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Solar Air Heating for Farms and Small Businesses
Solar air heat is often one of the most cost competitive solar
technologies available in colder climates.

Solar energy is converted to air heat for many rural applications including building
heating, agricultural crop drying, and dehumidifying. Solar collectors are mounted
vertically on south-facing walls to maximize heating-season performance, minimize
costs, and maintain building aesthetics. Hot air is delivered indoors through
conventional HVAC ducting.
  n Supplemental solar air heating is highly appropriate for warehouses, machine shops,
    workshops, agricultural storage buildings, barns, and many other rural buildings
  n Supplemental solar air heating for agricultural crop drying can help offset costs to
    the most energy intensive operation of grain farming

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Solar Water Heating for Farms and Small Businesses
Solar water heating is up to 70% efficient in converting the sun’s
energy into usable heat.

These systems circulate a non-freezing fluid through solar collectors and a heat
exchanger. Water is routed from the heat exchanger to a conventional water heater
(gas, electric, or propane; tank or tankless) for additional heating. Solar collectors
can be mounted on south-facing roofs, exterior walls, or racks away from a building.
  n Fulfill hot water needs for applications such as lodging, restaurants, laundromats,
      car washes, manufacturing, agriculture, and educational and healthcare facilities
  n Supply hot water for space heating of warehouses, equipment storage areas, and
      livestock buildings

To receive one-on-one assistance with a solar project for your farm or business, contact:
  n   Joel Haskard with the Clean Energy Resource Teams at 612-625-8759 or
  n   Fritz Ebinger with The Minnesota Project at 651-789-3330 or

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