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SL. NO DESCRIPTION OF BHEL                                  REQUIRED   OFFERED   DEVIATION
        1.0   PURPOSE :
              Curing oven will be used for HOT
              CURING of the insulation of
              impregnated (in epoxy resin system)
              Stator Winding Bar of large size
              Turbogenerator - capacity upto 1000
        2.0   SCOPE :
              The scope of supply includes Design,
              Manufacturing, Supply, Erection,
              Commissioning and Job Proving of the
              CURING OVEN at BHEL Haridwar
              REQUIREMENT OF JOB :
        3.1   Job Description : Stator Winding Bar of
              large size Turbogenerator upto 1000 MW
              capacity as per the details in sl. no. 3.2.

        3.2   Maximum length of Stator Winding Bar :
              11500.00 mm ; Wall thickness of Body
              Insulation 7.5 mm for high voltage and
              large capacity Turbogenerator

        3.3   Process Details :
3.3.1          On completion of vacuum impregnation
              of stator winding bar, the same will be
              loaded on curing wagon (BHEL scope)
              outside the oven and stator winding bar
              will be pressed with the help of specially
              made fixtures (BHEL scope) and
              hydraulic pressing device (BHEL scope).
              On completion of pressing operation,
              hydraulic pressing devices are removed.
              Curing wagon with assembled fixture and
              stator bars, shall be travelled inside the
              Curing Oven ( means of travel of curing
              wagon is in the scope of BHEL). Door of
              the oven will be closed.
SL. NO DESCRIPTION OF BHEL                                   REQUIRED   OFFERED   DEVIATION
       REQUIREMENT       Curing oven will be switched ON for the
              Re-circulating Blowers (Sl. no. 4.5.2) as
              well as the Heater Banks (Sl. no. 4.5.1)
              to heat up the charge. Job temperature
              140 +/- 5 Degree Centigrade to be
              achieved in 4 hours and 165 +/- 5
              Degree Centigrade to be acieved in 6
              hours and complete charge will be
              soaked at 140 +/- 5 Degree Centigrade
              for minimum 16 hours and 165 +/- 5
              Degree Centigrade for minimum 12 hours
              as per the respective process
              requirement. While switching ON the
              heater banks, Fume extraction Fans ( Sl.
              no. 4.6) will also be switched ON for
              exhaust of Epoxy Resin and these fans
              will be remain in switched ON condition
              for 2- 3 hours as per process

3.3.2         Total Weight of charge :23500.00 kg
              maximum as detailed out below       Weight of curing wagon : 10000.00 kg
              Material of curing wagon : Structural steel       Weight of fixture :10000.00 kg max.
              Material of fixture : Structural Steel       Copper of stator bars : 3000.00 kg
              maximum       Insulating material (Epoxy Mica Glass
              Tape) :           500.00 kg maximum
              CURING OVEN :
        4.1   Curing oven should have following
              features / items (Sl. no. 4.1 to 4.8)
              required for trouble free and effective
              operation of the oven.
4.1.1         Inner working dimensions of curing
              oven       Length : 14.0 Mtr                             Vendor to
                                                            confirm       Width : 3.0 Mtr                               Vendor to
                                                            confirm       Height : 2.5 Mtr. from the floor of the       Vendor to
              oven                                          confirm
        4.2   Circulating Hot Air Temperature :
4.2.1         Operating Temperature : 160 + / - 5           Vendor to
              Degree Centigrade                             confirm
SL. NO DESCRIPTION OF BHEL                                   REQUIRED         OFFERED   DEVIATION
4.2.2         Curing oven to be designed for       Vendor to
              maximum Hot Air temperature : 200+/- confirm
              5 Degree Centigrade for continous
              running 12 hours min.
        4.3   Construction Feature of Curing Oven :

4.3.1         The curing oven shall be floor mounted       Vendor to
              with double wall construction with inner     submit the
              and outer casing fabricated from M.S.        details in offer
              sheets complete with suitable air guide
              baffles and distribution ducts.       The total structure of the curing oven       Vendor to
              should be rigidly designed to counter the    confirm
              vibration when all the Re-circulating
              blowers (Sl. no. 4.5.2) and Fume
              extraction fans (Sl. no. 4.6) are under
              operation. To satisfy the Noise Level, Sl.
              no. 7.3.1 and should be referred.

