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									The Law Of Gravity Is Magnetism
First realized along with reported inside march 1983.
alright , to everyone my own supporters along with helpers, remember to
proceed through the idea , research the idea , along with comment along
with just informative comments. We give the Keeker theory.....Magnetism is
the law of gravity !summary inside physical-chemistry we all show that
will the law of gravity can be a permanent magnetic pressure created
,within the nucleus of the atom, by the induction procedure , whenever how
the neutron is transformed into the proton along with vice-versa by the
swap of the . the final outcome is always that just electromagnetic forces
exist within the universe.We all in addition display a photon of the
electricity occur so we make use of this photon to construct the
laboratory design for the study of the universe. This design appears to be
like a program involving fermions.Each of our bottom line is always that a
single form of forces benefits in addition in one form of systems , a
method involving the event the universe can be viewed jointly
huge program involving fermions planet earth the earth has to be in a
distinctive circumstance – exclusivity rule involving Pauli – launch :we
will give the viewer want to know , your own viewpoint in neuro-scientific
physics. Inside 3 original tests inside physics we were in a position to
show , that will the law of gravity is magnetism , that will photons have
a very permanent magnetic residence which buy is created from dysfunction
within the electric industry of the laboratory design exactly where we are
able to study the behavior of the universe.Each of our results of the
tests are generally that will the law of gravity is an electromagnetic
pressure which just electromagnetic forces exist within the universe.
Because photons possess permanent magnetic properties , we are able to
offer one more description for the displacement for the crimson of the
spectral collections of sunshine coming from stars and still have
uncertainties for the theory of the growing universe. We are able to
support the idea that will ultimately we're heading towards major
emergency of the universe. One particular the. The particular research the
its polar environment ball we will identify today one more research which
in turn realises these kind of fresh concepts. We all studied the behavior
of the its polar environment ball along with a dye trial in the electric
along with permanent magnetic industry created in a ough shape wine glass
column of 3 centimetres dimension along with 40 centimetres height.when we
all fill the particular column along with anionic top load so we chuck
good ionic dye particles within the column and that is with a existing
involving ten to 15mA, the particular particles fall down along with
variety the path behind them. When we all position a huge horse-shoe
magnetic field round the column in a n. Southern path (perpendicular to
the current ) we view the change of the path within the outside permanent
magnetic industry. The particular path of the change is operate of the
path of the electric industry along with the path involving the particular
magnetic field and never based mostly of the control of the particular
dye. In a 2nd research we all fill the particular column along with top
load right up until the height involving twenty centimetres along with add
methanol to 31 centimetres. We now have the density variation within the
column. When we all chuck the its polar environment ball – ready involving
deionized drinking water : within the column , the particular its polar
environment ball glides between your drinking water along with the
methanol from a unique density. When we all implement the present
involving 10mA along with a major horse boot magnetic field we all
remember that the particular path involving the particular change of the
its polar environment ball is obviously opposite for the path of the
change of the dye path.One particular n. Discussion of the research the
particular its polar environment ball as outlined by each of our theory
deduced from the isotachophoresis tests , the particular dye ions possess
within the electric industry the permanent magnetic residence produced by
angle of the electron orbits and these permanent magnetic properties may
socialize always in the same way with all the outside magnetic field.
