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									The more you can save on a trip?

Hello dear tourists and travelers! We know how much a lot of people like to travel abroad, but does not
have a large income to finance their trips! But this is not the reason to stay at home and do not
drive. The output can be found in the rational organization and planning of the trip, a competent save
money. It is only necessary to know on what exactly you can save without compromising the emotions
and experiences of the trip.
Obviously, traveling on your own or a rental car not cheap. Gasoline now expensive. Services of airlines
at the moment is also very expensive. So the best option would move trains and intercity buses, which
can provide a very good comfort.
If you are willing to sacrifice comfort and especially in a hurry, you can significantly reduce your
expenses, hitchhiking. In addition, you can learn more about the life and culture of the local
people. Nothing can replace live communication!Hitchhiking technique is well described in the book
Krotov "Practice voluntary travel", we advise to read at your leisure.
Free or cheap accommodation can be found in different ways. The easiest - is to take a tent and put in a
place convenient to you when it is dark. Sometimes you can find accommodation in monasteries and
other religious institutions. A better option is to stay with local people as a guest. There are international
hospitality sites that allow to meet people abroad, and arrange lodging. Here is the most famous of
Another good option is an inexpensive youth hostels, which provide you with a comfortable bed and fresh
linens. Such institutions look like ordinary hostel with several beds in one large room. The cost varies
from 8 to 12 euros, sometimes even include breakfast.
If possible, look for any dining or fast food away from the tourist center of the city. The best option would
be to do grocery shopping and cooking. Especially if you are a guest of a resident of another country, it
will please your dishes of national cuisine.
If you are planning a long trip to the same country, it is best to buy a SIM card from a local operator. Free
wi-fi internet, you can find an internet cafe, ordered a beer for example, and sit as needed. Furthermore
khalyavnyy Internet can be found in universities and tourist information centers.
Road maps and cities better to buy on arrival in the country, so will be cheaper for you. In countries with
a developed tourist industry, in any travel support center can find a free map of the area with marked
places. The same information you can get from online guides, guidebooks or electronically.
Learn to travel alone - it is much more interesting and more economical than ordering services travel
agencies! Read thetravel    blog , learn useful information, and travel the world! He is so beautiful ...

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