4.3.2         02 nos. suitable ladder arrangement are      Vendor to
              to be provided at two locations along the    indicate this
              length of the oven to facilitate the         feature in
              maintenance work on Heater bank / Re-        General
              circulating blowers / Fume extraction fans   Arrangement
              or any other work.                           Drawing Sl. no.

4.3.3         Door of the curing oven, shall be in two  Vendor to
              equal parts, swing on the side ways. Door submit the
              shall be provided on both ends of curing details in offer
              oven.       Effective and quick acting locking         Vendor to
              arrangement is to be provided for both     confirm
              the doors (Sl. no. 4.3.2). Suitable Sensor
              is to be provided for the indication of
              "DOOR CLOSED" / "DOOR OPEN" on
              PC Monitor (Sl. no.       Opening and closing operation of both        Vendor to note
              the doors, will be done manually.
4.3.4         Floor of the curing oven will be concret of Vendor to
              thickness 150 mm to accommodate the confirm
              height of the rails for the travel of curing
              wagon (BHEL Scope - Refer Sl. no.
              3.3.1) inside the oven. Rail length 30.0 =
              (2 X 15.0) meters will be in the scope of
        4.4   Thermal insulation :
SL. NO DESCRIPTION OF BHEL                                     REQUIRED          OFFERED   DEVIATION
4.4.1         The space between inner and outer wall         Vendor to
              casing, on the roof side and doors, shall      submit the
              be filled with high quality of ceramic fibre   technical
              to ensure minimum heat loss.                   specification of
                                                             the thermal
                                                             insulation in the

4.4.2         Good quality and effective thermal             Vendor to
              insulation is to be provided for the door      confirm
              sealing to avoid heat loss.
4.4.3         Skin temperature of oven must not be Vendor to
              more than 40 Degree Centigrade       confirm
        4.5   Heating Arrangement of the Curing
              Oven :
4.5.1         Curing Oven shall be heated up with roof Vendor to
              mounted electrical Heater Banks and Re- confirm
              circulation Blowers       Oven roof mounted Minimum 6 nos.               KW capacity of
              heater bank of suitable capacity, shall be     each heater
              provided to meet the temperature               bank; no. of
              requirement as mentioned in Sl. no.            heating rods in
    , 3.3.2, 4.2.1 and 4.2.2.               each heater
                                                             bank etc., are to
                                                             be submitted by
                                                             the vendor in
                                                             the offer       NOTE : Heater bank must be designed Vendor to
              for easy replacement of heating rod, if confirm with
              the situation demands.                  suitable sketch
                                                      of heater bank       Adequate measures to be taken to               Vendor to
              ensure proper spacing between the              confirm
              heating rods assembled in heater
              banks.       Heating elements shall be of tubular           Vendor to
              design on low watt dissipation to              confirm
              eliminate non-glowing behaviour.       Heater control will be through thyristors      Vendor to
              for stepless control of power in PID           confirm
              mode.       Firm heater connection are to be         Vendor to
              provided to avoid any loosening of the   confirm
              connection so that no over heating takes
              place at these joints.

