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									    God is Subtle

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Naveen Chand Kanyamarala
    What is the meaning of “Subtle”
•   Delicate
•   Elusive
•   Difficult to understand
•   Difficult to experience
       What do I mean when I say
            “God is Subtle”
• I mean that…
  – God is the finest particle which is difficult to
• Other examples to understand the word
  – Earth is not subtle therefore we can easily
    experience it by touching or smelling.
  – Sky is highly subtle particle. We cannot experience
    it easily.
        To understand all this…
• We need to understand
  – Five Elements
  – Five Senses
  – And the relationship between five elements and
    five senses
What are the Five Elements?
Five Elements
What are the Five Senses?
Five Senses of Human Body
Elements and Senses
Lets now talk about God
           God is Most Subtle
• If God was not subtle, we would have
  experienced God the way we experience other
  five elements
• God is beyond the five elements and therefore
  he is the MOST Subtlest of all elements.
• God is perhaps the sixth element
     Experiencing Sixth Element
• God being highly subtle, we require an equally
  subtle sensory experience to feel the God.
• What is that sensory experience?
  – In Hinduism, it is called


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