Conveying the Emotions bottled up in your Heart

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L      ove makes you feel alive, is a universal truth. It is everywhere, and
       you can’t just stop but think about how love crosses miles,
       boundaries and even years. True love is not about how you feel for
your loved one and vice versa, it is about how his/her absence makes
you feel incomplete from within. Love is not about the words that are
spoken, it is about the little sacrifices you make to see someone smile. It
is when you give your heart and soul to someone who has marked a
difference in your life. Yes, dear friends, it is more than the feeling that
stirs up when cupid’s arrow strikes young and old hearts alike.
Love is not self-seeking- it is all about giving
The soft whispers on your ear, the passionate kiss on your lips, the
compassionate hand stroking your head and the unconditional love
embracing your life, makes you feel complete. Ever since man and
woman were born on earth, they have discovered love for each other. It
is true that love gives you the power to feel and understand the joy and
pain of others; it empowers you with the goodness to render support to
the helpless.
Valentine’s day- Celebrating love the special way
Despite of the saying that love can be celebrated every hour and every
moment, the world chooses 14th of February to celebrate this special
feeling. The day is especially celebrated in memory of St. Valentine.
February, the romantic month marks the love between two people.
Today, a number of books have been published where sentimental verses
are revealed. Writers from middle ages have penned words of love for
people from across the world.
The hand written notes reflect on inner feelings felt by two people who
share unconditional love for each other. Today, millions of people spend
money on Valentines gift ideas. They buy gifts that denote emotions
and deep feelings. The practice of exchanging gifts and cards was
followed by the commercialization of Valentine’s Day. It is also true
that Valentine’s gifts can be given to family members as well. Even on
this occasion, children are given gifts as tokens of love.
Romantic messages sent over the phone
With the coming of the mobile era, people share text messages that
especially bear a loving note. E-cards have evolved as an affordable way
to express feelings. Now, if you are thinking of presenting a gift to your
loved one then, think about something innovative; something that will
touch your special someone’s heart easily.

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Description: Valentine’s Day marks the love between two people. It is celebrated on the 14th day of the month February. Couples in love generally found to exchange gifts on this special occasion.