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					50 Fitness Tips to do at Work

Plan Ahead
1. Set a goal for how long and how far you will be exercising.
2. Remember to bring your walking shoes to work. Comfort is necessary!
3. Schedule a suitable time for your workday workout and follow through.
4. Plan to meet a coworker for a walk break.
5. Pencil in when you’ll exercise in your planner.
6. Warm up for a few minutes prior to getting into a fast paced exercise.

On Your Way to Work
7. Ride your bike to work!
8. Get off the bus a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way.
9. Park your car as far as possible and walk to work.
10. Come to work half an hour early or stay after to walk or jog.
11. Instead of the elevator, use the stairs. Initially, do as much as you are able to and increase
the number of flights as you increase your energy.

At Your Desk
12. Stretching is a vital part of exercise, so stretch throughout the day.
13. To strengthen your hand and wrist, squeeze a tennis ball.
14. Do bicep curls with a paper weight or tape dispenser.
15. Do calf raises to increase muscle strength (brace yourself using a chair).
16. Use your speakerphone; more calories are burned standing than sitting.
17. Do ten forward shoulder rolls and ten circling backwards.
18. While sitting at your desk, rotate one foot to “write” the alphabet. Rotate the other in the
same manner and repeat.
19. Try wall sits. Slowly lower yourself into sitting position with back against the wall and hold
for 30 seconds. Repeat.
20. Move around for a few minutes every hour.
21. Loosen up tight muscles with shoulder shrugs. Repeat 5-10 times.
22. Keep a water cup close by. Everyone should drink an average of about 8 glasses of water
23. Stretch your lower back by slowly bending forward at the waist when you are seated. Reach
forward with your hands until you touch the floor, hold for 15 seconds and slowly come up.
24. While sitting at your desk, move your feet and legs to burn calories and increase energy.

Take a Break
25. Take a stroll around the building.
26. Take a five minute walk to clear your head.
27. If you are not able to take a 20 minute walk, try two 10 minute walks instead.
28. Prior to meetings, allow yourself a few minutes to stretch your legs.
29. Instead of talking on the phone with colleagues nearby, walk over and talk in person.
30. Have a 15-minute walk to top off your lunch.
31. If you go out to lunch, try to choose a location some distance away and walk.
32. For energy, eat carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables.

Business Trips
33. If you are out on a business trip, take advantage of fitness facilities at your hotel.
34. Instead of the moving airport walkways, walk.
35. For strength training on trips, pack hand and ankle weights.

Staying Motivated
36. Switch it up between indoor and outdoor activities.
37. Exercise with a friend.
38. For workday workouts, join a local health club.
39. Keep an eye on your mileage. Choose a vacation spot to walk to.
40. Remember to reward yourself for meeting your goal(s).
41. Listen to your favorite tunes while walking.
42. If you enjoy your habits, they are easier to keep.
43. Don’t like vigorous workouts? Try a more leisurely approach.
44. Often change the activity and location of the activity to prevent boredom.
45. Don’t be hard on yourself if you miss a chance to exercise. Just do it next time.
46. Keep a record of your workout sessions.
47. Have a coworker join you for a walk.
48. Choose activities you enjoy!
49. Purchase some new exercise gear.
50. Just do it! Start slow, but gradually increase intensity and duration.

For more information or a 1:1 wellness consultation, please contact Julie Chobdee, MPH, Wellness
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