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How to write e-books by hopeayemere


                                      How to Write an Ebook

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                                 How to Write an Ebook

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                                                                         How to Write an Ebook

                                        Table of Contents

Step 1: The First Thing You Must Do Before Typing a Word........................4

Step 2: The Quickest Way to Find Content for Your Ebook.........................5

Step 3: The Best Way to Format Your Ebook................................................7

Step 4: Ways to Compile Your Ebook for Free............................................. 8

Step 5: Turning Your Low-Ticket Ebook Into a High Ticket Product.......... 9


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                                           How to Write an Ebook

Step 1: The First Thing You Must Do Before Typing a Word

I talk to so many people who have these really cool ideas for creating products
to sell online. However, when I ask "have you conducted research to ensure
that a market actually exists for your product"? 90% of the time, the answer is

These folks have simply assumed since their product idea is so unique and
something which appeals to them, it would sell like crazy. This is just not the

The first thing you must do before creating your info product is:

                        ==> MARKET RESEARCH <==

Who wants to spending countless time and resources creating a product when
there may not even be a demand for it.

The good news is that there are several ways to easily conduct market research
in order to determine if there is a demand for your product idea.

Let me give you three of them - two methods which is free and one that is not.

1. eBay Pulse - Since eBay is highly trafficked by consumers, it's a great place
to see what folks are not only buying, but what they are looking to buy and
what they've already bought.

To use this method, simply go to, then click on the drop
down menu to select a category in which your niche would fall under. Next,
click on a keyword under "Popular Searches" which best represents the product
idea you have. After the new page loads, look down the left hand menu and
look for "Completed Items". After clicking on this link, you'll see all the items
that have sold in this category.

Now here's where it gets interesting. Carefully examine the listings and look
for items that are similar to your product idea. If you find items similar to
yours, great! Now take note of a few other things such as the selling price of
these items, the number of items that were sold, the content of the listings, etc.

As you can see, eBay Pulse provides valuable information on what consumers
are wanting.

OK, lets move on the paid method.

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                                           How to Write an Ebook

2. Google Adwords - This method is very simple to setup. All you need to do
is go to a free survey site like, load a survey, write an ad
and see how many consumers click on your ad and complete your survey.

In this survey, begin with statement such as, "I am in the process of creating a
product on xxxxxxx" and I would appreciate you taking the time to complete
this simple survey".

Next, create a list of 8-10 questions (not too many) to probe the consumer in
order to determine if he or she could benefit from and/or is interested in your
product idea.

Sign-up for a Google Adwords account and place your ad. Run this ad for at
least a week, tweak your ad and keyword list and if possible, provide a free gift
for everyone who completes your survey. This will obviously increase the
number of participants who complete your survey. Easy Peasy!

Either or these methods done correctly will help you determine whether or not a
product idea is a "winner" or a "dud". If you cannot find items in your category
on eBay that have sold, or if no one is clicking on your Google ads, then you
may need to think of another product idea. There are plenty out there that's for

3. - This is one of my favorite methods for finding hot niche markets.
It involves using the “Related Searches” section in Click here to watch
a demonstration of how to use this methods.

Since finding the right niche(s) is absolutely vital to a running a successful
ebook marketing campaign, I would use all three methods to ensure success.

Step 2: The Quickest Way to Find Content for Your Ebook

Ok, I realize that some people may frown on the method I am going to teach
you in this section, so allow me to explain a few things first.

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you purchased a book or an
ebook, read it and learned something new.

I don't know about you, but I pay for information all the time that increases my
knowledge and teaches me something that I didn't know beforehand.

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                                            How to Write an Ebook

BUT, if you and I really think about it, most of that information could probably
be found free - on the internet. You see, there really isn't anything new under
the sun.

When we purchase information, we are actually paying for information compiled
by someone else. We gladly pay for it because it's convenient and we didn't
have to do all the research to find it ourselves.

This is totally OK because time is money and we consumers are happily willing
to pay for information that someone else has taken the time to compile and
package nicely for us.

You see, the internet has evolved into a gigantic information machine and with
the rise of social networking sites and article directories, an individual can find
information on just about anything.

Let me give you a few great places to find information.

1. Yahoo Answers - I am blown away by the volume of questions and answers
on this site. Go to, type a keyword or keyword
phrase in the search box and just see how many listings will appear - usually

2. Wikipedia - Don't you love this site? It's always the first place to go when
I'm searching for a bio on someone famous. It's also a great place to perform
research on many, many topics.

3. Gistweb - This is my favorite place to conduct research - hands down! It's
not as popular as Yahoo Answers or Wikipedia, but it's a powerful tool. Go to (be patient, it takes a while to load), type in a
keyword or keyword phrase, click "Gist the Web!" and watch it harvest a wealth
of information from all over the web.

There are obviously many other places in which to conduct research, these are
just three of my favorites.

Now of course, we all know that a lot of information on the internet is based on
opinion and cannot be trusted. The way to qualify the information you research
on these sites is by cross-referencing (i.e., qualifying it). This is easily
accomplished by checking multiple sources to ensure consistency.

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                                           How to Write an Ebook

Also, make sure that the information you find on these sites is for research
purposes only. Study the information and use your newfound knowledge to
create unique content for your ebook.

Step 3: The Best Way to Format Your Ebook

If you've read many ebooks, then you've probably noticed how they come in a
variety of formats.

The format I am providing in this section is one that I've tested over the years
and found to be the most aesthetically appealing and orderly.

Lets get started.

