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									Interview Room and Video Profile are Tools that
       Improves Hiring Process Efficiency

  Finding jobs that match your profile and skill set need not be as
  tough as it was in the past. There are job portals online that help
  you find the best jobs for your skills and in your industry, quickly.
  One of the most popular and highly accepted job portals is
  SkillStrings.Com. They have some of the most effective and
  advanced recruiting features including interview room and video
  profile which makes it easier for candidates to deal with the tough
  challenges of a job interview.
    Optimal Flow of Information Assured

SkillStrings.Com is a unique job platform which understands the
various drawbacks and gaps plaguing the conventional hiring
process and seeks to address it. One of the areas that’s affecting
the present day recruitment process is the lack of proper
information exchange. SkillStrings.Com has systems in place to
address this problem and ensure optimal information flow to
address the frustrations of both candidates and recruiters.
   Allows Better Screening of Candidates

The portal is designed to address many other job search and talent
issues as well. Candidates and recruiters can connect and become
a part of each other’s network through the use of ‘virtual strings’
feature. The webcam interview feature allows recruiters to
schedule interviews online so that candidates can be screened
quickly and more efficiently than before.
Increased Transparency and Control for Both
         Recruiters and Candidates

    Employers can use the portal to gain a cutting edge recruiting
    interface that helps them post, track, follow up and record all
     recruiting transactions, not only within but even outside the
   SkillStrings.Com job board. It is an extremely valuable asset for
     small and medium-sized companies and recruiting agencies.
  Employers can have access to candidates with the right skills from
 the network database anytime a job opportunity arises. The whole
  process is designed to deliver increased transparency and control
                              at both ends.
               Benefits for Candidates

Candidates are sure to find the interview room and the option to
add a video profile to their resume, highly useful in their quest for
landing the best job for their skill set and experience. They can
now connect with recruiters and employers who are in the job
marketplace seeking their type of skills and expertise. It helps
them in keeping their job search focused on listings that match
their profile. The portal helps them make an impression on
recruiters through a 90 second video profile. It gives recruiters a
real glimpse of their employment potential and value to the
               Benefits for Recruiters

Recruiters can use the SkillStrings.Com platform to connect with
candidates that meet their expectations in terms of skills,
proficiency and experience. The platform makes it easy for
recruiters to schedule interactions for candidates screening. They
can use the various tools and resources offered by SkillStrings.Com
such as the webcam interview to move the candidates through the
hiring process quickly. Tools such as the interview scheduler and
calendar can be used to improve the efficiency and productivity of
the process significantly.
The Other Advantages of Using SkillStrings.Com

  SkillStrings.Com has emerged as a one-stop platform for managing
  all the activities associated with hiring. Employers can
  communicate effortlessly with all members of the recruiting team,
  eliminate redundancy and inefficiencies in the traditional
  recruiting process and add locations to the profile for better
  administration and management of their account. You can
  absolutely trust the site with your personal information. It will be
  viewed only by those in your network. Others will not have access
  to the data.
It is easy for both recruiters and candidates to set up their account
on SkillStrings.Com. You can start using the features such as
interview room, video profile and other important resources
straightaway to make an impact on the job search and hiring

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