Sheet1 - Division of Information Technology by shitingting


									UDDS      NAME                                 DEPARTMENT NAME
A01       John Wiley                           Chancellors Office/General Education Administration
A011010   Karen A. LaMere                      Chancellors Office-Administration
A011020   Patrick V. Farrell                   Provost Office
A011020   Virginia Saprio *Interim Provost     Provost Office
A011020   Cherie Krenke                        Provost Office
A0160     David Musolf                         Secretary of the Faculty

A02                                            Vice Chancellor
A0214   Stephen Pearson                        Employee Assistance Office
A0220   Dick Laufenberg                        Director
A0205   vacant                                 Vice Chancellor Students Affairs
A02080 Tim Norris                              Admin, Budget, Planning, & Analysis
A022030 Carla J. Raatz                         Academic Personnel
A022030 Emuye Asfaw                            Academic Personnel
A022030 Steve Lund                             Academic Personnel
A022060 James G. Stratton                      Classified Personnel
A022060 Mark W. Walters                        Classified Personnel
CHRIS/UWP1 Data Custodians
        Kathy L. Lanphear
        Tara L. Ukadibia (formerly Finhert)
A0225   Maureen J. Cotter                      Quality Improvement
A0267   Karen A. LaMere                        Admin. Legal Services
A0271   Amy S. Toburen                         University Communications
A0295   Mark Bugher                            University Research Park

A03    Kathleen Smith                          Business Services
A03    Donald L. Miner                         Business Services
A0301  Donald L. Miner                         Business Services-Administration
A0305  Al Wang                                 Business Services-Accounting
A0308  Gloria Lehman                           Business Services-Bursar
A0308  Catherine Easter (formerly C. Hanlon)   Business Services-Bursar
A0335                                          Internal Audit
A0360  Richard Laufenberg                      Business Services-Payroll
A0360  Kathleen O'Rourke-Benjamin *BU          Business Services-Payroll
A0365                                          Purchasing Services
A0365  Michael R. Hardiman                     Business Services-Purchasing Services
A0365  Vera Laufenberg                         Business Services-Purchasing Services
A0373  Jeanine M. Crichtley                    Business Services-Risk Management
A0373  Margaret Hoffman                        Business Services-Risk Management
A0377  MICHAEL J. MAREAN                       Business Services-Materials Distribution
STUDENT PAYROLL Data Custodians                SEE SAPS Security List

A04       Drew Wielgus                         Dean of Students
For Student Payroll
A04       Diane Steele                         Dean of Students
UDDS       NAME                                   DEPARTMENT NAME
A042511    Dave Oehler                            Dean of Students-Orientation & New Student Programs
A042511    Wren Singer Wielgus                    Dean of Students-Orientation & New Student Programs
A042520                                           Dean of Students-Campus Assistance Center
A042530                                           Dean of Students-Administration
A042540                                           Dean of Students-Multicultural Center
A042560                                           Dean of Students-McBurney Center
A042580                                           Dean of Students-International Students & Scholars
A042610                                           Student Print
A0427                                             Student Services Finance Committee
A0430                                             Associated Students
A0440      Jena Olson                             Associated Students of Madison

A05                                               Academic Services
A0502                                             Academic Services-Undergraduate Administration
A0510                                             Academic Services-Undergraduate Admissions
A0510      Thomas Reason                          Undergraduate Administration-Undergrad. Admissions
A0510      Robert Seltzer                         Undergraduate Administration-Undergrad. Admissions
A0550                                             Registrar-TimeTable
A0550      Joanne B. Berg                         Undergraduate Administration-Registrar TimeTable
A0550      Constance J. Chapman                   Undergraduate Administration-Registrar TimeTable
A0550      Sharon M. Pero - backup for McIntyre   Undergraduate Administration-Registrar TimeTable
A055       Marilyn McIntyre
A0570                                             Financial Services
A0570      Susan E. Fischer                       Undergraduate Administration-Student Financial Services
A0570      Mary Hillstrom (karyn graham)          Undergraduate Administration-Student Financial Services
A0570      David Thoreson                         Undergraduate Administration-Student Financial Services
A0580                                             Division of Academic Services

