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					    Not All Children's
   Toys Are Safe: What
     Parents Need to
A lot of parents find it very challenging to always monitor their toddler's safety; however, most
parents fail to focus their attention to the toys played with by their young ones. As parents, it is
only natural to trust child product manufacturers to ensure the safety of their products.
Unfortunately, when these manufacturers fall short, it can lead to devastating consequences. One
of the biggest threats to the health and safety of your child is the danger posed by defective toys.

Infants and toddlers are still unable to judge whether their toys are safe or if their toys are
defective. They need their parents to be alert for any potential safety hazards posed by the toys.
A lot of toys may appear safe at first glance, but at a closer inspection, they might be dangerous
for your children. For instance, products with sharp edges, small detachable pieces, and other
malfunctioning parts of the toys can cause injuries to your child.

Common Injuries Suffered By Children Due To Defective Toys

 1. Choking hazards caused by the small detachable pieces or due to a defective toy.
 2. Electrocution or burn injuries due to defective and faulty wirings inside the product or
     electrical systems.
 3. Exposure to toxic chemicals, metals, and paint used on or in the toys.
 4. Eye or other physical injuries caused by the mechanisms of the product, darts, and other
      dangerous fired from the defective product.
To avoid injuries and other health hazards, it is best to first examine the toys for any dangerous
mechanisms, parts, and pieces before giving it your toddler. Additionally, make sure that the
products have proper instructions and warning labels. Unfortunately, defects in the products
usually do not reveal itself until something bad has happened.

Thankfully, the Consumer Products And Safety Commission has prepared a list of all the
defective toys and products that have been recalled in the past years due to health hazards. You
can look into the list and make sure whether the items you want to purchase for your child is
listed or not. The most common reasons for product recalls include:

     Toys that pose fire and choking hazards
     The child products have violated the established standards for lead paint
     Sharp edges on the toys that can injure children
If in an unfortunate event wherein your child has been injured due to defective toys, immediately
look for a lawyer who specializes in product defects and injury cases. They know how to
properly handle such cases and they can seek compensation for the injuries suffered by your
little angel.

The author of this post offers comprehensive information regarding product defects in children's
toys. Parents whose children have been injured due to such products can seek help from a
reputable injury lawyer at Spencer Fielding Law. By consulting with an injury lawyer, the
parents will learn more about these cases and what they can do to claim compensation.

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