15_Task 10 Rotate by xuxianglp


									                  Task 10: Rotating Objects

1) Read the Instruction Wall for Task 10.

2) RIGHT click on the Sample Panel in
the corner near the Task 10 Instructions
Wall. Note: it has “Click Me” in its
Description Box.

Record the Model Name on your Inventory.

3) Go your practice space.

4) Copy an object in your plot and
change it into a Panel.

Move your door to a good place to work.
You will need room for the panel to

5) Add the Trigger “activate” and the
Command “rotate” to your Panel.

6) Now make the Panel SPIN!

The Panel has the following text in the Action Box:

activate rotate 0 3 0 time=12

The three numbers used with the Rotate Command represent the spinning
axes: X, Y, and Z. We use the Y (vertical) axis to make the Panel (rotate on
the Y axis).
Add 3 coordinate numbers to the text in the Action Box: 0 # 0. The middle
number, which represents the Y axis, should have a value higher than 0.

The Sample Panel rotates
for 12 seconds and stops.

Use “reset” to have the
panel return to its original
position when the time
runs out.

7) Change the speed for
the Y axis number and
the value for Time
Argument until you get a
                               Refer to the User Guide by clicking the red
setting you like.
                               signs at the base of the Instruction Wall.

8) Record the results for future reference :>) !

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