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									                  e-Bugle    Garrett Bugle Internet Edition
Volume 57                                      March 2010                                             No. 3

 Fri., Feb. 19   Pick up March Bugle from box at      Tues., Mar. 9    Lunch Bunch, Town Hall, 12:30
                 Penn Place                                            pm; Bugle deadline, 4 pm
 Sat., Feb. 20   Rescheduled community coffee-        Sun., Mar. 14    Daylight Savings time begins;
                 house, Town Hall, 7:30–10 pm                          reset clocks
 Wed., Feb. 24   Citizens Assoc. Mtg., Town Hall,     Fri., Mar. 19    Film Society, The Commitments;
                 8 pm: “The Works of Constan-                          dinner 7 pm, film 8 pm (see p 8);
                 tine Seferlis” (see p 4)                              April Bugle out
 Thurs., Feb. 25 Senior Games and Tea, Town           Wed., Mar. 24    Citizens Assoc. Mtg., Town Hall,
                 Hall, 1:30–3:30 pm; Land Use                          8 pm: Nominations for Town
                 Task Force Mtg., Town Hall,                           Council Election
                 8 pm
                                                      Thurs., Mar. 25 Senior Games and Tea, Town
 Mon., Mar. 1    Weekly yard waste collection                         Hall, 1:30–3:30 pm; Land Use
                 begins                                               Task Force Mtg., Town Hall, 8 pm
 Sat., Mar. 6    Jam Session, Town Hall, 8 pm;        Sat., Mar. 27    Farmer’s Market, Penn Place,
                 GIVES collection, Penn Place,                         9 am–1 pm
                 9 am–1 pm
                                                      Mon., Mar. 29 Art at Penn Place: watercolors by
 Mon., Mar. 8    Town Council Mtg., Town Hall,                      Carol Vorosmarti (see p 2)
                 8 pm
                                                      Sat., Apr. 10    Large item pickup

