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									Aloha OR Chiropractor, Dr. Sunita Bhasin, Helps Ease Low Back Pain In

Aloha, OR, 1-FEB-2013: Aloha Chiropractor, Dr. Sunita Bhasin, DC has
recently been recognized for her success in providing members of the
community suffering from low back pain with the care and education needed
to achieve and maintain a greater quality of life. The doctor creates
individualized programs that address the root cause of the pain and
offers recommendations that will help the individual to enhance their
body's ability to heal more effectively.

When interviewed recently Dr. Bhasin shared her commitment to providing
high quality, state-of-the-art care to her patients. "As more people
spend long hours sitting in their work and personal life, the instances
of low back pain are growing. When I work with individuals suffering from
low back pain I address both the immediate pain and the factors that are
contributing to the pain. I work very closely with patients to ensure
that they receive the care, support and tools they need to enjoy a more
active life without the fear of recurring pain."

When a person visits Dr. Bhasin their past medical history will be
reviewed as well as the history of their pain. The doctor will ask about
accidents or injuries that have occurred which may have impacted the back
and the type of work and lifestyle of the individual. A physical
examination is performed and x-rays are taken to identify any herniated
or compressed discs that may be pinching nerves as well as misalignment
of the spinal column. Other tests to determine flexibility and damage to
the extremities as a result of the injury are also conducted.

After a complete assessment of the information the doctor creates an
individualized program that include gentle, low-force spinal adjustment
that realigns the spine, relieves pressure on pinched nerves and restores
proper circulation through the spine. The doctor provides patients with
exercises that are specifically designed to strengthen the muscle groups
supporting the spine, enhance healing and increase circulation.

To get more information about how Aloha Chiropractor, Dr. Sunita Bhasin,
DC addresses the low back pain suffered by members of the community visit today. Individuals and members
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