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The Catawba- Wateree Messenger - South Carolina Genealogical by linxiaoqin


									  Jan, Feb, Mar-2012             The Catawba- Wateree Messenger
  Volume 1, Issue 1                     Catawba- Wateree Genealogical Society

  Special Interest
                            Covering the Counties of Lancaster and Kershaw

  • 1865 Kershaw
                            1865 Kershaw County State Tax List
    County State Tax
    List p. 1. 2, 12,       1865 was a pivotal year in          gives an idea of person of
    13, 14                  Kershaw County’s history.           color in the area (denoted as
                            Such things as Sherman’s            PC on the tax list). These
  • Unlikely Source         march through the area              person of color also shows
    that is overlooked.
    p. 1 and 3              brought destruction, the            the taking of a surname and
                            actual taking of goods and          not just one name as in
  • Identifying German      animals for rations and             slavery days. It shows
     Roots- p. 9. 10. 11.   survival in war, the stealing       estates that are still trying to
                            on fine objects as tokens of        be settled from before the
Individual Highlights:      plundering,    and        the       war, and those that may have
                            instituting of a martial law        come because of death
  Calendar                  government.      The    1865        during the war between the
  of Events        2        Kershaw County State Tax            states. Other things on the
                            list done in October also           list are insurance companies,
 Lancaster County                                                          (continued page 3 )

                            An Unlikely Source that is overlooked
                            Ever looked at a slave narrative from an    Biggers’ first wife, Narcissa
  Kirk Family    4,7
                            area in South Carolina and wondered if      Gilmore, had died. Across the
  Equities         5        any of the material being said was          way was the Widow Gibson, who
                            actually correct. Recently, I came          had   a    plantation    between
  Marriages in Older
                            across one that I just had to pursue and    Kershaw and Camden. Her
  Newspapers       5        explore. The slave’s name was Peter         husband was the late Roger
                            Clifton, and he lived in 1936 in            Samuel Gibson.      Fifty slaves
  The Kershaw County
                            Winnsboro, South Carolina. As I read        were said to work on the place. It
  1910 Census-     6        the narrative, I began to wonder if what    was here where Peter said he
                            was being recorded and written down         was born.
  The Kershaw County
                            was actually correct. This person told
  1940 Census-     6        of being sold at the Chester                On the 12 of November, Biggers
                            Courthouse with his parents in 1849         Mobley and Mary A. Stradford
  Confederate Obituary                                                  Gibson were married by the
                            belonging to the a Clifton that had died.
  Cornelius Benton Burns-   The story tells of the one that             Reverend L. McDonald. In 1889
                            purchased this family. That person          Mary Ann Mobley died and is
  ---               7                                                   buried in the Stradford- Gibson
                            being Biggers Mobley. He owned a
  Sheriff’s Sales- 8        plantation a few miles from Chester.        Cemetery. From all indications,
                            However, our story is just beginning.       Biggers    Mobley kept     both
  1842 Kershaw County                                                   plantations operating.
  Appeal -        11                                                    Continued on Page 3.

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                            June     3- Amanda B. Shields- The Legacy of a Common Soldier
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 Camden Archives and
   Museum, Camden,          About Our Organization…
      South Carolina   The Catawba Wateree Chapter of the South Carolina
 archivesmuseum.aspx        Genealogical Society was established in 1986 to promote
                            genealogical research in Kershaw and Lancaster counties.
1865 Kershaw County State Tax List                     (Continued from page 1)
and just everyday people trying to      happened to the rest from 1863.
survive      the    calamities     of
                                        The business’ listed are as follows:
destruction due to Sherman and his
raids in the area. Not to mention the   Elias & Bros.
provincial government by the Union      Hocott & Hughes
soldiers in the area.                   Hodson & Dunlap
                                        Bank of Camden
On the list were seventy-six
                                        DeSausure, John D.L.
estates, fifteen business’, nine
                                        Confederate Fire Insurance Company
hundred thirty-nine whites, and
                                        Baum Brothers                                   Title Page of Tax Book
nine hundred eighty eight persons
                                        Sutherland & Lemond
of color.                                                                                   More images of
                                        Richmond City Fire Insurance Company
Ironically, during the year 1863 in     McDonald & MCurry                                   the tax records
the Camden Confederate, a list          Merchants Fire Insurance Company                    on pages 13 and
suggested some five thousand            Meroney & Boswell                                   page 14.
persons of color in the area. Quite a   Matheson & Company
difference from 1863 to 1865. One       Leaphart & Janey
can only imagine that most may          Hocott & Alden
children under the age of sixteen in
this persons of color area. The         The 1865 Kershaw County State Tax list has
main question should be what            much to offer descendants looking for those

Ancestors residing in Kershaw County in 1865. Preachers, doctors, well-established family names dot the
list of those in the area.