1. Cover Page - This is where you would either insert an image (ecover) of
your ebook or the text title if you don't have an ecover. At the bottom of the
page insert a short "thank you" message to the customer for purchasing your
ebook. This is also a great place to invite the customer to join your affiliate
program and provide a link to the sign-up page.

2. Disclaimer - I've seen a lot of ebooks without disclaimers and although I
admit, they aren't the "prettiest" component of an ebook, they are indeed
necessary because they release you from an undue liability. There is one
disclaimer that I use in my ebooks. You can access it here:

3. Table of Contents - The table of contents needs to reference your chapters
and if your chapters contain sections, reference these also. When referencing
sections under chapters, indent in order to distinguish them from the chapters.
In case I have totally confused you and you cannot visualize this, take a look at
an excerpt from the table of contents in my latest ebook, 72-Hour Product. You
can access it here:

4. Main Content - This is the body or the "meat" of your ebook. It's what the
people are really paying for. Whatever you do, please don't double space your
paragraphs. I see this a lot in ebooks and to me, it "cheapens" the work. It's
also hard to keep focused when reading double-spaced text. You only need to
double space between paragraphs. OK, I'll get off my soapbox now!

Type the title of each chapter in bold font and make it a bit larger that the
paragraphs. If you have sections under the chapters, you'll need to create a

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                                             How to Write an Ebook

distinction between the two by making the font larger for chapter titles or by
centering the chapter titles and keeping the sections at the left margin.

5. Conclusion - This should be a simple summary of your ebook. It can be in
paragraph or list form.

6. Resource Section - In this section, provide a list of resources that would be
helpful to your readers. For example, if your ebook is on weight loss, you could
include an affiliate link to a weight loss supplement. It's a good idea to keep
this list short, no more than one page. If you recommend too many products in
this section, it looks bad, like a sales pitch.

This, in my opinion, is the best way to format an ebook. Now before we close
out this section, I need to give you a little advice regarding font selection. Fonts
appear different in PDF files than they do in .doc or .txt files. Usually thicker
fonts appear blurry in PDF files, so my advice is to experiment with light, thin
fonts. My favorite font is called Quicksand, but many other fonts work great.

Step 4: Ways to Compile Your Ebook for Free

Once you've formatted your ebook and you are satisfied with the content, there
are only three things left to do prior to converting it into a PDF file.

1. Header and Footer - The first step is to insert a header and footer. Headers
and footers keep the the reader focused on the main content and should also
serve to make your ebook more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The header
and footer doesn't need to be too fancy. In fact, headers and footers that are
too gaudy can distract and degrade the ebook. A simple line at the top and
bottom work fine. On one side of the footer, insert your website URL and on the
other side insert page numbers. In the center of the header insert your ebook's

2. Hyperlinking - The second step is to hyperlink text. This includes creating
links to websites you reference and also links from your table of contents to
their corresponding pages.

3. Proofreading - The final step is to thoroughly and carefully proofread your
ebook. Even if you're an English professor, it's always a good idea to ask at
least two other people to check it to ensure you didn't miss anything. There are
many online companies which provide fast proofreading services - some
inexpensive and some cheap. In my opinion one of the best online proofreading
companies is

                                      - Page 8 -
                                           How to Write an Ebook

4. Converting - Now your ebook is ready to convert to PDF. Back in the day,
most all ebooks were .exe files and special software was required to create
these. Presently most all legitimate ebooks are PDF files. PDF files are more
convenient and reliable than .exe files. Unfortunately, .exe files are also
commonly used to transport viruses, so many email servers will not allow them
to be emailed. This is one of the main reasons for it's demise.

PDF converters are available in a wide range of features and price points,
from free to hundreds of dollars. If you were able to create headers, footers
and hyperlinks with your word processor, then you really only need to convert
the document into a PDF file.

There are a plethora of free online converters that work just fine. One that I've
used with no problems is

Once you've converted your ebook to PDF, it's ready to sell, BUT tomorrow I'll
show you how to convert your ebook into a high-ticket item.

Step 5: Turning Your Low-Ticket Ebook Into a High Ticket

Creating and selling an inexpensive ebook is fine if your goal is to make a few
bucks here and there.

However, if you would like to increase your profit (and who wouldn't, right?),
you should consider the simple ideas below.

1. Create an Audio Book - Speak and record your ebook using your computer.
Make each chapter a separate track, then either burn to CD or convert to mp3s
and upload to your server. You can edit your audio using an awesome free
editor called Audacity.

Package your CD and ebook together or include the mp3 links on your
download page. By including audio with an ebook, you can increase your price
point significantly and in some cases double it!

2. Create a Video - This may sound difficult, but it's actually a piece of cake.
All you need to do is create an outline for each chapter in your ebook. Each
outline should consist of bullet points highlighting the main points of each

                                     - Page 9 -
                                          How to Write an Ebook

Next, copy and paste these bullet points into Power Point or Keynote (if you're a
Mac user like myself), then create slide shows - recording your voice explaining
each bullet point.

You can provide these videos as a stand alone product, or combine them with
your PDF ebook. Since videos have a high perceived value, you can significantly
increase your product's price point when packaging them with an ebook.

3. Create a Membership Site or Coaching Program - Start a membership
site, forum or blog to provide your ebook readers an opportunity to learn more
from you and/or others. Charge a monthly subscription fee that is appropriate
for the quantity and quality of information provided each month.

You could also offer a coaching program as a back-end offer to your ebook

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                                            How to Write an Ebook


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