Council Plows through Business
   The Council meeting on February 8 took             Councilmember Mandel wondered about the cost
place as the town was reeling from the weekend’s      of doing our own snow work compared to hiring
record-breaking snow and preparing for further        a contractor, as the town did formerly. The Mayor
snow to come. Not surprisingly, the meeting was       pointed out that comparisons would be diffi-
notable for the recurrence of the snow theme          cult, since a contractor would probably not have
throughout.                                           been able to provide the same level of service.
                                                      The nearest comparison might be the big snow
    The meeting time was moved up earlier than
                                                      of 1996, which was actually a bit less severe than
usual to allow Town Administrator Ted Pratt to
                                                      this year’s; that ended up costing the town over
complete his presentations and depart early for
                                                      $30,000 in contract snow removal fees (about half
home. The meeting came to order at 6:45 with the
                                                      of which was eventually reimbursed from fed-
Mayor, four Councilmembers (Councilmember
                                                      eral or state disaster money). He considered that
Petito was out of town), the Town Administrator,
                                                      the town was getting a very good return on its
and a small audience of residents in attendance
                                                      investment in snow removal capability. Council-
(initially two, increasing as the evening wore on
                                                      member Irons remarked that she had been stay-
and including refugees from powerless houses).
                                                      ing in another independent municipality when
    The monthly financial report held no sur-         the snow hit, and our streets were in much better
prises, said Ted. In response to a question about     shape. All in all, the Council was full of praise for
the overtime costs incurred for snow removal,         our dedicated crew (this was a major motif of the
Ted was not able to give a precise figure, but        snow theme).
estimated that by the end of the fiscal year, total
                                                         (At one point during all this, the proceedings
overtime costs might amount to $10,000. How-
                                                      were interrupted when a town resident arrived
ever, he said there was no need yet to adjust the
budget, as it could be done at the end of the year.                                      (continued next page)
(continued from previous page)                            or other public emergencies. The Council agreed
asking for advice on getting a plumber to deal            to consider this idea, and Councilmember Schulp
with a burst pipe. Much good advice and sympa-            will investigate options regarding an emergency
thy were forthcoming.)                                    generator for the Town Hall and bring the results
                                                          to the budget work session.
    The next business on the agenda was Town
Ordinance 2010-01: FY 2010 Amended Budget.                    The Mayor then discussed the ongoing nego-
The Council voted unanimously in favor of intro-          tiations on the town’s acquisition of the Commu-
ducing this ordinance, which will be voted on             nity Center/Nursery School site. The latest wrin-
at the next Council meeting. The proposed ordi-           kles concern the size of the easements required
nance had been the subject of the Council’s Janu-         to make this happen, two mature town trees that
ary work session. Further minor adjustments can           would have to be taken out, and the proposed
be made at the March Council meeting, at which            treatment of two problematic covenants. Suffice it
the proposed ordinance is to be adopted. A short          to say that negotiations continue as these details
discussion touched on the proposed increase of            are sorted out. The latest proposal from the Board
the contingency fund, typical levels of reserve           of Education will be discussed further at the next
and contingency funds, and proposed salary                Council meeting.
increases for staff.
                                                              In Councilmember reports, Councilmember
    Councilmember Irons then presented a                  Schulp reported that another meeting is sched-
request from the Land Use Task Force. The Coun-           uled to work out the language for the lease on the
cil was asked to ratify in a public meeting its           Community Center/Nursery School building, and
direction to the Setback Advisory Committee on            Councilmember Irons reported that the Land Use
how to treat exemptions for projections into set-         Task Force is making good progress and had had
backs: namely, to treat them in accordance with           a respectable response to its survey.
Montgomery County’s zoning ordinances—that
                                                              Before the meeting broke up around 8, the
is, until the Land Use Task Force makes its recom-
                                                          snow theme recurred (with power line variation).
