How You Can Set Up Asterisk On Ubuntu – Starting Asterisk PBX

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					How You Can Set Up Asterisk On Ubuntu – Starting Asterisk PBX
Asterisk is just about the most favored totally free telephony alternatives obtainable because it is quite
simple to create , offers fantastic local community support and will always be custom-made for
virtually any request. Additionally , it capabilities easy to use GUI user interface.
This link should go by means of creating asterisk in the bundles rather than just installing a currently
pre-made picture of Asterisk like AsteriskNOW , Tribox or techniques comparable.Asterisk on ubuntu
manual undergoes model a single.some my partner and i belive a single.some recently came out
aswell as the modifications on the bundles.

There may be a couple of bundles ubuntu requires in order to finish the installation of asterisk on
ubuntu efficiently , such as operating kernel 2.some involving red hat , and also proper bundles to be
able to execute d programs.
To install the mandatory bundles get into actual function using
Sudo su
Apt-get –y install linux-headers-$(uname -r)build-essential
automake autoconf bison contract libtool libncurses5-devlibssl-dev
subversion svn-buildpackage
apt-get –y install cvs build-essential automake autoconfbison contract libtool libncurses5-dev libssl-
dev libgsm1 libgsm1-dev
apt-get –y install sysvconfig **required to begin services**
Note: in case bundles neglect to install test isolating the particular bundles and also installing them on
their own.

Goto service /usr/src/:
Cd /usr/src/
Downloading bundles by means of ubuntu (type subsequent throughout ubuntu CLI)
wget single.tar.gz
wget single.tar.gz
wget single.tar.gz
Extract data files – configure every single package deal – run solutions
tar –xzf zaptel-1.some.12.a single.tar.gz
tar –xzf libpri-1.some.ten.a single.tar.gz
tar -xzf asterisk-1.some.30.tar.gz
tar -xzf asterisk-sounds-1.2.a single.tar.gz
• cd zaptel-1.some.12.a single
• ./configure
• create
• create install
• create config
• program zaptel start off
• cd..
• cd libpri-1.some.ten.a single
• create
• create install
• cd..
• cd asterisk-1.some.30
• ./configure
• create
• create install
• create samples
• create config
• cd..
• cd asterisk-sounds
• create install
• cd..
• cd
• ./configure
• create
• create install
• program asterisk start

If asterisk ceases to start off test beginning asterisk from service /etc/asterisk
Asterisk start
Now that asterisk is put in it is time to produce some users so that you can sign up yourself around
the asterisk host which has a soft phone and also after that will call someone in the network.
Edit the particular document /etc/asterisk/sip.conf
Using “nano /etc/asterisk/sip.conf” or “vim/etc/asterisk/sip.conf”
Copy the next straight into the sip.conf, if you can’t copy and also substance test joining in your host
with Putty after you have put in openssl
[common](!) ; that is web template.

;[1000](typical )

;[1001](typical )

Here we've set up a pair of consumers with plug-ins one thousand and also 1001 ,it's simple to pc
registry the softphone with the host employing those two plug-ins and also techniques.
Remember to be able to once again install the asterisk host while modifications possess been
made. Go into the command collection “asterisk –r” and also variety “reload”
We can not call someone till we've set up the particular dialplan document which will specify what sort
of particular number shall be interpreted and also the location where the phone must be sent.
Edit sip.conf to take a look just like the following
exten=> _XXXX,a single ,face (SIP/$EXTEN)
The earlier mentioned diaplan specifies anyone who knobs some numbers electronic.gary
1001 , the most recognized priority will be to face , the particular sip extension 1001.
X describes a variety from 2 – 9
That’s this for that basic’s throughout creating the Asterisk PBXhost on ubuntu , next occasion i am
going to undergo making trunk’s to arrive at the particular PBX, creating ENUM and a few other

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