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• What is a Blog
• History of Blog
• Features of Blog
• Differences with other technologies
• Technical background

                                    Mürvet Özgür
                                    Hüseyin S Kuyumcuoğlu
What is a blog?
 • Virtual diaries
 • Entries ordered in reverse chronological
 • Have specific topic
 • Can also upload picture, music and video
Structure of a Blog
 • Subject
 • Title
 • Body
 • Post date
 • Link to the full article
 • Comments
Sample Blog
Blog with comment
History of Blogs
 • Mid 90’s
     • email lists
     • news groups
     • bulletin board systems
 • Started as ‘Online Personal Diaries’
 • Term Weblog introduced in 1997
     • We blog (in 1999)
 • Gained popularity with (1999)
Features of Blogs
• Still used as personal diaries
• Open to public such as articles published by authorized authors
• Good way to publish opinions or news
• Alternative to mass media with more freedom
• Easy to use: NO MORE HTML!
• Articles can be posted by SMS or e-mail
• Provide feedback to the authors: Comments
• Easily searchable by blog focused search engines
Comparison With Other Technologies

   • Blog vs. Forum

   • Blog vs. E-mail Discussion List

   • Blog vs. Message Board
     Blogs vs. Forum
Post opinion about a subject and receive comments

Blog:                            Forum:
•Written by a single or few      • Everybody is an author
                                 • Subject is less focused
• Focused on a certain subject
     Blogs vs. E-mail Discussion List

Blog:                       E-mail Discussion List:
• More polite              • No freedom to choose what to
• Posts published without   read
irritating the reader       • Inbox may be filled up with
                            unrelated posts
     Blogs vs. Message Boards
Both provide easily updatable website

Blog:                             Message Board:
• Centralized                    • Decentralized
• Contribution optional via      • Contribution makes it up
Technical Background
(Really Simple Syndication = Rich Site Summary)
• A file that contains list of items
• Blogs use RSS for easy updating of the content
• Search engines re-index blog sites very often (by RSS)
• Higher search engine rank
• More advantageous than crawling
How Blogs Work?
There are two components:
• Software on the web server
    • Generates Blog’s pages
• Posting tool
    • Sends content to the software
    • Web forms
    • Desktop softwares (b2evolution, Geeklog)
Web based posting tool (
Web based posting tool (
How Blogs Work? (cont’d...)
 • Blogs automate the creation of web pages by:
     • Linking pages together
     • Archiving old pages
     • Creating and updating RSS file
 • Bloggers concentrate on writing rather than creating pages


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