  1865- A Year of Changes in Kershaw County.

An Unlikely Source that is overlooked -Continued from page 1

 Now, let’s turn our story back          South Carolina. He was
 to Peter Clifton, whose kept            said to be born in 1868, not            Sources: South Carolina
                                                                                 Narratives- Part 1- Vol XIV-
 the Clifton named only                  1848, and is twelve years               WPA of South Carolina
 because that Clifton owner              old.                                    1936-1938- Published in
 was their first master. Peter           I can only marvel at the                1941
 talks of his genealogical line.         words that were said and
 His parents were named Ned              the conviction in which                 Camden Journal Issue-
                                                                                 November 26, 1850
 and Jane Clifton. His siblings          Peter told his story. It is
 were Tom, Lizzie, May, and              wonderful to read and                   Chester County Marriages-
 Gill. His grandparents were             discover.                               1778-1879- Chester County,
 Warren and Maria.                                                               South Carolina- Probate and
 We find this family of Cliftons-                                                Equity Records.
 Ned, Jane, Peter, and siblings
 in the 1880 census in Chester,
By Gary Harris
                          From the Lancaster Genealogical Library
                          Heath Springs Scribe Traces Kirk Family from 800 A.D. to Present Generation

                                                               By Mrs. E. C. Croxton
                                                Article appeared in the Friday, April 9, 1948, issue of
                                                       The Kershaw News-Era (Kershaw, S.C.)

                                  As early as 800 A.D., the name, Kirk, is    Virginia, and many have the familiar family
 .The Kirk family dates
                              found among English records. The first Kirk     names.
  back to the Scotland        is said to have migrated to Scotland in the
      about 800 A,D,”                                                            In the meantime, the three sons of
                              year 1412. From Scotland, his descendants
                                                                              James Kirk and His first wife, Agnes, had
                              went to County Antrim, Ireland, along with
                                                                              come to the Waxhaw settlement in South
                              hundreds of other Protestants during the
                                                                              Carolina.    They     must     have    come
                              period of religious persecution. There some
                                                                              immediately after their mother’s death. The
                              died, such as “James Kirk, the Martyr” who
                                                                              eldest of the three, John, married the
                              refused to recant.
                                                                              daughter of Hugh Montgomery, whose
                                 In 1773, James Kirk of Ballemoney,           name goes down in that line of Kirks. John
                              County Antrim, Ireland, came to America         served in the Revolution. He reared a large
                              bringing his wife, the former Agnes             family. Sometime before 1820, he migrated
                              Edmiston (Edmondson), and their three           to Tennessee, where his descendants may
                              younger sons, John, Robert, and Matthew,        now be found. Our records of Robert Kirk
                              The eldest son, James, Jr., had already         are scant. He too has a Revolutionary
                              married, He and his family elected to remain    service record. He is listed in the 1790
                              in Ireland. The elder James and his wife,       United States Census record as living in
                              Agnes, settled in Fairfax County, Virginia,     Lancaster District, and as being the head of
                              Agnes’ father, Matthew Edmiston, also           a household in which there was one male
                              settled in Fairfax County, His will which is    beside himself over sixteen years of age.
                              recorded in Alexandria names as one             The youngest of the three, Matthew Kirk,
                              beneficiary, “my grandson, Matthew Kirk.”       married Grace Johnson of the Waxhaw’s
                                                                              settlement and they set up housekeeping in
                                  James Kirk acquired large landholdings
                                                                              their home in the Elgin section.
                              in Fairfax County. He lived in Alexandria
                              and in one record is listed as being a “Mcht.        Matthew Kirk, youngest son of James
                              Of Alexandria.” In another, a friend wills to   and Agnes E. Kirk, was born in
                              “my dear friend, Captain James Kirk, my         Ballemoney, Ireland, in 1760. At the age of
                              watch,” Captain Kirk soon became active in      thirteen, as we have noted, he came to
                              the political life of his adopted country. By   America with his parents, coming the same
                              1774, we find him serving on the first          year to Lancaster District in South Carolina.
                              Committee of Safety of Virginia of which        He and Grace Johnson were married in
                              George Washington was chairman, In 1775,        1787. Even though the 1850 United States
                              he was placed on the Committee of               Census state that Grace was born in 1760
                              Correspondence for the Committee of             in the Lancaster District, South Carolina,
                              Safety.                                         family tradition has always said that she
                                                                              was born in Ireland. She had one brother,
                                   Agnes Edmiston Kirk died very shortly
                                                                              Eli Johnson. Matthew died in 1838 at the
                              after their arrival in America. Captain Kirk
                                                                              age of 78 years and is buried in the Shiloah
                              married again within a short time. At this
                                                                              A. R. P. Church Cemetery in Lancaster
                              death in 1783, he left several small children
                                                                              County. Grace is buried beside him. She
                              by this second wife, Descendants of three
                                                                              died in 1858 at the age of 89 years.
                              small children still live in Fairfax County,
                                                                                  (Continued on page 7)
The Importance of Looking At Equities in Newspapers