A06        James Lowe                             DoIT
           Jack Duwe                              DoIT

A07                                               CALS
A07        Charlene Krembs                        CALS
A07        Barbara Avery *BU for CKR              CALS
A07        Paul D. Jelle                          CALS
A07        Frank W. Kooistra                      CALS
A0703                                             CALS-Administration
A070600                                           CALS-Academic Student Affairs
A070630                                           CALS-Farm & Industry Short Course
A0708                                             CALS-International Agriculture Programs
A0710                                             CALS-Center for Biology Education
A0714                                             CALS-Land Tenure Center
UDDS    NAME                    DEPARTMENT NAME
A0720                           CALS-Economics
A0722                           CALS-Engineering
A0724                           CALS-Life Sciences Communication
A0726                           CALS-Agronomy
A0727                           CALS-Animal Science
A0728                           CALS-Bacteriology
A0730                           CALS-Biochemistry
A0734                           CALS-Dairy Science
A0736                           CALS-Entomology
A0740                           CALS-Food Science
A0742                           CALS-Genetics
A0743                           CALS-Horticulture
A0746                           CALS-Nutritional Sciences
A0748                           CALS-Plant Pathology
A0752                           CALS-Rural Sociology
A0754                           CALS-Soil Science
A0763                           CALS-Natural Resources-Environmental Toxicology
A0764                           CALS-Forest Ecology & Management
A0766                           CALS-Landscape Architecture
A0768                           CALS-Urban, Regional Planning
A0769                           CALS-Wildlife Ecology

A10                             Division of International Studies
A10     Gilles Bousquet         International Studies & Programs
A10     Cheryl Woodards         International Studies & Programs
A10     Joan A. Raducha         International Studies & Programs
A10     Marianne Bird Bear      International Studies & Programs
A10     Derek Tessman           International Studies & Programs
A1010                           International Institute
A1040                           Studies & Programs

A12     Melissa Amos-Landgraf   School of Business

A17                             Education
A17     Pennie Maclean          School of Education
A17     Jo Ann Carr             School of Education
A17     Julie Underwood         School of Education
A1705                           Education-Tutorial Coordinator
A171                            Education-Art
A1716                           Education-Psychology
A1720                           Education-Curriculum & Instruction
A1722                           Education-Continuing & Vocational Educations
A1723                           Education-Administration
A1730                           Education-Psychology
A1732                           Education-Education Outreach
UDDS       NAME               DEPARTMENT NAME
A1737                         School of Education/Education Academic Services
A1748                         Education-Instructional Media Development Center
A1760                         Education-Kinesiology
A1775                         Education-Research
A1778                         Education-Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education
A1780                         Education-Placement & Career Services
A1784                         Education-Teaching & Evaluation

A19                           Engineering
A19        Robert Dye         Engineering
A19        Jeanne Hendricks   Engineering
A19        Debbie Schiess     Engineering
A19        Steven Cramer      Engineering
A190200                       Engineering-Academic Affairs
A190210                       Engineering-Learning Center
A1903                         Engineering-Outreach
A1904                         Engineering-COE Minority Affairs
A1905                         Engineering-Payroll & Benefits Specialist
A1907                         Engineering-Publications
A1908                         Engineering-Career Services
A1912                         Engineering-Chemical Engineering
A1915                         Engineering-Civil & Environmental Engineerings
A1925                         Engineering-Mechanical Engineering
A193523                       Engineering-Wisc Electrical Machines & Power Elec. Consortium
A193540                       Engineering-Manufacturing Systems Engineering
A193575                       Engineering-Materials Science Program
A193590                       Engineering-Limnology & Marine Sciences
A193592                       Engineering-HVAC & R Center
A1942                         Engineering-Biomedical Engineering
A1950                         Engineering-Industrial Engineering
A1962                         Engineering-Mechanical Engineering
A1970                         Engineering-Engineering Shops
A1975                         Engineering-Materials Science & Engineering
A1980                         Engineering-Physics
A1995                         Engineering-Engineering Professional Development