mendations and the Council acts on those recom-
                                                          The discussion moved rapidly from the attraction
mendations. (The Setback Advisory Committee
                                                          of installing underground power lines to their
advises the Council on the approval of building
                                                          extraordinary costliness. For example, under-
permits and applications for variances.) This
                                                          grounding was not done on Strathmore when the
interim measure would allow more intrusion into
                                                          road was renovated because it would have cost $4
setbacks than has been the practice. After some
                                                          million. Also mentioned was a 15-year-old figure
discussion about the desirability of setting forth
                                                          for undergrounding residential cables: $1000 per
clearly what impact this would have on the town,
                                                          front foot. These figures provided the closing
the Council agreed to the request, with the under-
                                                          chords for the meeting, as impressive in their way
standing that the task force would be asked to
                                                          as the ever higher heaps of snow.
look at each of the exemptions and its impact.
                                                                                              Barbara Collier
    The Council next set a date for the FY11
budget work session (February 20) and approved
                                                          Art at Penn Place
the previous meeting’s minutes so that Ted was                Beginning March 29, the Penn Place gallery
free to go. In the brief disruption of Ted’s depar-       will feature the watercolor paintings of Carol
ture, talk broke out first on the fund-raising            Vorosmarti. Carol writes: “I consider myself a
potential of a lottery on when the snow pile by           painter of nature and find my inspiration both in
Penn Place will disappear, turned to the challenge        exploring new locations and the intimacy of my
of finding places to put the predicted new snow,          garden. I am fascinated by the light, texture, and
and ended up with another song of praise to the           color of the outdoors and try to express that in my
town’s hard-working staff.                                watercolors.” Carol is a member of the Potomac
                                                          Valley Watercolorists.
    Mayor Keller reported that at least one resi-
dent of Argyle was anxious to encourage clear-                                                                               Bert Zbar
ing the sledding hill (on the grounds that no one
                                                           The Garrett Bugle is a publication of the Citizens Association of Garrett
was sledding on it). The Mayor suggested that              Park, published 10 times a year. Publication of the Bugle is supported
although it might not prove feasible to remove             by member dues. All residents of Garrett Park are members of the
                                                           Citizens Association. Yearly dues ($20 per family or $10 per individual
the snow at this late date, he could consult Main-         per address) can be sent to Citizens Association, Box 456, Garrett
tenance Superintendent Butch Frost on a com-               Park, MD 20896.
                                                           Citizens Association Officers:
promise: plowing on one side of Argyle from the            President:              Chris Strong (
lower end of Montrose to Rokeby—the snow there             Co-Vice-Presidents: Todd Harris and Mario Grande
                                                           Treasurer:              Lara Hines
already had tracks from a few vehicles that had            Secretary:              Leslie Bethke-Pope
seen fit to drive around the Do Not Enter sign.            Members at large: Cathy Rinzel, Mike Grieb, Kathryn Mitchell
                                                           Bugle staff:
    A propos, the Mayor wondered if it would be            Editor: Barbara Collier (Box 191, 942-3526,
                                                           Reporters: Margaret Soltan (Box 518, 929-8328, margaret.soltan@
advisable to reinstitute a “snow portfolio” for a      , Mary Moyer (Box 98, 933-5764,
Councilmember to deal with such issues (a port-
                                                           Ads: Mary Moyer (Box 98, 933-5764)              Graphic design: Linda Paine
                                                           Subscriptions: Jane Salomon (Box 227) Distribution: Peggy Pratt
folio that lapsed when we stopped hiring plowing           First-class subscriptions cost $15 (bulk mail subscriptions are no longer avail-
                                                           able). Letters to the editor can be submitted by mail or hand to Bugle staff
contractors). Councilmember Mandel suggested               or by e-mail through the town Web site:
                                                           BugleArticle.php. The editor reserves the right to edit submissions for length
that such a portfolio could include any weather            and clarity. Unsigned letters will not be printed.

