Computer Full Black Screen After Windows 7 Update by SaonIslam


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									            Computer Full Black Screen After Windows 7 Update.

Guys come here and notice the issue because this will also helpful for you. Yesterday night I was playing
a Hitman game on my PC and after some time I notice a pop up menu and it was saying update
available, click here to install windows 7 update. I haven’t seen this message before and I clicked okay
then the update begins. After some times another message come it was saying update download
complete click install to install the update on your computer. I clicked yes again and saw update is
installed. After this my computer took restart and it was full black screen. I restart a couple of times
again and there was no luck. I disconnect my VGA cable, hardisk cable and reconnect again but there
was no change. It was so disturbing for me I thought I installed some viruses on my computer. Next I go
to cycber café and search on the net. After some research completes I understand what was the

I installed a genuine update from Microsoft Corp and there is an application which can trace copy
written windows 7 and that was happening with me. So there is a software I found there which can
bring back my operating system. The software name is windows 7 loader. I downloaded the windows 7
loader and copy it to my pendrive. After this I come back to my home and installed this on my PC. Then I
run the software and I saw a button. “Activate windows 7” I clicked on that button my computer restarts
again. And the best magic I saw during that time. My windows 7 was back and everything was okay. I
was a happy moment for me. I can say that windows 7 loader save my time. If you are also facing this
kind of problem then you can download that windows 7 loader on your PC. This is an important
software if you are using windows 7 operating system.

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