4.5.2         Roof Mounted Re-circulating Blowers :
SL. NO DESCRIPTION OF BHEL                                   REQUIRED          OFFERED   DEVIATION
       REQUIREMENT    6 nos. suitable capacity, reputed make        Vendor to
             and highly effective re-circulation blowers   submit
             with matching capacity flame proof drive      specification
             motor to be provided for re-circulation of    details of blower
             hot air. Complete air circulation system is   and drive motor
             to be designed to avoid concentration of      of the blower, in
             toxic vapour developed due to                 the offer.
             evaporation of hardening of epoxy resin
4.5.I.2.2     NOTE : Top most height (from the floor       Vendor to
              level) of any item mounted on the roof of    confirm and
              curing oven is to be indicated in General    submit the
              Arrangement Drawing (Sl. No. 5.0).           details in the
              Maximum height as above must not             offer
              exceed 5.0 meter.
          4.6 Roof Mounted Fume extraction Fan :

4.6.1        Suitable capacity of 2 nos. fume              Vendor to
             extraction fan distributed along the length   submit the
             of the curing oven, is to be provided to      details of fume
             exhaust the toxic fumes from inside the       extraction fan,
             oven. Both these fans will be switched        drive motor of
             ON after switching ON the heater banks        the fan and the
             (Sl. no. and these fan will remain   carbon filter
             ON for 60 to 90 minutes as per the
             process requirement. The exhaust will
             be taken out of the manufacturing
             block to the atmosphere and the
             length of exhaust pipe line will be 50.0
             mtrs. Before releasing the fumes to
             the atmosphere, fume has to pass
             through the two stages of Carbon


4.7.1        The thyristorised contol panel shall have     Vendor to
             the provision of indicating, recording and    submit the
             controlling the following temperature         details in the
             points with the suitable digital type         offer
             indicators cum controllers and 24 point
             temperature recorder.      Circulating hot air temperature in side the Vendor to
             curing oven at 6 points (corresponding to confirm
             6 zones of heater bank):      Job temperature at 6 points                   Vendor to
                                                           confirm      Hot air temperature at the outlet of each     Vendor to
             heater bank (total 6 points)                  confirm      Blind controllers are to be provided on    Vendor to
             each heater bank circuit to switch off the confirm
             oven in case the hot air temperature
             exceeds preset value.
SL. NO DESCRIPTION OF BHEL                                 REQUIRED       OFFERED   DEVIATION
       REQUIREMENT    The monitoring of temperature including       Vendor to
           setting, indication and controlling will be   submit the
           through Siemens PLC. The controls will        details in the
           be digital, input and output will be          offer
           through PLC and analog will be through
           PLC. PLC shall have on line
           programming facility with displayed of set
           point and process variables    6 nos.digital temperature indicator (one      Vendor to
           for each zone shall be provided               confirm
           independent of PLC system) and these
           temperatures will be for reference only.-    In case of failure of PLC, the operation of Vendor to
           the heating and curing of stator winding confirm
           bar inside the oven can be done on
           MANUAL MODE. Necessary provision is
           to be made in the controls for this
           purpose.    The complete operation of the oven will Vendor to
           be controlled from the nearby AC control confirm
           Room from a distance 20.0 Mtrs from the
           door of the oven. Necessary cabling etc.
           is the scope of vendor.    Ladder diagram of PLC, alarm set, input Vendor to
           & output status shall be displayed on PC confirm
           alongwith process, setting points, trends
           and process parameters etc.   The control panel shall have air flow         Vendor to
           switches, push buttons for various            confirm
           operations such as Switch ON / OFF for
           Re-circulating Fan and Heater Bank zone
           wise, Switch ON / OFF for Fume
           extraction Fan, Curing Wagon (BHEL
           SCOPE) IN / OUT with reference to the
           Curing Oven etc.   INTERLOCKING SYSTEM :   Heaters Banks are not switched ON till        Vendor to
           the corresponding Re-circulating Fan is       confirm
           ON   Curing oven can not be put into operation     Vendor to
           till both the doors are closed                confirm
       REQUIREMENT   Safety Provisions in Control System :
           Following safety measures are to be
           provided to avoid undesired situations,
           The protection shall include warning
           alarm and blinking signals etc.   Faliure of Re-circulating Fan          Vendor to
                                                  confirm   Failure of Fume of Air Extraction Fan  Vendor to
                                                  confirm   Failure of Heater Banks                Vendor to
                                                  confirm   Temperature exceeded the preset values Vendor to
                                                  confirm   Mal functioning of the curing oven          Vendor to
                                                       confirm   Safety against single phase operation       Vendor to
           and overloading for all motors              confirm   Indication of fire inside the curing oven   Vendor to
                                                       confirm   Short circuit protection of all heater banks Vendor to
                                                        confirm   Reputed make good quality cables            Vendor to
           suitable for under high temperature         confirm
           enviroment, are to be supplied
           OVEN :    Curing Oven must be provided with       Vendor to
           suitable indication on MIMIC Diagram on confirm
           operator panel / monitor for following
           features.    Direct indication of actual readings of   Vendor to
           temperature of hot air at outlet of each  confirm
           heater bank, hot air temperature inside
           the curing oven, job temperature shall be
           displayed    The ON / OFF state of re-circulating      Vendor to
           fans, heater banks, fume extraction fans, confirm
           door closed / open in different colours
           for ON, OFF and Intermediate Stages    Separate Screens / Menus shall be           Vendor to
           provided for Temperature, Alarms,           confirm
           Events, Parameter setting, PID, Trends
           etc.    Provision for manual ON / OFF of all        Vendor to
           devices as Recirculating fans, Heater       confirm
           Banks, Fume extraction Fan etc. shall be
SL. NO DESCRIPTION OF BHEL                                       REQUIRED         OFFERED   DEVIATION
       REQUIREMENT          Provision shall be made for Checking /        Vendor to
                 Trouble Shootings of non-functioning of       confirm
                 any device (i.e. output from the control)
                 with the help of logic / flow diagram and
                 diagnosis screen          Diagnosis screen shall provide the            Vendor to
                 information for alarm and messages            confirm
                 giving cause and remedial action          Separate screen shall be provided to see      Vendor to
                 the status of all inputs and outputs          confirm
                 independently and by ladder / logic
                 diagram          Overvoltage protection for Input / Output     Vendor to
                 cards                                         confirm         Short circuit protection for above            Vendor to
                                                               confirm         3 level electronic lock is to be provided in Vendor to
                 the system for security reasons              confirm
4.7.3            Provision to be made for the                  Vendor to
                 measurement of vibration of Re-               furnish the
                 circulating Fans, Winding Temperature of      details in the
                 the motor of re-circulating fans as and       offer
                 when necessary to check the health of
                 Re-circulating Fans. This provision is to
                 be offered as an OPTIONAL ITEM.