How many of you take the          such as correction of         others    had     parallel
time    to  look    at    the     property lines, taking        systems of law and
newspapers? In the back of        possession of assets,         equity with different
the paper in the classifieds,     imposing a lien, dividing     procedural rules. Now
equities may be in there,         assets, or injunctive         most states combine
especially  in   the    older     relief (ordering a person     law and equity and treat
newspapers about the area.        to do something) to           both under "one cause
                                  prevent        irreparable    of action” (The Free
Things that you may find are
                                  damage. The rules of          Dictionary on internet)
claimants versus defendants.
                                  equity arose in England
The claimants are just that-
                                  when        the      strict
person or persons who file a
                                  limitations of common
claim against someone, also
                                  law would not solve all
called a defendant. An equity
                                  problems, so the King
is described as 1) a venerable
                                  set     up    courts     of
group     of     rights    and
                                  chancery (equity) to
procedures       to     provide
                                  provide          remedies
fairness, unhampered by the
                                  through the royal power.
narrow strictures of the old
                                  Most eastern states had
common       law    or    other
                                  courts of equity or
technical requirements of the
                                  chancery separate from
law. In essence courts do the
                                  courts of law, and
fair thing by court orders

Marriages in Older Newspapers
All of us at some time or
another have picked up a
newspaper and looked at the
names of the brides and the
names of those engaged to
be married several months
from that date. I can only
imagine that one might have
found a distant relative
getting married. Many papers
in the older times included
marriage announcements.
Examples of these from the
Camden, South Carolina
newspapers in the during the
years 1870 and 1880.
                           The Kershaw County 1910 Census
                            In the 1910 census, there    James G. Campbell       Simeon Stokes
                            is a listing for those who   Henry J. Manson         S. T. Gardner
                            were either a Confederate    C. C. / L. L. Clyburn   Thomas Watts
                            or an Union Soldier.                                 James Robinson
                                                         Wateree Township:       William H. Williams
                            Dekalb Township:
                                                         James A. Grigsby        Laurence C.
                            George L. Dixon
                                                         J. P. Abbott            James/Jowers/ Jones
                            Robert A. McCaskill
Make sure that you                                       Hiram Addison           Lewis Deas
                            Charles I. Shiver
look at the headings                                     Neil Ray                John Horton
                            James Wilson
                                                         Sam Branham             Anquish J. Munn
on the top of the census    Thomas Bateman
                                                         John A. Rabon           John A. Munn
page.                       George W. Moseley
                                                         William Branham         William A. Catoe
                            Thomas H. Davis
                                                         John Jackson            John Reese
                                                         Joseph J. Bell          Phillip A. Watkins
                            Flat Rock Township:
                                                                                 Thomas H. Hunter
                            E. T. Truesdel
                                                         Buffalo Township        Amos Hough
                            J. J. Owens, Jr.
                                                         H. A. Bethune           Peter Gandy
                            L. A. Cauthern
                                                         D.M. Bethune            Hiram Joyner
                            Ezekial J. Gaskins
                                                         J. N. Nicholson         John S. Hinson
Looking at a                Robert J. Turner
                                                         S. N. Newman            Neal J. Bennett
census can be fun           Allen Jordan
                                                         J. M. Northcutt         Burrell N. Joyner
                            Thomas Banks
and exciting.                                            G. B. King              Chapman Kirkland Blair