A27                           School of Human Ecology
A27        Linda S. Dicks     School of Human Ecology
A27        Robin Douthitt     School of Human Ecology
A27        Bruce Hellmich     School of Human Ecology
A27        Sara Hinkle        School of Human Ecology
A2721                         School of Human Ecology-Consumer Science
A2731                         School of Human Ecology-Enviro, Textiles & Design
A2761                         School of Human Ecology-Human Development & Family
UDDS       NAME                                 DEPARTMENT NAME

A34                                             Graduate School
A34        Mary Healy                           Graduate Administration
A34        James F. Knickmeyer                  Graduate Administration
A3402                                           Graduate School-Administration
A340270                                         Research & Sponsored Programs
A340270    L Kim Moreland                       Graduate Administration-Research and Sponsored Programs
A340270    Diane Barrett                        Graduate Administration-Research and Sponsored Programs
A340270    Robert C. Andresen                   Graduate Administration-Research and Sponsored Programs
A3473                                           Graduate School-Biophysics Lab
A3475                                           Graduate School-Biotechnology Center
A3480                                           Graduate School-Animal Health & Biomedic
A3483                                           Graduate School-Institute on Aging
A3486                                           Graduate School-Molecula Biology
A3487                                           Graduate School-Waisman Center
A3488                                           Graduate School-Primate Research Center
A3491                                           Graduate School-Space Science & Engineering Center
A3496                                           Graduate School-Aquatic Sciences Center

A37        Charlene Krembs                      Institues for Cross-College Biology Ed

A40        Hope K Simon                         Institute for Environmental Studies
A40        Lewis E Gilbert                      Institute for Environmental Studies
A4022                                           Environmental Studies-Environment Remote Sensing
A4024                                           Environmental Studies-Institute of Environmental Study
A4039                                           Environmental Studies-Inst. of Env. Study-Academic Programs

A42                                             Athletics
A42        Douglas Beard                        Athletics
A42        John W. Jentz                        Athletic Department
A42        David W. Harris                      Athletic Department
A42        Nancy Graff Schultz                  Athletic Department

A45                                             Law School
A45        *Bethany Pluymers-Primary Signator   Law School-Administration
A45        Kevin M. Kelly                       Law School
A45        Ruth Robarts                         Law School
A45        Michael Hall                         Law School