           4.8   AIR COMPRESSOR : Dedicated suitable           Make, Model
                 capacity and effective Air Compressor         no. and
                 shall be included in the offer, for any       Technical
                 pneumatic function and control of the         Specification of
                 Curing Oven. Air Compressor must be           the Air
                 complete with matching filters and dryers     Compressor, is
                 to ensure moisture and oil free supply of     be submitted in
                 compressed air.                               the offer.

               OF CURING OVEN :
           5.1 Layout and General Drawing of the               Vendor shall
               Curing Oven indicating the position of          submit all
               Heater Banks, Re-circulating Fans, Fume         relevant
               Extraction Fans, Ducting for the hot air        information /
               for re-circulation, Air Compressor, Control     document etc. in
               Panel, Overall                                  the offer.
                 area, Maximum Height any item of the
                 oven from the floor level and Maximum
                 weight of any single item / single sub-
                 assembly / single assembly to be
                 handled during erection of the plant, is to
                 be indicated in the offer. Requirement of
                 Total Electrical Power and other
                 consumables if any etc. are to be clearly
                 indicated in the offer.
SL. NO DESCRIPTION OF BHEL                                  REQUIRED   OFFERED   DEVIATION
        5.2   On placement of Purchase Order, vendor
              shall submit the Preliminary Layout and
              General Arrangement Drawing of the
              Curing Oven indicating overall size, inner
              working dimensions, specification details
              of Re-circulating fans, Fume extraction
              fans, Drive motors of these fans, Heater
              bank, Total Power requirement etc, for
              BHEL approval, within two months after
              placement of order on the vendor. On
              approval of Preliminary Layout and
              General Arrangement drawing from
              BHEL, vendor shall submit the FINAL
              Layout and General Arrangement
              Drawing within the next one month.