                             Also on this census are two Union Army soldiers in Buffalo Township:
                             W. T. Brice
                             J. S. Baker

                            The Kershaw County 1940 Census

                               The National Archives announced its selection of Inflection,
                               parent company to family history web site, to
                               design and host a free web site for the April 2, 2012, at 9 AM
                               (EST) launch of the 1940 U.S. Census. This is the first time
                               that the National Archives has released a U.S. Census online.

                               On April 2, 2012, users will be able to search, browse, and
Mark April 2, 2012             download the 1940 Census schedules from their own
                               computers or from the public computers at National Archives
                               locations nationwide through the new 1940 Census web site,
                               free of charge.

                                           Are you ready?
The Kirk Family Continued

    Matthew and Grace J. Kirk reared a large        (It was their son, the Rev. W. R. Kirk, who
 family of eight children, four of whom married     collected the Kirk Family records in the year
 and remained in Lancaster District, while four     1894 in the Journal Diary of Kirk History. These
 migrated to other states. The children were        records were revised in 1915- 1926 by the Rev.
 Mary Kirk ( Mrs. John Countryman) migrated to      Kirk’s daughter, Mrs. Anna Kirk Faulkner, of
 Georgia; William Kirk married a Miss Kitchen       Alameda, California. She collected other
 and moved to Alabama; Rebecca Kirk married         records and added to those of her father thus
 first to Henry Cotton and second to George         bringing them up to date. It is from her letters
 Massey, stayed in South Carolina. James            of 1920-26 that this sketch is taken.
 Johnson Kirk, born May 10, 1794, died June 21,
 1857. Married first to Jane Walker, whose family   First Part – will be continued in next issue.
 had moved to Alabama about the same time
 James Johnson had.

       in Camden Journal
       May 1871-

       Cornelius Benton Burns
Land sales in Newspapers

Often, one can look and see
land sales in the newspaper.
On these ads, such things
as acreage, where located,
and sometimes neighbors
next door might be included.
Here are some examples in
the newspapers from the
1870 to the 1880’s in the
Camden, Kershaw County
area. This is a Sheriff’s Sale
from the newspaper. Much
land sold was carried out by
the Sheriff in the county.

Identifying German Names

If you know a little German, you will be able to recognize names more easily; however, if you do not know German
there are a number of clues to look for.

Look for names which begin with sch, the consonant cluster and sound represented in English by sh, like in shoe:
Schaefer (Schafer, Schaeffer, Schaffer, Shaffer), Schlitz, Schluter, Schmid (Schmidt, Schmitt, Schmitz), Schneider,
Schrader, Schroeder, Schul(t)z (Schulz, Shulz), Schumacher, Schu(h)mann, and Schwar(t)z.

Look for names with ue (ü), oe (ö), indicating umlauts; beginning with Kn: Knopf, Knecht, Knefler, Kno(e)del;
beginning with Pf: Pflaume, Pfrommer, Pfister, Pfizer; beginning with Str: Stroh.

Names with ei are mostly German (but not all): Reichmann, Reimann, Reimers, Eisenhower, Heilemann, Klein,
Weimer, Weiss.

Neu is German for new: Neuman(n), Neuberger, Nieman(n), Nauman(n).

If a name ends in -mann, -burg, -berg, -lich, -stein, or -t(h)al, it is a likely indication that the name is German. But in
certain settlement areas, these endings could also refer to Swedish and Russian Jewish backgrounds. There are
German place names ending in -burg (castle), -bruck (bridge), -furt (ford), -berg (mountain), -reuth, -rode (clearing
in woods).

Many German names have their roots in the Germanic middle ages. The process of forming family names began
around the year 1100 and extended through 1600. All social classes and demographic strata aided in the
development of names. First Names (Rufnamen) identified specific persons. Over time the first name began to be
applied to the bearer's whole family. At first through verbal usage, family names (Familiennamen) were later fixed
through writing. Until the 17th century, first names played a more important role. In East Friesland, family names
originated the latest.

