; Engr 1202 E01 Clean Room Project
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Engr 1202 E01 Clean Room Project


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									                             Engr 1202 E01
                          Clean Room Project

Today wireless communication devices are everywhere. Mobile telephones allow
people to be in constant contact throughout the world. Wireless connections to
the internet are wide spread. Connections between components in a computer
system can be done wirelessly. New wireless technology can replace bar code
labels. Exact locations can be determined with wireless GPS systems. All of these
devices are getting smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Wireless communication
devices can be smaller than a watch. These wireless communications devices
need a miniature antenna.

Your project is to research and design a planar antenna for use inside a miniature
communications device that is no larger than the face of a watch. The maximum
size of the designed antenna cannot exceed 20mm x 20mm. Cost, reliability, and
manufacturability are to be considered in the design. You can chose to design the
antenna for a mobile phone operating at 1850-1990 MHz, a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
device operating at 2400-2497 MHz, A RFID tag operating at 850-980 MHz, or a
GPS device operating at 1575 MHz. You will then fabricate your antenna design in
the ECE Microelectronics Clean Room in Cameron Hall. The completed antenna
and fabrication summary will then be presented. Both a written report and slide
presentation are required.

You will receive instruction on how to safely work and fabricate the antenna in
the clean room.

This is a team project. Teams will be formed and will meet as necessary in the
clean room. All team members will receive the same grade for the slide
presentation and final report.

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