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									     The                                                                                                                        Fall 2012

     Laboratory Report
               A Publication of the Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine

               Methodist Laboratories Receive Reaccreditation

        he laboratories in The Methodist        services for the hospital. “This accreditation
        Hospital, Methodist Sugar Land          validates that our laboratories consis-
        Hospital, Methodist West Hous-          tently meet the highest standards of ex-
ton Hospital, and the Kirby ER have             cellence. This is essential to all of us in the
again retained their accreditation with         Department, as it directly affects the qual-
the College of American Pathologists            ity of care we provide our patients here,
(CAP). A 19-member inspection team              and at other institutions served by our           place September 11th and 12th. The
from the CAP accreditation program con-         reference laboratory.”                            AABB has developed voluntary stan-
ducted its unannounced biennial inspec-             The CAP Laboratory Accreditation              dards for blood bank blood component
tion on September 12th and 13th.                Program is internationally recognized             collection, processing, and transfusion
  “The inspection team provided a very          and approved by the Centers for Medi-             and assessed compliance with these stan-
thorough evaluation of all aspects of our       care and Medicaid Services as an accred-          dards through its accreditation program
laboratories,” said Dr. James Musser,           iting organization. The program is in-            since 1957. The program strives to im-
chair of the Department of Pathology and        tended to improve patient safety by ad-           prove the safety of collecting, processing,
Genomic Medicine. “I am extremely               vancing the quality of pathology and              testing, distributing, and administering
proud of the superb global performance          laboratory services through education,            blood and blood products.
of our outstanding technical staff and          standard setting, and ensuring that labo-           For more information on the CAP Labo-
faculty. Our patients and medical staff         ratories meet or exceed regulatory re-            ratory Accreditation Program, visit
colleagues can be assured that the quality      quirements.                              For more information on AABB
of our pathology services is second to             The Blood Bank at The Methodist Hos-           standards and accreditation, visit
none nationally.”                               pital also received reaccreditation from 
  “These are very important inspections,”       the American Association of Blood Banks
said Manuel Hinojosa, director of laboratory    (AABB) following an inspection that took

                                                          102nd Annual Meeting                            Table of Contents
                                                             Baltimore Convention
                                                              Baltimore, Maryland                   2     Dr. Dina Mody to Receive
                                                                                                          Papanicolaou Award
                                                                 March 2-8, 2013
                                                                                                          Drs. Jian Chen and Christopher
                                                                                                          Leveque Receive Fenwal Award
To register or submit an abstract, visit Abstract submission deadline is
October 7th.                                                                                        3     Dr. Alberto Ayala Receives Award
                                                                                                          for Professional Excellence
                                                                                                          Trainee Spotlight
                                                                                                          New Diagnostic Test Offerings

                                                                                                    4     In Focus: The Neuropathology

To register or submit an abstract, visit Abstract submission deadline is               5     Lab Stats: San Jacinto Methodist
November 1st.
LABORATORY REPORT                                                                                                                                     2

                        Dr. Dina Mody to Receive Papanicolaou Award

            r. Dina Mody, medical director           in 1958 and is the highest award given by
            of cytopathology for the De-             the ASC. The bronze medal is presented
            partment, will receive the pres-         annually to a member of the society in
  tigious Papanicolaou Award from the                recognition of meritorious contributions
  American Society of Cytopathology                  in the field of cytopathology. Past recipi-
  (ASC) at the society’s annual meeting on           ents of the award include Drs. Ibrahim
  November 3rd in Las Vegas, Nevada.                 Ramzy, Leopold Koss, and George Pa-
    “This is a humbling experience,” said            panicolaou himself (posthumously).
  Dr. Mody. “The recognition that this                 Dr. Mody received her medical degree
  award represents is immense, and I am              from the Seth G.S. Medical School at
  grateful that my peers have bestowed               Bombay University in India and com-
  this honor upon me.”                               pleted her pathology residency training
    “Receipt of the Papanicolaou Award is            at Baylor College of Medicine. She was
  the pinnacle of achievement in cytopa-             the recipient of the Lifetime Achieve-
  thology,” said Dr. James Musser, chair of          ment Award from the College of Ameri-
  the Department of Pathology and Ge-                can Pathologists in 2009.
  nomic Medicine for the System. “We are               For more information on the ASC, visit                            Dina R. Mody, M.D.
  extremely proud that the society has rec- For more information
  ognized the many contributions that Dr.            on Dr. Mody, visit
  Mody has made to the field.”                       Mody. 
    The Papanicolaou Award was established

