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Circle of Fifths Chordinator - for merge



Circle of Fifths Chordinator music software project

Operating System will be Windows XP and Vista.

I am soliciting a bid to design and test a Circle of Fifths based software product to allow music teachers
and students to demonstrate and learn the scales and chords of music and to appreciate the Musical
Power of the Circle of fifths concept. The software/Visual product will consist of:

    1) Chord /Scale Select Buttons.
    2) Scale mode select buttons, Dorian, Phyrgian, Lydian,Mixolydian, Aeolian ,Lochrian, Ionain(Major
       Scale), Harmonic and Melodic minor
    3) User should also be able to select Blues Scale, Pentatonic scales including Major/minor.
    4) Keypad to select any of 12 Keys
    5) select buttons fir Major /minor, 5,6,7,9,11,13, etc
        Augmented, Diminished and Suspended functions
    6) Inversion Buttons (3 each)
    7) Staff both Treble and base clef, to show the chord /scales selected. The staff should show
       vertical notes of a Chord and the regular scales with the standard finger positions for these
       scales for both Left and right hand playing
    8) Virtual keyboard to show chord /scale selected using color notes
    9)   Transpose button

    10) MIDI compliant.
        Chordinator will be able to drive a users sound card. It must also drive and be driven by
        a MIDI keyboard
    11) A Circle of Fifths visual (resizable) diagram is to be driven by the above buttons or driven from
        the Virtual and midi keyboard Connected to users computer
        Conversely the Virtual and Midi Keyboards will be driven by the Chord/Scale Console selected
        buttons, or by User interaction/Selection from the Circle of Fifths Visual Diagram.

        The Circle of Fifths diagram should be designed with Piano keys so if it were unfolded in a linear
        way it would be a piano keyboard. Attached is a preliminary diagram of what this could look like.
   The Circle of fifths Visual will have 2 modes

   Normal Mode where the Circle of Fifths will show all the Circle of Fifth Key Names . above which it
   will show the number of Sharps increasing clockwise from 0 to 7 Sharps, Similarly it should show
   the number of increasing flats as we go Counterclockwise around the circle.

   When a user passes the cursor over a circle of Fifths Key, the Scale for that Key will display

    A circle of fifths tutorial is required so as to describe the concept and use of the Circle of fifths.

   As the Tutorial goes around the circle the various keys should be highlighted and the tutorial should
   describe and display the scale note with their accidentals. The Circle of Fifths graphic should show
   all the minors keys belowtheir relative Major keys.

   The Piano keys, Virtual Piano and Midi keyboard (if user has one) should highlight the notes that
   make up a selected scale or cord. Also the User should be able to select a preference to show the
   scale Pattern , ex. Major scale W W H W W W H , below the Scale Keys on the Virtual Piano

   Training mode where the student can answer ? as to how many sharps in the key of G and what               .
   are the notes of the key of G scale etc for all Keys.

   The below graphic is a chord finder by Duane Shinn a popular Online Music teacher..

                         Duane Shinn Chord Finder

Also the bidder should review the website and they will see a similar product to
Duane Shinn’s Chord Finder shown above. These products should only be used as guides to what is
currently available. I feel a key pad approach in conjunction with select buttons as shown in the Duane
Shinn image is a better approach than list boxes as shown in the image of allthatchords.

The Optional display and use of 2 Circle of Fifths would allow a student to see the difference between
different chords.

                                All That Chords

The user should review

A Product called Music Animation Midi Machine Player ( MAM Player , which is a little far out but does
how the circle of Fifths Displays Chords as 3 or more sided geometric shapes on a Circle of Fifths Wheel
as a song is played.

Bottom line is I want to make this product useful to Student and teachers and to be comprehensive ,
simple to use so as to become the de facto standard and a must have music tool.

I prefer the bidder use Visual Basic as it’s a Rapid Application Development environment and
future revisions and updates would be accomplished easier than other languages such as C++
This project requires a bidder who possesses creativity and a significant number of Skills particularly
music theory knowledge, Software coding experience, knowledge of Drivers and the MIDI Format, and
Graphic arts.

I am convinced a bidder with the appropriate skills can integrate these concepts into a very useful
product and he/she can probably can add useful features not addressed by the writer that would greatly
simplify enhance this product.

I need to have exclusive intellectual property rights to the final product.

                   User Interface with Circle of Fifths Diagram in the form of a Keyboard

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