Math-Telling Time

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					Lesson SnapShot #2
Math-Telling Time
Objective: The student will be able to identify
time to the hour and half-hour using a digital
and analog clock.

Summary: After reading the story Telling Time
I will call out different times that the students
will need to display on both there digital and
analog clock. Time is an important part of
everyday living, so it is important that children
learn to tell time.


      Telling Time by Jules Older
      Paper plates
      pre-cut pipe cleaners for hour and minute hand (2)
      brackets
      analog paper clocks (3)
      pencils

Literature Connection:
Telling Time: How to tell time using digital and analog clocks by Jules Older


      Digital clock
      Analog clock
      Hour hand
      Minute hand
      Hours
      Minutes


      I will ask the students to tell me anything they know about telling time, and we will have
       a class discussion
      Then I will read the book Telling Time, and as I'm reading the book I will also be
       explaining the vocabulary words.
      After I read the book I will pass out paper plates and guide the children through making
       there clock with the correct numbers on it
      Then I will give the children the two pipe cleaners for the hour and minute hand.
      On one end of both pipe cleaners they will need to make a small circle, and put the small
       pipe cleaner on top of the long pipe cleaner, with the holes matching up.
      Then I will give them a brad, so that they can attach there hour and minute hand to the
       middle of there clock.
      I will then pass out the analog clocks, and there will be 3 on a sheet, so each student will
       only need one sheet.
      We will review the minute and hour hand for the analog clock and where the minutes and
       hours go on the digital clock.
      Then I will call out different times and the students will practice making these times on
       there clocks.



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