Town Administrator Notes
    Blizzard of 2010: I hope that by the time you              announced at a reception in the Town Hall, with
read this the snow will have melted from our                   luck by 9:30 pm.
historic February storms. I would like to thank
                                                                   If you have not voted in the last five years,
residents for their extensive cooperation in park-
                                                               your name will have been withdrawn from the
ing off the street, or on the even-numbered side
                                                               active file by Montgomery County and you will
of the street. It makes the job of clearing heavy
                                                               need to reregister. You may register at any time
snowfall so much easier. Also, the cooperative
                                                               by calling the Town Office for the necessary
and neighborly spirit of helping others has made
                                                               forms (or for address change forms). You may also
a significant difference for many residents faced
                                                               register in the Town Office during normal office
with extended power loss or other storm-related
                                                               hours. Special registration hours will also be
difficulties—a true credit to this town!
                                                               held on Saturday, March 27, and Saturday, April
   Town Budget: The Council is currently work-                 3, from 8 am until 12 noon at the Town Office.
ing on the budget for the next fiscal year (FY                 Please call the Town Office with any questions
2011, running from July 2010 through June 2011),               regarding registration, qualification of voters,
which will be introduced at the regular meeting                nominations, etc.
on March 8. If any residents have comments or
                                                                                                Ted Pratt, Town Administrator
suggestions regarding next year’s budget, they
should contact the Mayor, a Councilmember, or
the Town Office.
                                                               Green Again
                                                                   Thanks to the donations of Citizens Associa-
    Yard Waste Collection: Weekly yard waste
                                                               tion president Chris Strong and an ex-Garrett
collection begins on Monday, March 1. Please
                                                               Parker (whose heart is still here), we have the
remember to bundle sticks in lengths of no more
                                                               green again with us for this month. We are still
than 4 feet, and place clippings, leaves, etc., in
                                                               doubling up the donations already given, which
paper leaf bags. No plastic bags, please.
                                                               will cover us until May 2010. Anyone else like to
   Large Item Pickup: The next large item                      get on the list? Please send your contribution to
pickup is scheduled for Saturday, April 10.                    Mary Moyer, Box 98, with a check made out to
                                                               the Citizens Association. The sponsorship of the
    State Tax Form Reminder: Please remember
                                                               green banner now costs $60, unless you would
to write “Garrett Park” in the box labeled “City,
                                                               like to share the honor with a neighbor or two.
town or taxing area” when filling out your state
                                                               Many thanks.
income tax forms. This ensures that our commu-
nity receives its fair share of the income tax rev-                Did you pick up your Bugle from the box
enues that the state distributes to the 23 counties            on the table in the P.O.? There was an envelope
and 157 incorporated cities and towns throughout               inside that you could use to pay your Citizens
Maryland. This revenue supports many of the                    Association dues. Did you mail in that envelope
services the town provides to residents. Also,                 with your dues enclosed? Remember, it’s $20 per
the Town Office can provide copies of most IRS                 household, or $10 per individual at an address,
forms, so stop by if you need any.                             and you are a member of the association if you
                                                               live in town. It would be nice to collect enough to
    Town Elections 2009: Election Day in Garrett
                                                               cover the cost of printing this paper, the Spooky
Park will be Monday, May 3. Polls are open from
                                                               Woods at Halloween, and the Fourth of July
7 am to 7:30 pm in the public lobby of the Post
                                                               hoopla. If you did pay, thank you.
Office at Penn Place. The terms of office for Mayor
Chris Keller and Councilmembers Beth Irons and                                                                             Mary Moyer
Hans Wegner are up this year. Candidate nomi-
nations will take place during the Citizens Asso-                               Visit Garrett Park’s Web site:
ciation meeting on Wednesday, March 24, with
the Candidates Forum currently set for Wednes-
day, April 28. Additional nominations may be
made by written petition signed by 10 registered
voters and filed with the Town Office by 12 noon                                                                   9am-9pm
on Monday, April 12. The last day to register to                                                                     Mon - Sat
vote in this election is Saturday, April 3. (To be                                                                 9am-7pm
eligible to vote in a town election, you need to be                                                                  Sunday
registered with Montgomery County at your Gar-
rett Park address, or on the list of qualified, nonciti-                                                           (301) 493 6217
zen Garrett Park residents.) Absentee ballots will
be available Wednesday, April 14, through Friday,