The earliest family names derived from the first name of the first bearer (Patronym). Later names derived from the
place of dwelling and location of the homestead. If a person of family migrated from one place to another they were
identified by the place they came from. Of more recent origin are names derived from the vocation of profession of
the first bearer. These names comprise the largest group and the most easily recognizable, for they tell what the
first bearer did for a living. Another group are names derived from a physical or other characteristic of the first
bearer. Finally, there are names which tell you the state or region a first bearer and his family came from; the age
old division in tribes and regions (low German, middle German and upper German) is often reflected in names. For
non-German speakers they are at first hard to "localize." Names from along the Dutch border, and some of the
names from Northern Germany, sound much like Dutch or English names, respectively.

First Names

Old Germanic First Names (and their short forms)

Masculine: Albert, Albrecht, Armin, Arno, Benno, Bernd, Bernhard, Berthold, Bruno, Burkhard, Daniel, Detlev,
Dieter, Dietmar, Dirk, Eberhard, Edmund, Erik, Ernst, Erwin, Ewald, Ferdinand, Frank, Freddi(y), Friedrich, Friedl,
Fritz, Gerhard, Gu(ü)nt(h)er, Hagen, Harald, Hartmut, Heiko, Heinrich, Heinz, Helge, Helmut, Hendrik, Henning,
Herbert, Hermann, Holger, Horst, Hubert, Hugo, Ingo, Karl, Karl-Heinz, Konrad, Kurt, Lothar, Ludwig, Lutz,
Manfred, Meinhard, Olaf, Oskar, Otto, Rainer, Ralf, Reinhard, Richard, Robert, Roland, Rolf, Rudolf, Rudi, Rüdiger,
Siegfried, Sven, Thorsten, Udo, Ulrich, Uwe, Volker, Volkmar, Walter, Wernher, Wilhelm, Willi, Wolf, Wolfgang,

Feminine: Adele, Astrid, Berta, Birgit, Brigitte, Brunhilde, Carla, Carola, Carolin, Dagmar, Dora, Doris, Edith,
Elfrieda, Elisabeth, Elke, Elsa, Erika, Eva, Eva-Maria, Friedrike, Friedl, Gertrud(e), Gisela, Gudrun, Hedwig, Heidi,
heike, Helga, Helge, Hilde, Hulda, Inge, Ingrid, Isolde, Liebgard, Mathilde, Mechthild, Sieglinde, Sigrid, Ute,
German first names and short forms derived from biblical names, Latin, Greek or other

Masculine: Achim, Adrian, Alex, Ali, Alois, Andreas, Anton, August, Axel, Benjamin, Bjorn, Christian,

Christoph, Clemens, Dagobert, Daniel, Emil, Eugen, Felix, Florian, Franz, Georg, Gustav, Hannes, Hans,

Hans-Jörg, Hans-Peter, Jakob, Jam, Jens, Joachim, Jochen, Jörg, Johannes, Johann, Josef, Julian, Jürgen,
Kai, Kai-Olaf, Karsten, Klaus, Leopold, Leo, Lorenz, Lukas, Markus, Martin, Matthias, Maximilian, Max,

Michael, Moritz, Nikolaus, Paul, Peter, Philipp, Sebastian, Sepp, Stefan, Theo, Thomas, Tobias, Viktor, Xaver

Feminine: Alexandra, Andrea, Angelika, Anna, Aneliese, Annemarie, Barbara, Bärbel, Beate, Catharina,

Charlotte, Christa, Christel, Christiane, Christine, Cornelia, Daniela, Dor, Doris, Elisabeth, Elsa, Eva, Eva-

Marie, Franziska, Gabi, Gabrielle, Brete, Grete, Gretchen, Hannelore, Helene, Ilse, Inge, Irene, Johanna,

Julia, Juliana, Jutta, Karin, Käthe, Kathrin, Krista, Laura, Lena, Liesl, Lieselotte, Lotte, Luise, Margot, Maria,
Marianne, Margarethe, Marike, Renate, Rita, Rosamunde, Rosamarie, Ruth, Sabine, Sandra, Sara, Sofia,

Stefanie, Steffi, Susanne, Susi, Thea, Therese, Trixi, Ulla, Ulrike, Ursula, Uschi, Valerie, Vera, Veronika

Family names derived from first name of first bearer: Albrecht (Albright), Eberhard(t), Georg(e),
Lorenz, Ott(o), Paul(us), Reinhard, Thomas, Werner.