A48       Anne Gunther                          Letters and Science
A48       Diane Pladziewicz *BU                 Letters and Science
For Student Appointment/Payroll
A48       Sandra Englesby
A48     Daun Wheeler   Administration
A4802                  L&S-Administration
A480300                L&S-Student Academic Affairs
A489320                L&S-SAA Academic Adv. Programs
A480340                L&S-SAA Honors
A480350                L&S-SAA FIGS
A4806                  L&S-African Languages & Literature
A4807                  L&S-Anthropology
A4808                  L&S-Afro-American
A4809                  L&S-Art History
A4811                  L&S-Astronomy
A4813                  L&B-Botany
A4814                  L&S-Communication Arts
A4815                  L&S-Chemistry
A4817                  L&S-Classics
A4818                  L&S-Communication Disorders
A4819                  L&S-Comparative Literature
A4820                  L&S-Computer Science
A4821                  L&S-East Asian Languages & Literature
A4822                  L&S-Economics
A4824                  L&S-English
A482430                L&S-English as a Second Language
A4825                  L&S-Ethnic Studies
A482520                L&S-American Indian Studies
A482540                L&S-Asian American Studies
A482560                L&S-Chicana/o Studies
A4826                  L&S-French & Italian
A4829                  L&S-Geography
A4832                  L&S-Geology & Geophysics
A4835                  L&S-German
A4837                  L&S-Hebrew
A4838                  L&S-History
A4839                  L&S-History of Science
A4840                  L&S-Max Kade
A4841                  L&S-Center for Lumnology
A4842                  L&S-Res on Poverty
A4843                  L&S-International Studies
A4844                  L&S-LaFollette School of Public Affairs
A4845                  L&S-Industrial Relations
A4846                  L&S-Folklore Program
A484620                L&S-Integrated Liberal Studies
A484640                L&S-Jewish Studies
A484680                L&S-Religious Studies Program
A4847                  L&S-Biocore
A4848                  L&S-Behavioral Science & Law
UDDS    NAME                 DEPARTMENT NAME
A4849                        L&S-Criminal Justice
A4850                        L&S-Learning Support Systems
A4851                        L&S-School of Library & Information Study
A4852                        L&S-Linguistics
A4853                        L&S-Limnology Lab
A4854                        L&S-Mathematics
A4854                        L&S-Mathematics Help Desk
A4857                        L&S-Atmospheric & Oceanic
A4860                        L&S-Music
A4863                        L&S-Copy Center/Social Science
A4865                        L&S-Philosophy
A4867                        L&S-Physics
A4872                        L&S-Political Science
A4874                        L&S-Psychology
A4878                        L&S-Scandinavian Studies
A4879                        L&S-Cross College Advising Services
A4880                        L&S-Slavic Languages
A4882                        L&S-Social Work
A4883                        L&S-Sociology
A488360                      L&S-Science & Technology Studies
A4884                        L&S-Languages & Cultures of Asia
A4885                        L&S-Spanish & Portugese
A4886                        L&S-Area Study Programs
A488613                      L&S-Area Study African Studies
A488640                      L&S-Area Study Latin American, Caribbean, & Iberian Studies
A488663                      L&S-Area Study South Asia Studies
A488673                      L&S-Area Study Southeast Asia Studies
A488683                      L&S-Area Study Russian-East European Studies
A4887                        L&S-History Project
A4888                        L&S-Survey Center
A4890                        L&S-Statistics
A4892                        L&S-Theatre & Drama
A4894                        L&S-Urban & Regional Planning
A4896                        L&S-Women's Studies Program
A4897                        L&S-Zoology

A49     Vicki Wipperfurth    GLS-Library
A49     Mitchell Lundquist   GLS-Library

A51     Lisa Risberg         Hospital
A51     Andrew Tuck          Hospital

A5201   Ronald H. Laessig    State Lab of Hygiene
A5201   Peggy L. Hintzman    State Lab of Hygiene
A5216   Mark Buechner        State Lab of Hygiene
UDDS      NAME                                       DEPARTMENT NAME

A53       *Marilyn Jabusch-ISIS, 3270, InfoAccess    Medical School
A53                                                  Medical
          *Kathleen Schoenherr-3270, InfoAccess, UWP1, UDS School
A53       Elizabeth Bolt *BU to K. Schoenherr        Medical School
A53       *Jane McGann-ISIS Only                     Medical School
A53       *Sonja Dedrick-ISIS, 3270, InfoAccess      Medical School
A53       Karen Jaeger                               Medical School
A530260                                              Medical School-Human Resources
A530286                                              Medical School-Sci Training Program
A530295                                              Medical School-AHEC
A530297                                              Medical School-Rural Health
A530300                                              Medical School-Student Services
A530330                                              Medical School-Academic Affairs
A530360                                              Medical School-Curriculum Office
A5312                                                Medical School-Biostatistics
A5317                                                Medical School-Biotechnology
A5320                                                Medical School-Family Medicine
A5331                                                Medical School-History of Medicine
A5333                                                Medical School-Human Oncology
A5334                                                Medical School-Cancer
A5342                                                Medical School-Medicine
A5347                                                Medical School-Microbiology & Immunology
A5348                                                Medical School-Physics
A5349                                                Medical School-Library
A5351                                                Medical School-Neurology
A5357                                                Medical School-Neurosurgery
A5359                                                Medical School-Oncology
A5360                                                Medical School-Ophthalmology & Visual Science
A5361                                                Medical School-Physical Therapy
A5363                                                Medical School-Clinical Laboratory Science
A5367                                                Medical School-Pediatrics
A5372                                                Medical School-Biomolecular Chemistry
A5377                                                Medical School-Physiology
A5381                                                Medical School-Population Health Science
A5397                                                Medical School-Surgery