        6.1 4 sets of operational & maintenance        Vendor to
            manual in English language, will be        confirm
            supplied with the Curing Oven. Out of
            these 4 sets, one set is to be supplied on
            CD ROM

        6.2   Operational & Maintenance Manual
              should contain the following aspects
              alongwith the other features
6.2.1         Erection Manual                              Vendor to
6.2.2         Detail Operation Manual                      Vendor to
6.2.3         Detail Maintenance Manual, instruction       Vendor to
              for assembly and dis-assembly of the         confirm
              main items of the Curing Oven.

6.2.4         Electrical wiring diagram indicating layout Vendor to
              of the cables, plugs, junction box,         confirm
              terminal strips etc. with identification
6.2.5         Ladder Diagram / Flow Diagram / PLC    Vendor to
              Program in hard copy to be supplied by confirm
              the vendor after successful
              commissioning job proving of curing
              oven at BHEL works.
6.2.6         Cross reference list of Inputs and           Vendor to
              Outputs                                      confirm
6.2.7         Inputs and Output lists                      Vendor to
6.2.8         Alarm list, fault diagnostic manual and      Vendor to
              suggesting remedial action                   confirm
SL. NO DESCRIPTION OF BHEL                                   REQUIRED    OFFERED   DEVIATION
6.2.9          Programming manual of PLC / System         Vendor to
6.2.10         In case PC is used for control, a recovery Vendor to
               CD having all software along with written confirm
               instruction using it to restore the hard
               disk ( Old / New), shall be provided.
               Spare hard disk to be loaded with all
               software / to be installed by recovery CD
               after commissioning of PC at BHEL

6.2.11         Complete detail of the control system
               (operation and interfacing) shall be
               provided with the offer

6.2.12         Operation & maintenance manual of all       Vendor to
               auxiliary systems / equipment               confirm

6.2.13         Electrical wiring circuit of all auxiliary    Vendor to
               system / equipment along with the part        confirm
               list / bill of material of all the components

6.2.14         Safety instruction for the operation of the Vendor to
               curing oven                                 confirm

               CONDITION :
         7.1   BHEL will provide input power suply 3 Vendor to
               phase, 3 wire, 415 + / - 15% volt, 50 + / - concurr
               3% Hz to Isolator Switch ( BHEL scope)
               nearby main control panel of the curing
               Cable connection from the isolator switch
               to control panel and remaining cabling /
               wiring for the Curing oven and other
               auxiliaries / equipment, will be in the
               scope of vendor.
               There will be no neutral wire and earthing
               will be provided through shop structure
7.1.1          Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)           Vendor to
               device of at least 15 minutes duration is confirm
               required under the event of power failure,
               if the Control system is not equipped with
               in built UPS. Reputed make UPS shall be
               supplied by the Indian agent in case of
               foreign vendor, in Indian Rupees.
SL. NO DESCRIPTION OF BHEL                                  REQUIRED        OFFERED   DEVIATION
       REQUIREMENT       When switching off the machine or when Vendor to
              sudden power interruption, UPS device confirm
              will give message to operating system. All
              open files then are closed automatically.
              During this period, the UPS will be
              supplying power to the control only. UPS
              will also protect the control against power
              spikes and power fluctuation

        7.2   Environment Condition
              Impregnation Plant should be suitable for Vendor to
              tropical condition with ambient           confirm
              temperature from 0 to 50 Degree
              Centigrade and relative humidity
              maximum 97 %
        7.3   Noise Level
7.3.1         Maximum noise level of any item like         Vendor to
              Re-circulating Fans, Fume Extraction         confirm
              Fans and Air compressor of the curing
              oven, should be below 85 dB(A) one
              meter away from the machine with
              correction factor for background
              noise.       Noise Level as above is to checked           Vendor to note
              and ensured when all the Re-                 this point and
              circulating fans and Fume extraction         confirm
              fans are in ON condition

7.3.2         Vendor will demonstrate the noise level      Vendor to
              as per international standard like DIN       concurr
              45635-16, if asked for.
        8.0   SPARES : ( Optional) Set of spares
              indicating essential and optional items on
              following categories, required for 2 years
              trouble free operation of the curing oven,
              system and its accessories.