Within the its polar environment ball to the contrary the particular
electrons are generally preset within the crystalline composition of the
its polar environment along with usually are not absolve to move or modify
his or her orbits. This will make how the nuclear permanent magnetic
industry is the taking over permanent magnetic industry within the its
polar environment ball. The particular altering fee between protons along
with neutrons within the nuclei generates : by induction : the particular
permanent magnetic industry round the nucleus. This permanent magnetic
industry appears to be opposite for the permanent magnetic industry of the
dye , and that is produced by the particular electrons.. These kind of
link between the particular tests with all the its polar environment ball
along with the dye particles are generally verified by each of our
isotachophoresis tests. This permanent magnetic industry of the in one
piece functioning nucleus of the atom can be a fresh residence regarding
atoms. It may explain the law of gravity.Only two. Trial and error proof
for the existence of photons with a permanent magnetic residence.Only two
the. The particular research :once we chuck good ionic dye particles
inside deionised drinking water we all remember that the particular
particles destroy straight down in water along with variety a good looking
path guiding them. That is regular. But this simple research reacts
differently once we do it again the idea beneath pressure (15 volt/cm and
more , direct current ) in a ough shape wine glass column (height 40
centimetres , dimension 3 centimetres ). In these conditions the
particular dye particles (+ along with : ) create a three-dimensional
activity along with the path today will take are the helix (image ) when
we all implement the strain just following your enhancement of the path
the particular helix is usually formed. This sensation is best noticeable
while the particular grain destroy straight down within the column which
in turn provides the anode. The particular dye phenol-red is definitely
the helicoidal composition within the path extremely evidently. Once we
fill the particular column along with regular faucet water or saline
options and we don't see the sensation. The particular tests are performed
in a handful of a few moments. There's no starting to heat up of the
drinking water , not would we all notice the pH distinction between anode
along with cathode area following your tests. Once we fill the particular
column with a combination of xylol along with methanol so we chuck
nonionic inorganic dyes within the tv beneath pressure we all perform dont
you have turn of the particles and no helix enhancement within the
path.Only two n.meaning :within the tests we view that will from higher
pressure the particular dye ions receive electricity. Because there are
simply no ions within the program , we all take on that the force is moved
by photons. The photon is an electricity particle inside an electrical
industry. Generally , speaking about photons, we're pondering for the
quanta of sunshine , which can be created by the particular electrons
within the atom. Within the tests it's not at all gentle photons but
electric pressure photons, manufactured in the strain industry between
anode along with cathode. We should look at the wine glass column ,
stuffed with deionized drinking water and with pressure , like a program
regarding pressure photon prognosis similar to the particular apparatus
involving Wilson, a program for the prognosis involving recharged
particles because electrons (qq. Thomson) or protons (Rutherford).we will
explain this. Precisely how capabilities the prognosis program regarding
pressure photons. We all demonstrated that most atoms along with molecules
in the electric industry get permanent magnetic properties.[ ref one
particular ] in a program along with deionised drinking water , even as we
make use of for the research , we've got a top pressure. This brings about
major permanent magnetic properties for all the atoms along with molecules
of the program. As well the river as the dye molecules will be in the
energetic permanent magnetic equilibrium produced by the strain. If your
pressure photon goes by way of a real prognosis holding chamber , the
particular energetic permanent magnetic equilibrium is upset and you may
see this by the helix enhancement of the dye. The particular dye helix
proofs the existence of the pressure photon along with proofs
simultaneously the permanent magnetic residence. Particularly the proven
fact that the particular sensation is best witnessed for the anode is
usually essential .the sunshine photon to , will have a smaller permanent
magnetic residence within our thoughts and opinions. We are able to deduct
this from the research involving Einstein, to confirm the particular
relativity theory. Einstein forecasts that will gentle may fall while the
idea goes next to the muscle size of the sun. This individual recommended
to analyze the particular placement of the superstar once we have a very
full sun over shadow. By the declination we will see the particular
superstar about one more position. The particular research verified the
particular conjecture. nOnetheless the theory making the conjecture does
not explain why the features occur. We all confirm in the last part of
this content how the the law of gravity can be a permanent magnetic
pressure.nEar to the sun you will find huge "the law of gravity " fields
or huge permanent magnetic fields. If your gentle photon carries a
permanent magnetic residence compared to regular ,that will is ,
diminishes while the idea goes next to the permanent magnetic sun , the
permanent magnetic residence for the gentle photon can easily be
described. The cause of the gentle photon is incorporated in the electron.
