V - Satellite Accumulation Area Inspection Log

					Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) Weekly Inspection Log
Instructions: Make additional copies of this form as needed and save the completed logs for 3 years. You are
required by law to inspect each hazardous chemical waste container once a week for leaks and to document the
inspection results in this log. Chemical waste containers must be kept closed at all times except when adding or
removing waste. Chemical waste containers must not be stored next to another container holding incompatible
chemicals unless they are separated by either a cabinet wall or have secondary containment. Whenever you
discover a deficiency during your inspection immediately correct the problem. If you have any questions contact
the UCCS EHS Department at (255-3212). Write a comment in the inspection log for the period of time
when there are no hazardous chemical waste containers present in the laboratory.

Principal Investigator: ______________________________ Laboratory Phone Number: _____________

Building name: ______________________________                Room / Space Number: _____________

           Container     Container    Container       Proper     Document leaking container:            Inspector’s
DATE       leaking?       closed?      properly      chemical    Immediately transfer contents to       Initials
                                       labeled?    segregation   another empty chemical reagent
           Yes or No    Yes or No     Yes or No     Yes or No    container in “good” condition.

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