                                                                                                Grosvenor Metro
April 23, and may be mailed to you or picked up
at the Town Office. Emergency absentee ballots
                                                                                                           Rockville Pike

may be requested after April 23. If some unan-                                                     10401
ticipated situation prevents you from being able                                                                  Market
to come to the polls, please call the Town Office                                               Grosvenor Place
for an emergency absentee ballot. Results will be
Citizens Association News
    The snow didn’t stop about 65 of us from                 Annual dues. The Citizens Association 2010
attending another successful town dinner on Sat-          annual dues are being collected. The annual dues
urday, January 30, at the Town Hall. The evening          are $10 for individuals and $20 per family. Thank
was festive as neighbors shared wine, ate fine            you to all of those who have already paid. For
food, and enjoyed great company. All laughed at           those who have not, please submit dues by mail-
the stories of what neighbors found in their junk         ing them to the Citizens Association at Box 456.
drawers, especially those who brought show-
                                                              Garrett Park listserv. To join this electronic
and-tell. The most common item was a woman’s
                                                          forum, which allows neighbors to communicate
garter, although the Mayor’s junk drawer at Penn
                                                          information about town concerns, safety issues,
Place proved particularly interesting and comical.
                                                          upcoming events, and recommended services,
   Nominations for the Board of Officers                  e-mail Todd Harris or sign in at
were presented by President Chris Strong and              com/group/GarrettParkneighbors/join.
approved by the town. The new officers consist of
                                                              Questions or comments for the Citizens Associa-
President Chris Strong, Co-Vice-Presidents Todd
                                                          tion? If so, please send a note to P.O. Box 456 or
Harris and Mario Grande, Treasurer Lara Hines,
                                                          e-mail Chris Strong (
and Secretary Leslie Bethke-Pope.
   Upcoming meetings. The Citizens Association
has several exciting guests lined up for the Febru-
ary and March meetings. Mark your calendars!
    On February 24, join us as Andy Seferlis pro-
                                                              Garrett Park Elementary is looking for Career
vides us with a pictorial and informative look
                                                          Day speakers. If you have a job that you would be
at the works that his father, master stone carver
                                                          willing to explain to elementary school students,
Constantine Seferlis, made in his Garrett Park
                                                          please consider volunteering. This year Career
studio. Mr. Seferlis’ sculptures, gargoyles, and
                                                          Day will be held on May 21 in the afternoon. If
other stonework are showcased around Wash-
                                                          interested, contact Counselor Shana Schnaue at
ington, and he made countless contributions to
                                                          school (301-929-2170).
buildings, such as the National Cathedral, for
which he produced more than 200 works of art.                 If you have a child who will be 5 years old on
Learn which of Mr. Seferlis’ works, started right         or before September 1, 2010, contact the school
here in Garrett Park, are now a part of the land-         as soon as possible to sign up for Kindergarten
marks that make Washington famous.                        Orientation, which will be held on April 15 and
                                                          16. Current kindergartners will have the day off.
    On March 24, our guest speaker will be
                                                          If your child is eligible, but you do not wish your
Pamela Rowe from the county’s program “Rain-
                                                          child to attend kindergarten, you must complete
Scapes for Healthy Watersheds—Reducing Pol-
                                                          an enrollment waiver form, available from the
lution One Yard at a Time.” Learn about the
RainScapes program that assists county property
owners to install projects that reduce storm water            Since the school building is slated for demoli-
runoff from their land with attractive landscap-          tion in mid-June, and all teacher supplies must
ing solutions. Hear about how the county pro-             be packed up in boxes for the move to Grosvenor
vides financial and technical assistance with             Elementary (our holding school for a year and a
rain garden projects, conservation landscapes,            half), the office would like to know if you have
permeable paver retrofits, tree planting projects,        any holders for strapping tape (red, plastic, wide)
and more. We will discuss the RainScapes rebate           you could donate. MCPS will supply the tape,
program, as well as work being undertaken in              but no holders. Send them in to the office with
specific neighborhoods, including the area of             a neighborhood student or drop them off while
Garret Park south of Strathmore. Questions can            doing errands. It would be nice for each staff
be directed to Pamela Rowe at pamela.rowe@                member (60 in number) to have one to work with.                                   Also, if you could spend some time taping those
                                                          boxes, please call the office after Spring Break,
    At the March 24 meeting, the Citizens Asso-
                                                          and leave your name on a taping list. As your tal-
ciation will accept nominations for the upcom-
                                                          ents are needed, you will be called.
ing town elections on May 3. Three seats are up
for election this year: the Mayor and two Town                And finally, the school archives needs a home
Council seats. Please consider running for one            until we move into our new building. If you have
of these important positions. If interested, please       room to store 8 cartons (the size that holds 5000
have someone submit your nomination at this               sheets of photocopy paper), a portfolio, and a tube
meeting.                                                  of school plans, may we borrow it? The two time
                                                          capsules have already been spoken for. Please get
    On April 28, the Citizens Association will
                                                          in touch with me. I’d store them but we’re up to
hold the annual Candidates Forum. Candidates
                                                          our eyeballs with Legos and a boomerang kid.
for Mayor and the two Town Council seats up for
                                                          Thank you, thank you.
election will be on hand to discuss their views on
issues important to the citizens of Garrett Park.                                                Mary Moyer

