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					Keith E. Gregory & Associates to Offer
Services for Pedestrian Accident Personal
Injury Cases
With pedestrian accidents increasing at an alarming rate,
Keith E. Gregory & Associates, a premier personal injury
law firm has offered to render its services for pedestrian
accident personal injury cases. The firm has a rich
experience in handling cases and with the help of the
eminent lawyers in the firm, you are assured to get a fair
judgment for the case and avail the deserved compensation.

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) November 10, 2012

Keith E. Gregory & Associates, a premier personal injury law firm, is pleased to announce that it
is now handling pedestrian accident personal injury cases.

With pedestrian accidents occurring at alarming rates in Las Vegas within the past year, the legal
team at Keith E. Gregory & Associates have seen an increase in their caseload of individuals
seeking help for vehicle injuries.

The local media have described the rise in pedestrian accidents as an epidemic. Many of these
cases have resulted in either serious injuries or death. The Nevada Department of Transportation,
the Nevada Department of Public Safety and local police departments have held safety
campaigns to help raise awareness regarding the problems with pedestrians getting hit by cars.

The law firm of Keith E. Gregory & Associates has had success in the pedestrian cases they have
handled. In one case, the attorneys were able to recover money for the family of an elderly
woman who was hit by a vehicle as she left church. The driver's automobile insurance company
refused to pay the insurance policy limits until the firm's personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas
sued the company.

In addition to pedestrian accidents, the law firm handles other personal injury cases such as
spinal cord injuries, shoulder injuries, traumatic brain injuries and wrongful death.

Other services provided by the legal team include divorce, medical malpractice, DUI defense,
civil litigation and business law.
Keith E. Gregory & Associates ensure that its clients receive justice and the compensation that
they deserve. For more information, visit the law firm's website or call 702-382-3636.