; Eassy on My Chair
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Eassy on My Chair


essay on my chair

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									                              My Chair

  1-  This is a chair.
  2- This is my chair.
  3- It’s colour is brown.
  4- The car painter had made it.
  5- It has four legs and two arms.
  6- I brought it from bazaar.
  7- I sit on it daily.
  8- I keep it in my room.
  9- It is made of wood.
  10- I like it very much.

  Singular           Plural           Singular       Plural
    Ball             Balls              Hall          Halls
    Cat               Cats             Jump          Jumps
    Cap              Caps               Sun           Suns
    Car               Cars              Toy           Toys
   Digit             Digits             Way          Ways
    Dog              Dogs              Lock          Locks
    Gun              Guns              Chair         Chairs

Words           Opposite          Words          Opposite
Able            Unable            Day            Night
Above           Below             Cool           Hot
Bad             Good              Fat            Thin
Big             Small             Dark           Light
Black           White             High           Low
Application for sick leave

The Principle,
Allama Iqbal Public School Talagang,
          Most respectfully, I beg to say, that I am ill. So, I
cannot come to school, Kindly grant me leave for one day.
I shall be very thankful to you.
Your’s obediently,
Class One

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