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									Benefits Enjoyed When Using
        Loyalty Cards
As modern innovations contribute so
 much in the way things are carried out
 shopping also gets the same treatment.
 Conducting monthly shopping even with
           g        y    pp g
 no cash is not viewed as strange

When you get to a filling station, gas can
 be bought without using real cash. All
 these are made possible digitally with
 loyalty cards
As a result of trends in habits of
 shopping points earned from the
 numerous incentives can now be
 considered seriously. Some time ago,
                     y               g ,
 cash was dominantly used for doing all
Clients would therefore only get their
 discounts only when prices of the
         diti        d     d Thi     d
 commodities are reduced. This made it
 really challenging to initiate reward
With credit as well as debit card, cash is
 rarely handled by people nowadays
 Risks associated with stick ups are made
 lower because robbers have realized that
 cash in the malls is limited in supply.
Developments in the field of marketing  g
 are happening in lots of ways and they
 are taking place within short durations.
 S       f th   id t h
 Some of the evident changes can be  b
 spotted with incentives provided.
The reward program was initially a
 strategy put in place by shopping malls
 to get clients to have them only in mind.
 The programs would therefore involve
      p g
 awarding of points every time a customer
 shopped at a specific store.
The points continue accumulating over a
 period of time and can later be redeemed
   h        i di id l feel th       dt d
 whenever individuals f l they need to do
The intention of the reward program is
 supposed to ensure that clients look
 forward to their next shopping
 experience at a specific store that avails
    p               p
 the incentives.
This in turn will make the customer very   y
 choosy in terms of the outlets he will be
 buying items. It is beneficial for clients to
 keep accumulating th points since they
 k             l ti   the   i t i       th
 can be redeemed for a wide variety of
With time, it became something
 prestigious in that clients viewed it as
 belonging to prominent malls.

This meant shopping trips made to stores
 earned points which are redeemable for
 either products or services. One
 therefore gains from being a faithful
With this scheme, discounts are awarded
 in very innovative ways to the shoppers
 The only negative aspect about the cards
 is the fact that shopping without them
                     pp g
 earns no points. Discounts accordingly
 would not be gained were it not for this.
 Being in possession of loyalty cards
 therefore carries lots of benefits.
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