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									                                             NYRA Relies on Omneon to Achieve Flexibility
                                             Technology Application:
                                                 An Omneon Spectrum™ media server and a MediaGrid™ active storage system are
                                             used by the New York Racing Association (NYRA) Inc. in a brand-new mobile production
                                             and broadcast facility that serves the Belmont Park, Saratoga, and Aqueduct racetracks.
                                                 Installed in two state-of-the-art mobile production units, the Omneon systems provide
                                             real-time ingest and playout of racing coverage and commercials and support editing,
                                             packaging, and repurposing. In the fast-paced world of horse racing, flexible, reliable
                                             technology is key. To improve efficiencies and monetize content, the NYRA overhauled its
                                             mobile production and broadcast infrastructure. The build-out was designed by the
Jose Ramos, Technical Director, checking
  his commercial insert list to load clips   NMT/Venue Services Group, led by Bob Mohan, who is now the full-time chief engineer
into his playback channel. Server control    of television operations for the NYRA.
 is shown on the VGA screen to his right.        The two production units move among the three tracks as dictated by the racing
                                             schedule. An Omneon Spectrum media server with 12 channels and a MediaGrid
                                             storage system with capacity for more than 3,100 hours at DV25 are at the heart of
                                             the facility.
                                                 Multiple cameras and switched programming are recorded via
                                             direct SDI into the server. Programming is fed live via satellite to Las
                                             Vegas and other off-track betting locations in North America and the
                                             Caribbean. The Spectrum server is also used for slow-motion play-
                                             back and for “replays” of each race to track monitors and the satel-
                                             lite feeds immediately after the race. Recorded material is trans-
                                             ferred from the Omneon Spectrum to the MediaGrid system.
                                                 The NYRA tape library goes back more than 30 years and con- Dennis Cortes, Operator,
                                                                                                                       operating the server con-
                                             tains more than 10,000 videotapes. This historical footage is ingest- trol station in “videotape”
                                             ed into the Spectrum server as needed via an ingest station config- recording multiple inputs
The Omneon MediaGrid active                  ured for UMatic, beta, betaSP and DVCPro stock. A Final Cut Pro edi-           to the server.
  storage system at NYRA.                    tor accesses shared production storage to create highlights packages for network distri-
                                             bution and to package complete copies of races for DVD sales to owners, trainers and
                                             the general public. All of this valuable content is backed up from the Spectrum and
                                             MediaGrid systems onto tape at the Aqueduct data center.
                                                 In addition to the live race at hand, the NYRA receives up to 25 live feeds from other
Omneon, Inc.                                 venues, including race tracks and NFL games, which it plays out via an RF distribution
1237 E. Arques Ave.                          system to as many as 1,200 TVs and LCD panels within the racetrack facility. The
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
                                             Omneon server records these feeds as needed for later playback. The Spectrum and
Phone: 408-585-5000                          MediaGrid systems have been in use by the NYRA since May 1, 2008, and have success-
Fax: 408-585-5099                            fully recorded more than 1,000 hours of racing.                                  The NYRA will continue its track record for innovation, with plans to capture and broad-                               cast in HD in the near future. Both production trucks are HD-ready, and the NYRA already
                                             has four HD cameras in house. On the content repurposing front, a system is under devel-
                                             opment to supply content to the NYRA Web site. Users will be able to purchase content
                                             online, and Telestream’s FlipFactory will locate the file wherever it resides on the
                                             Spectrum or MediaGrid systems, transcode the content, and deliver a Windows Media
                                             file via e-mail to the consumer.
               Photos by John Younder

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