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					   Secret Step-by-
Step Make Money in
24 Hours PDF Guide


    Follow each STEP below and YOU WILL start
     making money in 24 hours! ;-) We Promise!

                                        YOU BEGIN.


            CHECK THE
                                        Step 1

                                    Watch this Video

                                ProfitClicking Explained

 It’s highly recommended to use a Gmail (Google E-mail) account for this business

                      Click here to get a Gmail Account (It's Free)

        Watch this video as it will show you how to sign up, claim your free $10
                               and start earning 2% today.

                             ProfitClicking Getting Started

                     This is your SIGNUP LINK to ProfitClicking

                               Register for ProfitClicking

                  Watch this video to learn how to view ad packages
                          to qualify for your daily earnings

                               How to View Ads to Earn


   1. You will need to check your spam/junk e-mail folder as e-mails from PC
      (ProfitClicking), including signup confirmation e-mails, may end up in there.

   2. Remember to bookmark or save the login link to the PC website.

   3. Keep a note of your PC Member ID and password.

   4. Choose a strong password for your PC account and remember to change it frequently.
      We recommend you use upper and lower case letters and numbers and at least 8
      characters in length.
                                               Step 2

                     If you have Skype, Send me a Skype contact request.

                               My Skype username: Maria75567

                    Here is where to download Skype if you don’t have it.

                                           Get Skype Here

                    Join our PC Exclusive Team Training Group.
    This is the only place where you will receive all our team support and training.

                                         Click Here to Join!

                               Send PC Exclusive Team Training
                                 an e-mail introducing yourself.
                      (Please send this e-mail from your favourite e-mail application.
        This will help to prevent our support and training e-mails to you going into SPAM folders)

          Click on the link below or copy and paste this address into your e-mail.

                             Send your PC SPONSOR an e-mail to
                            let them know you joined ProfitClicking.

                                 E-mail Your Sponsor Click Here


Make sure to ‘like’ our YouTube videos and leave comments if you found them helpful.
                                             Step 3

       Open a FREE payment processor account for each the following sites:

                                        Solid Trust Pay
                                          Click Here!

                                   (Personal Pro Account)
                                         Click Here!

                                           Click Here!

                      Here's a "SolidTrustPay How-To" video for you!
                               Click Here to Watch the Video

                           Here's a "Payza How-To" video for you!
                               Click Here to Watch the Video

Note: If you live in a country which does not accept your registration at the above mentioned Payment
Processors then simply make use of Liberty Reserve.

                                     Login to ProfitClicking

   Add your payment processor details to your ProfitClicking profile by going to…

My Wallet -> Payment Processors, then click “Link Account” (next to your payment
processor) and enter in your payment processor ID or e-mail address and then click
on the confirmation e-mail that is sent to you.

            SOLIDTRUSTPAY = your SolidTrustPay username
            PAYZA = the email address you used to register with PAYZA
            EGOPAY = the email address you used to register with EGOPAY
            LIBERTY RESERVE = your Account Number (U******) – if applicable
                                      Step 4

When you are ready to deposit your own funds into your ProfitClicking account you
will first need to transfer funds from your bank account or Credit Card into your
payment processor account.

Login to your payment provider account (Solid Trust Pay, Payza or EGOpay) and
follow the instructions to deposit funds.

Funds can take up to 72 hours to process from your account to the payment processor
via bank or wire transfers.

You will need to be verified with your payment processors before making large Credit
Card and bank transfer deposits.

Please see the payment processor website for more details on how to become verified.

At this point in time, Payza does not accept MasterCard credit card deposit. Visa Card
deposits are almost instant.
                         Step 5

    Once your funds have been deposited and cleared
   by your payment processor, login to ProfitClicking.

                  Login to ProfitClicking


   Transfer your funds from your payment processor to
your e-wallet (this is your main account in ProfitClicking).

      How to Fund Your ProfitClicking Account &
       Purchase Ad Packages to earn 2% TODAY

             Click Here to Watch the Video
                                Step 6

Here’s a video on how to re-purchase Ad Packages with your daily earnings

                     Click Here to Watch the Video
                                       Step 7

  Now that you have your own funds earning 2% per day (Mon – Fri, and 1% on
 Weekends), why not start building a referral business, help others make 2% per day
                 and accelerate your earnings at the same time.

        Here is a video showing you where you can find your ProfitClicking
                         personalised referral links (URL’s).
      So you can e-mail them to your family, friends, co-workers and network.

  Although we suggest you follow the steps in our PC Exclusive Team Training to
 create your version of this PDF for your referrals and let us do the training for you.

                         Click here to watch this short video

                            Marketing Resources
    You don’t have to have any marketing experience to build a referral business.

Along with our training, please visit the ProfitClicking marketing pages and attend the
     special marketing webinars for more information, or talk to your sponsor.

