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									“How Empower Network Can Help
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  Financial Planner Reveals How To Use Empower
     Network To Build: A Following - A Brand &
            A Profitable Online Business

Mark Huber, CFP, Author

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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to what could be the ride of your life!

I am a certified financial consultant with over 26 years of experience in the
financial services industry.

In that time, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on books, courses,
seminars, coaches and self-education (not to mention all the mistakes that cost
me a bundle…

What attracted me to Empower in the first place was the step--‐by--
‐step Formula they gave for making money with a website or blog.

What attracts me most now that I am deeply involved with Empower is the
AWESOME training they have.

If I had this alone, I would have saved many tens of thousands over the past
many years…

From copywriting, to solo advertising to lead generation or blogging to search
engine optimization and marketing right through to leadership monetization and

It TRULY is a step--‐by--‐step training system that teaches you what to do, when
to do it, and how.

The best part?

If you FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS given, you not only will make money
promoting your own products and services using the same formula…

…you can also make a VERY healthy income from the Empower Network blog

Empower Network - This is the opportunity that you have been looking for – so you
need not look further…

You are here because you want to create a business for yourself and I am here to make
that happen for you.

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How Does Empower Network

So what exactly is The Empower Network?

Well, it is an all in one blogging platform that provides all members with a blog to
increase the online exposure to their business.

This network of blogs makes it possible to not only start, increase or build a business, but
it also allows you to truly build residual, passive income. This is done through the viral
blogging platform, and through resources that will teach you everything you ever needed
to know about Internet Marketing.

On a side note, I have been in the online business for over 12 years and I can honestly say
that I wish that this company and platform were around when I started…


Because it would have saved me literally $10’s of thousands of dollars buying courses,
products and coaching that while generally speaking gave value never really tied the
online business model together like Empower Network does…

Yes, you can try to learn online marketing by yourself (become “self taught” in other
words – but it will definitely take longer and you will spend more money and at the end
of the day you will probably be frustrated and directionless and throw in the towel.)

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Empower Network is like going to a university where there is a curriculum that builds on
itself to the point that when you graduate having the knowledge and skills to create an
income that is limited only by your activity and belief in yourself.

Empower Network creates successful online entrepreneurs…

The fact that there are over 40,000 active members within the network is enough to get
Google’s attention. This means that you do not have to purchase webhosting, build a blog
or website, and then constantly update that blog to rank well in the search engines. Since
there are so many blogging on the platform on a daily basis YOUR content ranks faster.

When you join the Empower Network, most of this is already done for you. All of this
allows you to focus your time and energy on selling your products or services, since you
will not be wasting time on learning how to build a website or learning how to do search
engine optimization.

How Can Empower Network Benefit You?
If the ease of using the Empower Network is not enough, there are many additional
benefits that you can take advantage of when you become a member. You can take
advantage of the network in the following ways:

1. Build your down line faster for opportunities that you are already involved with.

2. Get highly targeted leads for your products or services.

3. Save time and money on marketing your business, your products, and your services.

4. Learn Internet marketing skills that you will be able to use repeatedly with any affiliate
or non-affiliate marketing opportunities that may interest you now and in the future...

5. Increase traffic to other websites or blogs that you may already have, or may have in
the future.

            Empower Network Membership Levels
When you decide to join the Empower Network, you will have several different levels
of membership to choose from.

The first level is basic membership, which costs $25 per month. This will give you
access to the blogging network, and basic training tools including a core checklist that
will be vital to your success.

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You now have the rights to sell it to others… and the opportunity to make $25 from
anyone who joins you at this level.

Each membership level in Empower Network is important because once you are IN on
each level you now have the rights to sell it to others and earn 100% commission on each
and every sale you make… In other words if you didn’t buy it you can’t earn a
commission from it. Once you buy it you can earn 100% back of your investment as soon
as you make just one sale…. The rest of your sales are pure profit to you going forward…

Sound Fair?

Empower Network Blogging Platform ($25 a month)

The blogging platform is the entry level to start using the system. This membership level
includes basic access to all the training and full access to the fast training.

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You will also have access to the core checklist, which are the fundamentals principles to
build a successful business online…

You now have the rights to sell it to others… and the opportunity to make $25 from
anyone who joins you at this level... every month!

         Inner Circle Membership ($100 a month)

This membership level grants you full access to the inner circle training and the
ability to start earning $100 for anyone who decides to join you at this level.

There is life-changing information on this training. Not only about the technical side of
building your business online but also marketing strategies that will help you create
content to turn your visitors into buyers.

All the fundamental concepts and much more have been put together in this training for
you. So get serious, focus and take action.

Most people don’t realize that the main difference between someone who is making
money online and an affiliate who isn’t - is the information and mind set they are acting

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The information in Empower trainings have been proven to work for so many people
already, paying out over 12 millions dollars in affiliate commissions in only 10

In other words, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and try to figure it out.

The only thing for you to do is focus on learning how to drive traffic and apply what’s
being taught.

This is extremely powerful stuff and you should get IN this level!

     Costa Rica Intensive Training (one time $500)

With the purchase of the Costa Rica Intensive you now have the rights to sell it to
others… and the opportunity to make $500 from anyone who joins you at this level.

The best part is you get 100% of your investment right back as soon as someone joins
you at this level.

The training took place at David Wood’s house in Costa Rica and is one of the most
powerful trainings I have ever seen in marketing.