Dating back to the old Germanic world: Albrecht (Albright), Die(d)trich, Gu(ü)nther, Hagen, Hildebrandt,
Hillenbrand, Oswald, Siegfried (Seyfried). Short forms: Dietrich-Dietz, Friedrich-Fritz, Konrad-Kunz (Koons),
Heinrich-Hinz, Ludwig-Lutz.

Names of saints: Benjamin, Daniel, Lukas, Matthias, Matthäus, Paulus, Ruprecht, Nikolaus.

Names derived from the place of dwelling and location of the homestead: Zumwald - at the forest;
Kaltenbach - cold creek; Waldschmidt - smith at/in the woods. Meer - from the sea, ocean; Borg (northern
German) or Burg - from or near a fortified castle; Bullwinkel - corner where bulls are kept; Adler (zum Adler)
- eagle, may have derived from a house name; Rabe - crow.

The place a person came from: Battenberg (Mountbatten), Battenfeld; Cullen from Koeln/Cologne;
Dannenberg, town of Dannenberg - pine-tree covered mountain, name of three places in Germany;
Dresdner from Dresden; Halpern or Halperin - one who came from Heilbronn in Württemberg; Mel(t)zer -
can be a brewer or a person who came from Meltz; Berlin, Klutz and Lowenthal - place names in Germany;
Silberg - two place names in Germany; Stein - numerous villages in German-speaking countries; stone,
rock, marker; Sternberg - ten places in Germany; Shapiro, Shapira, Shapero, Shapera - one from Spyer, in
the middle ages spelled Spira, and by Jews spelled Shapira; Pollack - one who came from Poland; Frank -
from Franconia; Rockower, Rockow - ow is frequent and only in the low lands of Germany; Schlesinger -
one who came from Silesia or Schleusingen in Thuringia; Schwei(t)zer - person from Switzerland, but also a

Names derived from the vocation of profession of first bearer: Arzt - doctor; Bader - barber;
Bauer - farmer; Bauman(n) - builder; Becker - baker; Brenner - distiller; Brauer, Breuer - brewer,
brower, brewster; Eisenhauer, Eisenhower - iron cutter, miner; Fa(e)rber - dyemaker, painter;
Fischer - fisher; Fleischer - butcher; Gebauer - peasant or tiller of the field; Gerber - tanner;
Kaiser - Emperor; Kellerman - worker or dweller in a wine cellar or tavern; Kessler - coppersmith,
one who sold or made cettles; Kramer - merchant; Kreisler, Kreusler - from curly, also spinning
top; Krieg, Krieger - war, warrior, in Yiddish could mean tavern keeper; Ku(e)ster - sexton,
Ku(e)nstler - artist or skilled artisan; Lederer, Lederman(n) - leather maker, tanner;
Lehrer - teacher; Lesser - custodian of a forest, game keeper; Lichtermann - one who lit lamps, lamplighter;
Lichtman - candle maker; Maurer - stone mason; Mehler (Mahler) - painter; Mehlinger, Mehlman(n), Melman -
one who works with flour; Metzger - butcher; Mu(e)ller - miller; Nachtman(n) - night watchman;
Pfannenschmidt - maker of pots and pans; Postman(n) - postal worker, (also a person from Postau);
Puttkam(m)er - person who cleans rooms; Rader - wheelwright, one who makes wheels; or a person from
Raden (moor, reedy place), one who thatched with reed; Reifsneider, Reifsnyder - one who made barrel
hops; Reiter - horseman, also one who cleared land for tilling; Richter - judge or magistrate; Saltz,
Saltzman(n) - one who processed and sold salt; Sandler - one who carts sand, repairs shoes, a cobbler;
Scha(e)fer, Schaf, Schaap - shepherd; Schaffer, Shaffer - administrator; Schenker - one who kept a public
house; Scherer - one who shaved others, a barber; Schlosser - locksmith; Schlu(e)ter - the keeper of
supplies; Schmidt - smith; Schmuker, Schmu(c)kler - one who decorates, ornaments; Schneider and
Schroeder - tailor; Schultz, Schultheis - village mayor; Schreiber - secretary or scribe; Schreiner - cabinet
maker; Schubert - one who made or sold shoes; Schulman(n) - school or synagogue man; Schumacher,
Schu(h)man(n), Schuster - shoe maker, cobbler; Steinhauer - one who cuts and breaks stone; Studebaker -
one who prepared or sold pastries; Wagner - wagoner, wagon maker; Weber - weaver; Wechsler - money