Responding to Power Outages                              Seniors’ Corner
    Thanks to several wonderful volunteers who               The last Games and Tea afternoon on Janu-
helped distribute flyers with emergency informa-         ary 28 was well attended, with two new attend-
tion during the recent power outages and snow-           ees—Rose Masucci and Mary Jane Gill. Everyone
storms.                                                  played the newly popular Bananagrams. Many
                                                         different games are available at the Town Hall
Dan Marsh    Hannah Marsh Ginger Mayhew
                                                         during these afternoons. Come to the next one on
Sarah Perry  Sumaccha Duyn Morgan Mayer
                                                         Thursday, February 25, and see for yourself! It’s
Glenda Ingham
                                                         1:30 to 3:30 pm at the Town Hall. All are welcome.
    These volunteers distributed flyers door to          And when the snow finally melts and spring
door to folks who were at home (apologies if we          weather invites, we can take advantage of the
forgot to mention anyone).                               Town Hall’s lovely back yard to play croquet.
    We specifically chose to hand flyers to resi-            The most recent Senior Citizens Committee
dents rather than leave them in doorways, to help        was scheduled for Thursday, February 18, at 10:30
get an idea of who had remained at home and              am in the Town Office. If you have suggestions
might need assistance. (Also, we did not want to         or would like to participate in future meetings,
produce wet litter.)                                     please call Elizabeth Henley at 301-933-7488.
                                                         Elizabeth is the town’s Senior Citizens Committee
    Keep these notes handy in case your power
goes out in winter: It’s important that you stay
warm and dry. If you are uncomfortable or if                Members of the Senior Citizens Committee
the temperature in your home is below 55°F, get          are as follows:
to a warmer location: a friend’s, neighbor’s, or
                                                         Anne Atlee                   10938 Montrose
a shelter, such as our Town Hall. (In the recent
                                                         Florence Gootenberg          10805 Clermont Ave
emergency, we opened the Town Hall and made
                                                         Ulla Lustig                  4605 Oxford
it available for those who wished to warm up,
                                                         Millie Mader                 10704 Keswick
charge cell phones, etc.)
                                                         Rita Pittillo                10696 Montrose
Before you leave home:                                   Bonnie Tyler                 10915 Kenilworth
• Leave all faucets (including showers and                   Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help!
  baths) on a slow drip to prevent pipes from
                                                                                            Rita Pittillo, Garrett Park
                                                                                          Senior Citizens Committee
• Flush toilets, place a pencil under the flapper
  to prevent tank refill, turn off water beneath
  toilet, and turn back on slightly to keep a
                                                                             the reason we changed
                                                                             our name from SAIL to
• Turn off all electrical appliances, including
  stove, oven, heaters.                                                      GREENSAIL
• Open cupboard and pantry doors to help cir-                                has nothing to do with boats
  culate warmer air.                                                         and everything to do with
• If you have pets: leave plenty of dry food and
  bowls of water for cats. Ask a nearby neighbor
                                                                             GREENER HOMES
  to walk/check on dogs. (See list of pet-friendly
  motels below.)
Take with you—
                                                           Beth Irons, GRI

