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List of PF funded projects


									                                                Update List of PF funded projects

No                   Project Title                             Partner                    Theme
                                                                   First Round
     Distribution, Status and Management of        Sindh Wildlife Department,       Conservation of
 1   Smooth coated otter (Lutrogale perspicillata) Govt. of Sindh Sukkur            Species
     in Indus Eco-region
     Assess the status of Tenulosa illisha (Palla) Fisheries Department Govt. of    Conservation of
 2   and the causes responsible for its decline in Sindh                            Species
     its natural habitat
     Forest Protection Project through Forest      Indus Development                Conservation of
     Protection Committees                         Organization                     Habitat
     Community Based Natural Resource              Participatory Development        Conservation of
     Management Project                            Initiatives                      Habitat
     Rehabilitation of Fishermen Community and Keenjhar Fishermen Welfare           Alternate Livelihood
 5   Keenjhar Lake through Participatory           Society
     Development and Promotion of Biogas           Shah Lateef Welfare              Alternate Energy
 6   Technologies for Meeting Domestic Fuel        Association, Nawabshah
     Needs of Rural Areas
                                                   Badin Development &              Conservation of
 7   Rehabilitation of Booharki Forest
                                                   Research organization            Habitat
                                                   Young Samaji Tanzeem Johi,       Alternate Energy
 8   Alternative Energy Project- Dadu
                                                    Action for Humanitarian         Alternate Energy
     Promote Alternate Energy for Sustainable
 9                                                  Development
     Conservation of Indus Delta Ecoregion
   Creating Sustainable Environment through         Global Welfare and              Alternate Energy
10 Promotion of Awareness & Energy Efficient        Development Organization
                                                                     Second Round
                                                    Institute of Irrigation and     Alternate Livelihood
   Sustainable reuse of drainage efluent in
                                                    Drainage engineering, Mehran
11 irrigated aggreculture for increasing crop
                                                    engineering university,
   Upper Indus Watershed Management                 Northern Areas Foest &          Conservation of
12 through sea buckthorn plantation and             wildlife Department, Gilgit,    Habitat
   livlihood improvement, Boltistan                 Govt of Pak
   Improvement and Rehabilitation of Haleji         Sindh Wild life Department      Conservation of
   Lake                                             Govt. Of Sindh                  Species
   Distribution and Status of Threatened            Zoology Survey Department,      Conservation of
14 species of fresh water turtules in selected      Govt of Pakistan                Species
   Areas of Indus river System
                                                Research And Development            Alternate Livelihood
   Integrated Agriculture Farming for Improving
15 Water Management, Enhancing Productivity
   and Alleviating Rural Poverty
                                              Marine conservation                   Conservation of
   Sustainable Management of Two threatened
                                              International(MCI)                    Species
   Indus Delta Dolphin Species, the Indo-
   Pacific humpback(suasa chinesis) and Indo-
   Pacific Bottlenose (Tursiops aduncus)

     Construction of Wetland at village, Majeed     Sindhrica Reforms Society,      Alternate Livelihood
     Keerio, Nawabshah                              Nawabshah
                                                    Shehr-CBE                       Conservation of
     Use of GIS to analyse marine turtle Habitat:
18                                                                                  Species
     sandspit & Hawksb\ay Ecosystem
                                                                  Third Round
                                                  Forest & Wildlife Department   Conservation of
19 Reforming Forestry Governance in Sindh         Govt. of Sindh, Karachi        Habitat

