Vapor cigarette: A Breakthrough Product

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					Vapor cigarette: A Breakthrough Product

The vapor cigarette is also known as the electronic cigarette and it was
first introduced in the year 2007 in the U.S market. It is an alternative
to smoking tobacco which most cigarette smokers are used to. Many
people think that the electronic cigarette is the same as the tobacco
cigarette but this is never the case.

Differences between the electronic cigarette and the
normal tobacco:
   A normal cigarette has tobacco while an electronic
     cigarette does not contain tobacco. What it contains is
     liquid nicotine which is heated and ultimately turns into
     vapor. The vapor is inhaled then exhaled.

   A normal cigarette which contains tobacco has a certain
     age limit which dictates the people who should purchase it
    while the vapor cigarette has no age limit. It can be even
    purchased by young people online.

   An electronic cigarette is re-usable hence saves money
    compared to the normal tobacco cigarette which is
    smoked once and done away with.

Benefits of vapor cigarettes as compared to normal
tobacco cigarettes

       It has no age limit hence can be smoked or inhaled by
        people of all ages. Young people have always been
        warned to keep away from tobacco cigarettes. This is
        because tobacco is toxic. With the vapor cigarette,
        people of all ages can use it.

       It is relatively affordable and re-usable. This saves
        money to be used later on unlike tobacco cigarette
  which has to be bought each time a smoker feels like

 Many electronic smokers have acknowledged it being
  better than the normal cigarette. This is majorly
  because unlike tobacco, the electronic cigarette does
  not leave the smoker with a tobacco smell. It is hence
  the most preferred narcotic.

 Vapor cigarettes also come in different flavors such
  as strawberry, chocolate, mint and orange. This is
  better than tobacco which is only accompanied by the
  natural tobacco smell.
Side effects of smoking vapor cigarettes
        1. Electronic cigarettes have a compound known as
        Diethylene Glycol. It is known to be toxic and can
        cause health worries when used often.

        2. It also has a cancer-causing agent called
        nitrosamines. If it accidentally breaks, users can be
        exposed      to      the     harmful      component.

        3. The liquid nicotine is also harmful when sucked.
        This is an alkaloid which is known to be very
        damaging        to       a      human's      health

        4. It also contains a component called
        tetramethylpyrazine. Prolonged use is known to
        cause      brain      damage      in    humans

        5. Prolonged use of the cigarette is also known to lure
        user to use other drugs which may be harmful for
        their health.
        Although the government of most countries are
        trying hard to get rid of the cigarette, efforts have
        been futile as no research has been tabled claiming
        that the vapor cigarette is harmful. For more details
        visit the website

Description: Vapor cigarettes have become the norm of day. Smokers have been able to switch smoothly from tobacco cigarettes by working on a plan here.