   MOST important tip FIRST in line: Keep Focused! Don’t look at all the
    “shiny objects” online and in your email inbox!

    Just stick with us and you’ll be on your way to $10,000 per month sooner than
    you think!

   Earn as you learn, you may find parts of the ProfitClicking website a
    challenge, however, with our support and over time it will become second

   Make use of your access to us through Skype...

   Check your Ad package positions DAILY.

    Why? Because you will want to BUY NEW POSITIONS as soon as you have
    $10 available in your Account. This is how you grow your income SUPER

   Make use of the ProfitClicking 24 x 7 conference room for support
                           ProfitClicking Conference Room

    Just type in your first name and press “OK”
We are glad you are a part of our community now. Your life can change RIGHT

Simply LOCK arms with us and let's CRUSH your financial obstacles ONCE & FOR


Maria Nahas

PS. We are REAL and we’re here to work WITH you if you are ready to work for

The nature of this INDUSTRY is that some programs come and go.

Some things are out of anyone's control. We need to go into any new venture with
our eyes open, as we do in the OFFLINE world...

...ANY investment (financial or business) can go pear shaped if all the pieces are not
in the right place.

And so our 4 simple steps to success will always be:–

   1. Get in early
   2. Get your initial funds out ASAP
   3. Profit from what is left!!
   4. Diversify your capital and income - Don’t EVER have all your money in
       one program!

Our goal of financial freedom remains in concrete, BUT OUR PLANS must remain in

We appreciate every one of you. Please never lose site of the fact that without
YOUR success, we don’t have any success.

  I am now earning $619.20 per day
                                   Shane N
     Property Investor and Mortgage
                    Hi Guys,
I am currently earning a little over $130 per day
                    and Its
been only 4 months since I joined your team .
                 Thanks again
                 Alan Sutcliffe
                Business Broker
I`m so glad that I was introduced me to be part of your Success

         Since joining I knew we were on a winner!!

          I am currently earning over $300 per week.

                        Happily yours

                         Steve Telfer

                    Self Employed Painter
Since joining I've been paid per day on a consistent basis, day in
                          and day out!

  Right now I am earning and re-investing at least US$80 on a
                          daily basis.

             Thanks for all your excellent support.

                          Best regards,

                           John Pike

                      Online Entrepreneur
Thanks so much for helping me get started with this fantastic business.

My goal is to keep reinvesting until my account grows to $5000. At that
                  point I will be earning $100 per day.

             This is not just about financial security for me.

It’s about having the opportunity to be able to work fewer hours in a job
 so I can spend time with my young family. So go ahead and get started.

        The opportunity cost of not getting involved is massive.


                              Ken Godfrey

                           Software Engineer
  Sue and Jerry Smart moved to Australia in 1981 with $2,000 to their

 This business has been an absolute blast once we understood the true
potential of the business, there is just no other business like it out there!

We have been in the industry for over 10 years, this is the easiest thing
                  we have ever been involved in!!

   Whether you introduce people or not you still make money . . . it's
                         totally up to you!

     But by being part of this Team you have access to touch button
        marketing and support like you have never seen before!


I have for almost 2 years being involved in online network marketing,
             and enjoyed it. Every day is new and exciting.

 I make money every day, and it is only thanks to this team - at first I
                   thought it might be a scam,

  but now that I've seen it with my own eyes that it actually works,

                 I get money in the account each day.

And the best part about this is that you can earn on your earnings ....

Right now my earnings are not much but it is evolving every day, and I
               owe the thanks to Alby and the team.

                       Dan Linderoth (Denmark)
I just wanted to let you know of my appreciation for being part of
                      this business and team.

 I have been blown away with this business and support
                      from you.

It's sensational how EVERYONE can make money in their first 24
              hours and earn an income every day!
 And better still is the passive income you earn which grows and
Everyone makes real cash every day and they don't even need to
              sponsor anyone to make money.
 I love the income I'm earning, and I know it's just the start as
                 there's much more to come!!
   Alby, thanks for this awesome opportunity. Janice (Sydney

                         Janice McKay
  This morning I received $16.60 in income and I am intending to re-
            purchase that straight back into the program.

Not much excites me more than Albert Einstein’s 8th greatest wonder of
                     the world – compounding.

   Thanks Bro for the introduction, I really look forward to see what


                           CPA. Accountant
    I always have been looking for the best opportunities online,

     Honestly, I had not come across anything like this before.

I see the money already multiplying daily in my account without even
                      having to refer anyone.

            Wishing you abundance of joy and success!


My only disclaimer here is that we are still dealing with humans.

I fully understand that humans can be influenced by various

I still view this business as “risky” in the sense that the owner/s,
who I believe to be people of great integrity, could shut up shop
tomorrow with all our money.

I suggest not introducing any funds into this business which you
cannot afford to lose!

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