A54       Katharyn A. May                            School of Nursing
A5402     Vicki L. Neuman                            School of Nursing
A5440     Marilynn D. Jenkins                        School of Nursing
A5450     Susan K. Riesch                            School of Nursing
A5450     Nadine M. Nehls                            School of Nursing
A5450     Sharon Nellis                              School of Nursing

A56       Timothy J. Gossens                         School of Pharmacy
A56       Jeanette C. Roberts                        School of Pharmacy
UDDS      NAME                                 DEPARTMENT NAME
A56       Kathleen Skibinski                   School of Pharmacy
A5610                                          Pharmacy
A5650                                          Extension Services in Pharmacy

A57       Dwayne P. Sackman                    Health Services
A579      Dwayne P. Sackman                    Health Service-Administration
A5798                                          Health Service
A5799                                          Student Health Insurance Program

A63       John H Andrews, Director             Education-General
A6360                                          Naval Science

A7105     Donna Halleran                       Facilities Planning & Management Administration
A7105     Dorothy Steele                       Facilities Planning & Management Administration
A7105     Sally Hansen                         Facilities Planning & Management Administration
A7105     Alan Fish                            Facilities Planning & Management Administration
A7170                                          Facilities Planning & Management
A7183     Diane Y. Brown                       FP&M-Parking & Transportation
A7183     Linda Bladl                          FP&M-Parking & Transportation
A7183     Roxanne Gibneski                     FP&M-Parking & Transportation
A7185     Douglas N. Rose                      FP&M-Space Management

A77       Susan Riseling                       UW Police & Security
A77       Dale G Burke                         UW Police & Security
A77       Todd B. Kuschel                      UW Police & Security

A80      Karen Aune                            Recreational Sports
A8010    Dale Carruthers                       Recreational Sports
A8010    Lisa Learish                          Recreational Sports

A85       Sign as Dean/Dir & Data Custodians
A85       Barbara J Burchfield                 Housing
A85       Paul N. Evans                        Housing
A85       Robert Fessenden                     Housing
A85       Laura Shere                          Housing

A87                                            Veterinary Medicine
A87       Christopher Olsen                    Veterinary Medicine
A8701                                          Veterinary Medicine-Administration
A87       Daryl Buss                           School of Veterinary Medicine Admin
A87       Jo Beth Dudley                       School of Veterinary Medicine Admin
A87       Rebecca Zuba                         School of Veterinary Medicine Admin
A8703                                          School of Veterinary Medicine
UDDS       NAME                       DEPARTMENT NAME
A8711                                 Veterinary Medicine-Animal Health & Biomedical Sciences
A8741                                 Veterinary Medicine-Comparative Biosciences

A88        Elizabeth Beckett-VanWey   WI Vet Diagnostic Lab

A9070      Paula Bonner               Wisconsin Alumni
A9070      Angela Nash                Wisconsin Alumni
A9079                                 Wisconsin Alumni
A907911    Sharon Adler               UW Foundation
A907911    Cathy Ahrens               UW Foundation
A907911    John Feldt                 UW Foundation
A907911    Scott Kinnamon             UW Foundation
A907911    Bonnie Schumacher          UW Foundation
A907911    Sandy Wilcox               UW Foundation

A93        Reggie Gauger              Division of Continuing Studies-Administration
A93        Patricia K. Fessenden      Division of Continuing Studies-Student Services
A93        Roger Maclean              Division of Continuing Liberal Studies and the Arts

A96        Margaret Tennessen         WI Union
A96        Judith A. Benade           WI Union

B         Karl Sparks                 Milwaukee
B         Tom Louchbaum               Milwaukee
For Student Payroll
B         Patricia Kissinger
B02       Karen Gundrum
B05       Eugene Hammes
B34       Dale Jaffe
B         Erica Paczesny              Payroll
For 3270
B         Erica Paczesny              Payroll

