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									Logodex.com Launches Groundbreaking Visual Search Engine, Offering Myriad
Benefits to Businesses, Consumers

A site called Logodex.com has revolutionized visual search, with a new, searchable database of
company logos—and positions in the Logodex.com database are available on a first-come,
first-serve basis.

Charlotte, NC, February 01, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Thanks to the increased prominence of photo-sharing
platforms such as Instagram, as well as digital “bulletin board” applications like Pinterest, the Internet is
more image-based than ever before, leading some pundits to herald the advent of “the visual Web,” and
of visual marketing. Taking that trend even further is a groundbreaking new site called Logodex.com. The
first of its kind, Logodex.com is a visual search engine, designed to streamline and simplify the
information retrieval process while offering unique benefits to businesses and brands. The site is set to
launch on February 6—and businesses are encouraged to get in on the ground floor, as rankings
within the Logodex.com database will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

According to site developer Johnny Lawrence, the impetus for Logodex.com was to provide search
engine users with an easier, simpler way to locate the information they needed. “In a way, it cuts through
all of the noise and the clutter found on traditional search engines,” says Lawrence. “It is all about making
it quicker and easier to locate needed services. The user only needs to input the kind of business needed,
as well as the city, and the Logodex.com search engine will display the logos of companies that fit the
description.” Clicking on any one of these logos will take the consumers to the website of the applicable
company or local business.

Lawrence says that the appeal to search engine users is obvious, but the benefits for businesses and
brands are just as important. “This takes the idea of visual marketing to a whole new level,” he says.
“Businesses can make strong first impressions by using striking visuals; uploading a logo to the
Logodex.com database makes it easier than ever to boost brand visibility.” Businesses can also promote
themselves on a Groupon-styled “local deals” page, on which Logodex.com provides businesses with
opportunities to host discount codes and coupons. Search engine users can sign up to receive updates and
deals from the local businesses they frequent.

Lawrence notes that the simplified functionality and vast logo database of Logodex.com offer immense
consumer appeal—so businesses are encouraged to take part. “Businesses can choose to list
themselves under different keywords, including their city, their industry, and different buzzwords for the
services they offer,” he explains. “The bottom line is that this provides a tremendous opportunity for
companies to market themselves and make themselves more visible to the clients who matter the
most—that is, local consumers.” Logodex.com is committed to helping businesses with those
marketing efforts; a robust social media campaign is planned to draw users to the Logodex.com database.

A listing in the Logodex.com directory is free, Lawrence says, though premium memberships are
available. “Some of the paid features include a larger logo placement and more search terms,” he offers.
Rankings within the Logodex.com search engine are decided on a first-come, first-serve basis, however,

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which Lawrence says creates a level playing field—and a sense of urgency. “It obviously helps to
have your business listed first among its competitors,” Lawrence concludes. “As such, now is the time for
businesses to take advantage of this first-of-its-kind visual search technology.”


Logodex.com is a visual search engine, tied to an exhaustive online database of logos—the first of
its kind, Logodex.com offers simplified search functionality and easy information retrieval, as well as
myriad marketing opportunities for businesses and brands. The site was founded in early 2013, by
developer Johnny Lawrence. Logodex.com is an innovative new way to search the Web, and it is taking
the idea of visual marketing to the next level. The site can be accessed at www.logodex.com.

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