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Fraakz is an online publication serving top 10 reviews and best tips to make you smarter. Our verticals include technology, make money, seo and travel.

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									                           Top 10 Jobs in America 2013

Finding a job in America is not as easy as it seems. America is considered to be a land of
opportunities but you have to be smart enough in spotting one otherwise they don’t come
knocking at the doorsteps. America is the largest economy in the world. A large number of
corporate giants are headquartered in the soils of America where job opportunities exist equally
for local citizens as well as foreign immigrants. Top Jobs in America In our today’s publication
we will highlight the 10 best jobs or top careers in America.

   1- Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief Executive Officers enjoy getting paid the highest
      salary. For a majority of Fortune 500 companies the average compensation is around $10
      Million per annum. That’s huge, CEO are core employees of any organization that give a
      direction to the business. Usually CEO is involved in the day to day operations of the
      company, managing day to day affairs of the company. There is no formal academic
      prerequisite to reside the position of CEO as a majority today are school dropouts.
   2- Doctors Doctors and Surgeons are one of the most demanded workforces in any part of
      the world. The prestigious career has some lucrative job prospects in America although
      the Medical Profession is highly regulated. The doctors have a huge burden of social
      responsibilities but enjoy a very reasonable salary of around $120K to as high as $400K
      per annum.
   3- Software Engineer Software Engineers enjoy good remuneration packages that range
      from around $54k – $120K per annum. With the maturity in IT infrastructure, there exists
      a steady demand for new software developers to cope up with the increasing demands for
      customized software and mobile phone applications.
   4- Petroleum Engineer The demands for energy and fuel are steeping upwards. Petroleum
      Engineers help produce fuel and energy from crude resources. The average salary of a
      Petroleum Engineer ranges from $60K- $146K per annum. Overall it’s a demanding job
      but career prospects are bright in America.
   5- Accountant and Auditor Whorush: 8 sites by this AdSense ID Accountants and Auditors
      are a demanded workforce throughout the world. In America Bookkeeping and Auditing
      is a legal requirement for a large number of traders and corporations. An Accountant or
      Auditor on average earns around $40K – $120K per annum. The thing to be admired
      about this profession is the least job volatility and bright career prospects.
   6- Civil Engineer The ageing infrastructure of America badly needs renovation. Without the
      input of Civil Engineers the construction of roads, bridges, buildings and sewerage
      systems won’t be possible. The Civil Engineers are a much needed workforce whose
      earnings range from $48K-$116K per annum.
   7- Management Consultant The Management Consultants utilize their strong analytical and
      planning skills to rescue large enterprises from operational inefficiencies. The prime
      responsibilities include the betterment of workflow, reducing defects and overall
    operational costs. The average salary for this particular job ranges from $50K – $170K
    per annum.
8- Financial Adviser Financial Advisers provide financial management consultancy to
    corporations and individuals helping them take investment decisions. A financial adviser
    on average earns around $50k- $210K annually.
9- Environmental Engineer Environmental Engineers help reduce the levels of pollution and
    energy consumption through promoting environment friendly activities. The average
    salary for this job ranges from $40k- $113K per annum.
10- Lawyer Lawyers assist individuals and corporations in their legal matters. Being a
    demanded workforce the average salary ranges from $40K-$190K per annum. Top 10
    Jobs in America The list is based on a score of factors such as career growth rate, number
    of new vacancies, annual salary and job satisfaction levels. Best of luck with your job
    hunt and don’t forget to share your views and experiences.

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