        8.1   Mechanical - One no. complete set of         Vendor to
              Recirculating Fan, Bearing of Re-            furnish the
              circulating Fan besides other                details
              recommended by the vendor.

        8.2   Electrical - Offer is to be submitted for    Vendor to
              Heating Rods, Contactors, Relays,            furnish the
              Automats, Overload, Power Supplies ( 1       details
              of each type) alongwith the other items
SL. NO DESCRIPTION OF BHEL                                   REQUIRED         OFFERED   DEVIATION
         8.3   Electronics - Offer is to be submitted for   Vendor to
               Drives (if used), I (input) / O (output)     furnish the
               cards, Limit Switches, alongwith the         details
               other electronic components

         8.4   Control system - Offer is to be submitted Vendor to
               for Control Cards, ad ON Cards, Display furnish the
               and Key Board, Hard Disc loaded with all details
               softwares in case a PC is provided

         8.5   Pneumatic if any                          Vendor to
                                                         furnish the
         8.6 Detailed item wise list of the spares along details to
             with name and address of the suppliers furnish the
             for all bought out items to be offered      details in the
             against each of the above categories        offer
             along with quantity recommended.

         8.7   Vendor will furnish offer validity of two    Vendor to
               years for the spares after erection and      confirm
               commissioning of the Curing Oven at
               BHEL Haridwar
         9.0 PAINTING : Painting of the different
             items of Curing Oven, are to be made as
         9.1 I) Control Panel to be painted with RAL        Vendor to
             8034 II) Outer and inner surface of the        confirm and
             curing oven is to be painted with good         submit relevant
             quality, long lasting and heat resistant       details
             Aluminum paint, iii) Outer surface of all
             ducting lines, Re-circulating Fans, Heater
             Banks, Fume Extraction Fan etc. are to
             be painted with good quality, long lasting
             and heat resistant Aluminum paint.

         9.2   NOTE : Vendor will repair the paint with
               original paint in case the same is
               damaged in transit / erection, before
               commissioning of the Curing Oven.
               OVEN AT VENDOR'S WORKS :

     10.1      Pre-acceptance of the Curing Oven will
               be done by BHEL engineers at vendor's
               works. During pre-acceptance of the
               curing oven, following points will be
               witnessed by BHEL team.

10.1.1         Availability and completeness of all the     Vendor to
               items as per approved General                confirm
               Arrangement Drawing submitted by the
               vendor (Sl. no. 5.1)
10.1.2       Certificate of the materials of heating   Vendor to
            rods:                                      confirm

10.1.3      Certificate of balancing of re-circulating Vendor to
            fans and Fume Extraction Fans and their confirm
            respective drive motors
10.1.3      Programming and automatic control of       Vendor to
            the function of the curing oven            confirm
10.1.4      Total list of Bill Of Materials (BOM) and Vendor to
            their Specifications as per respective    confirm
            vendor's drawings, Type, Make, Quantity
            are to certified by BHEL team.
     11.0   TRAINING :
     11.1   Training of three BHEL engineers for one Vendor to
            week each covering following fields at the confirm
            works of vendor.
11.1.1      Operational part and safety instruction of
            the curing oven, report generation,
            deletion of old files at regular interval,
            setting of process parameters etc.
11.1.2      Mechanical / Pneumatic maintenance (if
            any) of the curing oven
11.1.3      Electrical, Electronics maintenance of
            complete curing oven and the control
            system including the interfacing and
     12.1   Vendor shall indicate clearly for any      Vendor to
            foundation if required for the curing      furnish the
            oven in the offer.                         details