Psychology plays a big role in effective marketing and David does a great job on going
over the concepts that can change the way you approach your audience or leads.

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                The 15K Formula (one time $995)

The 15k formula is the best technical training to learn how to market online. This is
where the magic happens.

The training breaks down technical hands on strategies to start growing your business and
finding targeted leads.

The 15k formula will help you discover new ways to grow your business and tap into
new leads every day.

The truth is you can make a very good income online by only applying the technical
“robotic knowledge”. When you properly combine the dynamics and the mechanics that’s
when you can start making “guru” money.

Empower Network combines the best training to learn not only the technical aspect of
promoting your business online but also the dynamic of interaction and how to connect
with your audience or leads for greater results...

The Empower team of over 10 years of experience online combined, feels very
confident to promote this to you as a legitimate way to make money online. The
information this training works and the success online is proof of it!

Getting Started…!
Many people join at the basic membership level so that they can start blogging about
their businesses, services or what ever their interests are.

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Most people who start out with a basic membership upgrade soon after because they see
the benefits of purchasing the trainings. And frankly, no one wants to miss out on a

However, if you don’t have the rights to sell a membership level and someone you have
sponsored into the business decides to upgrade, your will lose the commission to your
“up line” or whoever is qualified to earn it.

Take it from me, upgrading your membership is a wise investment in your present and
future success...

One thing is for sure, the guys who are making the money are “ALL IN”- as they say….

Watch the replay from a "live stream" call here... I don't know the exact minute
on the live broadcast, but there's a part where Lawrence Tam was told that he
just hit over $74,000 for the month - and he freaks out... it is one of the best
things ever caught - live...

Click Here To Watch: How Empower
Network Can Help You Grow Your Business?
Without a doubt Empower Network keeps breaking records in the industry of Internet
Marketing. The network has paid over 12 millions dollars in only 10 months.

Would you like some of that in your bank account?

Really… Who wouldn’t…

Begin creating your online Empire today!

Sell anything and everything you want here – but make SURE you use a proven
system like the one taught in the programs here. Life is either a great adventure
– or nothing!

Join us on a great adventure!

Make the smart decision and join us…

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Mark Huber

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"Our mission is to teach, support and empower people to transform
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About the Author

Mark Huber, CFP, Author

Mark Huber is a proud Canadian living in scenic Richmond, British Columbia,

Mark enjoys sharing cutting edge marketing ideas and practices with those who
also share a passionate vision for creating true wealth and living their dream

“It’s Your Life! Plan For It! Then Live Like You Mean It!”

The purpose of this report is to share the tips, tools and strategies to help
business owners and individuals become financially and personally - Set For Life!

My #1 passion is (and always has been) helping people to accomplish their
personal and financial goals.

With over 26 years of experience in the highly competitive financial services
industry I do know a thing or two about marketing online…

Even though I have been “online” since 1999 my really big successes were directly
attributable to the “Internet Marketing” industry.

My financial practice ramped up incredibly when I began to put into place the
tools, ideas and strategies that I was learning – and continue to learn and

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Furthermore, I subscribe to the ideal that when we discover something of great
value it is our obligation and pleasure to share it with others….

Now I spend time crafting, refining and broadcasting MY message with my
mouth and my mouse…as Alex Mandossian would say…

Alex Mandossion and Mark Huber

Picture of Alex Mandossian and Mark Huber at the Canada Internet Marketing
Summit, held in Vancouver, Canada in March, 2009.

I have gotten into both industries respectively because I’ve long recognized that
my role is not only to partner with individuals to assist them in creating
prosperity and financial peace of mind for themselves and for their family but
also to work proactively to bring the most innovative planning tools, strategies,
ideas, products and people to the attention of my clients on an ongoing basis.

One of my long time frustrations as a financial planner was that I felt I was only
addressing one part of my clients “formula for success”…

While advising on their investments, insurance, estate and financial needs and
plans was important and rewarding enough – I often felt limited and “impotent”
because of a families lack of financial resources to really make more of a
meaningful impact on their life as collectively they planned and saved for their
futures and personal and financial goals in life…

The bottom line was that I had no way to show them how bring more money into
their lives!

Until now that is!

Now, while I still can’t give individuals or families a salary increase I CAN show
how to get “online” and to make money with the tools and resources and ideas
that they have.

This has been a very enriching and rewarding experience!

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I am now really and truly making a real and meaningful impact in the lives of
many individuals today!

I have seen many investment and online offers come and go over the years.

And after careful analysis most fall well short of expectations and profitability.

That said, there are 4 services that do stand up to my rigorous scrutiny and not
only perform as promised -but you can make a full time living promoting these
superior products and services. Each pays a monthly residual income on every
sale that you make…

These are 4 services that all online businesses need and should be using for their
online success...

They are:

GVO - web hosting

My Lead System Pro - sales funnels & lead generation

Empower Network - blogging platform and content aggregator

AWeber - industry leader autoresponder service

Rather than go into each product/service and their opportunity here you can get
more details in my FREE membership site at:

You should join our private Facebook group here


MATERIAL CONNECTION DISCLOSURE: You should assume that Mark Huber,
the author of this report, has an affiliate relationship and/or another material
connection to the providers of goods and services mentioned in this message and
may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. You should always
perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the
Internet or offline.

Even if this report contains useful content, you should still consider it an

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