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An IP or Internet protocol address functions as a unique identifier of a computer or device within a network. People want to change or conceal their IP address for various reasons, but in most cases, it is done for security and privacy purposes.

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									Surfing The World Wide Web Securely And Anonymously

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An IP or Internet protocol address functions as a unique identifier of a computer
or device within a network. People wish to change or hide their IP address for
several reasons, but in many instances, it is performed for security and privacy
purposes. Some people also change their IP address to circumvent online bans.

How do I change my IP address

Some ISPs assign you a static Internet protocol address and to change this you
have to call your provider and request them to give you a new one. Most Internet
service providers use dynamic IP addresses, you can use ipconfig and other
comparable tools to release and renew the address. You can also use proxy
                         servers and VPN or virtual private networks so you can
                         surf anonymously on the Internet.

                        What is a Virtual Private Network?

                          A Virtual Private Network is a type of network technology
that lets a couple or a group of computers to communicate with each other over a
public channel, usually the Internet. Instead of making use of leased lines, VPNs
use virtual connections routed through the Internet from the service provider to
the end users. These systems use encryption and other security technologies to
ensure that only authorized users have the ability to access the network and that
the data shared in the network cannot be intercepted. With that in mind, it is
wise to utilize VPN if you connect to public wireless hotspots often such as cafes
and airports because this will ensure that nobody is snooping on your connection.

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In comparison to proxies, VPNs provide more security, and are way ahead in
                             terms of speed. VPNs let you watch videos, use
                             websites and other online services that are
                             otherwise accessible in selected regions only. Some
                             people also use VPNs so they can download files or
                             stream videos if they reside in a country where this
                             is not allowed or simply want privacy while doing

Choosing a VPN vendor

There are plenty of IT companies providing VPN services. The best VPN vendor
offers superb security solutions and has servers in a number of locations,
including locations which are necessary to your intended activities, like shopping
or viewing region-restricted videos. Most service providers supply desktop and
mobile VPN solutions, but good ones offer consistent experience across your
different devices. Price is a crucial consideration, but mustn't be the deciding
factor. Know what you will get from a particular offer, and decide if the price is
justified. How do I find my IP address? Click here: What Is An Ip Address

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