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					Our Products
Focused on defense technology and preemptive counterintelligence strategies, Shoghi develops,
manufactures, deliver and supports a wide range of systems and solution for mission critical and
military sustainment requirements, as well as futuristic homeland security demands, especially
in the context of terrorism.

                  Intelligence | Surveillance | Reconnaissance
                  Shoghi solutions for Surveillance and Intelligence include communication intercept and collection systems, signal
                  analysis and processing tools and high end stand-alone decoding and demodulation systems which can be integrated
                  into your existing intelligence, collection and processing systems.

                  Electronic Warfare
                  Shoghi provides Electronic Warfare ELINT / ESM / ECM systems for airborne and ground platforms to interpret a wide
                  range of electronic signals from deep within enemy territory as well as Monitor and Jam Radio Communications.

                  Shoghi is one of the growing companies dealing in Civil and Military Aircraft (both fixed and Rotary) aviation life cycle
                  support services. Our mission is to let our customers focus on their core operations as we concentrate maintaining the
                  utmost high operational readiness and mission capability of their all kinds of aircraft requirements.

                  High Resolution Imagery
                  Shoghi provides on demand high resolution SAR/Optical satellite image and consultancy services in the field of image
                  processing. We are equipped with sate of art setup to acquire and process high resolution satellite images.

                  Communication Security
                  With more than 15 years’ experience in development and design of Customer specific Mil Grade Crypto system, Shoghi
                  is a sincere partner for your requirements of end to end secure information transfer on commercial and military

                  We at Shoghi Communications Ltd. strive to provide the opportunity for professionals in the field of Intelligence,
                  Security, Law Enforcement, and Defence to maximize their skills through effective continuing education. Shoghi has
                  experienced trainers in the field of information warfare and network security.

Note :- All the system / equipment’s offered by us are for end- usage by Government or Ministry of Defence or its
related agencies only and not for private or commercial usage.

For more details visit & mail us at

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