             Drs. Jian Chen and Christopher Leveque Receive Fenwal Award

            r. Christopher                                                                                              The AABB is an international
            Leveque, medical                                                                                          association representing indi-
            director of the Blood                                                                                     viduals and institutions involved
  Bank, and Dr. Jian Chen, PGY4                                                                                       in the field of transfusion medi-
  resident, were the recipients of                                                                                    cine and cellular therapies. The
  the Fenwal Scholarship from                                                                                         association is committed to im-
  the American Association of                                                                                         proving health by developing
  Blood Banks (AABB) for their                                                                                        and delivering standards, ac-
  abstract entitled: “Body Mass                                                                                       creditation, and educational pro-
  Index Affects Stem Cell Yield.”                                                                                     grams that focus on optimizing
  The award will be formally                                                                                          patient and donor care and
  presented during the AABB                                                                                           safety.
  annual meeting in October.                                                                                              For more information on Dr.
  The Fenwal Awards are pre-          Drs. Chen (left) and Leveque (right) with a stem cell donor in the Blood Bank.    Leveque, visit method-
  sented annually by the AABB                                                                                  For more
  as distinguished candidates are identi-           national recognition for exceptional aca-                 information on the AABB, visit 
  fied.                                             demic work.” In addition to his medical
    “Advances in patient care are a result of       director responsibilities in the Blood
  superior academic inquiry,” said Dr.              Bank, Dr. Leveque is also the director of
  Leveque. “Scholarships such as this one           the Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine
  greatly assist our trainees by providing          Fellowship Program.
LABORATORY REPORT                                                                                                                            3

        Dr. Alberto Ayala Receives Award for Professional Excellence

            r. Alberto Ayala, elected dep-        accomplishments.
            uty chief of pathology, re-             Dr. Ayala received his medical degree
            ceived the Award for Profes-          from the School of Medicine at Universi-
  sional Excellence from his alma mater,          dad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon in 1960.
  Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo                   The university is the third largest in
  Leon, in Monterrey, Mexico. He was              Mexico and the oldest institution of
  presented with the award in a ceremony          higher education in that country.
  at the university on September 20th.              For more information on Dr. Ayala,
    “This is a great honor,” said Dr.             visit For more
  Ayala. “The university has always been          information on Universidad Autonoma
  important to me, and I am grateful to           de Nuevo Leon, visit 
  receive such an award from it.”
    The Award of Excellence was estab-
  lished in 2004 to recognize alumni with
  distinguished academic and professional                                                                       Alberto G. Ayala, M.D.

  Trainee Spotlight:
                                             Irene Shu, Ph.D.
                                         Clinical Chemistry Fellow

             r. Irene Shu, clinical chemistry fellow, is one of three recipients of the Depart-
             ment’s Trainee Leadership and Innovation Award for the third quarter of 2012.
             She received the award with residents, Dr. Gabriela Quiroga-Garza (PGY4) and
  Dr. Sergio Pina-Oviedo (PGY3), for developing and validating a vitamin D assay. The test
  was previously done as a send-out to a reference laboratory.
    Dr. Shu received her Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Washington in Seattle in
  2011. She began the Clinical Chemistry Fellowship under the direction of Dr. Ping Wang
  last year.                                                                                                          Irene Shu, Ph.D.

