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					          OLNEY FARMERS MARKET - 2008 FARMERS                                  A/O FEBRUARY 26, 2008

                      NAME/TYPE OF FARMER                                       CONTRACT RECEIVED      NUMBER OF SPACES REQUESTED

Three Springs Fruit Farm/Produce, Jam, and Fruits                                       YES                   Min. 2, Max. 4
Wellspring Gardens/Flowers, Plants                                                      YES                         2
Farmhouse Flowers and Plants/Flowers, Plants                                            YES
Greens Next Door/Flowers, Plants & Vegetables                                           YES                         1
Pleitez Produce/Flowers,Plants,Vegetables, and Fruits                                   YES                         2
Falcon Ridge Farm/Flowers, Plants,Vegetables, Baked Goods, Cider, and Fruits            YES                      Jan-00
Vendor                         Product (s)               Email                      Phone                  Contract Received # Spaces Comments
Magdalena DuBois               empanadas, pupusas,       Magdalena_DuBois@mcpsmd.or 301-728-1562                                      Not yet confirmed – still needs
                               pastry (?)                g                                                                            commercial kitchen
                               Jerk Chicken (?)      301-422-6351
Jerk Hill                                                                           240-304-6341
Barry and Elvenia                                                                                                                       We need their last names
Atwater's Bread                bread, cookies, etc.            410-323-2396
Ned Atwater                                                                                (fax: x-2397)
Lisa Harden

Neopol Savory Smokery          smoked fish, other        410-433-7700                                 Approached, is thinking about
Barbara Lahnstein              smoked items                                                fax: 410-433-                                it.

Sue Soorenko                   ice cream                       703-752-1919                                 expected back
Moorenko's Ice Cream

Erick Gilbert                  knishes, chocolates                                                           expected back
Mike's Peanuts                 peanuts in the shell                                                         expected back
Mike Shaughnessy

Jeff Givens                    coffee beans and                                                expected back
Southern Skies Coffee Roasters brewed coffee

Whitson Chile Products LLC     Terlingua Sweet Hots                                                         shipped product up for benefit -
Sarah Whitson Bourbon          Pickles                                                                                                  unsure if also will ship for

Eva Jaatmaa                    baked goods                                                                     expected back
Trail Garden

Lisa Lindsey                   Dog biscuits and breads                                                           expected back
Afreeya Robinson               fresh and raw foods                                                              wants to come "on a regular
A Quest For Fresh, LLC                                                                                                                  schedule"

Bonaparte Bread                Pastry, bread, etc.                       yes                          Need More Contact Info!!
Ribs on the Run                barbeque                                                    301 252 3836                                 No email
Henry Harrod, Jr.
Lowry Martin        healthy cakes and                         cell: 240-441-   Interested.
President/CEO of    muffins made with                         6248   vegetables

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