• All medications in their original containers;            301.942.4849

  remember any that need refrigeration (and
  should not freeze).
                                                           Bob Reinhardt, AIA | Garrett Park, MD
• Cell phones and rechargers.                              Green Advantage Certified Residential Architect

• Toiletries, a change of clothes, any essential
  personal items.
   Pets are not permitted in shelters. However,
the following are pet-friendly motels in our area:
   Sleep Inn, Rockville; 301-948-8000
   Holiday Inn, Lake Forrest; 301-948-8900
   Best Western, Rockville; 301-424-4940
                                                                                                  Custom Architecture
   Residence Inn, Silver Spring; 301-572-2322                                              for New and Existing Homes
   Red Roof Inn, Rockville; 301-987-0965
   Homestead Hotel, Gaithersburg; 301-987-9100
                                                           ReinhaRdt aRchitects
                                                            301/949-7554 |
                                 Elizabeth Henley
                          Bugle Notes . . . Sweet and Sour
e Dig those new lights in the Penn Place eleva-              erally restored in time for the next storm on
  tor. Thanks to the town for making our ride a              Tuesday.
  little bit less scary.
                                                         e Listserv subscribers also know that the Citi-
e We counted 64 diners at the Town Dinner,                 zens Association has agreed to act as a central
  and 30 bottles of wine on the tables. Not even           collection point for contributions from a grate-
  considering those who drank beer (a six-pack)            ful citizenry to our heroic town staff—Butch,
  and soda or water (about 10 people), there was           Frank, and José—for the remarkable work
  plenty of wine to go around. (No word on how             they have done in keeping our town streets,
  many wine bottles were empty by the end of               fire hydrants, and drains cleared during
  the evening.)                                            the snowstorms. If you wish to participate,
                                                           drop contributions off at the Strongs’ house,
e From the PO: six boxes are in the throes of
                                                           11111 Rokeby (right next to Wells Park), mail
  being re-rented, since the current owners did
                                                           something to PO Box 248, or hand it off to
  not pay their box rents in a timely manner.
                                                           any officer of the Citizens Association (listed
  You can now pay online at
                                                           conveniently in the box on p 2). According to
  if you so desire.
                                                           Chris, “If we can get the guys to attend, we
e The Forum Opera Ensemble (three-quarters                 will present them their well-earned bonus at
  of whom are Garrett Parkers—Sue Petito, Bar-             the next Citizens Association meeting [Febru-
  bara Collier, and Jonathan Paul) will be per-            ary 24, Town Hall, 8 pm], along with a much
  forming at the Holiday Park Senior Center on             deserved round of applause.”
  Monday, March 8, at 1:15 pm.
                                                         e Did you see Rob Pearlman’s car after snow
e The tree gods hit again: a couple of weeks               number three? Ever see a Mohawk made of
  ago, a tulip poplar came down, taking wires              snow? Rob’s car sported the lovingly sculpted
  with it, in the front yard of the Folkers/Mullen         hairstyle after being dug out of the driveway.
  house on Kenilworth. Apparently it made
                                                         e Have any comments or stories about the
  a goodly racket at 5 in the morning, which
                                                           snows of February? Send them to Box 98 or
  shook the nearby residents. It took 19 hours to
                                                           call Mary Moyer for inclusion in the next
  come back on line.
e If you are on either of the two Garrett Park
  listservs (GarrettParkneighbors@yahoogroups.
  com and, you
  already know that the weekend snowstorm
                                                                     Put the #1 to work for you
  caused multiple outages for various lengths                          It’s official. Jeremy Lichtenstein is
  of time in houses all over town. Near the split                  Maryland’s number one RE/MAX® agent in
                                                                           2007, 2006, 2004 and 2003.
  at Kenilworth and Waverly, a utility pole that
  Pepco had marked for replacement in the                                In real estate, experience counts.
                                                                Jeremy brings together satisfied buyers and sellers
  spring was snapped by a falling branch, which                 in your neighborhood—and has for over 20 years.
  devastated the transformer. With outages on                        There is just One Name in Real Estate.
  Kenilworth, Argyle, Albemarle, Rokeby, and
  Clyde, some houses were 58 hours without
  electricity. Also, a dead limb broke off a tree
  in a yard at Shelley Court and Oxford and
  took some wires down. Lower Cambria by the                               Jeremy Lichtenstein • RE/MAX Realty Services

