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Recommendations Have An Increased
        Chance Of Success
        Australian Shareholder Centre Provides Trade

The experienced team of financial analysts at Australian Shareholder Centre
focus on Australian, United States and London equity markets, thus providing
round the clock trading opportunities.Australian Shareholder Centre contracts
for difference, foreign exchange and commodities are useful for seasoned as
well as novice investors. Members have access to global share registry
information, vital analysts recommendations, ASX company forecasts, global
trend analysis and many other shareholder resources.
     Australian    Shareholder Centre Pvt Ltd Holds AFS

Australian Shareholder Centre Pty Ltd is an Authorised Representative and it
is continually monitored and regularly audited by licensee to ensure that they
are abiding by all regulatory and legal responsibilities. The firm and its
employees are authorized to provide general financial product advice to both
wholesale and retail clients on securities, derivatives and foreign exchange
contracts. When clients deal with authorized companies, it gives them
protection under the law and the peace of mind that the company takes its
responsibility seriously.
 Australian Shareholder Centre Robina Services Appeal
              To A Broad Range Of Client

The services of Australian Shareholder Centre are required by broad range of
clients. Underground miners who do not have access to the outside world as
well as corporate executives who do not have the time to trade are benefited by
their services. Many of their clients are able to manage their superannuation
funds and use their service to get assistance in decision making. Whether you
are a seasoned investor or new to the share market, there is something for you
ranging from global share prices and charts to company news and dividend
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             Shareholder Centre Gold Coast

The Australian Shareholder Centre was founded as a private advisory firm
and later it expanded into the retail market. Today, it is one of the Australia's
leading client advisory services provider. It applies a diverse range of trading
strategies on select group of derivative instruments that meet their stringent
investment criteria. Their financial analysts provide clients with useful
trading opportunities and recommendations that have an increased chance of
success while meeting risk parameters as well. Members can also monitor
their share portfolios using their free portfolio tool.
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