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October 08_ 2012 - East Los Angeles College


									               EAST LOS ANGELES COLLEGE
                                Monday, October 8, 2012
                            E7-313 Voc. Ed. Conference Center
                                     1:30 – 3:00 pm

       PRESENT         Alex Almeida                   Richard Moyer
                       Filiberto Barajas              Gonzalo Mendoza
                       Maria Lou Calanche             Armida Ornelas
                       Selina Chi                     Paulina Palomino
                       Ryan Cornner                   Laura E. Ramirez
                       Evelyn Escatiola               Laura M. Ramirez
                       Vahan Ghazarian                Armando Rivera
                       Jeff Hernandez*                David Senensieb
                       Alex Immerblum                 Angelica Toledo
                       Alan Khuu                      Oscar Valeriano
       ABSENT          Brenda Baity                   Jennifer Estrada
                       Kevin Booth                    Tom Furukawa*
                       Donald E. Cristobal            Farley Herzek
                       Erlinda de Ocampo              Jessica Robles
       GUESTS          Ernie Burnett                  Alfred Gallegos
                       Agyeman Boateng                Carol Kozeracki
                       Maria Carvajal


I.      CALL TO ORDER: Co-chair, J. Hernandez, called the meeting to order at 1:43 p.m.

II.     APPROVAL OF AGENDA: M/S/P (Immerblum/Khuu) to approve the agenda as
        presented (Motion passes unanimously).

III.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES: M/S/P (Immerblum/Senensieb) to approve the minutes
        of September 24, 2012, as amended (Motion passes unanimously).

        A. Facilities Master Plan: The ESGC approved by unanimous consensus the
           Facilities Master Plan.

        B. Technology Master Plan: The ESGC approved by unanimous consensus the
           Technology Master Plan.
ESGC Minutes                              Page 2                              October 8, 2012

       C. Emergency Plan & Evacu-Trac Demonstration: E. Burnett gave a presentation on
          the various Emergency Notification Systems on campus: 1) Voice Over IP System,
          2) RAVEMobile, 3) Speakers G3/B5, and 4) Speaker Cluster/Strobe System. All the
          emergency notification systems are backed up by emergency generators.

          It was noted that there needs to be more RAVEMobile participation by students,
          faculty and staff. Currently students can register through the Ace Portal and
          Faculty/Staff can register through the Admin Portal. The system will only be used to
          send texts in emergencies.

          The College will be having an evacuation drill on October 18, 2012, in conjunction
          with California’s Shake Out during which all of the notification systems will be

          Evacu-Trac Demonstration: Currently the College has a plan in place that involves
          operating the evacuation chairs using plant facilities personnel but faculty should be
          trained as well. During the evacuation drill, there will be faculty training on the use of
          the chair. Faculty members will receive an email with the building and location of the
          stairwell where trainings will be held. Every two-story building will have training.
          Personal training sessions can be arranged with E. Burnett.

          Discussion took place on what expectations or obligations an employee has in an
          emergency specifically with the transferring of disabled individuals onto the
          evacuation chairs. It was noted that protocols need to be established.

          E. Burnett pointed out the College’s current Emergency Plan focuses on evacuation,
          minimizing injury or death. He will be working on the Facilities Master Plan
          recommendation to update and compile a more functional Emergency Plan.

       D. Establishing Lactation Room: (O. Valeriano) The College has established a
          lactation room in E1-138 for use by faculty/staff and students who maybe nursing. A
          keycard will be made available in the daytime through the Student Services office and
          in the evening through the Financial Aid office. Anyone would like to have access set
          up on their keycard should request it through Student Services. Students requiring the
          room must contact Student Services first. The room will be equipped with a
          refrigerator and lounge chairs. Currently the room will allow one person to use it at a
          time. If allowing more than one user at a time, privacy concerns need to be addressed.

          The College is also investigating two other locations for lactation rooms, one in the
          Fine Arts Building and another in the C2 bungalow area. The new Student Center will
          also have a lactation room. State regulations mandate that the College must
          accommodate employees but the College will also allow for student use. Campus
          News will publish an article on the establishment of the lactation room and an email
          will be sent out to employees with information and location of the room.

       A. President’s Report: No Report.
ESGC Minutes                               Page 3                             October 8, 2012

       B. Associated Student Union (ASU) Report: No Report.

       C. Accreditation Report: (R. Cornner) The Board’s Institutional Effectiveness
          Subcommittee approved the two Substantive Change Reports that were approved by
          ESGC on September 24, 2012. They will go to the Board of Trustees for approval on
          October 17, 2012. Acknowledgment went to all those who worked on the reports.

       D. Budget Committee/Budget Update/District Budget Committee (DBC):
          (1) Budget Update: The next Budget Committee meeting will be held on October
              15, 2012.

          (2) DBC Update: The next DBC meeting will be held on October 10, 2012. The sole
              item on the agenda is a recommendation from the DBC Executive Committee
              regarding funding that was requested from the three colleges that went through
              accreditation last year (Harbor, West, and, Southwest ) totaling $783,000 to take
              care of items that were labeled as deficiencies in the accreditation
              recommendations that they received.