  New Diagnostic Test Offerings:
  Thyroid Gene Mutation Panel
    Thyroid cancer is the most common              studies have demonstrated that the ma-
  endocrine malignancy, with an incidence          lignant potential of these indeterminate
  that has steadily grown in the United            thyroid lesions can be predicted by mo-
  States over the past 10 years. Most thy-         lecular testing. That is, if gene mutations
  roid lesions are readily diagnosed by            characteristic of malignant tumors are
  cytopathological examination of fine             identified, then surgical excision may be
  needle aspirate (FNA) material. How-             recommended over conservative ap-
  ever, in a small proportion of cases, the        proaches.                                                Diff-Quik stain of thyroid FNA
  cytomorphology reveals indeterminate               Dr. Dina Mody has been an advocate for                 aspirate with ACUS diagnosis.
  features that result in a diagnosis of           applying molecular tests to better inform
  atypical cells of undetermined signifi-          the management of patients with indeter-       predict the metastatic behavior of overtly
  cance (ACUS) or follicular lesion of un-         minate thyroid FNA diagnoses. To sup-          malignant thyroid carcinomas. The gene
  certain significance (FLUS).                     port this strategy, the Molecular Diagnos-     mutation test is available now and can be
    Although the rate of ACUS/ FLUS diag-          tics Laboratory has validated a gene mu-       performed on fresh tissue, FNA speci-
  noses at TMH are much lower than the             tation panel to identify alterations com-      mens preserved in fixative or RPMI, and
  national average (2.1% compared to               monly encountered in malignant thyroid         formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue.
  9.9%, Bethesda recommendation under              tumors, including mutations in the genes         For more information, please contact
  7%), these cases remain an unsolved di-          encoding BRAF, HRAS, KRAS, and                 Dr. Randall Olsen at or
  agnostic dilemma. Recently published             NRAS. These gene mutations may also            Dr. Dina Mody at 
LABORATORY REPORT                                                                                                                                      4

  In Focus: The Neuropathology Team
             europathology is the subspe-       Methodist Neuro-
             cialty of anatomic pathology       logical Institute,
             that focuses specifically on the   and excellent
  study of diseases of nervous system tis-      training experi-
  sue. These studies are usually conducted      ences to the resi-
  through the examination of small surgi-       dents and fellows
  cal biopsies or whole brains obtained         in the Department
  from autopsies.                               of Pathology and
    The Department of Pathology and Ge-         Genomic Medi-
  nomic Medicine has a team of three            cine.
  board-certified neuropathologists. This
                                                                           The neuropathology team: from left, Drs. Andreana Rivera, Suzanne Powell,
  team provides vital support to the busy
                                                                                                      and Hidehiro Takei.
  patient care activities conducted at the

  Suzanne Z. Powell, M.D.                       Hidehiro Takei, M.D.                                 Andreana L. Rivera, M.D.
  Chief, Neuropathology                         Associate Medical Director, Neuropathology           Staff Pathologist, Neuropathology
    Dr. Powell received her M.D. degree           Dr. Takei received his medical degree                Dr. Rivera received her M.D. degree
  from the West Virginia University Col-        from the National Defense Medical Col-               from the Baylor College of Medicine in
  lege of Medicine in Morgantown, West          lege in Saitama, Japan in 1990. He holds             Houston, Texas in 2004. She completed
  Virginia in 1988. She completed her resi-     subspecialty certification in cytopathol-            her pathology residency at Baylor and
  dency training at the University of Flor-     ogy, neuropathology, and molecular ge-               fellowships in neuropathology and mo-
  ida Health Science Center in Jacksonville,    netic pathology. Dr. Takei is also the               lecular neuropathology at The University
  and a fellowship in neuropathology at         medical director of autopsy pathology for            of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
  the University of Florida College of Medi-    the Department.                                      Dr. Rivera is also the director of the Re-
  cine in Gainesville.                            For more information on Dr. Takei, visit           search Pathology Core for The Methodist
    In addition to providing excellent clini-                           Hospital Research Institute.
  cal services, Dr. Powell is especially in-                                                           For more information on Dr. Rivera,
  volved with the mentoring of trainees                                                              visit
  and holds numerous education leader-
  ship positions, both in the Department
  and at the national level in several socie-                                                          For more information on the neuropa-
  ties. She has chaired both the Residency                                                           thology service at Methodist, please con-
  Program Directors of Pathology Council                                                             tact Dr. Suzanne Powell at 
  and the Residency Review Committee for
  Pathology of the Accreditation Council
  for Graduate Medical Education.
    For more information on Dr. Powell,

