Day                                             Morning                                                                                                     Afternoon
                         9:15-10:30                                          11:00-12:30                                           14:00-15:15                                           15:45-17:00

 Day 6      SDI Technical Development – Data                       SDI Data Integration and Tools –                            Practical Exercise-                                   Practical Exercise-
                   Integration and Tools                                   Practical Exercise                               SDI Tools and Standards                               SDI Tools and Standards
  Mon      - Data integration – issues and                      - Data integration – issues and
           challenges                                           challenges                                             - Extensible Mark-up Languages                       - Extensible Mark-up Languages (XML,
 26 Nov    - Data integration models                            - Data integration models                              (XML, XML Schema, GML) and SVG                       XML Schema, GML) and SVG
  2007     - Integration of multi sourced spatial               - Integration of multi sourced spatial                 -SDI and Google platform                             -SDI and Google platform
             data within SDI initiative                           data within SDI initiative                           - Standards (ICA, ISO, OGC)
           - Data integration web service                       - Data integration web service

           Mr Hossein Mohammadi               S17               Mr Hossein Mohammadi               S18                 Mr Mohsen Kalantari              S19                 Mr Mohsen Kalantari                S20

 Day 7     SDI Technical Development – Data                              SDI Benchmarking                                     SDI Capacity Building                             Development of SDI Blueprint
Tuesday                                                         - Benchmarking                                         - Capacity building                                  - Group work
           - Data models within SDI framework                   - Assessing SDI initiatives                            - Challenges for SDIs in developing                  - SDI vision, mission & Roadmap
 27 Nov                                                         - SDI assessment models                                  Countries                                          - Developing an SDI blueprint and Road
           - UML Modeling –different views
                                                                - Best practice                                                                                             map for Indonesia
                                                    Tea Break

                                                                                                                                                                Tea Break

                                                                                                         Lunch Break
           A/Prof Abbas Rajabifard
           Mr Mohsen Kalantari            S21                   A/Prof Abbas Rajabifard           S23                  A/Prof Abbas Rajabifard         S24                  Mr Andrew Binns                      S28

 Day 8            Case Study – Australia                               SDI Application Areas                                  SDI Application Areas                             Development of SDI Blueprint
                  SDI initiatives-Practical
  Wed                                                           - SDI and Marine administration                        - SDI and emergency management                       - Group work
           - National and Federal perspectives                  - Marine cadastre                                      - SDI and land administration                        - Developing an SDI blueprint and Road
 28 Nov                                                         - Development of a seamless SDI                                                                             map for Indonesia
           - State and Local perspectives
  2007                                                          (land-sea interface)
                                                                                                                                                                            A/Prof Abbas Rajabifard
           Mr Andrew Binns                    S25               Ms Sheelan Vaez                    S26                 Mr Andrew Binns                 S27                  Mr Andrew Binns                  S31
 Day 9         SDI Technical Development-                         SDI Technical Development-ICT                        SDI Institutional Arrangements-SDI                       Future Direction and Closing
                      Visualization                                          Options                                                 and RRRs
Thursday                                                                                                                                                                    Next Generation of SDIs and Future
                                                                - Web Mapping Services/                                Understanding and Managing RRRs                      Directions
 29 Nov    Visualization Tools and Models                       Interoperability (WMS, WFS WCS)
                                                                                                                                                                            A/Prof Abbas Rajabifard         S33
           Prof Ian Bishop                    S22               Mr Rohan Bennett                  S29                  Mr Rohan Bennett                 S30
 Day 10    Presentation of Certificates
 30 Nov
           A/Prof Abbas Rajabifard            S34

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