C                                     Eau Claire
C          Donna J. Weber             Eau Claire
C          Craig Mey *BU              Eau Claire

D                                     Green Bay
D       Thomas D. Maki                Green Bay
For UWP1
D       Mary Fischer                  Green Bay

E                                     LaCrosse
E0124      Sharon K. Radtke           Lacrosse-Budget Planning & Central Financial Aid
E02        Sharon K. Radtke           Lacrosse-Extension Education
UDDS      NAME                 DEPARTMENT NAME
E0658     John P. Tillman      LaCrosse-Information Tech./Application Development
E0725     Jennifer B. Wilson   LaCrosse-Human Resources
E0725     Joy Gutknecht        LaCrosse-Human Resources
For Student Payroll
E         Jennifer B. Wilson
E         Kari Heilman

F         Beth Heuer           Oshkosh

G         Kristie Zahn         Kenosha/Parkside
G         Catherine Jameson    Kenosha/Parkside
G         Ann Marie Durso      Kenosha/Parkside

H         David Markee         Platteville
H0210     Cathy Riedl-Farrey   Platteville-Budgeting
H0270     Kathleen A. Kelley   Platteville-Personnel
H0293     Thomas G. Stodola    Platteville-Accounting
H3010     Robert G Cramer      Platteville-Business Affairs

J                              River Falls
J0103     Mary Halada          River Falls
J0201     Terry N. Halvorson   River Falls-Accounting
J0270     Vacant               River Falls-Personnel & Payroll
J0270     Debra Koehler        River Falls-Personnel & Payroll
J53       Lisa Wheeler         River Falls-IT
J53       Mary Halada *BU      River Falls-IT
For Student Payroll
J         Rhonda Finstad       River Falls

K                              Stevens Point
K0102     Thomas F. George     Stevens Point-Equity & Affirmative Action
K15       Ruth Porrey          Stevens Point-Accounting
K1530     Richard B. Rothman   Stevens Point-Budget
K1531     Vicki Marksteiner    Stevens Point-Personnel & Payroll
K1531     Robert Tabor         Stevens Point-Personnel & Payroll
K1570     Clark Pallen         Admin Information Systems
K50       David Dumke          Stevens Point-Information Technology

L         Diane M. Moen        Menomonie/Stout

M         Janet Hanson         Superior
M         Richard Alden *BU    Superior

N         Elena Pokot          Whitewater
N10       Richard Telfer       Whitewater Athletics
UDDS      NAME                              DEPARTMENT NAME
N20       John Heyer                        Whitewater Acad Aff
N30       Randy Marnocha                    Whitewater-Admin Aff
N40       Barb Jones                        Whitewater-Student Aff.
N50       John Enslin                       Whitewater Adv
N10-N50   Jeanne Freeman                    Whitewater HR&D

R         Bradley Krause                    UW Colleges
R         LauraLynn M. Grigg                UW Colleges
R         Steven C. Wildbeck                UW Colleges

T                                           UW Extension
T         Susan J. Schymanski               Budget Office
T         Mark Dorn                         Business Services
T         William F. Meyer                  Information Technology Systems
T         Mary K. Beno                      Information Technology Systems
T413      William E. Mann                   Conference Centers
T4160     David J. Prucha                   Human Resources
T43       Steve Hetzel                      CE, OEL
T45 & T47 Dan Malacara                      Cooperative Extension
T46       Owen S. Hoitomt                   BAMI
T50       Paul Breen                        DEED

W         Nancy M. Crabb                    UW System Administration
W         Vito (Marc) J. Messina            UW System Administration
W2835                                       UW System Administration-Internal Audit

X         Paul Hedges                       State Historical Society
X         Jason Statz                       State Historical Society

Y         Nancy M. Crabb                    UW System Administration
Y         Vito (Marc) J. Messina            UW System Administration

                                   10/4/2007 Updated 'A10' UDDS

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