   Rehabilitation and Restoration of internal     Sindh Forest Department        Conservation of
20 Irrigation System and Habitat Conservation     Afforestration Division,       Habitat
   of Pai Forest                                  Shaheed Benazirabad
   Community Integrated Rangeland                 Sustainable Development        Conservation of
   Conservation and Management Project            Foundation                     Habitat
   Biodiversity Conservation of the Natural Dye   Goth Sudhar Sangat Haji        Conservation of
22 plant Indigo in Pai Forest area of Indus       Keerio                         Habitat
                                           Sangat Development                    Conservation of
     Community Based Wetland Management of
23                                         Foundation, Nawabsah                  Habitat
     Deh Akro - II
     Rehabilitation of Cyclone Affected           Bahar CBO Keti Bundar          Rehabilitation
     Communities through Partner CBOs
                                                                   Foth Round
     GIS based boundary delineation of highly      Murree Forest Division,      Conservation of
25   encroached forest sections in Murree Forest Punjab Forest Department       Habitats
                                     Projects Granted by SC (Grant below 1 Million Rs.)
No                     Project Title                           Partner                 Theme
     Effect of water quality on the availability,  University of Veterinary &   Conservation of
     size and growth of Indian major Carp ‘Labeo Animal Sciences, Lahore        Species
     rohit’ in selected natural waters for
     sustainable fisheries in Punjab
     Livelihood support to vulnerable              Sindh Rural Support          Alternate Livelihood
     communities, Jubhoo Lagoon                    Programme
     Conservation of Ladakh urial and associated Conservation Manager, WWF Conservation of
 3   wildlife in Shigar Valley, Skardu, Northern   – Northern Areas             Species
     Bioavailability and characterization of heavy PCSIR (Dr. Sarwat Ismail)    Conservation of
     metals in Mangroves ecosystem                                              Habitat
                                                   Conservation Division and    Academic Support
     Support for academia for dissemination of
 5                                                 WWF Sindh Programme          for NR Based
     Scientific information and research
                                                   WWF-P                        Research
     Capacity Buidling of environmental            FEJP & WWF Lahore            Livelihood
     journalists, Punjab
                                                   Department of Film and TV,   Conservation of
     Vulture Less-A15 minutes documentary on
 7                                                 National Collage of Arts     species
     the vulture crisis of Pakistan
     Environmental Relarted Livlihood Support      Mehran Research and          Alternate Livelihood
 8   and alternative energy resource to reduce     Developent Society,
     the wood cutting                              Hyderabad
     Health and Hygienice Promotion through        Jhole Mari Welfare and       Health & Hygiene
 9   safe sanitation and increase plantation,      Development Org.
     Keenjhar Lake
                                                   Sindh Radiant Organization   Alternate Livelihood
10   Safe Drinking water through desalination      Thatta
     plant for coastal communities, Kharo Chhan
                                                   Keemjhar Maroo-Ara Welfare Conservation Of
     Harnessing the Hunting Communities for
11                                                 and Development Org.         Species
     protection of partridge, at Keenjhar Lake
   Support to Sindh Coastal Area Network For Badin Rural Development       Conservation Of
   the National Level Events                 Society                       Habitat
                                             Kiran Aurat Tarqiyati tanzeem Alternate Livelihood
                                             village Talli, Pai
   Economic empowerment of women through skill enhancement and proven of alternative livelihood
                                                   Roshni Keenjhar Welfare and Alternate Livelihood
14                                                 Development Organization,
     To create alternate sources of income for stone extracting and fishing community/women by promoting the enterpreneurship in Jhimpir
     Conservation of Mangroves at Keenjhar Lake Keenjhar Mahool Dost welfare Conservation Of
15                                                 and Development                 Species
                                                   Sindhica Reform Society         Alternate Livelihood
     Capacity building of stakeholders for the management operation and maintenance of Constructed Wetlands
                                                   Dr. Anis ur Rehman, CEO,        Conservation Of
17                                                 Himalayan Wildlife Foundation Species
     In situ conservation of Mahsheer Fish (Tor putitora) in the Ponch River and Mangla Dam
                                                   Keenjhar Khush-Hal Welfare others
18                                                 and development
                                                   Organization to make
     Promotion of ecotourism by construction of walkway facility Thatta conservation and information centre at Keenjhar Lake accessable for the
                                                   Mohammad Qasim, WWF-            Ecology & Evolution
                                                   Pak, Islamabad (in              Process
19                                                 collaboration with the CDM
                                                   Cell of the Federal Ministry of
     Carbon Stock Assessment in sub-watershed of the Himalayan Forest (Ayubia National Park)
                                                   Keenjhar dost welfare and       Conservation of
20                                                 development Organization        habitat, and hygiene
     Environmental protection of Keenjhar Lake through installation of garbage bins along main tourism sites and conservation and information ce
      Livestock sector development in Pai Forest Mehran Tarqiatee Tanzeem          Alternate Livelihood
21   as an alternate livelihood source             Sakrand, Haji Ahmed Keerio

   Gyps Vulture Restoration Project-              WWF-Pakistan, Ferouzpur     Survey
   comprehensive survey                           Road Lahore
   Spatial pattern, range and feeding habits of   Department of Environmental Conservation of
23 the common leopard in Ayubia National Park     sciences of University of   Species

               Location         Status

       Nara Desert          Completed

       Downstream Kotri     Completed

       Matyari Forest       Completed

       Kharo Chhan Thatta Completed

       Keenjhar Lake        Completed

       Pai Forest           Terminated

       Dadu                 Terminated

       Kharo Chhan Thatta Completed

       Keenjhar Lake        Completed

       Jamshoro/ Mirpur     Ongoing

       Skardu Baltistan     Ongoing

       Haleji Lake Thatta   Ongoing

       Indus River Punjab   Ongoing
       & Sindh

       Thatta               Completed

       Indus Delta &        Ongoing
       adjacent Coastal
       areas of Sindh

       Pai Forest           Completed

       Sandspit &           Completed
       Hawksbay Karachi
             Sindh                Ongoing

             Pai Forest           Ongoing

             Chotairi             Ongoing

             Pai Forest           Ongoing

             Shaheed              Ongoing
             Keti Bandar Thatta   Ongoing

             Murree Forest        Ongoing

llion Rs.)
                  Location            Status
             Punjab               Completed

             Jubho Lagoon,        Completed
             Skardu Baltistan     Completed

             Karachi- Sindh       Ongoing

             Sindh                Ongoing

             Punjab               Completed

             Lahore, Karachi,    Completed
             Tharparker, Salt
             Miyani Forest Sindh Completed

             Keenjhar Lake        Ongoing

             Kharo Chhan Thatta Ongoing

             Keenjhar Lake        Ongoing

             Coastal areas Thatta Ongoing
             & Badin
             Pai Forest           Ongoing
Keenjhar Lake      Ongoing

Keenjhar Lake      Ongoing

Pai Forest         Ongoing

Poonch River and   Ongoing

Keenjhar Lake      Ongoing

Ayubia Natinal Park Ongoing

Keenjhar Lake      Ongoing

Pai Forest         Ongoing

Punjab             Ongoing

Ayubia Natinal Park Ongoing

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