Names derived from a physical or ther characteristic of first bearer: Altmann - old man; Hellmann -
light man; Dick - fat person; Klein - short; Lange - the long one; Kurz - the short one; Lustig - happy person;
Grossmann - the big one; Rot(h)bart - red beard; Weiss - white appearance; Schwar(t)z - black appearance;
Schwarzkopf - black haired; Sus(s)man - affectionate person; Unruh - agitator or trouble maker; Schatz -
treasure; Stamm, Stump - trunk (as of a tree); Stammler - stutterer; Stock - stick, tree trunk.

After days of the week: Montag, Freitag, Sonntag; or Month: May.

Relating to objects/materials: Hammer - hammer; Nagel - nail; Knopf - button; Stahl - steel; Eisen - iron;
Erzberger - ore mountain; Gold - gold; Silber - silver; Baum - tree; Holz - wood; Stroh - straw; Keller - cellar,
food storage space.

Names which tell you the state or region a first bearer and his family came from: Schwab, Hess(e),
Bayer, Preuss, Sachs, Frank(e), Fries

Regional differences: Diminutives (-chen, -lein, -lin) can indicate a regional origin. Examples: Buechlein,

Allemanic (Switzerland, Alsace, Baden) endings in -li; Swabian: -le; Bavaria/Austrian: -erl; North
German: -gen, -ken.

Schleswig-Holstein and Friesland share the North-European tradition of adding -sen or -so(h)n to
the father's name: Hansen, Claussen, Petersen, Petersohn, Jacobsohn, T(h)omsen.

Where immigration from the northeastern provinces of Mecklenburg and Pomerania was strong, we find
names ending in -ow (but note that Polish and Russian have that ending too).

For meanings see Hans Bahlow Dictionary of German Names and George F. Jones German-American

On July 1st, 1842, a number of Camden, South
Carolina citizens presented to the Senate of the
United States (the 27th Congress) a bill for the
passage of the General Bankrupt Laws to enact into
J. K. Douglass Thomas Welsh Thomas Salmon
J. H. Anderson W. Kennedy           S. Blanding
J. W. Cantey      S. H. Gifford     James Wood
G. W. Strickland Benjamin Gass F. Matheson
J. Birkley        Keith & Moffat     J. W. Hart
M. M. Levy       C. Matheson        Abraham DeLeon
J. N. Gamewell J. D. Murray         R. W. Abbott
James Roberts W. Matheson          Burnell Salmonds
E. G. Robinson J. C. West           R. L. Wilson
J. W. Doby       John S, Nettles George Alden
J, A, Young             William B. Johnston
Robert T. Young         James W. Baskin
E. H. Anderson, Jr. W. M. Deason A. M. Kennedy
W. J. McKain      G. W. Gilman          A. W. Noel
B. N. DeLeon      Thomas E. Shannon
James Dunlap      G. Q. McIntosh Thomas Harris
W. Stevens         Thomas W. Pignes W. Severns
J. T. Depass     Samuel E. Capers James H. Burns
W. M. Watson Paul Villepique          J. P. Shiver
D. Minton        W. C. Workman         Thomas Smyrl
W. E. Hughson James Conner             Aaron Burr
Samuel Shiver John D. Averell         W. T. Birchmore
H. O. Cook        Jackson DeLoach W. Anderson
D. R. Kennedy C. Hubert                 R. Redding
James McEwen T. A. Hague E. Whitney Bonney
S. Shinn          John R. Joy         H. Whitaker
James P. Richbourg       Thomas J. Warren
M. Naudin          A. M. McIver, Jr.
W. Johnson          John M. Nolon
Continued from 1865 Kershaw County Tax- Photos
                 The Camden Archives and Museum,                Camden, South Carolina

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The South Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution Library and the South Carolina Society
Colonial Dames XVII Century Library are housed in the building, among numerous genealogical and
historical artifacts from throughout the area known as the Camden District.

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