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Clearwater Capital Partners_ LLC


									Clearwater Capital Partners, LLC                                                                                                     Fact Sheet 2006
Clearwater Capital Partners, LLC (“Clearwater” or the “Firm”) is an investment firm founded in December 2001 to invest in special
situations and distressed or otherwise undervalued assets and securities located in Asia, excluding Japan (the “Asia Region”).
The three founding partners, Robert Petty, Amit Gupta and Bruno Beuque (the “Principals”), each have expertise in one of the
three primary disciplines required for success in executing Clearwater’s investment strategy. Robert Petty’s primary expertise is
in portfolio management, sourcing and trading. Amit Gupta’s primary expertise is in credit analysis and underwriting. Bruno
Beuque’s primary expertise is in restructuring and asset management. The Principals as a group have more than 50 years of
combined Asia credit and special situations investment experience and have invested in 80 restructurings with total liabilities in
excess of $65 billion. Clearwater’s investment strategy is to leverage its distinct advantages in due diligence and execution
capabilities across local currencies, languages and jurisdictions to build a diversified, cash generative and non-correlating
portfolio of special situations investments and distressed or otherwise undervalued assets and securities located in the Asia
Region. Clearwater’s investors include major endowments, foundations, family offices and large institutions.

 Global Offices                      The Opportunity: Clearwater combines the disciplines of private equity and credit investing to
                                     capitalize on what the Firm perceives to be an historic opportunity for special situations investing
 New York                            in the Asia Region. Several drivers of these investment opportunities include: economic growth
 485 Madison Avenue                  and strong currency fundamentals; credit market growth, which now exceeds $7.7 trillion;
 18th Floor                          underdeveloped capital markets in need of sophisticated solutions, especially with respect to the
 New York, NY 10022
                                     debt and equity markets of small- to medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”); ongoing pressure on
 Singapore                           financial institutions to reduce the percentage of non-performing loans (“NPLs”) on their balance
 6 Battery Road                      sheets; and increased pressure on companies to improve generally weak balance sheets and
 #37-03                              operating inefficiencies.
 Singapore 149909
                                     Clearwater’s Global Presence: Clearwater has 50 professionals located in New York,
 Hong Kong
 1 Exchange Square                   Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul and Mumbai. The Firm’s global reach is complemented by its
 Suite 3406                          local presence and due diligence and execution capabilities in local currencies, languages and
 Central, Hong Kong                  jurisdictions. Collectively, Clearwater’s professionals represent 11 nationalities and speak 12
 10th Floor KTB Network Bldg.
 826-14 Yeoksam-Dong
 Seoul 135-080, Korea

 201, 2nd Floor, Central Plaza,
 166, CST Road, Kalina,                                                                                                                         Seoul
 Mumbai 400 098
                                                                                                                                                Credit Research                                                                                                                   Asset Management
                                                                                                                                                Korea Dedicated
                                                     New York
 Founded        2001
                                        Strategic Management
                                      Accounting & Operations
                                             Investor Relations
 AUM            $750 million
                                                                                  Mumbai                 Singapore                          Hong Kong
                                                                        Credit Research           Credit Research                           Credit Research
 Employees      50                                                    Asset Management          Asset Management                            Global Focus
                                                                         India Dedicated         SE Asia Presence                           China Presence

 Offices        5
                                     The Clearwater Portfolios: Clearwater’s investment portfolios are diversified across eight Asian
                                     economies and over 20 industries. Although Clearwater’s historical investments have been
 Strategy       Clearwater           made predominately in debt, Clearwater has and will continue to structure investments that
                combines the         combine debt and equity in order to produce a more asymmetric risk profile for the portfolio and
                disciplines of       generate absolute returns.
                private equity
                and credit
                investing to build     Disclaimer. This informational document dated August 15, 2006 (the “Fact Sheet”) is furnished for the purpose of
                diversified            providing certain information about Clearwater Capital Partners, LLC and its managed entities. The information
                                       contained herein is provided for informational purposes only and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to
                portfolios of          buy an interest in any Clearwater managed entity.
                special situations
                in the Asia
                                     For more information please contact Sofya Alterman at (212) 201-8546 or

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