  pool was out for a while, too. Power was gen-
                                                                            4825 Bethesda Avenue • Bethesda, Md. 20814
                                                                      • 301.652.0400

                                                                         Services for Seniors
                                                            Activities of Daily Living                             What Makes ElderCaring Different?
                                                            • Bathing           • Dressing                          n 2 hour minimum for services –
                                                            • Lifting           • Transferring                        most companies require 4 hours as
                                                            • Personal Care & Hygiene                                 a minimum
                                                                                                                    n All caregivers are professionally
                                                            Support Services                                          trained nursing assistants
                                                            • Companionship
                                                                                                                    n The owner of ElderCaring
                                                            • Meal Preparation                                        personally meets with you to
                                                            • Medication Reminder                                     discuss your needs
                                                            • Physical Therapy
                                                                                                                    n All caregivers are fluent in English
                                                            • Light Housekeeping
                                                            • Transportation to Appointments                        n Personal choice in selection of
                                                                                                                      every caregiver
                                                                                             now                    n Licensed, Bonded, Insured
                                                                                    Services e in
                                                                                     availabl rginia                n 24 Hours Service – 7 Days a Week
                                                                                          n Vi
                                                                                   Norther care you would
                                                                                    “The quality    r parents.”
                                                                                       want for you

                                                                                            MD • Call 301-949-0060                    VA • Call 703-956-3564
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                                                                                             Process Black
                                   Letter from the Mayor
    It’s been said many times in the last few weeks        Garrett Park station; but equally true, according to
but bears repeating here: the town of Garrett Park         MARC, is that if a station were to open at any loca-
and its residents are extraordinarily fortunate to         tion within the White Flint Sector, it would mean
have the services of our dedicated, expert mainte-         either closure of the Garrett Park station or drasti-
nance staff; events such as the series of snowfalls        cally curtailed service. Given that information, it
we’ve experienced this season make us particu-             appeared that the best course would be to pursue,
larly aware of (and grateful for) the skill and hard       starting now, a variety of avenues to assure con-
work of Butch, Frank, and José. The town will of           tinued viability of the Garrett Park stop, and also
course arrange for bonuses commensurate with               endorse a location that, in the event the Garrett
their exceptional efforts, but tempered by the             Park station is closed or has curtailed service, will
realities of budget constraints. If you wish to par-       at least be within walking distance of a number of
ticipate more directly in recognizing Butch and            the town’s MARC commuters. As we considered
the crew, the Citizens Association has initiated an        the station issue, the question of noise (primarily
effort in that connection (see p 6). Thank you also        from train whistles) was also discussed. Because
to my fellow residents for your good spirit, neigh-        whistle noise within Garrett Park is chiefly due to
borliness, concern, and even good humor in the             the grade crossing (rather than the MARC stop),
face of power outages and other challenges posed           we will work cooperatively with our neighbors in
by the record-breaking storms.                             Randolph Hills to pursue the possibility of allevi-
                                                           ating that noise.
    Work on the town’s 2011 fiscal year budget
will begin at the Council work session on Sat-                 Mayor’s “Onset of Spring” contest. Do you listen
urday, February 20. Please let us know—by con-             to “Prairie Home Companion” and/or “Car Talk”?
tacting any Councilmember, the Town Office, or             Borrowing from the annual harbinger-of-spring
me—of thoughts or suggestions you have on the              contest (to guess the date on which a truck parked
budget. We will post the planned FY11 budget               on the frozen ice of Lake Woebegone falls into
on the town Web site when it is prepared in the            the water) and Tom and Ray’s preferred method
form of a proposed ordinance, before the March 8           for submitting answers to the weekly “Puzzler”
regular Council meeting.                                   (on large-denomination currency), I have devised
                                                           the following contest: You may have noted the
    We are looking into revamping the town
                                                           large pile of snow immediately adjacent to the
Web site—to make it more attractive (less clut-
                                                           Penn Place driveway—on the Penn Place side, it
tered) and user-friendly. Please let us know your
                                                           is about 6 to 8 feet tall, and on the park side, per-
thoughts and suggestions.
                                                           haps 10 to 12 feet in height. Guess the date that
    On February 1, the town filed a brief letter           the last vestige of snow from that pile will disap-
with the Montgomery County Council endorsing               pear; note your entry (one per resident, please) on
the Nicholson Court location within the White              the memo line of a donation check in any amount pay-
Flint Sector Plan as the preferred location for a          able to the Betsy White Emergency Loan Fund; send
potential future MARC station. The chief desire            to the Town Office, P.O. Box 84, by February 22. In
of the town is of course to preserve the contin-           case of a tie, the earliest postmark wins. Prize will
ued operation of the Garrett Park MARC stop,               be a set of signed, uniquely Garrett Park scenes
which has great historic and practical value to the        on note cards donated by town photographer
town. My letter, drafted in some haste because of          Vickie Baily, personalized for the winner. Entries
the accelerated consideration of the issue at the          accompanied by a donation of $100 or more
County Council, should have made that point                receive a signed, limited-edition print of Donal
more forcefully. The location question was raised          McLaughlin and Dave Almy’s painting of Penn
in the limited context of the White Flint Sector           Place. Let the thaw begin!
Plan, a planning document for a 30-year build-
                                                                                                   Chris Keller
out period. Garrett Park is not within the sector
boundaries, but will be affected by much of what
is permitted within the area. Accordingly, we
                                                           Jobs List
have commented on such issues as traffic and                    In view of the possibly increased interest in
density. The decision to endorse a specific location       snow shoveling services, note that you can get a
for a potential MARC stop within White Flint was           list of young people offering snow shoveling and
difficult. We heard unequivocally from a MARC              other services by calling Elizabeth in the Town
representative that MARC has no plan to close the          Office: 301-933-7488.

GPFS St. Patrick’s Day Film: The Commitments
    The Commitments (1991, R-rated for profanity)             Dinner will feature Irish food and homemade
is the next film in the Garrett Park Film Society’s       soda bread—hearty fare—so come hungry. Any
2010 series. It is a rollicking crowd-pleaser of a        Irish-Americans who want to help make the
movie and the best film to show for St. Patrick’s         cooking more authentic are asked to share their
Day, according to the New York Times last year.           recipes (contact Suzanne Grefsheim before March
Think Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney want-                10). If you’d like to volunteer to cook, let Suzanne
ing “to put on a show,” and switch the setting            know that as well.
to working class Dublin. Fueled by great 1960’s
                                                              The film will be shown at 8 pm. Admission
music, this film about white working class kids,
                                                          is free to GPFS members. Nonmembers pay $5
who want to be black and bring soul music to
                                                          per person or $10 per family. Dinner, served at 7
Ireland, will make you cheer, clap, and maybe
                                                          pm, is under $10 per person. Drinks range from
even get up and dance. The Commitments is “high
                                                          $1 to $5 and include wine, beer, soda, and bottled
energy fun” and “a great night at the movies,” so
join your friends and neighbors at the Town Hall
and be part of it on Friday, March 19.                       Be there!

     The snows of Garrett Park, February 11, 2010.


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