          Dr. Powell in conference with              Dr. Takei (right) mentors resident,                    Dr. Rivera (right) mentors resident,
               Department trainees.                     Dr. Miguelina De la Garza.                                   Dr. Nathan Lee.
LABORATORY REPORT                                                                                                                                                      5

   Lab Stats: San Jacinto Methodist Hospital
  Medical Director: Joyce Maldonado, M.D.                      “We all work hard to support our
    Dr. Maldonado received her M.D.                          medical staff in providing the best possible
  degree from the University of Oklahoma
                                                             care to our patients, and it shows: our
  College of Medicine in 1983, and com-
  pleted pathology residency at the Baylor
                                                             hospital is ranked higher than any other
  College of Medicine. Dr. Maldonado                         in Houston outside of the Texas Medical
  became the medical director of the labo-                   Center.”
  ratories at San Jacinto Methodist Hospi-                                               Joyce Maldonado, M.D.
  tal in 2008, where she also currently
  chairs the Patient Safety Council and
                                                               “I enjoy serving the people of Baytown
  serves on other hospital committees.
                                                             and Pasadena every day. This is a won-
  Faculty: Claudia P. Molina, M.D.
                                                             derful and diverse community.”
    Dr. Molina received her M.D. degree                                                Claudia P. Molina, M.D.
  from the Francisco Marroquin University
  School of Medicine in 1994. She com-
  pleted pathology residency and a medi-
  cal microbiology and infectious disease
  pathology fellowship at The University
  of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston,
  Texas, and a surgical pathology fellow-
  ship at The Methodist Hospital.
  Faculty: Enrique M. Gomez, M.D.                              “We have strong leadership, quality
    Dr. Gomez received his medical degree                    facilities, and a supportive staff; it is a
  from the Ponce School of Medicine in                       great environment for a pathologist.”
  2003. He completed pathology residency                                              Enrique M. Gomez, M.D.
  at The University of Texas Medical
  School in Houston, and a surgical pathol-
  ogy fellowship at The University of
  Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
  Director: Gail Lumus, BS, MT
    Ms. Lumus received her Bachelor of
  Science in 1970 from Baylor University in
  Waco, Texas. She has been the laboratory                     “Our laboratory is exceptional, and we
  director at the San Jacinto Methodist                      are very proud to be part of such a highly-
  Hospital since 1987.                                       ranked hospital.”
  Manager: Karen Simon, BS, MT                                                             Gail Lumus, BS, MT
  Ms. Simon received her Bachelor of Sci-
  ence in Medical Technology from the
  University of Louisiana at Lafayette. In
  addition to managing the staff, she also
  oversees the Quality Improvement (QI)
  program for the laboratory.
  Staff:                                                        “A good team is built on mutual re-
    The laboratory currently employs 78
                                                              spect and open communication, and we
  staff members that include technical su-
  pervisors, medical technologists, phle-
                                                              have a great team here.”
                                                                                           Karen Simon, BS, MT
  botomists, histology assistants, proces-
  sors, and technicians. A successful labo-
  ratory requires a group effort, and these
                                                                 “Teamwork is the key.”
                                                                                              Terry Gibson, MT
  employees work as a unified group to
  ensure the highest quality of care at San
  Jacinto Methodist Hospital. 

      Pictures from top: Dr. Maldonado at the autostainer; Dr. Molina at the chemistry analyzer; Dr. Gomez in the Histology Laboratory; Ms. Lumus in her office; and
                                              Ms. Simon (left) with Medical Technologist Terry Gibson in the Core Laboratory.
LABORATORY REPORT                                                                                                                        6

  Cagle PT, Zhai QJ, Murphy L, Low PS. Folate Receptor in Adenocarcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung: Potential Tar-
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                                                                                                                       Continued page 7
LABORATORY REPORT                                                                                                                            7

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