     12.5   Foundation bolts and leveling elements if Vendor to
            any, cable trays and other items required confirm
            for the erection of the Curing Oven, shall
            be supplied along with the main
            HARIDWAR WORKS :
     13.1   Vendor shall take full responsibility for   Vendor to
            carrying out the erection and               confirm
            commissioning of each item of Curing
            Oven, Automatic Control of complete
            Curing Oven & all other suplied
            equipments / accessories etc. Service
            requirement like manpower, power,air
            and water shall be provided by BHEL.,
            the same are to be indicated by the
            vendor in their layout drawings. Details of
            these requirements should be informed /
            discussed by the vendor and agreed with
            BHEL in advance. EOT crane 10 Ton
            capacity available in the shop. In case
            higher capacity crane is required,
            representative of vendor shall hire
            mobile crane from local sources.
            Compressed air pressure available in
            BHEL shop, is in the order 3.0 kg /
            square centimeter.

     13.2   Erection & Commisioning of UPS, Air         Vendor to
            Compressor and other accessoeries with confirm
            all electrical & mechanical connections, is
            in the scope of the vendor.

     13.3   While commissioning the curing oven,     Vendor to
            uniform hot air temperature along the    concurr
            length and width of oven, to be
            demonstrated by additional 12 nos. Pt
            100 RTD be distributed along the length,
            width and height of the curing oven.

13.3.1      12 nos. additional RTD Pt 100, is in the   Vendor to
            scope of supply of the vendor.             confirm
          AT BHEL WORKS :
     14.1 Successful proving of each item of      Vendor to
          Curing Oven and minimum 4 charges       confirm
          of curing of stator winding bar will be
          carried out at BHEL works under the
          supervision vendor's expert.
     14.2    Demonstration of all features of          Vendor to
            complete Curing Oven, its automatic        confirm
            control & accessories etc. to the
            satisfaction of BHEL
     14.3   Training of BHEL operators in the        Vendor to
            operation of complete Curing Oven, its   confirm
            control system and all other accessories
            etc. by the vendor's experts during the
            period of commissioning and job proving
            of the Curing Oven, at BHEL works

     15.0   GUARANTEE :
SL. NO DESCRIPTION OF BHEL                             REQUIRED        OFFERED   DEVIATION
          Guarantee for complete Curing Oven, its Vendor to
          functional control, software and all    confirm
          supplied accessories / equipments etc.
          for 24 months from the date of final
          acceptance of the curing oven.
          Any spare required during guarantee
          period shall have to be arranged by the
          vendor free of cost (up to BHEL Haridwar
          stores) and duty leived have to be borne
          by the vendor.
   16.0 QUALITY PLAN :
        Vendor shall submit Quality Plan within       Vendor to
        two months after issue of Purchase            confirm
   17.0 PACKING :
        Sea worthy (in case of foreign vendor)        Vendor to
        and rigid packing shall be provided for all   confirm
        items of complete Curing Oven, Control
        Panel, all accessories and other supplied
        items to avoid any damage / loss in
        transit. All small and loose items like
        spares, should be properly identified and
        suitably packed in wooden boxes.

        All the information attached with the         Vendor to
        tender document are exclusive property        concurr
        of BHEL Haridwar. Under any
        circumstance, these information as
        stated above, must not be passed on to
        any third party without prior permission of
        BHEL and must not be used directly or
        indirectly detrimental to the interest of
   19.1 Only those vendors should quote, who          Vendor to note
        have supplied and commissioned at             this point
        least one number such Curing Oven,
        in last ten years and such Curing
        Oven ( s) is (are) working satisfactorily
        for one year after its commissioning.

   19.2   Name of the company / customer,             Vendor to
          where such / similar Curing Oven (s)        furnish the
          is (are) commissioned.                      details
   19.3 Complete postal address of the company Vendor to
        / customer                             furnish the
   19.4 Year of commissioning                  Vendor to
                                               furnish the
   19.5 Name and designation of the contact    Vendor to
        person of the company / customer       furnish the

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