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									Tourism in Chernobyl: A Journey into the forbidden zone

More than two decades after the accident at the fourth power unit of Chernobyl Chernobyl interest is not
lost, and, strange as it seems to be growing. People want to see the eyes, the legend of the city
Chernobyl , which is in the collective unconscious is the new archetype. What is a now
abandoned Chernobyl land? Those who have the courage, can see it at first hand by visiting the
exclusion zone: is not the first year a number of tour companies organize tours in the "forbidden
land." Chernobyl Tour - is the opportunity to see how helpless people can be, even to their own
tvoreniyami.No note once: Chernobyl itself is not much different from any Ukrainian town. In the central
part of Chernobyl - 5-storey "Khrushchev". Now they are placed dormitories for workers to "exclusion
zone." Between the buildings - well-groomed flower beds. The outskirts of Chernobyl were previously
built up private houses. Of course, time destroys buildings, and for 20 years they came in a dilapidated
state. But the dilapidated house hidden from the looks of tourists Jolly Green overgrown and wild
gardens. So those ghost town visitors who expect to see the gloomy picture in the spirit of the cyber-
punk computer games, there are several razocharovany.A's terrible city    of Pripyat really makes
depressing. Before the nuclear tragedy lived in the city almost 48 thousand people, now here is the only
permanent pair of guards at the command post at the entrance to the city. On the streets of the big city
and was once a fun rings ominous silence. Out of the cracks in the pavement knocked moss and grass,
and on the football field for 20 years after the accident grew tall poplar in the center of Pripyat, between
high-rise concrete boxes, stands alone "ferris wheel". Shestnadtsatietazhek dead from the roof you can
see the Pripyat River, seen from here and very Chernobyl . Tourists are allowed to walk on the desolate
rooms, look into the empty apartment to go to the orphaned kindergarten, school and shop. Everywhere
under your feet you can see a fragment of a distant life - toys, children's slipper, photos, cards ...
Because of the high background radiation in Pripyat can not stay long. But you do not want to do this: so
uncomfortable here, among the dead, a 16-storey blocks of concrete. And all too easy to imagine the
same dead silence in the streets of his home town!

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