The sunshine photon appears while the electron in the atom alterations to
some more within orbit. The particular electron will become just a little
a lot more bad. The idea loses a really tiny optimistic fee and that is
picking the particular photon. This photon have to have a really tiny
optimistic fee and also at broadband this generates a smaller permanent
magnetic residence for the gentle photon. This has huge
implications.Consequently we've got different types of photons, which can
be electricity particles in the electric industry. We've got the sunshine
photon, the electric pressure photon plus the graviton. The sunshine
photon is resulting from the electron and possesses a really tiny
optimistic fee. The strain photon is resulting from the anode and that is
optimistic along with the graviton will take the beginning within the
nuclear nucleus and that is optimistic to.Only two h. The particular
probable implications , the thought of ultimately a huge emergency.One of
many implications of the permanent magnetic properties of the gentle
photon may be considered a fresh description for the displacement for the
crimson of the spectral collections of sunshine coming from stars from
higher distance. The light source photon regarding his permanent magnetic
pressure will miss a smaller amount of electricity for the hydrogen atom
nucleus regarding his permanent magnetic residence whenever as the gentle
photon goes the hydrogen atom. The result of that is that will the
sunshine photons are generally poorer inside electricity currently we
notice them , the particular spectral lines are a lot more for the
crimson. This displacement not the particular crimson of the spectral
collections may show how the gentle features moved on a higher distance
however , not how the universe is growing. Because hydrogen is the most
important element in the making of the celebs so we also have a great deal
of totally free hydrogen, we are able to conclude that will hydrogen along
with the proton is the particular omnipresent particle within the
universe. This proton carries a permanent magnetic residence along with
have to have a significant part within the full "permanent magnetic
strength involving muscle size " of the universe. We claim that there is
certainly sufficient hydrogen within the universe to allow about the law
of gravity to get started on appeal along with the major emergency.
Through info posted inside technological literature we realize that more
and more dark-colored substance is identified within the universe. This
might be practically nothing apart from the big emergency and that is
occurring.3 the. Laboratory design for the study of the universe.3 the..
The particular design so as to total each of our theoretical study , we
will try out today to present the laboratory design for the study of the
conduct of the universe .even as we look at the universe like a program
involving fermions along with the gravitons are viewed because boson's, we
are able to try and construct the laboratory design to get a program
involving fermions along with bosons which in turn is similar to for the
universe along with study what goes on. As it is extremely hard to set
planets in a laboratory apparatus , we all get one more fermion, for
example the or perhaps a dye , and as the graviton can't be utilized in
the laboratory design , we all get one more boson namely the pressure
photon. As the distance between planets seemingly empty involving
substance to connect to the particular graviton, we all get the isolating
channel within the laboratory design , the channel not reaching pressure
photons. Consequently we've got the laboratory design to analyze the
particular conversation involving fermions in a industry involving bosons
as is also in addition contained in the particular universe. Among a real
method is each of our ough shape wine glass column (3 centimetres wide-
ranging , 40 centimetres height ) become stuffed with a mixture of 250
milliliter methanol made up of twenty milliliter NH3 along with zero ,one
particular michael acetic chemical p along with 250 milliliter toluol.
When we all chuck phenol crimson or body fat crimson 7B within the channel
for the cathode beneath existing involving 40mA along with 800 volts, we
view a great deal of whirls inside variety involving 50 percent sectors
within the designs of the dye. The particular movements are very solid.