       E. Strategic Planning Report:
          (1) Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) Report: (R.Corrner) Now that the
              Educational Master Plan, the Technology Master Plan, and the Facilities
              Master Plan have been approved, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness will be
              working on combining them into one strategic planning document which will be
              presented to the Board of Trustees on November 28, 2012, for approval.

          (2) Educational Planning Subcommittee (EPSC) Report: No Report.

          (3) Facilities Planning Subcommittee (FPSC) Report/Facilities Report:
              (a) FPSC Report: No Report.

               (b) Facilities Report: (M. Carvajal)
                   (i) Construction Alert: Jacobs is working with the IT department to get
                        construction alerts on revised routes and closure of buildings out to the
                        campus community.
                   (ii) E3/E5 Buildings: Abatement work is currently being done. Then the trees
                        will be cut down later in the week. Full demolishing of the two buildings
                        will take place in the next couple of weeks. The lost trees will be replaced
                        in the new quad area that will be built.
                   (iii)Campus Center/ Bookstore: This project is still in DSA. Construction is
                        scheduled to start in December / January.
                   (iv) Math/Science: The demolition package contract has been signed.
                        Construction will begin the week of October 22, 2012, starting with the
                        building of the construction sound wall.
                   (v) Baseball Field: Construction will begin the week of October 15 or
                        October 22.
                   (vi) East End Zone Terrace: This project has gone to the Board of Trustees
                        for a November approval with construction beginning in the middle of
ESGC Minutes                             Page 4                              October 8, 2012

                     December. A. Cone requested having someone to clean out the weeds in
                     that area.

          (4) Technology Planning Subcommittee (TPSC) Report: (G. Mendoza)
              (a) District Cloud Emails: The District will be implementing the new email
                  program with Microsoft Live this fall. Students will receive
                  accounts with 25GB of storage. Student’s new email will be listed in their SIS
                  accounts. By spring 2013 adjunct and fulltime faculty will have
                  accounts. Admission and Records staff will be the point of contact in the event
                  of questions. They will also be able to provide students with their email and to
                  reset pins.

                 The following issues were discussed:

                 Current Email Systems: (P. Palomino) What will happen to ELAC email and
                 ACE emails? (J. Hernandez) The ACE email is up for replacement and once
                 the new system is online the ACE account will be removed since it does not
                 make sense to spend money to maintain the ACE accounts because the
                 College is being directed to use the new email system by the District.

                 Admission and Records Staff: (L.E. Ramirez) Concerns were raised about
                 the additional work for the Admission and Records staff because they are
                 understaffed. It was noted that the TPSC discussed this issue and that maybe it
                 will be as simple as referring students to the website for information or
                 distributing flyers that will give students instructions. It was noted that the
                 decision of having Admission and Records be the point of contact was
                 established by the Vice President of Student Services because they currently
                 perform the function of resetting pins for students.

                 Privacy: (D. Senensieb) One of the biggest concerns from students is privacy
                 issues. They would rather use their own email than the ones supplied to them
                 because the system administrator has the right to look at your emails. How are
                 we going to convince students to use the system if we cannot guarantee their

                 Marketing: (A. Khuu) The District has informed the College that starting
                 spring 2013, registration information, such as critical registration date, that is
                 normally sent through various channels is only going to be available through
                 their assigned emails. Between now and February the College will continue to
                 use the current system, but starting in spring 2013 when fall 2013 registration
                 begins students will be impacted. It is crucial that students be made aware of
                 the changes as soon as possible.

                 It was suggested that the College run both two systems parallel so that
                 students will get the information in redundant ways until we know the new
                 system works.
ESGC Minutes                                Page 5                            October 8, 2012

                     It was also suggested that the College provide enough access to technology
                     and assistance because students will need additional support because of the

               (b) TPSC Faculty Co-Chair Elections: A. Khuu announced that elections will
                   be held for the faculty co-chair. A. Khuu will be stepping down after two
                   years of service.

           (5) Program Review and Viability Committee (PRVC) Report: (J. Hernandez)
               The Annual Updates were submitted at the end of September. The PRVC is
               currently vetting the questions from the upcoming Comprehensive Program
               Review. There is a Viability Review on Adelante taking place.

       F. Work Environment Committee (WEC) Report: (V. Ghazarian)
          (1) Lactation Room Policies: The WEC has formed a subcommittee that will be
              looking into the general policies of the mandated lactation rooms. Privacy is one
              of the main issues. When the rooms are established, the WEC will make
              recommendations accordingly.
          (2) Signage: Additional signage is being placed on campus to help students navigate
              their way.

       A. Student Rally: A. Ornelas announced that there will be a student rally in the foyer on
          the November tax initiatives.
       B. Osher Scholarship Awards: The Osher Scholarship Awards Ceremony will be held
          on November 13, 2012, on campus.

VII.   ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 pm. The next meeting will be
       held on October 22, 2012.

Respectfully submitted,

Catalina Medina
President’s Office

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