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					Internet Video: Demographics and FAQs
Internet video watchers increased to 73.1 % of all users in 2007. eMarketer: February 2008 Americans watched more than 10 billion online videos in December 2007, up 7% from November, making the final month of 2007 the heaviest month of internet video consumption ever. Telecom Industry News: February 23, 2008 Seventy percent (70 %) of at-work Internet users have a college degree or higher, and 86% of atwork Internet users have broadband access according to a first quarter 2008 Pew report. Reasons U.S. adult Internet users watch online video: better content selection, newer fresher content and trustworthiness according to a report commissioned by the IBM Institute of Business Values conducted in April 07. Types of online content U.S. video users watch most frequently: news/current events/informational 61%, movie trailers 51%, user generated amateur videos 39%, sports clips 30%. eMarketer 2008 Of Internet users who visit video sites, half visit once a week or more and 22 percent visit at least once a day. 2008 Digital Future Report 66% of video viewers have viewed Internet video ads and 44% have acted on them. The study also found that 76% of users told a friend about a video ad they had seen. eMarketer February 2008 Internet video is so popular with consumers that video ads are now more effective than any other form of advertising. eMarketer February 2008 Even more importantly, the information sinks in. A study recently conducted by Dynamic Logic concluded that video ads increase brand awareness by 6.1%, online ad awareness by 18.1%, and message association by 9.3%. eMarketer February 2008 “There are strong secular trends driving investment from traditional advertising media to alternative marketing strategies,” said Patrick Quinn, CEO of PQ Media, “including video Webisodes.” PQ Media (Research) February 18, 2008 The Internet is perceived by users to be a more important source of information for them – more than all other principal media, including television, radio, newspapers, and books. 2008 Digital Future Report Steadily increasing percentages of Internet users find high degrees of reliability and accuracy on their favorite Web sites. Eighty-three percent of users said that most or all of the information on Web sites they visit regularly is reliable and accurate. 2008 Digital Future Report In 2008, the local online ad growth rate, at 58.6%, will be nearly twice that of national online ads. eMarketer February 2008 Internet users who were involved in finding product information on the Internet at least weekly: 43%. 2008 Digital Future Report 72% of Americans use the Internet on an average day. Pew Research Report 2008 Internet Demographics Usage: Men 76%, Women 74% Age: 18-29 92%, 30-49 85%, 50-64 72%, 65+ 37% Location: Urban 77 %, Suburban 77%, Rural 64% Income: < $30,000/yr 61%, $30,000-$49,999 78%, $50,000-$74,999 90%, $75,000 + 93% Education: Less than High School 38%, High School 67%, 84% Some college, College + 93% Pew Research, October 24-December 02, 2007 Survey