They have are 50 percent sectors. With this particular kind involving
tests the behavior of the program involving milliards involving fermions
may be studied. For some reason the particular 50 percent eliptical
involving dye within the tests symbolizes the particular construction
along with conduct of the universe , the particular ions represent stars
and planets. Once the existing proceeds , the strain photons develop the
particular 50 percent sectors involving dye. These people variety similar
to "a method involving fermions" within the tv.3 n. You will find just
systems involving fermions.From the referred to tests we all conclude that
will as the name indicated you will find just electromagnetic forces , in
addition the law of gravity is an electromagnetic pressure. Let me try out
today to offer the uniform program for the outline of all what exactly is
contained in the particular universe.The big theory is always that almost
all what we should notice is constituted by the program involving
fermions. Physics take on that the particular nucleus of the atom is
created by the program involving fermions reaching the other by the solid
nuclear pressure. Within the atom the particular electrons variety a
method involving fermions reaching Coulombian forces. I will in addition
that will within my next research within the ough shape tv , we have and a
program involving fermions building multiple 50 percent sectors involving
dye. There is certainly conversation between your ions involving dye by
the electric forces which can be introduced within the program. By these
kind of electric forces buy is created along with activity along with a
speed for the dye ions, it is really an important portion regarding
fermion systems witnessed as the name indicated. Therefore it occurred in
addition within the universe. The different stars along with planets move
almost all in an instant inside room because they're part of the program
involving fermions exactly where the law of gravity isthe pressure
creating buy , the law of gravity is the managing pressure. This is the
just manner to explain why stars and planets move in the particular
universe which there is certainly buy. Whether or not this had not been so
the universe needs to be disorderly , in the same way the particular
submission of the dye ions within my laboratory design is disorderly
before i'm presenting the electric existing. We should conclude that will
dynamics , from the smallest right up until the biggest , is created by
fermion systems. Quantum technicians , by my own sensation , may explain
that will. The particular managing forces abound electromagnetic
forces.Several. The issue involving life within the universe.All of the
substance within the universe for example stars and planets could be
considered as the fermion. The particular exclusivity rule involving Pauli
is valuable for all the fermions, not merely regarding electrons. This
rule involving Pauli could be developed in a basic variety such as the
conglomerate involving fermions, an individual fermion by no means may
take up an individual condition for example that will a couple of fermions
needs to be similar ". In a conglomerate involving fermions every single
fermion carries a extremely distinct personal condition. When we all
implement this for the universe we should conclude that will inside each
of our interstellar program just one planet will surely have the
particular quantum actual identified circumstance of our own planet
earth.When we all look at the entire universe jointly conglomerate
involving fermions, then we're in a distinctive circumstance. Then your
entire universe will have the impact about every one of the personal stars
along with planets. In the event the conglomeration involving fermions
this agreement we all fit in can be a very cluster involving universe ,
stars and planets , there are a lot more possibilities. Modern-day
astrophysicists take into account that will there are generally atmost
thousand of these kinds of very groupings shifting independently through
the other. On this circumstance no less than one planet inside every
single very cluster will surely have the identical condition because
planet earth or greatest 1000 planets may possibly have similar quantum
actual circumstance because planet earth.we all think about this quantum
actual condition of the earth because essential for a good life as this
circumstance is dependent upon the particular muscle size of the sun , the
particular muscle size of the earth , the particular migration speed of
the world round the sun , the particular migration speed of the sun within
the universe , the pace of the universe , the particular muscle size
involving planets along with stars encircling each of our seed and so on.
rEadily available parameters are generally depending the space for the sun
, the particular the law of gravity on the planet , the existence of the
surroundings , the particular temperature of the earth , the afternoon
along with nighttime groove , the particular existence involving drinking
water through this long time , the particular tectonic action involving
the earth , the particular impact of the celestial body overhead for the
movements of the earth etc etc.they're almost all simple conditions
appropriate to our planet along with very important to the development of
life. A few additional conditions needed for the development of life must
simultaneously become happy.Probably the most essential is the role
involving danger which in turn performs from virtually every single moment
of the progression of the universe. One of these brilliant harmful
critical factors is where within the universe exactly where each of our
sun came to be. Only at that place the danger was that will there have
been enough weighty atoms for the development of the planet with all the
density of the earth.Virtually all of the factors exist about planet
earth. That is , alone , an extremely exceptional circumstance inside the
particular universe. Treatment plans is depending on the prior life of
stars in this area , that have been accountable for the development of the
weighty factors. When hormone balance starts the particular danger
performs the role in each and every help the particular nuclear
progression. One more result of the danger is the existence involving
nitrogen within the surroundings. Nitrogen is exceptional within the
universe however in the particular surroundings of our own planet we find
80% nitrogen.When all these and lots of additional reductions are
generally proper , we should conclude that will life within the universe
has to be extra exceptional , we are able to question each of our personal
when life is probable ordinary universe. The result for the very last
problem in any case has to be yes since we all occur.

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