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					                 Ice Cream Nutrition Facts
What's In an Ice cream? Well, this is what you need to know...

Be it in the ancient Roman times, where emperor Nero would
literally bark at his slaves to run to the mountains and get him
snow for his cooks to make him a "sundae", or be it in the 1700's
when ice cream was for the first time ever, mentioned in an
American book, fondly describing how a nice governor from Maryland
made everyone's night.

George Washington included, by serving them ice cream after a
dinner party, or to the occasional bribe we give our kids so that
they would let us watch our favourite program or sports channel on
a Sunday with peace, it will be truly hard to understand what is
it that is in an ice cream, that makes everyone go crazy!

Luckily, after quite an intense moment of going through
history,science, several trips to the ice cream parlor and a
couple of interviews, here are some of the ice cream nutrition
facts, some of which you may already know:

1.   The best ice cream, or should I say the best ice cream flavour,
or   to be politically correct, the most popular flavor is vanilla
as   it scoops a 1/3 of all ice cream sales, with chocolate coming
in   second at 1/10 of the sales.

2. July is a National Ice Cream Month, thanks to president Ronald
Regan recognizing ice creams nutritious values,way back in 1984.

3. If you are worried about gaining wait from eating ice cream,
worry no more as there is an Ice cream diet that has been
developed to take care of that.

4. 20% of ice cream eaters don’t mind eating the same ice cream
with their pet dog or cat. Hmm.

5. The Chinese are rumoured to have invented ice cream, as legend
has it that when Marco Polo visited China, he brought back the
secret to the rest of the world.

6. In order to make one gallon of ice cream, you will need twelve
pounds of milk.

So, what really is in an ice cream? By this, I mean ice cream
nutritional facts. Well its an open secret that ice cream contains
a high amount of calories about 10% per serving, a relatively high
amount of fat averaging from 7 grams to 13 grams, high levels of
sugar, some protein, calcium and vitamin A, C & K.

Finally, it won't be fair to talk about ice cream, without talking
about ice cream desserts, the best ice cream desserts to be exact,
especially if you are the type who loves to have people come over
for dinner, then you might want to know some of the best ice cream
desserts ever invented.

To start us off, we all agree that the easiest, fastest to prepare
and better tasting ice cream dessert is more preferable compared
the the other "complicated" ones, even though the hard work pays
in the end.

With today’s ice cream makers which you can easily choose one from, ice cream dessert making has never
been easier, and as a rule of thumb, anything that has vanilla or
chocolate flavoured ice cream dessert would always leave you
satisfied if not proud.

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